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  1. Silver-Solis

    Open The Wild Sylveon

    This RP is going to be just a 2 person RP (me and you) that can be done in PM's if you wish. I'd like a fairly descriptive partner (paragraph posting) in this and for it to last long term. If you aren't willing to commit then I don't think this RP will really be for you. So we all know how...
  2. SweetAndScary

    Open pokemon palace

    RULES 1. THIRD PERSON 2.You can be what ever pokemon charater you want (trainer,pokemon,both) 3.thats pretty much it *START* Hex, an eevee had been running around the palace playing tag with her trainer Adi. When she ran around the corner,she hit a figure (you). "Oh.....Sorry whoever you...
  3. SuperPokemonFan43

    Open Eeveeloution Life

    Hello, I got bored so I decided to make another RP. So, here you can be Eevee and it's eveloutions. It can be shiny or a fake Eeveeloution. Your Choice! Rules: 1. No cursing 2. No Killing 3. Have fun! Please fill out like this: Name: Eeveeloution: Gender: Likes: Dislikes: Other: My form...
  4. LillianThePaint

    Ask to Join Eeveelution Explosion!

    Discussion thread, sign-ups and list of participants can be found here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/eeveelution-explosion-disscusion.13863/ Admin edit: All content from the first post that should not have been here but in the discussion thread has been removed and the post has been merged...
  5. LunarMxgic

    XY/ORAS Looking for a Meloetta!

    I am offering a half perfect IV ( HP, def, speed )Timid, Male, battle prepped Sylveon, and a 3/4 perfect IV ( sp. atk, sp. def, atk, speed ) Female, Modest, battle prepped Gardevoir. You can take one or both. I don't care what the Meloetta is like, however IVs would be nice to have, as well as a...
  6. Lord Of Pain

    love, it's super effective! (ask to join)

    (I think this is the first (and cheesiest) love RP on charms) Hydreigon was sitting among his friends umbreon, espeon, flareon, mightyana, purlion and rattata, he was enjoying the company with the exception of sylveon who just came back from berry hunting. "May I ask who exactly invited her?"...
  7. Lord Of Pain

    x4 weakness to love???

    I believe this should be a famous shipping by now, but for those who don't know it its a sylveon x hydreigon shipping. The question is if you are a slayer shipper or not? and why? Personally I am a fan of this shipping because I find it cute and funny because of the fact that hydreigon is a...
  8. Sir Red

    #700 - Sylveon

    #700 Sylveon Japanese Name: Ninfia Classification: Intertwining Pokemon Height: 3'03" / 1.0 m Weight: 51.8 lbs / 23.5 kg Egg Group: Field Ability: Cute Charm Hidden Ability: Pixilate Revealed: Sylveon was revealed on the 12th of February, 2013 in an issue of CoroCoro, a Japanese...