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  1. Splashfur

    Ask to Join Town of Eeveelutions

    Romance? Yes. Dragons? Yes. Magic items that give you magic powers? Yes. Sign up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/town-of-eeveelutions-joining.15686/#post-401567 Jo was swimming in the pond in the forest at the edge of town. The water tempurature was fine, but after swimming for a while...
  2. Splashfur

    Town of Eeveelutions joining

    A RP about a town of Eeveelutions. Romance? YES Dragons? TOTALLY Magic items? YOU BETCHA. Can your OCs be magic? YES, PLEASE. You can be any of these(there can be more than one, and you can be all sorts of colors, eg. A Blue Eevee) Eevee @StevenUniverseDiamond Shiny Eevee Vaporeon @Midnight...
  3. SuperPokemonFan43

    Open Eeveeloution Life

    Hello, I got bored so I decided to make another RP. So, here you can be Eevee and it's eveloutions. It can be shiny or a fake Eeveeloution. Your Choice! Rules: 1. No cursing 2. No Killing 3. Have fun! Please fill out like this: Name: Eeveeloution: Gender: Likes: Dislikes: Other: My form...
  4. Peachy Ace

    Private/Closed The Eevee Tree

    Well considering my Last Eevee House turned out a bust, Im deciding to Revamp it. Hopefully this one lasts longer. :'| Rules: You have to be an Eeveelution, or Eevee Ask to Join, The amount of times people have joined without asking me is getting me closer to smash my Phone Romance is allowed...
  5. LillianThePaint

    Ask to Join Eeveelution Explosion!

    Discussion thread, sign-ups and list of participants can be found here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/eeveelution-explosion-disscusion.13863/ Admin edit: All content from the first post that should not have been here but in the discussion thread has been removed and the post has been merged...
  6. Seal Pup

    Private/Closed The Eevees' Evolutions

    Only Me, @Honolulu the Vaporeon, @skymin015, @Lone Marshmallow, @Luck of the Ace, @OmegaCarvineplays, @_Umbreon_, @EspeonTheBest, and @~Principessa~Phantom~ can post here All spots taken! We start in a forest at night time. Dusk shattered as he hatched from his egg. He looked around in the...
  7. _Umbreon_

    Ask to Join Obedience School

    (If you are not @EspeonTheBest Or @Frisk please message me on my profile if you would like to participate.) (Please use Moderately sized Pokemon. No Aggrons or Nidokings. All Forum rules apply) (Canine or Feline Pokemon only) Rye watched as his Flareon tore the house apart bit by bit. Whether...
  8. Galaxy Sylveon

    Ask to Join The Pirate Eeveelutions

    Hey guys! You are either a shiny or normal eeveelutions and your a pirate! You search for treasures and the normal and shiny versions always stick together when the team splits up. (E.G Shiny and Normal Sylveon stays together). There are great wars. Dusk the Umbreon- _Umbreon_ Eclipse the Shiny...
  9. Kawaii Unicorn

    The Shiny Eeveeloutions

    A long time ago all the mews and Arceus met up for a meeting. "Hello my fellow creator Pokemon, today Sprinkles had a vision, I really think you should listen to her." said Arcues, and then he beckoned a small shiny mew. "Uh hi, so I had a vision about the future, that some shinies, descended...