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  1. MelodyMay

    Ask to Join A Call to Action

    The weak afternoon sun washed over the city streets. A tall figure wandered the alleyways, her slit pupils keeping an eye put for trouble. She wore a purple, black and gold suit. She was pleased to note that, at least this close to the suburbs, there wasn't much litter; at least, not a lot by a...
  2. _Umbreon_

    The Abandonded

    (Please Ask to join) (@EspeonTheBest ) (@BoltTheJolteon ) (@Twilight Nova ) (@NightRaven ) (@Blackened Flare ) (No killing Humans or killing Pokemon, I'm looking at you Jolteon.) It began to pour as the Eevee crawled through the rain seeking shelter in the large city. He had been born only a...