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With a paw, Houdini covered an ear, doing the same with the other one, but using the bottom of his new cage, as the helicopter appeared. Sure, he knew about humans, but helicopters were never really something he was able to see in his lifetime with them. Turning away from the wind and the harsh sound, the Sylveon closed his eye, eyepatch also covered by that same arm that held down his ear, and awaited the inevitable. I knew some criminal organization had something to do with all this!
Flare saw the helicopter and he covered his ears, looking up at the helicopter. he had never seen one before so he was scared "hey sylveon what is that thing?" he asked Houdini then he drooped "what are they gonna do with us"
"Oh, crap!" Seikatsu shouted. He tried to keep up with Volt, but he cared too much about the pokemon inside that truck. Instead, Seikatsu used Vine Whip to attach to a tree and ricochet himself forwards towards the explosion. It was hopeless, though. A helicopter had just taken off. Assuming the survivors were taken with it, Seikatsu gave up, but just in case anyone was left alive, he started making his way torwards the debris. "Guys," he stated. "We need to search for survivors!"

What he didn't want to admit is that he could also find a body.
(Um... no one died...)
"Get your butts up here with those Pokemon!" Epsilon said. "Or else your incompetence in allowing a truck to be destroyed will be relayed to Omega!"
"GAH! YESSIR!" the two said. Epsilon tossed down some hooks, which the grunts attached the cages to. Epsilon used the hooks to pull the cages up as the two grunts climbed up a ladder. The helicopter then flew away.

Volt climbed up and watched as the helicopter flew away with Eve. "Eve... I'll find you! And I'll save you!" Volt said to himself.
Gemma was sick. She felt like she was going to throw up since she didn't like heights, but she couldn't help but look down as she was being lifted into the helicopter, but she held it in. She didn't know who these people were, or where they were going, but she tried her best not to be scared.
"Ugh, Stupid humans." Midnight groaned. He hated how he did nothing during the helicopter scene, along with helping with the truck incident aswell. Now another Eeveelution was captured, along with the other three eeveelutions from before. Midnight let out a sigh. He felt as if giving up was the best option. He didnt knew the four eeveelutions well, and forgot why he was helping in the first place. He then took a glance over to the Jolteon. He was promising to help save the eevee. "Whats so special about an Eevee?" Midnight muttered.
Seikatsu rummaged through the rubble, desperate to find something, anything, that could lead as clues to where the helicopter was going. Then he found it. There was a piece of cloth with a letter on it. It read G. "Guys!" Seikatsu yelled running, "I found something!" Seikatsu showed Midnight, Suba, and Volt the cloth.
Volt ran over.
"What is this?" he asked, looking at the cloth. "I bet Houdini could tell us..." he muttered to himself.

Eve shook aboard the helicopter. Where there had been two men before, there were now five men wearing identical uniforms. The man with the weird symbol on his shirt was shouting at the two men from earlier. The other two were sitting in two seats in the front at a command console.
Midnight frowned. "So were gonna have to chase a helicopter? Boooooo!" Midnight frowned. He then walked in on Volt and Seikatsu. He examined the cloth, then frowned. "Why do I feel like I know that cloth, or know where its been?" Midnight asked, a bit puzzled.

(Sorry I took soo long, was caught up in homework.)
"It must have come from... the truck, I believe it's called?" Volt asked to himself. "And yes, we ARE going to chase a helicopter."

Eve shuddered in her cage. Now that 'Epsilon' was done shouting at the two grunts, he turned towards the Eevee.
"Although... you DID recover our prime objective. So you guys get a few points for that." Epsilon said. "Poor little thing. Doesn't even realize how special it is to our plans. You're in a new world, little buddy. MY world."
Midnight gave a sigh. He looked at the Helicopter that just escaped the horizon. Midnight got a glimpse of the Logo on the side of the plane. "Oh, thats how I remembered!" Midnight smiled, then turne back to Volt. "I know where there base is!" Midnight smiled.
Midnight was a bit intimidated by the Jolteon, but suddenly sighed. "Just follow me, its somewhere in the mountains, which explains the reason they got a Helicopter." Midnighth smiled, for now he was the smart one. "But first." Midnight used Moonlight, a circle of light aurrounded the four, like a spotlight would on stage. Midnight's wound was healed.
"Um, Maybe we should get that out." Midnight frowned. He was scared to even put a paw on the Jolteon as he was a bit intimidating. He slowly reached his paw put, aiming to get the rock out.
Mirnight gave a sigh of relief, as he jently git the rock out. He then sighed, using Moonlight again. Clouds were coming in, which ment his Moonlight would barely have effect. "This is the last time, and hopefully we wont need it." Midnight frowned, the Moonlight shine fading.
Gemma listened to what 'Epsilon' said to the eevee with great curiosity, and great fear. What were they going to do with the eevee? What would they do to the rest of them? These questions flooded her mind as the helicopter got closer and closer to a mountain range.

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"Um Ok." Midnight smirked, then took a few steps back. He wasnt sure if he was going to use Thunder or Thinderbolt, but he didnt want to be electricuted.
Seikatsu was already far back enough, so Volt decided to get a complete power refresh.

A pendant hung around Volt's neck started to glow. A circle around it lit up in an array of colors; the segments went from green to red. The gem in the middle of the pendant changed from red to blue, and a powerful light came from it, blasting onto the Jolteon.
"MAXIMUM VOLTAGE CHARGE!" Volt shouted to the sky. The storm clouds welled up into a circular shape, and right above Volt a circle of electricity crackled. A giant lightning bolt came down from the center of the circle, striking Volt... and staying there. The weirdest thing was, it was like the Jolteon couldn't even feel it. After five seconds, Volt screeched and the bolt dissipated, along with the clouds.
Volt's Special Attack rose sharply!
Volt's Special Defense rose sharply!
Volt's Speed rose sharply!

Volt shook off the last of the static from his fur as the sunlight began to shine through again. The lights on the amulet all turned off, and the gem in the middle turned back to red.
"Whoa, what the f#@% was that!" Midnight yelled amazed. It all was like an Color Show, with Volt preforming. Midnight smiled, he was even mire intimidated by Volt, but liked it.
"An Overcharge." Volt said, smiling. "My master, Conduct the Electrivire, taught me how to do it. It's where a Pokemon unleashes their maximum potential all in a single move. Each type of Pokemon can learn a Physical, Special and Status version of the move. I've mastered the Status form of the Electric Overcharge, but I have yet to perfect the Special variant. I've never even tried the Physical variant. Every Pokemon can learn the moves. They just need three things."
"Whoa! Thats awsome. I dont think My Scarf will let me do that so. Heh." Midnight smiled, thinking off all the possibillities of his moves. His Status would look awsome, along with his Attack too. He would be the strongest Eeveelution. Midnight smiled Plotting. Midnight stoped to think. "Wait, An Electrivire taught you that? I think I may have a similar thing, that involes Status Form." Midnight smiled.
"The move is type-specific, and it needs three things. One; a powerful bond with another. I use my bond with Eve and Voltage to use this attack. Two; you need balance. So that you're not too good, but not too bad. That Moonlight helped me calm down. And three; you need this." Volt said, showing the amulet with the lights and gem. "This is necessary, as it increases your powers by 100% for a short time. That's how I can use my Overdrive."
(There are variants of the Overdrive for each type. For example, if Midnight gets the three things that are needed for an Overdrive, in theory he could perform the Dark: Status, Dark: Physical and Dark: Special variants of the attack.)
"Whoa, thats awsome. Well I Dont think thats happeing. I dont care about anyone, im usually too lazy so balance wont help me, and the amulet I dont think im getting in awhile." Midnight smiled, but frowned inside. "Uh, come on. Lets go get the others." Midnight frowned.
Then a Shiny Eevee appears in the background and is frolicking. "This is so much fun." Chrome said. Then he sees whats going on over there and starts to go over wondering whats going on. "I wonder whats happening." CHrome said while walking over to the group.
¨Impressive."Seikatsu stated. ¨But we have to be focused on the captured pokemon.¨ Seikatsu stated. He knew how much that Pokemon mattered to this Jolteon, and he was determined to help him.
"Right." Volt said. "With my heightened senses, I should be able to track their bio-electricity." Volt closed his eyes and concentrated. He could feel the helicopter moving towards the mountain peak. "Midnight, you were right. They are heading to the top of the mountain."
Midnight frowned. "Should I tell him, or throw him off a cliff?" Midnight's eyes narrowed. He was tempted, but didnt proceed. "You wanna tell him, if not I can push him into a volcano or somethin." Midnight sighed.
"Our... acquaintances got captured by a bunch of humans, and we're going to save them." Volt said. "Either tag along, or get left behind."

Eve woke up, seeing a mountain out from her cage. She saw a large door in the mountainside open up, and the helicopter flew inside. "Mr. Houdini... I'm scared..."
"Midnight resisted the urge to push the Shiny Eevee, as he was pretty second natured. "OK, lets go! Besides the faster we do this, the faster we don't have to worry about this, and the faster this will all be over, then Volt will live a happy life with eve, Leafeon can make some new friends and I can sleep forever." Midnight groaned, as he started walking off.
"Then let's get going." Volt said, running off into the forest. He crossed the forest to the bottom of the mountain in a matter of minutes.
(Feel free to write what happened during those few minutes)
Seikatsu was weary of this new Shiny Eevee. He looked a little too exited, but he padded along through the forest anyways. Since he was still relativley oblivious of what happened, he asked Volt, ¨So who is in that Helicopter that means so much to you?¨
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Looking out at the oncoming mountains, the one-eyed Sylveon perked an ear up to hear Eve over the roar of the helicopter blades. "You will be okay, Eve," he reassured, now facing the Eevee completely, an unsure frown on his face, which he tried to replace with a fairly unconvincing smile. "We'll be okay. I promise. I won't let these people lay a finger on you, alright? Any of you." Houdini looked up to the other Eeveelution(s) accompanying Eve and him in the copter with a wide eye. "I am not entirely sure where they are taking us at the moment, but if I had to guess, it would be their secret base. Again, I'll protect you, okay?" Houdini told Eve, looking over to her cage. "I'm sure Volt is coming to save you right now. You'll see him in no time." He smiled genuinely.
"'Pinky'!? Why, my good man, you must be colorblind!" Houdini whipped his head up to look at the man who had spoken, baring his teeth in an attempt to make himself look threatening. "I am, in fact, a shiny! Now, don't you go thinking that my colors make me special and will help your team in any way, because I can assure you they will do nothing of the sort!" Even though he knew the human named Epsilon could not, in fact, understand him, Houdini still felt it was necessary to put him in his place. "Good day!" He turned back to Eve after his rant. "I am terribly sorry about all that. He just needed a good talking-to, is all. But, might I say, the nerve!" Stealing a glance back at Epsilon, Houdini finally stopped talking, brow furrowed in annoyance.