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Cryo's expression froze as within a few breaths of time a flurry of things happened. First he heard someone call out to Houdini and Gemma, but without even giving them time to reacted Houdini was sent sprawling through the air. If this wasn't bad enough a human appeared and quickly engaged in a short bout of combat with a Jolteon. Where had this Jolteon come from? Cryo had no clue. Where had these humans come from? Cryo was still just as clueless, however he wasn't one to dally and he quickly snapped out of his stupor.

Unfortunately it was a little too late as the very first thing Cryo noticed was a flash of light and a brief feeling of weightlessness. Taking an abrupt 180 weightlessness soon turned into sleek blue fur, and apologetic voice as he found himself beneath Gemma. As the other Glaceon helped him to his feet, she muttered some rather demoralizing words. Having regained his wits Cryo turned to Gemma,

"I did not just spend 30 mins breaking you out of a cage just so you could get left behind." Without waiting for her response Cryo began nudging her towards the door.
Gemma sighed, before walking towards the door. She honestly didn't want to see how extreme this fight would be, seeing as how the man had mercilessly hit her with a pole.
Epsilon noticed Houdini out of the corner of his vision. He saw Gemma and the other Glaceon there as well.
"I already put you down! What is it with you damn Eeveelutions and your stamin-ARGH!" Volt bashed into the side of Epsilon's head. As he stumbled back, the Jolteon turned towards the group.
"Houdini! Gemma, you need to find Vee and get her and Houdini to safety! I'll hold him off!" Volt then turned back to see a foot flying towards his face. Epsilon kicked the Jolteon, sending him crashing into the wall.
"No more! NO MORE!" Epsilon said, taking the rod out and extending it. He ran towards Volt as the Jolteon was regaining stability.
"No! Volt, I am sure I can be good for something!" Houdini countered, his footing becoming more and more stable with every second. "I will help you!"

And with that, he turned back to Epsilon and used Covet. He began to purr and make a seemingly unknowing, pure face to the human, before striking his arm, knowing that his choice of move should make the man drop the rod.

"I am beginning to recover, see, Volt? There is no way I am leaving you, Gemma, or this other Glaceon! We shall all fight together!"
"What the... GAH!" Epsilon shouted as the Sylveon crashed into his arm with incredible force. The impact made his entire left arm go numb, forcing him to drop the rod. He grabbed is with his other hand and swung it at Houdini.
Volt ran in and blocked it. "I can tell I'm not going to convince you otherwise... fine, then!" Volt sent an electric current up the rod, shocking Epsilon into stumbling backwards. "We fight together, then!"
Seeing that Houdini would stay with Volt, Gemma knew what she had to do. "I'll go find Eve! You two distract him!" She yelled towards the pair. She then turned towards Cryo. "Either you stay here to fight, help me find Eve, or escape if you can. I'll leave the choice to you."
Though searching through a massive secret base crawling with humans sounded fun and all Cryo wasn't quite enthused at the idea, however staying to fight some humans didn't sound much better. However, leaving wasn't an option, he probably couldn't even take half-a-step away without being swarmed by grunts. Cryo swiftly considered his options before replying to Gemma,
"Good Luck finding Eve."

Well, this will be fun ~ As he thought sarcastically to himself Cryo joined the duo of Volt, and Houdini who were battling Epsilon.
Gemma nodded, running off through the maze of halls. Admittedly, she had no idea where she was going. Soon, alarms were sounding again about a Glaceon being spotted. Anytime she ran into grunts, she would just use Dazzling Gleam and run.
Epsilon had just used the rod in his other hand, leaving Houdini with only one logical solution. He backed up, crouched into an even lower battle stance, and began to purr once again, circling around the human so he now stood behind him. With all the might he could muster, he used Covet once again. Hopefully this attack would render the man's arms useless and the fight would be won more easily. For safe measures, Houdini followed the attack up with a Yawn, sending clouds of puffy Zs over to the human's head. Satisfied with this contribution, he backed away to observe what was going to happen from a distance. "That should hold him," he mumbled to himself, eye half lidded.
Epsilon yowled in pain as his other arm fell limp. He started to feel drowsy, so he steadied himself on the wall. Five Team G Grunts ran up to try and help him. One woke him up while the other four fought the Pokemon.
Volt zapped one of the Grunts, making him fall over in pain.

A bit away, a Pokemon jumped from the back of the Togekiss he had been riding. He braced for impact, and crashed through the roof of the Team G HQ.
The appearance of these Grunts wasn't his fault, was it? Houdini couldn't help but think this as five other humans ran over to Epsilon to assist him in the fight. Volt had already shocked one of them, so now it was his turn to attack. For a moment, the blue Sylveon ducked his head low to the ground, eye closed tight, as his attack of choice gained power inside his body. Once the feeling became too much, he reopened his eye wide, glared in the direction of two of the Grunts, and fired many bright stars their way in one Swift motion. Pride settled in his gut as he watched his contribution sail toward the humans, but it was short-lived, as he quickly turned around to look at a third Grunt, this time temporarily deafening him with a Disarming Voice.

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Just as he expected, he hadn't even moved yet and humans were already swarming him. Cryo watched closely as the 4 Team G grunts charged up towards their little trio. Volt and Houdini had taken out two in a flash and a third grunt was temporarily disoriented by Houdini. As the third grunt staggered backwards Cryo took action, he let out a sharp breath and a dazzling Ice Beam streamed from his mouth. Soon enough it found its target, freezing the grunt where he stood, but Cryo wasn't done yet. Taking a deep breath he turned to another grunt, and as he exhaled a shower of Ice Shards cut through the air.
With the four grunts down, Volt knew they had to take the opportunity.
"We're going! Now!" Volt said, running off. There were more grunts, so he dispatched them as he went. Where was he going? He was following the path that Epsilon had gone down.

Epsilon crashed into the lab.
"Delta! Finish up those damn experiments and come help us with the intruders! It's like there's an army of them out there!"
"What's the point?" Delta asked, depressed as usual.
"The point? The point is that the boss doesn't kick our asses for failing the objective!" Epsilon shouted.
"There's no point in shouting. Fine, I'll go. I guess it doesn't matter what I do at this point, anyways." Delta replied, heading out.
Gemma rounded a corner, then saw an open door. She quietly peeked in, only to find Epsilon and a woman. As the woman walked out, Gemma let out a small gasp before running around the corner again, hoping she wasn't seen.
Cryo wordlessly followed along as he ran through corridors, every so often a grunt would appear only to be taken down by the live-wire which was Volt. Cryo of course, felt no sympathy at all and would trot past each electrocuted grunt without so much as batting an eyelid. He had no clue where Volt was leading them, or why, but he was perfectly content watching the grunts and their futile attempts at stopping Volt. For a moment, he pondered how far Gemma had gotten, and mused at the thought of her being swarmed by grunts. However, after seeing Volt and Houdini in action he assumed Gemma could hold her own in a fight, so she'd be fine........probably.
The four Grunts had been defeated, and Houdini followed Volt on his trek through the lab halls, ready to hit any other humans he saw with some form of attack. He really just wanted to get Eve and get out of this place. Even though he didn't like humans to begin with, any positive thoughts he had about them had been wiped away when the Jolteon and Eevee made their first appearance in the woods. Eye narrowed in determination and slight lack of sight, the shiny Sylveon continued down the halls, letting Volt lead the way.
Volt rounded a corner as Delta came around.
"Oh... hey. Intruders." Delta said, tossing some cages towards the Eeveelutions. Volt dodged one, but got hit by a surprise second. The cage formed and trapped him.

A large crash was heard as all the grunts on the seventh and sixth floors were quickly defeated. The large Pokemon blasted electricity, overloading the electronics.
Not seeing Delta anymore, Gemma snuck in the room, ready to take Epsilon by surprise. She was ready to do something important.
"Ice beam!"
She shot an Ice Bean at the back of his head then hid.
Epsilon raised his electro-shield just in time.
"GADDAMIT! HOW MANY OF YOU STUPID EEVEELUTIONS ARE THERE?!" Epsilon nodded to four of the grunts to run outside. They went around the corner, ambushing Gemma.

The large Pokemon tore open the floor with his large hands, jumping down to the fifth floor. A bunch of grunts were waiting for him. The Electrivire couldn't waste any time, so he grasped his amulet tightly, thinking of him.
(Dat teasing skill tho)
(What can be thick, yet at the same time, so fragile you can break it by saying it's name?)
Gemma yelped, using Dazzling Gleam on the grunts, and in their dazed state, she slipped between their legs and started running, once again in pursuit of Eve.
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"Volt!" Houdini called in surprise as he watched the Jolteon get caught in a cage thrown by the female human that had rounded a corner at the same time as them. With a growl, the shiny dodged the cages that were thrown at him, making his way behind Delta while she was busy with Volt. "You let him go, you foul, loathsome...!" He didn't finish his sentence before he copied his attack from earlier, jumping onto the human's shoulders, this time screaming into her ears with a Disarming Voice, which he used right before a Yawn. The whole act was very ungentlemanly, yes, but this was the only way to get out of here with everyone intact. "Are you alright?" Houdini asked his Pokemon partner, rushing up to Volt's cage. He quickly attempted to use Last Resort, praying that it would work.
(Suspense? Plot twists?)
Epsilon raised his shield, watching the grunts fall. He slammed the shield down on the ground, a field of electricity generating. However, the Glaceon dodged it. "GADDAMIT!" Epsilon picked up the shield and raised a blaster, firing strange blue beams at her.

"Fine." Volt said. "Just mildly irritated. Now let's- LOOK OUT!" Volt shoved Houdini, pushing the two of them away from a strange dart that Delta had launched from a gun. She fired in four other places, then finally at the ceiling. Pressing a button on the device, the darts created a force-field.
"Just give up already. There's no point in resisting." Delta said. Then she turned around, and looked at the ceiling. It was cracking.
Then an Electrivire dropped through and punched Delta into the ground.
"It's good to see you again... my apprentice."
Cryo watch on as things happened in quick succession, Volt had been captured and freed in a matter of seconds, and the human girl had erected a force field. However that had only lasted for a few fleeting moments before an Electivire burst through the ceiling and knocked the human to the ground.
At this point Cryo was - dumbfounded, and so he stood there. With a a furrowed brow and uncomprehending eyes, he rooted his legs to the ground and stared. Maybe... he should have followed Gemma after all....
(No, silence! It was supposed to be a pun involving our inactivity ;u; )
Gemma checked behind her, only to be hit by one of the beams.
(This message would be longer if I had any idea what the beams did, sorry)