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(I think this is the first (and cheesiest) love RP on charms)

Hydreigon was sitting among his friends umbreon, espeon, flareon, mightyana, purlion and rattata, he was enjoying the company with the exception of sylveon who just came back from berry hunting.
"May I ask who exactly invited her?" Asked hydreigon, "I can hang out with my friends can't I? If you've got a problem then talk to my hyper beam!" Said sylveon, hydreigon was a bit scared from that threat, he could hear a few chuckles from the others as well as his two mini heads wich he gave a deathly stare.
Flare chuckled softly at the fighting pair, her fluffy yellow tail wagged lightly. She turned her head to the small pond they were sitting by, and took in it's beauty. The water was a crystal blue, around it was an array of beautiful pink, blue, and yellow flowers. Standing up she walked over to the waters edge and dipped her head to drink. She started falling until she felt jaws clamp softly around her tail and pull her away from the edge. Turning around she saw Midnight, and pulled her tail away.

"Thanks Midnight," She said giving him a smile.

Midnight rolled his red eyes. "You could have gotten hurt....stay away from the water."

"But I was thirsty."

"Fine, when you're thirsty, tell me and I'll fill a leaf with water and give it to you. Deal?"

Hydreigon decided to go look for berries, sylveon on the other hand (or paw?) Scooted over to flare and asked "so how is it going with you? Anything new?", she just needed a break from fighting with hydreigon (wich happens 5 times a day) so she decided to socialise.
"I had to expand my den," Flare ignored Midnight, making said pokemon grumble. "I found an abandoned Fennekin egg the other day, and it's staying in my den until it hatches and can be given to the Fennekin guy." Flare said with a smile. "You should see it, it's so cute!"

"Don't ignore me!" Midnight growled, but go no response.
Dusk dawdled along the rivers edge. His den was in a field a little ways away, hidden in the tall wheat that grew there. He spotted the group of Pokemon, and hung back for a few moments before, joining the conversation.
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Midnight was swimming im the pond next to the group. He was chating with the Goldeen and Seeking around him. His Blue Rings Glew in the Water making a Beutiful Glow with the Water. "Whoa." Midnight said admiring the Glow as he climbed out of the river.
((Yay! My friend is ok! I'm going to post now.))

Solstice snickered at the bickering Dragon/fairy duo and stood up to pad to the river's edge. She carefully picked her way along the rocky riverbed. The water was a beautiful clear/blue color that sparkled in the sunlight. The Espeon smiled as the river lapped up at her paws; instantly relaxing them from her long journey. It had been a while since she left her old place, and she's been surviving on her own for a while now. So far so good. Feeling particularly adventurous, the Espeon leaped up on to a large rock that hung over the fast moving waters. Solstice creeped closer to get a better look until she slipped. "Eeek!" She squealed as she fell into the water. Solstice resurfaced once, but then disappeared beneath the Rapids. The Espeon churned her legs as she was taught to swim, but it was meaningless. She was swept down the river constantly being dragged farther and father to the bottom... Her eyes grew heavy and her vision faded to black.

He noticed a figure swimming towards him. Currently, he was the water; watching over his territory. Mist, a Vaporeon, watched as a flash of pink flew through his vision. His eyes grew wide and frantic, and he quickly became a Vaporeon again and used his strong tail to swim after the pink figure. Mist finally caught her scruff, and Espeon's scruff, and pulled them both out of the water. The Vaporeon panted heavily as he checked to make sure that the Espeon was breathing.
Umbreon watched as the conversation unfolded to something very boring. He sat back on his haunches and looked out at the Forrest. He saw a flicker of green in the bushes, and a pair of Amber colored eyes peeked out from there hiding spot. As Dusk stared intently at them, the Pokemon let out a squeak and ran back into the Forrest. The Umbreon flushed before bringing his composure back.

"Why was it so interested in me?" He wondered.

(Inspired off of Milky Chance Stolen Dance)
Solstice coughed up waves of water as she regained consciousness. The Espeon weakly opened her eyes and saw the Vaporeon looking down at her with an worried expression. Solstice tried to sit up quickly and regain her composure, but instead she flailed around miserably. "Ugh... Ow my head..." The Espeon mumbled as she finally gave up the action of sitting up.

"Well, at least you're awake. How did you manage to become a Goldeen?" Mist asked the struggling Espeon. With a sigh he placed a small stack of Oran berries next to the psychic type and melted back into the water.
The Umbreon was staring into the bushes again When he saw the Amber eyes again he watched intently. He watched as the Pokemon was dragged from behind into the Undergrowth, yelping once before going silent. He charged into the Bushes, seeing a Drapion holding up the Leafeon by her throat. She looked at the Umbreon and yelped as the Drapion tightened its grip. The Umbreon used Shadow ball on the Poison type. The Pokemon hissed, Dropping the Leafeon. He bounded over too her. She was unconscious, so he had to find some where to put her where she could wake up and be safe. Eventually he decided with his own den. Since it was starting to turn to to twilight, he hurried to his den in the tall grass. He left her inside while sitting at the mouth of the den, watching the sun begin to set.
Midnight was not a patient pokemon, and he hated being ignored, so he did what any normal pokemon would, grab Flare's scruff and pull her into going on a walk with him. He matched her step as he walked her to her den.

"So you found a Fenniken egg? Can I see?" He asked looking at his paws awkwardly.

"Yeah its the cutest thing ever!" He watched Flare coo, her fluffy yellow tail wagging lightly. Midnight smiled genitally at her and lifted his muzzle to the darkening sky.

"It's getting dark, mind if I stay?" This wasn't the first time he would stay with her, the two of them slept over with each other a lot as friends.

"Sure!" Flare chirped as they arrived and went into the cozy rock den
Midnight jumped out of the lake and shook out all the water. When he opened his eyes he saw the Hydregon and Sylveon. "S-Sorry. I thought I was on the other side." Shadow said. "My Name is Shadow. What's yours?" Shadow asked the 2 Pokemon
"It's ok, my name is nymph" said sylveon, "and I'm hydra" said the hydreigon, the sylveon decided to go and take a dip in a nearby lake wich was more stable than the river, as the dived in something wrapped itself around her leg, it was a dragalge, before getting sunk nymph gave out a loud shout for help, "arceus dammit! What did that annoying thing get into now?" Said hydra as he headed towards the sound, when he saw what was happening he panicked and decided to dived in.