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"I never run away! I'll fight the good fight until the very end!" Volt said.
"Damn idiot. Yer going down!" the man shouted, throwing the device at Volt. The electric-type called down a bolt of lightning to destroy the device. "Why you...! FINE! I'll BEAT you into submission!" The man took a small rod from his belt which extended into a long pole. He whipped it at Volt, who dodged. He dodged three more strikes, but then the rock in his leg stung and he flinched.
"Gotcha!" the man said, slamming Volt onto the ground. The electric-type tried to get up, but couldn't. The man took another one of the devices out and threw it towards Volt.
Then Eve bashed into Volt, sending him into the bushes.
Unfortunately, there was no one to save Eve, as the cage trapped her.
"It's you! HAH! Stupid hero! You just doomed yourself!" the man said picking up the cage.
"Volt! Run!" Eve said, scared.
"EVE!" Volt shouted, tumbling into the bushes. He tried to get up, but he couldn't. His leg was buckled, thanks to the rock.
The man dodged, seeing the Glaceon. "We got another one, Frank!"
"I'll handle it!" 'Frank' said, tossing another of the cage devices at Gemma.
(Do you want Gemma to join Houdini and Eve?)
(Eh y nawt >best spellr 2016< )
Gemma yelped as the device transformed into a cage around her. She shot an ice beam, freezing part of the cage, but the lasers melted it. She tried this a few times until giving up "Help!"
Midnight frowned. He watched as the Pokemon were being captured. "Ugh, why are Humans soo dumb." He groaned. He crept along branches, aware of his noise. He watched as the Glaceon shot an Aurora Beam at the Man holding Houdini. "Interfere, or not Interfere? Risk being put in a cage, or stay safe in a tree then feeling guilty? Help the Pokemon I barely know, or leave them for dead." Midnight groaned. He slid down the Tree Trunk, then shooting a Shadow Ball at Eve's cage. He was aware it wouldent have any effect on Eve, her being a Normal Type a Ghost Type move wouldent hurt her.
(So she is joining us, then.)
Frank picked up the cage of the Glaceon and started carrying her and Eve back toward the car when a Shadow Ball slammed into his hip. "F***!" he shouted. Eve crouched down, but not because of the Shadow Ball. "Another one?! How many damn Eeveelutions are in this forest?! Take the cages, Jerry!" He tossed the cages towards Jerry, who caught them and started carrying them up the hill.
"I'm taking them back to the truck!" Jerry said, starting to climb the hill. "I'll come back for the Vaporeon! This is already too much to carry!"
Midnight groaned. "I know right." He growled. He dashed after Jerry. Right now he and Volt were the only Lifelines at the moment. "Uh, you take care of them!" Midnight called out. He readied a Shadow Ball attack. He stopped to aim it carefully, ig he ran the chanced of the Ball hitting were 1 in 100. He closely aimed, then fired his Shadow Ball, aiming for Jerry's feet.
(1. Midnight wouldn't know Volt was nearby.
2. There's also Suba.)
Jerry started climbing just in time. With his elbow, he knocked an explosive from his belt which fell towards the Umbreon.
Frank grabbed another of the cage devices.
(1. Sorry, Im Confused Much
2. Midnight said them, not just Frank.)

Midnight watched as a small explosive ball rolled down the hill. He stopped, curious look on his face. He stoped the ball, them examined it. "GunPowder?" He questioned, before the explosive went off, engolfing Midnight in Black Smoke. The Smoke Cleared, Midnight eyes wide. "Why didnt I see that coming." He groaned. Somehow he was still standing. He looked up at Jerry, then sighed. "Eh, just Screw it." He groaned. He slowly walked down the hill, noticing Frank grabbing another Cage Device. "Niw I swear to Arceus, if im Caught in a Stupid Cage, im taking my anger out on that Sylveon." He muttered under his breath.
Midnight frowned, as a cage was thrown at him. The cage surrounded him, causing Midnighht to rage. "I swear that Sylveon is getting a peice of my mind!" Midnightt growled. He started knawing on the bars, hoping to break one. "I knew I shouldent of forgot Psychic!" He muttered.
A Thunderbolt came from the sky and destroyed Midnight's cage. Frank shook. The electric Pokemon winced as he crawled towards Frank.
"What's with you, you damn... I dunno what would be appropriate to insult you with! But you suck! And I'm taking you out before you cause us anymore trouble!" Frank took an explosive from his belt and hurled it.
(Midnight/Suba needs to help Volt.
Midnight smiled, as he was Free. "Whoa, Nice!" He smiled. He watched as Frank hurled an Explosive at Volt. He used Quick Attack, he stood between Volt, and the Explosive. He used Bite, catching the Explosion, shortly exploding in his mouth. Midnight's face was covered in smoke. Once the Smoke faded, Midnight was left standing. "Ow, I think you chipped my tooth." He groaned, then shooting a Shadow Ball at Frank.
The Shadow Ball hit Frank in the exact same hip as earlier.
"F*********************!" Frank shouted, yowling in pain. "I'm not paid enough to deal with these crazies! I'm out!" Frank scrambled up the hill to the truck. Jerry had managed to fit all three cages in the back seats in a way that they couldn't hurt the men.
"We're outie!" Jerry said, putting the pedal to the metal as soon as Frank hopped in. "Still got a better deal! We got the target, and we traded that Jolteon for a Sylveon and a Glaceon! Whoo-hah!"

Volt fell down, weak. "Eve... I... I swore I would protect you... I failed! I FAILED!"
Midnight frowned as Volt collapsed. "Drama Queen." He muttered under his breath. He slowly walked over to the Jolteon them sighing. "Look, maybe we can catch up to them, then take the Eevee Back, along with Glaceon and Sylveon." Midnight smiled. He looked back at Suba. "I think were more than ready." Midnight smirked.
Volt zapped Midnight.
"You don't understand! She's the only thing I have left... The only reason to keep going! Maybe I'm being dramatic, but I have a right to!"
Midnight's fur sparked up. "Ow." He growled. "Well, if she is everything you have, you wont mind risking your life to help me break in, and break her out!" Midnight groaned. He looked over at Suba, still in his cage. "But first we have to get him out." Midnight groaned.
Gemma looked at the other two Pokemon in cages: the Sylveon that had saved her and the Eevee. Gemma instantly fell bad for leaving the tunnel and getting captured, even after the Sylveon had saved her. She had chased after the Eevee when it started running out, and now they were all trapped. She jumped as the thing they were in started to move at a fast and alarming speed, causing the cages to bounce as the thing left the forest and onto a strange looking path
Where are we going? Gemma wondered...
Seikatsu was wandering the grasses at night when he came across a SUmbreon and a Jolteon, the ladder looking very destressed. He approached them catiously. "Can I help you?"
Seikatsu was surprised at the situation at hand. This is why this Jolteon looked so distressed. But, he would have nothing better to do,plus this Jolteon looked like it really cared about whoever was in that truck. "Sure." Seikatsu agreed.
In the truck, Houdini's ears were drooping down to below his chin, a large tear leaving his one, pink eye. "I have failed you... I've failed you all..." he spoke, quietly, looking at the bottom of his cage, not caring about the bumps that sent his head into the cover of his cell. "Th-This is all my fault... Oh, no... This is all my fault..." Slowly, he sank into a laying position, covering his eye and eyepatch with both paws. "I am so terribly sorry, ladies. I meant to spare you all, but I failed miserably... Please, Eve, don't cry..." Even though he wasn't very emotionally stable at the moment, the blue Sylveon still felt it imperative to calm the others before himself. "We will be alright, I just know it..." He repeated these words, honestly unsure of the truth they held.
Flare wasnt captured so he followed the trust "aww they didnt take me ....and im shiny " he frowned as he ran after them " alright i got to save them " he used flamethrower on the tires and he looked at the door handle" hmm i wonder if i melt it will it open " he jumped up and he used fire punch and the door broke and he went in "um hi guys...need help?" he asked.
"Yea, Yea. Besides, its not like that other Umbreon will help." Midnight frowned. He looked over at the Vaporeon's cage. "Fine, Ill get him out." Midnight sighed. He charged up a Moon Blast Attack, then sent it flying at the cage. Midnight smiled, as the blast was heading straight toward the target, that was until it missed. "Um, How bout you get him free. Heh." Midnight frowned.
Flare nodded and he went up to the vaporeon's cage and he used fire punch and the cage broke "ok lets get the others out and leave " Flare smiled. Flare then looked at the drivers and he had an idea "ok ill mess with the drivers "he jumped infront of them and he used flamethrower on the cars engine.
(OOC: Well that kidnapping didn't last long. 1 thing though: using Flamethrower on a car engine would most likely make it explode, soooooo...)
Gemma didn't say anything. She just watched as the Flareon and Umbreon freeing everyone, and saw the Flareon use Flamethrower on the gar engine. She gasped as it started smoking, then exploded!
Midnight watched as the Flareon shot Flames at the car engine, then it exploded. "So, Eve is probably dead, sorry for your loss Volt." Midnight frowned. Their was a fire on the truck, and he wasn't even sure if the drivers were alive.
(OOC: I have to point out that those in the truck are nowhere near Suba, Midnight and Volt. It's just a wierd plot hole that I have to point out.)

In his dreams, Suba felt confused. He had tried his best to stop anyone else from getting caged, but he was not sure whether it had worked. He had exhausted all his energy, and knew there was no more he could do anyway. His eyes opened, however, blinking frantically. "What's going on?"
Flare drooped because he forgot about the engine and he quickly reacted and he used protect and a bubble form around everyone but flare was forcely blown out of the truck and he landed in the grass "oww..." he said before he fainted but still alive.
(And there goes the plot. Is it okay with the people who were captured if they get re-captured? 'Cause there WAS an entire story I was setting up that involved them capturing Eve. And there should be at least one person with her.)
"HOLY CRAP!" Frank said, as he and Jerry jumped out of the car. The two took out their cage devices. "Crap, last one. Gotta make it count!"
Frank threw the cage at the Eevee.
Eve was about to thank the Flareon when another cage sent her tumbling farther down the road. Frank ran over to the cage before the Eeveelutions could stop him. He grabbed Eve's cage and held an explosive up to it.
"Now listen here, you mooks! This here's a bomb. If one of you even so much as twitch in this direction, the lady's had it!"
(Don't do anything to save Eve. But in your next post, if you want to join the "Base" team, say so.)
Volt started making a mad dash towards where the explosion had come from.
Flare sighed and he slowly got up and looked at the humans "leav...e them... alone " he slowly walked to them and he got close to them before he passed out. he sighed he was weak now since the car exploded and he really couldnt do anything to help the others. Flare looked around as everyone was being recaptured "im a failure" he sighed
Gemma let out a small yelp when she saw the explosive, and started to back away from the truck shyly, not wanting to get recaptured by the humans. She noticed the Flareon that had passed out. She waked over to it and nudged it with her paw "Are.. are you okay...?" She nudged him again, hoping he would wake up
The truck had exploded, sending Houdini flying out the back, crashing down to the dirt road, cage shattering underneath him. Weak and unsure of what had caused the explosion, since he was facing the opposite direction of the engine at the time, the Sylveon hastily got up, ignoring whatever bump or bruise he felt on his body, and limped over to the others, where he saw Eve in a cage. Unable to do much, what with his low amount of HP and twisted ankle, he flopped onto the ground rather inelegantly, sticking his paw out behind him so as to not damage it further. "Oh, dear me..." was all he was able to say, as he lay on the dirt, hating its feeling on his tummy, and watched the scene in front of him play out, knowing that he was an easy target for the humans. Better me than them, was his philosophy. "No... Please..."
Flare looked at her and he frowned "im ok...just low hp" he smiled at her then he tried to open his eyes "go save yourself" he told her then he frowned "go...now..." he said weakly but he was then catched " oh no"
(OOC: Edited)
"GOTCHA!" Jerry said, tossing the cage devices at the Flareon and the Glaceon. The cages snapped around them. "What's with all these heroes? But we got them all!"
"Not all of 'em." Frank said, pointing towards the Sylveon.
"Check." Jerry said, tossing the cage device at Houdini. It locked around him. "NOW we got 'em all."
"Now move your butts!" said a voice from above.
"B-boss!" Frank and Jerry said, saluting.

Volt dashed up right next to the road, and flinched at the wind. A helicopter was hovering close to the ground, and he could see three people wearing the same uniforms as the other two men. But the one leaning out of the open door had a weird sign on his chest.
Suba barely had the time to attempt to roll the cage like a hamster ball. It took all his energy to do it, but the cage eventually broke itself on tree roots as he started to roll forward. The bump caused him to fly out, landing face first in some mud, from where he could see the remnants of the explosion. A helicopter was heading towards them. It suddenly occurred to him that this gang were taking eeveelutions. A lot of them. He had never seen their kind before. He was frozen in fear as he watched a Sylveon also get caged.
(OOC: Illuminati confirmed)
Gemma held her ears down at the wind of the helicopter. She couldn't see them if she looked up, due to her flinching at the wind, but she could make out an odd thing in the sky towards them, and could barely make out a voice above the whirring winds it made, but she didn't really try to listen, she tried to block out the noise instead.