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A small glaceon would be sitting in the reeds by the stream, doodling with ice on the water. She looked up to see the umbreon and she immediately sprang up "Oh! H-Hello. . . . I . . ." She was practically frozen with fear, unsure what to do "I. . . I, um. . ." Suddenly, she ran away!

EDIT: 'She was practically frozen with fear' Pun not intended ._.
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(Don't think we really need to make sure everyone's here, since this might be considered OOC blather.)

Dusk looked around the meadow. It was roughly twilight. His favorite time of day. Or night. Whatever you preceded. There was a stream to his left, and it was littered with reeds, and cat tails. He was new to this part of the Forrest. Humans had dug up his old den, and most of the area he had grown up in. He saw something moving in the reeds, and he padded over to say hello.

The Umbreon watched with mild amusement, before following her. It wasn't hard, seemingly since she was knocking down every plant in her radius. The most basic of trackers could have followed her trail. "Are you gonna stop running?" He asked loudly as he continued walking.
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Truthfully, she didn't have to as long as the umbreon was chasing her, but she slowed down and finally stopped, pretending to catch her breath to see whether or not this umbreon was safe.
"Hello?" He asked into the Forest around him. He had seemingly lost her. "Well, there goes my good impression on the community. First person i approach runs off and dissapears." He muttered. It was starting to get darker more quickly now, and Dusk's night vision kicked in. Perks of being an Umbreon were few and far between.
It was a calm and very dark night. Breezy by a bit, Blitz shivered a bit. He was now wishing that he was a Glaceon. If we has, he wouldn't be cold, because he wouldn't notice cold, and he would be used to the cold being a Ice-type.

Blitz walked around the area. He shot a Thunderbolt in the air to see if any other eeveeloutions are there to show where he was. "I'm bored right now, is anyone there?" he said to no one. "I'm just going to look around, and I will see if anyone is here around." he added to his own line.

He saw a Umbreon from a nearby distance. He peeked behind a bush, unaware if the Umbreon was dangerous to him and other eeveeloutions and pokemon.
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Midnight watched from afar. He saw the commotion happen, then smiled. "Ha." He snickered. He climbed a tree, it had easy handholes so it was easy to climb. Midnight watched from the air, as the chase continued, then stopped once the Umbreon had lost her. He smiled. "Glaceon 1, Umbreon 0, SUmbreon. Well ill leave it at that." Midnight smirked. He usually talked in diffrent voices to amuse himself, as he usually didnt hang around much Pokemon.
Gemma was just beyond a row a grasses; she heard the Umbreon close. Gemma finally decided to speak up "Hello? I-I'm sorry for running away... it's just that I was startled; normally Pokemon are asleep by now..." The wind blew the grasses but she felt no cold. By now the sun was a bit higher in the sky; Gemma wondered what time it was...
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"Sorry. I don't sleep unless I have too." He said glaring into the tree midnight was in. "And some should shut their trap unless they want a problem." He said before turning back to the Glaceon. "Anyways just wanted to say hello, let me know if you need anything." He said turning around the way he came. Time to make a den, and a nice nest.
Midnight smiled, surprised at the Umbreon's hearing. "Heh, you got me." Midnight smiled. He rolled down the tree trunk, smile on his face. "Hello, My friends" He smirked, using a deep voice. "Now before I say my name, I want to hear yours." Midnight smiled. Midnight was pretty childish for his age and level, but continued anyways.
"No need to act tougher then you are. Just say your name and introduce yourself like a normal Pokemon." He said rolling his eyes.
He was extremely sarcastic. To the point where people didn't know whether he was serious, or joking.
Seikatsu roamed the grass at night, like he normally does. He thought about what was next for him, when suddenly, he saw a Glaceon running. He knew she was running from something, and he intended to protect it, when suddenly, an Umbreon came walking by. He was going to say something, but he had second thoughts then. Instead, he followed the Umbreon and licensed as he found the Glaceon and they had a conversation. It got interesting as the Shiny Umbreon slid down the tree. He sat in the grass, enjoying the entertaining spectacle.
Flare was walking in the forest looking for berries "umm i wonder what i could eat " he saw a glaseon and he went to go follow her as well "huh whats going on here" he wondered to himself
Midnight smiled, as tons more Pokemon showed up, Most of them being other Eeveelutions. "Oh, I dont know wether to be happy, or weided out. Why are so many Eeveelutions here?" Midnight thought, but kept a smile on his face. At the least he was weirded out by all the Eeveelutions, now including the Glaceon and Umbreon. He quickly ran back up his tree, and watched from above.
Suba surfaced after a long bout of attempting to swim up a waterfall. He hopped up to a rock, and shook the water off of him like a dog, a useless act due to the water absorption of his frill. It just felt natural to do so. "That was exciting. And tiring. Don't know how those Magikarp ever become a Gyarados if they have to swim up one of those to do it." He laughed to himself, and thought about maybe trying to learn some moves with actual uses. As he walked along, he could pretty much smell the eeveelutions. He sniffed the air, only proving his previous assumption. "I smell a gathering!" He energetically spoke to himself. "Maybe I'll finally meet another Vaporeon! Or maybe just a load of Umbreon again... I swear down the ratios of eeveelutions are really off round these parts." He decided to head towards what he believed to be an Eeveelution gathering, occasionally happening when multiple eeveelutions meet.
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The car rumbled. The humans argued. And the Eevee shook.

Eve was scared. Ever since she had been born, she had always been protected by Volt, her brother. But now the two were separated by two cages on opposite sides of a truck. Eve was scared, and she didn't know what to do.


Volt restlessly slammed against the bars of his cage. He had to get out. He just didn't know how. He was enraged at the stupid humans who had put him there. He looked around, not wanting to try and waste any more of his strength. He obviously wouldn't break the bars any time soon. Then he saw something at the corner of the room.

A piece of dynamite with it's fuse exposed. And it was right near the door. Eve was far away, so she wouldn't get caught in the explosion. Volt didn't care if he did.

As long as Eve could escape, he'd be happy.

"THUNDERBOLT!" he shouted, sending a beam of electricity at the dynamite. As expected, it exploded.


The back door of the truck flew open. There was also now a massive hole in Volt's cage.

The electric type painfully stood up, walking out of the hole and over to Eve's cage. Using Bite, he smashed the lock. Eve crawled out, worried for her brother.

The van stopped hard.

Volt knew the humans would try to recapture them now. He grabbed Eve by her neck fluff and jumped out the back of the truck.

But instead of landing on the road, he jumped to far and went tumbling down a cliff.
Gemma noticed the explosion on top of a nearby cliff, and saw two Pokemon tumble down the cliff! Since they were going so fast, they only looked like a yellow and brown blur. Gemma yelped "Someone should help them!"

Note: Gemma can't help them since she's a tiny Glaceon who can only do ice related stuff :p
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From up on the ledge, a blue Pokemon watched as a truck blew up, two other Pokemon falling off the edge of the cliff not too far away. "What the- How? Do I want to know?" he said to himself in a low-pitched tone, running over to look down the cliff as the other Eeveelutions fell. His first instinct was to run over to the truck and figure out what made it explode, but he instead decided to follow the Jolteon and Eevee on their decent, skidding all the way down the grassy slope. At the bottom, he shook any dirt off his body, starting at the tips of his ears and ending at the tips of her tail and ribbons, making sure his leafy eyepatch didn't move from its spot on his face. Running over to the 'lutions, Houdini's pink eye widened. "You two okay? What happened up there? I could've sworn I caught a glimpse of a human or two, but I can't be positive. They weren't the ones that blew up that truck, were they?" He padded the grass anxiously, unable to sit still for whatever reason.
"No, it was Volt who did it. He did it to save m-"
"GET BACK!" the Jolteon growled, stepping in between Eve and the Pokemon. Volt had a rock in his upper left leg. "How do I know you're not with them?!"
"Whoa, now," Houdini backed up, holding his ribbons in front of him defensively. "With whom? I swear on my life, I'm not a part of any criminal organization, if that's what you're implying. I'm a free Sylveon who goes by the name of Houdini," he introduced himself, performing a tiny bow to the Jolteon and Eevee duo. "If you don't mind me asking, good sir, from whom did you save this lovely Eevee from, hm? Whom do you think I am with?" Looking the Jolteon over, Houdini could see a rock lodged in his leg. "I do not believe that you are, in fact, okay. Would you like me to assist you in getting that nasty little bugger out of your leg?"
Volt growled.
Eve touched him on the shoulder. "He's really here to help."
"How do you know?!"
"I... I just feel that he's a good guy."
"...your instinct has been better than any educated guess I've ever seen... fine." Volt backed down, allowing his body to relax. He winced at the rock in his shoulder.
"We were kidnapped by a group of humans and thrown into those cages. Apparently they did something with me back then, but I don't remember anything... Volt used his electricity to blow up the wall, and he got me out of the truck."
"The truck!" Volt said, tensing up. He grabbed Eve by her neck fluff and picked her up. "Is there a safe place to hide? There's no doubt the humans will be coming after us!"
"'Kidnapped'?" Houdini repeated, eye wide. "Why, that's insanely preposterous! They weren't with a criminal organization? That is what it sounds like to me." After Volt asked about hiding, the Sylveon turned around, facing the woods, but looking back at him and Eve. "A fit place to conceal yourselves, you ask? Why, just follow me." And with that, he leapt into the woods, making sure the Jolteon was following him. It took him a minute or two, but they were deep inside the forest by the time Houdini stopped his motion, panting quietly. He could've sworn they passed by a Glaceon, but again, he couldn't be sure. "Here we are," he said, breath regained, as he walked in front of a bundle of sticks, picking them all up with a couple of his ribbons and placing them off to the side. Behind them laid a tunnel of tree roots and dirt. "Follow me. Nobody knows of this place except for me." After saying this, he crawled in, not worrying about the branches and replacing them in their original positions. Again, it took a minute, but it was worth the wait every time for Houdini. The Sylveon was finally able to stand, and he popped out of the mouth of the tunnel on the other end and turned around, waiting for the Jolteon and Eevee to appear. "Welcome to my living quarters! I do hope you find it most enjoyable. You are welcome to hide out here however long you wish."

Somehow, the main room was completely furnished, with couches and rugs made of Mareep wool and Miltank leather. On the ceiling, light shone through holes in the overgrowth above, casting small portions of brightness all around this room and the few others that branched off much like the entrance. These lights looked like stars in the night sky, and Houdini had to admit that it was his most favorite aspect to the quarters. Squeezing through a shorter, wider tunnel, the Sylveon called back to the two as he poured fresh water into glasses for his guests and himself. "Please, my dear friends, make yourselves at home!"

(OOC: Well, I just completely changed his entire character. Now he's like a sir! I'm not complaining! xD )
(OOC: I kinda always got that impression XD Also, Volt and Eve are wild Pokemon, so they don't know about criminals or stuff like that. For the most part, they've always lived on their own.)
"Ooh! It's nice in here!" Eve said, marveling at the room. "I haven't seen a house like this since... since..." She suddenly grew sad.
"This is inconspicuous enough that they should pass it by." Volt said, changing the topic. "So what was that about 'criminals'? We've never had much experience with humans."
( OOC: When you realize that you'd have to kill a Miltank to get it's leather... that is one dark Sylveon :-O )
Gemma had seen a Sylveon, a Jolteon, and an Eevee pass by, and they looked to be in a hurry. Curious, she followed silently through the woods, until they stopped by some sticks and disappeared through a tunnel. Once she was sure they were too deep inside to notice her, she removed the twigs and poked her head inside. It was a long tunnel, at the end she could hear talking and she could see some light. Nervous she would be caught, she put the twigs back and looked outside, hoping she would be able to remember the place to come back to some time later. Gemma was suprised when she noticed two humans wandering in the direction of the tunnel. They appeared to be looking for something? Gemma ducked behind a bush. They were getting closer, picking up twigs everywhere and checking behind bushes. She remembered hearing the word 'Humans' in the tunnel. Maybe they were looking for those Pokemon?
Those Pokemon looked like they didn't want to be found though... She thought, watching them inch closer to the tunnel. Right when one was about to find the tunnel, Gemma accidentally tripped and fell on a pile of leaves and twigs, causing many rustling and cracking noises. The humans both immediately found checked behind the bush, finding her sitting on the pile, looking up at them nervously.
Suba was waddling awkwardly along to whatever direction he though the eeveelutions he could smell were, when he realised something. There was a weird smell coming from that tunnel... He decided to hind behind a large grey rock, and could see two humans, standing threateningly above a Glaceon atop a pile of sticks. What could he do? There was no way he could get any closer. If he was a Leafeon maybe, but he was bright blue and that wasn't good for camouflage out of the water. He hadn't encountered humans much either, but he respected their culture after some ancient ruins he had found while diving. They tended to leave a lot of remnants behind. The situation was very conflicting. Maybe he should ready an Ice Beam, just in case.
(OOC: Oops! My bad...)

(Houdini wasn't the one to kill the Miltank, though. He'd never do that! I just dunno how he got the leather... xD )

(Also, he speaks in an English accent. >w<)

Walking back into the main room, three glasses of water in hand- or ribbon, I guess- Houdini placed them all down on an amber table, taking a sip of his own. "Please, sit. Make yourselves comfortable. Volt, sir, you should really take that rock out of your arm. Just say the word, and I will assist you, alright? In the meantime, I can explain to you the definition of criminal." Taking a seat on the fluffy, woolen rug, the Sylveon ensured that he had the Jolteon's and Eevee's attention before continuing. "Criminals are groups of inferior species, be it humans or Pokemon or any other, who do very terrible things for the sake of it. I believe that most criminals have no real purpose, but others do. For example, in the region known as Kalos, there is a criminal organization called Team Flare who used the awesome power of Legendary Pokemon to 'make the world beautiful'. Preposterous! The world is already such an amazing place, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to better its physical appearance! Now, in the Hoenn region, there are two grou- What was that?"

From outside, a large snapping sound could be heard, undoubtedly the twigs. Resisting the urge to go up that way and see what made the sound, just incase it was the humans, Houdini turned from facing the tunnel to look at Volt and Eve. "You two stay here. I will be right back. Do not follow me, or you'll risk getting caught." He spoke quickly and quietly, and once he finished, he ran as fast as he could into a branched-off room, taking the back way out of the hiding place to see what made the noise.

Moving the rock that blocked him from exiting, the Sylveon poked his head out, eye widening again as the sight of humans came into view, not very far from a frightened Glaceon. Houdini was always one to throw himself in front of others in times of hardship as a way of helping them, so that's exactly what he did now. Shielding the Glaceon from the humans with his body, he looked down to her. "Go! They mustn't get you! Run that way, and you'll find a hole in the ground. Go down there, and you'll arrive in my house. Go! Quickly, now!" he told her, pointing in the direction he came with a ribbon in a way that would not let the humans see the motion. Turning back to face the humans, Houdini acted savagely, barking at them and baring his not-so-sharp teeth, hoping his appearance wouldn't make them pity him in any way. "Stay away from this place! You are unwanted here! You are unwanted anywhere near this place! Leave at once!"
"Huh? HEY! It's another one! A Sylveon!" One man said.
"Hey, the boss is gonna be happy when we bring back four Pokemon instead of two!" the other one said. The two humans took out two strange-looking devices.
Gemma watched as the Shiny Sylveon got inbetween her and the humans. With no idea what to do next, she did as it told her to, and jumped into the hole. When she reached the end of the tunnel she saw the Eevee and Jolteon she had seen earlier.

(OOC: Innocent until provent guilty >:3 )
Suba didn't know what to do as he noticed the Sylveon jump in front of the two thugs. He decided to try and confuse them without them noticing him, and he tried his best to stop the progress of his Ice Beam, but ended up firing it into the ground, propelling him into the air and over the rock, landing flat onto the floor. He spewed a Haze attack out of his mouth the first moment he could, aiming towards the heads of the criminals.
"...did the humans see you come in here...?" Volt said, half-dumbstruck, half-irritated.

"Hey! The Glaceon went in there!"
"There's only one exit! We'll get it after we take down "tough guy"!"
"What are those items you hold? You are not to lay a finger on me, you demons! Away with you!" Houdini cried, now facing the humans. He did something he only did during drastic measures- he charged a Moonblast, creating a tiny moon over his head. Eye closed, the Sylveon focused all his energy on the attack, and once it was strong enough, he let loose, shooting a very strong beam from mouth. He had opened his eye just before shooting it, but for some reason, his vision was very blurry, so he was unsure if he had hit the humans or not. "That is what you get for believing you could harm me and take any of us away!" From overhead flew a Vaporeon, who helped him out with a Haze. Daring a glance back to him, Houdini yelled back to the water-type instead of talking. "Thank you, my good man! I could use all the help I can get at this time!"
"I-I don't know..." She didn't like meeting new Pokemon. New Pokemon made her nervous. And there were two new Pokemon right there...
"I just remember the Shiny Sylveon jumping in between me and the humans, and telling me to come down here..." She spoke in a small voice, afraid that the irritated Jolteon might attack her

(OOC: Suba is a Vaporeon :3 )
One man dodged the moonblast, only to be hit by the ice-beam.
"Punk! This is what happens when you take on Team G!" the other man shouted, throwing the device. It turned into a laser-cage, flying towards the Sylveon.
(OOC: I think it might be best if some of the Pokemon get captured for the sake of character development. Maybe the Sylveon and Eve could get captured?)
"Oh, you've got to be kidding me." Jolteon said. "He TOLD you to blow our cover?!"
(OOC: I'm an idiot. Edited. Sorry.)

The item the man held wasn't what Houdini thought, thankfully, but the cage did manage to lock itself around the Sylveon's body. "Oh, my! You hoodlums! What good do you think I will be to you? The problem is that I won't be any!" Even though he did not say these words like a toddler who was put into time out, he looked back to Suba and tried pulling at the cage's bars, which did a whole lot of nothing. "Again, thank you for your assistance, but please help me escape this prison cell! Anyone! Volt! Eve! You're safe now!" At the sound of these words, Houdini sat in the cage, defeated, ears drooping. "...You're safe now..." he mumbled, before something else popped up in his head. Again, he turned to Suba. "On second thought, run! You are not safe here! Go that way, and you'll find a hole in the ground! It's my hideaway! Please, save yourself!" He used his nose to point in the direction of the rock like he had to the Glaceon, before firing a Swift at the part of the cage that faced the humans' faces, hoping it would go through and hit at least one of them.
Volt heard Houdini's words.
"Freaking idiot...!" he said, dashing out. "Stay inside!" he shouted to Eve.

The man who caged Houdini took another one of the devices from his belt and aimed it at the Vaporeon. "C'mere!"
The other man broke the ice, as the hot day weakened its structure.
Volt dashed out of the den, and the other man noticed.
"You! That van cost me a lot of coin! I'm gonna make ya pay for that!"
Suba was hit by the device, the cage suddenly enveloping him. He physically didn't know how to respond, and was frozen with fear. "Regain your composure, you've been through worse than this. Remember that time with the Gyarados?" He told himself. Then it hit him. He released a Signal Beam attack, phasing through the bars and hitting the device of the man nearest to Volt causing it to spark and make a humming sound. He then released a final haze, and let out a Muddy Water attack along the floor. He was tired however, and he let his feet sink into the muddy floor he had created, submerging his face in the mist as he lay down, losing all energy and passing out.
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(VOLT'S device?! He's the one they're trying to catch!)
Volt growled, stealing glances at Houdini.
"We now have authorization to use the NEW tech!" the man facing Volt said, taking out one of the cage devices.
The other man ran over to Houdini's cage and picked it up roughly before running over towards Suba's cage as well.
OOC: Corrected, it was hard to phrase as I was writing the man nearest to Volt. It's hard to understand where the s goes, and I just know what I meant so I thought it would make sense.
"Volt!" Houdini exclaimed, surprised he had left the safety of the underground. "Stay away! I would not want to see you locked up like we are now!" The Sylveon's words were irregular, enunciating themselves at random points as he was swung around by the man that held his cage, and he attempted to motion over to Suba as he spoke. "There is nothing you can do to save this Vaporeon or I! Hide! Save Eve, the Glaceon, yourself! Please!"