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It began to pour as the Eevee crawled through the rain seeking shelter in the large city. He had been born only a few hours ago, being the smallest, he had been thrown away like a piece of trash.

His high pitched squeaks for help were drowned out by the rush of on coming traffic. Shivering in the cold he huddled under a cardboard box in the alley. His brown fur plastered to his body, he was no bigger than a ratatta.

His mewing slowly became distinct sobbing as he sat on the wet cement. This might be where the poor little luck run out. If it was a Hungry Persian or a Seviper he was helpless. He shook as the Pokemon grew closer.
A small Litwick peeked around the corner, it attempted to protect itself from the rain by picking up a crumpled piece of paper that had been left to roll endlessly on the light-filled street, then holding it over her head. Unfortunately, it instantly caught on fire. The blue flame on her head dancing through the air as it moved down the alley, the fire on the paper dying out due to rain. It noticed the cardboard box. It tilted it's head in curiosity. It edged closer, oblivious to the fact she was vulnerable to attack.

"Hello?" She called out in a dull tone, her eyes observing the Eevee while searching for something else to protect herself from the rain. She soon noticed the paper was about to burn up completely, she started rushing towards the cardboard box for cover, unaware that someone was inside.
"Why aren't you Shiny!" Ina backed up slowly as her trainer raged on. "I've hatched so many of you! You don't even have the right IVs! How dare you!" The Vulpix stopped and her heart started to rise as her trainer took a deep breath and seemed intrigued by some sort of information on his Pokedex. "You have the ability though.... Well. Come on, to the Daycare. You'll be fast friends with Ditto." Her trainer laughed menacingly causing the young Vulpix to stop in her tracks. "Vul!" She called defiantly, knowing what the Daycare means for her despite being hatched only a day or two ago. Well, it seemed like a day. She was stuffed in the PC for a long while. Her trainer picked her up though and started on his way. Cinder struggled against his grip, but he wouldn't let go. The Vulpix, out of fear, bit down hard on the Trainer's arm and leaped out and away into the bushes.

Cinder sat down panting heavily as the rain began to fall. She sighed slightly, but the soft sounds of the city nearby caused her ears to perk and her senses to become sharper. The Vulpix was pretty small for her age, but that didn't hinder her in her city hiding spree.

Finally she looked up at the traffic on the road and thought she heard some kind of cry. Cinder's curiosity got the better of her and she slowly creeped up on the source of the noise; a tiny Eevee.
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The Cardboard box was great shelter for the Eevee. But then again he was still lost, and hungry. He grew sleepy, the kind of sleep you don't wake up from. But the Eevee knew if it stopped crying for someone, it was over. He felt warmth for a few moments and crawled over instinctively to the litwick.
The Litwick huddled beneath the cardboard box, observing the Eevee, it's flame rose, trying to scare it in case it had an ideas to attack her, it then sat down, watching the droplets from the sky lived short lives as the splash into millions of particles.. Knowing that they soon shall rise from the ground as steam when the sun returns. Only to fall back to the earth to repeat the cycle.
The Litwick perked up as soon as she noticed another Eevee. She gave a nudge to the Eevee in the cardboard box.
"..Is that a friend of yours?"
Cinder bounded over to the box fearlessly because she knew fire attacks couldn't effect her. The bright flame seemed very welcoming to her cold matted pelt. "I-is it ok if I stay here too?" She asked tentatively. Cinder sat down outside and just waited for a moment. She observed the two Pokemon. The Litwick seemed nice, and the Eevee couldn't be any older than she, probably younger.
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"There's not much space. But I guess you can stay." She shrugged with her candle wax arms. "The name's Onara... What's yours?" She asked the eevee who had just arrived. "What are you doing out here anyway? ...Do you have a trainer? Or are you a wild pokemon? Because the city isn't really safe for wild pokemon..." Onara said, slightly hunching forward to avoid setting the box on fire with the flame on her head. "I was a wild pokemon, I got lost from my group... And I don't know where I am. So of course I followed the blue light I thought were my brothers and sisters... Apparently those were neon lights." Onara sighed, still angry with herself for being so stupid.
The Eevee pup/kit scooted closer to the litwick. He felt the warmth enter his chilled body and the sleepyness Start to fade. He blinked rapidly seeing his surroundings for the first time.
Weak. That was all he knew he was. Weak. Ghost was the small, usless pup thrown out by his trainer. His parents, he never knew, for they both were constantly training. He never knew the kind touch of a human, or the loving, protective touch of a mother. Only the cold ground on his paws and a passion fueled by sadness burning in his heart.

Ghost knew how cruel the world was, and he was only a month old. He hadn't leveled up fast enough, so he was thrown out. When it began raining as he raced along the city streets, he sighed and slowed to a stop, padding over to a cardboard box, until he noticed a Litwick and an Eevee. He was mostly blind.
"... You might not wanna cuddle too close... We don't want a roasted Eevee huh?" She droned, waiting for the rain to stop. "Do you have any destination or are you just wandering around?" She asked, playing with a piece of paper on the floor, letting the flame on her head spread to the paper, the flames licking up the piece of trash until it was ash-gray and withered. It soon scattered away in the wind. The Litwick soon noticed another pokemon approaching.
"Boy.. Aren't we having a party in here..." She sighed, her blue flame slightly flickering as she moved.
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Bolt ran through the streets in hope to find warmth and shelter. Bolt was a 1 day old eevee. She looked like a normal eevee except her brown pet was yellow. Bolt was left alone in the woods, as her owners left. Her head still pounded after that hit. She ran past a oran berry bush and decided to pick ten. As she ran along she saw a cardboard box and stood in front of it. "Oh hi my name is Bolt!" she said and handed them oran berries "here take some, I could always get more!" Bolt said and smiled brightly. It then started to rain heavily "could I maybe join you guys?" Bolt said and shivered.
"....I don't eat much.... But ok.." She took an oran berry giving it a small bite, an emotionless expression on her face.
"It tastes like nothing... Well, to me anyways.... I feed off of the life energy of others... That's what I need to live... Speaking of which.." Her flame suddenly became bright, seeming to resemble the face of a spirit tomb. But it quickly died down. She chuckled.
"I'm kidding.. I wouldn't do that.... I would only do that if I didn't need shelter from the rain-" She noticed that a small flame started forming on the box. She quickly patted it down, the fire whisked away into smoke.
"I don't have any ghost-type moves anyways...."
"Oh, phew!" Bolt set down the berries in the box and looked around for shelter. There was another box so Bolt pulled it and placed it next to the other box, so they were both facing each other. She layed down in the box starving. Bolt looked up at the sky and saw stars coming into view. "Wow...that's so awsome..." She said and her tummy rumbled.
Minna walked through the rainy streets of a city, suddenly it started pouring, soaking the fluffy purple pokemon. She sighed, frustrated at the weather, and kicked a stone with her purple paw. "When I evolve I better not be a Vaporeon or I'll be angry...." She grumbled, her voice horse as she did. Seeing an ally, with boxes, she made her way over to them carefully, and started to here murmurs. Peeking into the boxes she saw two baby Eevee's, a Litwick, and a yellow and white Eevee a little older than the babies, and her heart broke. Saying nothing, she ducked into a lone box, and wrapped her black tipped tail around her paws. She knew what it was like to be alone, her mother and father left her to die when she was very sick, and injured. Because of the sickness, Minna had a long, dark scar going across her belly, but she was healed.
Bolt stood up and walked to get some berries and. Walked to the box that the purple eevee was in. Bolt peaked in and put eight Oran Berries in front of the eevee and popped the only one left in her paw in her mouth and swallowed it. "Hi I'm Bolt! What's your name? and what happen to your belly? Are you ok? Where do you come from? Do you---- sorry... I get carried away sometimes..." Bolt looked down and sighed.
Onara felt an emptiness in her non-existent belly. She would need to feed off of someone's life energy soon... By scaring them if course. Until an idea came to mind.
"...You know.. We're all lost.. And alone, right? Some humans are bound to pity us! All we have to do is walk on to the side-walk, act as depressed as possible, then they'll give us food out of pity!" Onara exclaimed with excitement.
"Then just as one comes down to pet one of us.. I'll scare them then feed of some of their life energy! It benefits both of us! Plus no one actually gets hurt! They only get tired.. Unless too much life energy is absorbed." Onara stated cheerfully. "So there's nothing to feel guilty about!" She waved her wax arms in the air in excitement.
"Well... That will happen once the rain stops..."
"Hmm that's a good idea..." Bolt said going back to her box. "she looked at the sky and a bolt of lightning struck down on her box but it didn't hurt her. Bolt absorbed the electricity and the raining stopped "problem solved!" Bolt said and smiled.
Ghost flicked his ears. He wasn't taught any social skills. He sat down. "Hello. I'm Ghost...," he said. Ugh...... No. Was that what I was supposed to say? He noticed that Bolt had an oran berry or two, but he had just eaten some pity food, so he wasn't hungry.
Ghost smiled, padding over and sitting down by Bolt. "Thank you. Not many Pokemon show such kindness," he sighed, pinning his ears back slightly before perking them again. "Well, anyway, what's your name?" He asked politely, looking at Bolt and cocking his head.
The Other Eevee scooted closer to Ina and the others, his eyes still screwed shut. "W-warm..." He said quietly. He shivered again and sneezed.
"Oh sorry, I'm Bolt!" Bolt smiled warmly at Ghost. "So what do you want to do? it stopped raining" Bolt said and Looked at the sky. Accidently the lightning in her body shot in a direction and hit a tree, knocking it over "oops...." Bolt said and laughed.
(It's still raining >_<)
The pup squirmed in delight as it buried it's face in the side of ghosts fur. He was really small. So small a wingull could carry him off no problem.
"..So uh, when the rain is gone.. Want to try the plan I talked about earlier?" Onara stated with excitement as she moved towards the sidewalk. "We could get a piece of paper.. Or cardboard and write on it like.. Help! Need food!... Or just look depressed as possible." Onara debated on whether not writing should be necessary. She stood on the sidewalk. Giving the saddest expression she could make, dimming her flame for drama.
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Bolt's ear twitched and she followed Onara and sat down next to her. She drooped her ears and made her eyes gleam. Her tail curled around her paws as someone approached the two. "Vee?" Bolt looked up at the person and he reached down and gave them some food. He looked at Bolt and She whimpered. He smiled sadly and reached down to pet her. Waiting patiently as the boy petted her. Onara should scare him now...
The Eevee blinked, and followed after the litwick, his tail tucked between his legs like he was scared. Another Pokemon walking
By, A Leafeon spotted the Eevee wanting to help it, but the Eevee saw it as a predator and ran back to the cardboard box. The Leafeon gently lifted the side of the box.
Ghost chuckled when Ina stuck his face in his tail. He cocked his head. "Yes, that works. That's how I eat," he told Litwick. "But one human tried to pick me up. I ran away." He dismissed the idea that the human was kind entirely.
" Run !Run ! Everybody Scatter!" The Terrified Eevee squeaked as the Leafeon tipped the box over. "Good Arceus how many of you guys are there?" He asked surprised.
A human came by, crouching to give compliments in a 'baby voice' as Onara would call it. The human reached out to her... This is my chance! Onara thought. Her expression soon became sombre. Before screeching while frantically waving her arms around and her flame grew in size, the fire danced through the air, scaring the life out of the human. She quickly fed on some of the life energy as the human ran away.
"..Alright.... Next human!" She soon noticed the Leafeon. Then tried to scare it off as well, waving around her stubby arms and trying to get her flame to grow again as it stubbornly refused.
((O-ok way too many Eevees. I'll change Ina to Cinder the Vulpix if that's alright.))

Cinder watched as many more Pokemon arrived and made their way into the box for shelter. The rain started to hiss slightly as the Vulpix tried to warm herself by increasing her body temperature. The young fire type sighed softly as she heard about the plan to get food; how low has she gone? Cinder nodded silently despite being outside of the box. She walked out to a secluded corner by herself and tried to become cold, so maybe then she would have a valid reason to ask for food.

To her despair, not a single human batted an eye twice at her. Cinder stayed there though, becoming dangerously cold in the incessant rain. The Vulpix finally gave up and slowly started to walk back to where he other Pokemon were, but then she stopped at the sight of a Leafeon. Cinder sneezed, followed by a violent cough before observing the scene quietly from a few paces away.
The Leafeon scooped up the tiny Eevee by the scruff. He wasn't paying attention and tripped over Cinder by mistake. "Sorry about that." he said picking up the tiny Eevee.
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The Litwick frantically ran back to the cardboard box, picking up a stray plastic bag on the way in order to protect herself from the rain. Her flame going dangerously small. She dove into the box. "It was worth it!" Onara called out, she had finally replenished her hunger for life energy. "So... Uh, anyone know this Leafeon? Also it's getting really crowded here.." She noticed all the other pokemon. "..I can feel all the life energy radiating from them!" She whisper-yelled with excitement. "Can I scare them?" She asked the Vulpix.
Cinder glanced at the Litwick in moderate surprise. "I think that it would be healthy for you to do that. I think your kind needs it." She grinned. "However, I'll have to join you in a moment." The Vulpix agreed as she dashed up to the Leafeon. "Where are you going with him?" Cinder wheezed. She sneezed, but then stood defiantly and glared at the Leafeon. This situation reminded her of her trainer trying to force her to breed with a Ditto despite being so young. The young Vulpix tried to create a small bit of fire to prove her point, but she was too cold to do that.
Well he is going to freeze to death out here, so I'm moving him. You could come too if you want. I live in a nice warm closet, that has a little entrance from the outside. And it's heated." He said warmly as he sheltered Cinder from the light drizzle. The leafeons leaves where dark green in the rain because he was absorbing it.
Onara went nuts as she ran out into the rain, the plastic bag covering her entirely, making her voice muffled.
"Mortals! I have come from the land of Giratina to punish you all all for your sins!" She bellowed, rapidly using fire-spin attacks at nothing. She didn't plan on hurting anyone...
Her blue flame grew in size, the light illuminating through the plastic bag. It was scarier to some of the small pokemon, but it wasn't effective on any bigger pokemon.
Soon, the plastic bag caught on fire.
"Fear me! Fear me and my flames made from the souls of the pokemon who have died in my small non-existent hands! Fear me!" She shouted, making obvious lie... Since she never was able to kill anyone.
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Cinder's ears perked at the mention of heat; something she desperately needed at this moment. "Ok..." She sneezed and then continued. "As long as it's no where near a daycare I'm fine." Cinder muttered. The Vulpix nodded in thanks at the shield from the rain and attempted to shake out her pelt. "Eww... Wet." She complained as she stepped in a large puddle. The Vulpix looked up at the Leafeon and tried one last time to asses whether or not he was a friend. If her vision was blurred by the promise of heat, Cinder didn't notice. The Vulpix eagerly awaited becoming warm and possibly dry again.
The Leafeon began to walk through the rain, Avoiding puddles , while making sure his pace was that of Cinders.

Once they made it too the hole in the wall, he nudged her slightly. The Hole had cloth I front of it that way it still retained the heat.
Bolt Climbed a tree in search for a place to sleep. She whimpered as a guest of wind blew her off the tree branch. Bolt closed her eyes and slowly, her life was starting to fade.
Cinder looked at the Leafeon, and then tentatively walked in. She was so blessed by the heat that she didn't have time to study the area. The Vulpix instantly stretched and licked her Chestfur. "Thank you... For offering." She thanked, but it was a partial apology for doubting the Eeveeloutions.