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  1. SuperPokemonFan43

    Open Eeveeloution Life

    Hello, I got bored so I decided to make another RP. So, here you can be Eevee and it's eveloutions. It can be shiny or a fake Eeveeloution. Your Choice! Rules: 1. No cursing 2. No Killing 3. Have fun! Please fill out like this: Name: Eeveeloution: Gender: Likes: Dislikes: Other: My form...
  2. Anchiale

    Sun/Moon Singles Umbreon Moveset Help?

    I just got a beautiful little male Umbreon that is currently the absolute love of my life. As such, I want it to be the best, without having to breed it for egg moves on his imperfect children. He currently looks like this: Umbreon Level 29 @ Black Glasses Calm Synchronize Sp Def 89 Def 63 HP...
  3. LillianThePaint

    Ask to Join Eeveelution Explosion!

    Discussion thread, sign-ups and list of participants can be found here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/eeveelution-explosion-disscusion.13863/ Admin edit: All content from the first post that should not have been here but in the discussion thread has been removed and the post has been merged...
  4. PentheWonderful

    Private/Closed Grave of the Forgotten

    OOC: This roleplay is now exclusive to @Acroticus, @BurbleBurble, @Curtkid, @EspeonTheBest, @Storybook, and @_Umbreon_. For Ask to Join opening post, click here. Prologue Papers. Fluttering helplessly at the mercy of the wind. Dragging. Faded. Letter by letter, typed in by labor. Now lost and...
  5. _Umbreon_

    The Abandonded

    (Please Ask to join) (@EspeonTheBest ) (@BoltTheJolteon ) (@Twilight Nova ) (@NightRaven ) (@Blackened Flare ) (No killing Humans or killing Pokemon, I'm looking at you Jolteon.) It began to pour as the Eevee crawled through the rain seeking shelter in the large city. He had been born only a...
  6. Lord Of Pain

    love, it's super effective! (ask to join)

    (I think this is the first (and cheesiest) love RP on charms) Hydreigon was sitting among his friends umbreon, espeon, flareon, mightyana, purlion and rattata, he was enjoying the company with the exception of sylveon who just came back from berry hunting. "May I ask who exactly invited her?"...
  7. _Umbreon_

    Private/Closed The Shelter

    "Permision to investigate area, 3204?" Rye asked throught his Walkie Talkie. "Permission granted 2194." Said a voice back through the Walkie talkie. Rye stepped out of his police car, branding a Pistol. He hoped he would never have to use it, but due to the increase of Illegal modification...