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Private/Closed The Eevee Tree

Well considering my Last Eevee House turned out a bust, Im deciding to Revamp it. Hopefully this one lasts longer. :'|

  1. You have to be an Eeveelution, or Eevee
  2. Ask to Join, The amount of times people have joined without asking me is getting me closer to smash my Phone
  3. Romance is allowed, Not too decriptive. Example: "We have no Idea how it got there, but we found an egg next to your Leafeon"
  4. The Setting is at the Giant Tree that Im pretty sure everyone know about. If not, them search up Eevee and Friends before asking to join.
  5. All general PRP rules apply to this.
  6. In Eevee and Friends, the Eeveelutions and Eevee had Genders, which I plan on not changing, so sorry if im sounding like a Jerk, but only 4 Males, 5 Females, Excluding Me
  7. Fill out Form


Form Requirements:

Eevee/Eeveelution: Make sure that you check your gender before signing up as a Random Pokemon. Dont do this 'Snow smiled, he had plucked berries for himself.' Read the Spots, and Gender you need to be, next to the spot.

Eevee: @Vanilla Eevee Eve
Vaporeon: @Honolulu the Vaporeon
Jolteon: @Kitsune477 Noir
Flareon: @Zen Pie Ash
Espeon: @Vanilla Eevee Vanilla
Umbreon: @Yirril Draco
Glaceon: @VulpixNinetales Kaylee
Leafeon: @SMRPG64 Flower
Sylveon: @~:Mist:~ Navi
SUmbreon: @Blu Ace Midnight
Lets the RP begin!

Name: Midnight
Eevee/Eeveelution: SUmbreon
Accessories: Blue Scarf

Midnight frowned. He was lucky enough to be taken in by a vast amount of Eeveelutions to stay with them in a Giant Tree, but every day Midnight's patience wore thin. "Haha! Found It!" Midnight smiled. He pulled out a Blue Scarf from under a rock. "Ugh, did that Umbreon put you there?" Midnight frowned. He used Psychic, placing the Scarf around his neck. "It may be Summer, and I have to deal with a Flareon almost all day, but its worth it." Midnight smiled.

Midnight walked off, outside of the Cave System that *Insert Here* called home. He smiled, he was exposed to the fresh air from outside the caves. He looked around. The only two Pokemon he saw was Vaporeon and Espeon. "Oh, Hey!" Midnight smiled, then tripping over a rock. "When was the last time they cleaned around here?" Midnight groaned.
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Name: Navi
Eevee/Eeveelution: Sylveon
Accescory(s): Usually nothing, unless she is given some kind of gift


"Boo!" Navi said, poking her head out above Midnight before letting out a small giggle and falling on her face and rolling off to the side laughing. She stood up and dusted herself off with her ribbons before turning towards the Umbreon.

"I cleaned the house last week! It's someone else turn!" Navi said in a playful tone as she outstretched to ribbon to the fallen Umbreon.
"Have you gotten used to the place yet?" The Sylveon said, looking around. She had lived in the bright vibrant tree house for some time now so she was used to the surrounding area. Today, she had come out of her room much earlier then normal. She looked past the Umbreon and into the cave that he had come out of.
"Is there any light in there? How do you see?" Navi asked curiously. It was the only area of the house she had never entered, mainly because she never found a way to light up the inside.
"Wha!" Midnight yelled, falling back. He sighed, then getting helped up by the Sylveon afterwards. "Thanks." He frowned. He grabbed the ribbon, then being pulled up. He shook out some dust in her fur eith ease.

He frowned. "Cleaning is easy, especially if you know Psychic. But seriously, its only been a week and this place is a mess? I only got here two days ago." Midnight sighed. He used Psychic moving some rocks to the walls, out of the way of anyone walking by.

"Yea, its a Pretty Tree, and Im getting used to it. The only placed I lived before here was a small cave, and he worst part was that it was always snowing outside! Then some other Pokemon who hate the cold would come in, then it would be crowded." Midnight sighed. "As for the Caves? Well it gets hard to see from time to time. The best the Umbreon could do is light up a few torches, make it seem more dungeon like." Midnight frowned.
Name: Draco
Eevee/Eeveelution: Umbreon
Accessories: Red scarf

"Well, well Midnight found his blue scarf I guess I'll make it harder to find next time" Draco said while walking towards Navi. "you came here 2 days ago and I already don't like you of course your still new here maybe just maybe we will become friends. Later," Draco said walking away from Navi and towards Midnight. he walked by but then bolted after taking the blue scarf from Midnight into the dark cave laughing.
Name: Noir
Eevee/Eeveelution: Jolteon
Accessories: Black bandanna around his neck.

Noir snickered "Well then, it must've been really annoying then" He said, coming up from behind Midnight. "You're that new Umbreon, right?" He asked, fiddling with his bandanna with one paw. His left ear flopped over, making Noir groan.
Midnight frowned. "Somehow I think of you as an Evil Brother." Midnight sighed. He opened his eyes briefly to notice his scarf was gone. "Arceus Dammit! Draco, Give back my Scarf!" He yelled, chasing after the Umbreon, then stopping for a moment. "Risk being stuck in a cave system for days to find my blue Scarf, or just ignore him, then take his scarf while he was sleeping?" Midnight pondered, then noticed The Red Scarf lying on the floor. "Well, Ill use this." Midnight smiled. He used Psychic placing the Red Scarf around his neck. "This is mot my Color." He groaned.

OOC: Nice Nickname Kit ;)

BIC: Midnight turned around to be greeted by a Jolteon. "And? You didnt knowtice me till now?" Midnight smirked. He smiled. "When you wanna be a usefull Cat and hse FLASH?" Midnight smiled.
"There we go where he'll never find it" The joy wiped from Draco's face almost instantly," Wait, how do I get out, oh crap" said in a panic. he picked a direction and ran," HELP, IS ANYONE OUT THERE HELP!" Draco's face became flooded with tears. Where am I, how will I get out, he thought to himself. He stopped and shouted once more," HELP, HELP ANYONE MIDNIGHT PLEASE I BEG HELP" Draco stood there realizing there was something coming his eyes widened," Whose there" he whispered.
"And I thought you knew your way around?" Midnight smirked. He smiled, using Psychic to grab his scarf. He switched the two Scarfs, then smiled. "Alright, stop being such a Hapiny and lets get out if here. This place gives me the creeps, and I used to live in a cave." Midnight frowned. He started walking unaware if Draco was following or not. "Blue is way better for me." Midnight smiled hapilly.
"Midnight is that you there is something else in here it's it's " Draco's voice came to a sudden stop suddenly a scream followed trailing off deeper into the cave.

OOC: I'll be gone for awhile so that's why this happened
Name: Ash
Eevee/Eeveelution: Flareon
Accessories: green bandana around his neck

Ash rolled around in the small hut of his room, stretching, and letting out a sigh. "Ugh, I'm so bored!" Ash shouted from inside, listening to it echo. Then, he got an idea. "Echoooo!!" He shouted once more, listening to the echo again. "I'm awesome!" He shouted, and listened as the echo said the same thing. "Hey, you're not awesome! I am!" He shouted back at it, with the echo copying him. "You're not aw-" He stopped, before thinking of something else. "I'm an idiot." He shouted, snickering afterwards, thinking that the echo will say the same thing, insulting itself. "You're an idiot!" The echo shot back. Ash had a series of mixed emotions then. First anger, then wonder, then joy, as he started cracking up at what had just unfolded.

(OOC: That was slightly inspired by The Grinch, for those who said there was a similarity. XD)
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Midnight sighed. "What is it? Is it just Noir trying to scare you?" Midnight turned to see Draco being wisked away. Midnight jumped, using Protect. He ran out of the room, bumbing into Navi. "Um, I think theres a Tangroth in there or something, and Im not gonna be the one to find out." Midnight frowned. He jumped into the Steam leading to the pond where Vaporeon and Espeon were. He sighed, falling down the waterfall, landing on his back.

"OWW!" Midnight thought. He surfaces the Water, a Red burn mark on his back. He swam over to land, shaking the water out. "That better not be permanant." Midnight frowned.
"Wow, it must have been reall-"
Navi watched as Draco steal the scarf before Midnight had shortly gone in after him. She let out a sigh before a giggle followed. She looked up at Noir and let out gasp.
"Noir! You look really nice with a black bandana! Where did you find it?" Navi said before she looked at her own reflection in a puddle. She didn't exactly wear much very often. She only wore things on special occasions. Plus, she thought it would make her look strange.
Navi jumped up for a moment, nearly falling into the puddle. She closed her eyes and sweat dropped.
Well, now we know Ash is awa-
Navi fell down as she felt someone or something bump her. She nearly fell down the slope where the large pond was. Luckily she was able to catch herself with her ribbons before falling. She jumped down to the fallen Umbreon and frowned. She looked over to the red mark and gently placed a ribbon and a pink aura arose from it. She had used Heal Bell, something that her mom had taught her a long time ago. The mark seemed to disappear and she smiled at Midnight.
"Draco will be fine. This has happened before, I'm sure he'll be okay!" Navi said happily before she circled the Umbreon to make sure he wasn't hurt.
"Wait, Thats Normal!?" Midnight frowned. He smiled as Navi healed his mark, but frowned at how stupid he was. He closed his eyes, then opened them to see Navi pacing around him. "Um, Navi? I think Im good." Midnight smiled. He stood up, then frowned.

"So If its not the First Time it happened, then that Umbreon tricked me! Oh, He's good." Midnight smiled. "Fine, He wants to play the hard way, then lets play." Midnight smirked, then tripped over Navi's ribbons. "Ow, Why do I never see these things coming." Midnight frowned. He got up, then sighed. "You know what, I Dont care anymore.
That Umbreon can have no friends for all I care." Midnight smiled, then jumped back into the pond. He slowly sunk every few seconds, but bobbed back up, then repeated this process.
She giggled before she stood up and started walking up the steps.
"Don't stay in the water too long or your fir might get wrinkly!" She said in a cheerful manner. She quickly went to the kitchen area and took a couple of Oran berries and brought them back in a leaf. She ate the berries quietly. She didn't eat anything since she woke up so she was hungry. She watched as the waterfall crashed lightly and played with her ribbons. She thought quietly about improvements she could make to her room as a warm aura of calm radiated from her feelers.
Midnight frowned. "Stop being so motherly!" Midnight managed to say before sinking back into water. "OK time to think of an Revenge Plan. Steal his Scarf? Nah, thats too old, considering I dont think he has the guts to steal my Scarf without looking me straight in the face. They better not throw my Scarf in the water either, or its revenge on them too. Anyways back to ideas. How bout pushing him into the pond? No wait! Throw his scarf in the pond then force him to get it! Midnight, youre a genius."

Midnight smiled, then frowned. He was at the bottom of the Pond, and he needed air. Midnight swam to the top with enough strengh to reach the surface on time. He swam back to shore, out of breath. "Another thing to add on my list of things I hate: Water." Midnight mumbled.
Name: Vanilla
Eevee/Eeveelution: Espeon
Accessories: Necklace, shaped like the sun.

"Aww, looks whos soaking wet." Vanilla teased. Vanilla loved to Tease Midnught since he was taken in, she Considered Midnight as an Lucky Ducklett, and calls him Rings. She has no nicknames for any of the others, considering she was taken in second to last. "So, How's your swim?" Amethyst teased. She looked down at Midnight's Scarf, them wrapped it around her neck. "Comfty." She smiled.
"What do you think?" Midnight groaned. He stood up shaking the water out of his fur. He gave a sigh of relief, then turned to where his scarf was. It was gone. "I swear if its Draco Im gon-" Midnight stopped, looking at Vanilla. She had his Scarf around her neck. "Vanilla, give me my Scarf!" Midnight growled. He reached for the Scarf, as if he was desperate.
Amethyst smiled. She slapped Midnight's paws. "Well if you want it there is something you could do." She smiled, standing up. She started walking off. "Follow Me, or your Scarf is mine!" She smiled.
Midnight groaned. "Ugh, Vanilla!" Midnight frowned. He followed the Espeon. "You know Im not doing anything stupid in front of the others right? You also know Im not going to do something life threatening right?" Midnight sighed.
"Well there goes two of the things I was gonna have you do, but there is something that you could do, that dosent involve either of those things you said." Vanilla smiled. They approached Vanilla's room. Vanilla smiled, lying down on her bed. "Give me a Massage." She smiled.
"Fine, I dont think you could have me do anything stupid, so what is it? Me fall in the pond again? Me get lost in the caves?" Midnught pondered until they had made it to Vanilla's room. "Uh, Nice Room?" Midnight sighed. He watched as Vanilla lied down on her bed, then she spoke.

"Give me a Massage."

Midnight frowned. "I think Id rather gt lost in the caves." Midnight frowned. He started walking out.
"What? Dont you want your scarf? I have to admit its pretty comfortable, id be a shame if something happened to it. Like you know, me pulling the the silk out." She smiled. She knew Midnight would be difficult, but she was prepared. She smiled, lying back down. She placed the scarf, firmly around her neck, then awaited her Massage.
One he had calmed down, Ash decided to go find the others, and ask the others how they're doing. Well, more or less that. He mainly wanted to hang out with the new member of the family, Midnight. As he left the room, he heard a splash come from Vaporeon's room. He figured that's where most of the others were. Despite how much he hated water, he had to go there to do what he wanted to do.

Once he got there, he saw said new family member, Midnight, crawling out of the water. He looked over to the side to see his scarf on Vanilla, the Espeon. He noticed that she was teasing him again, and Ash got a little ticked by that. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but he figured that she was teasing him. Eventually, Midnight started following Vanilla somewhere. Ash decided to follow them. Once they got to Vanilla's room, he heard that Vanilla was bribing poor ol' Midnight. Right before he jumped into plain view, he saw Midnight start to leave. He must have given up getting his scarf back. He walked up to Vanilla with a scowl.

"Vanilla! How dare you bribe him!" He shouted at her. "You should know better than that! Treating our new friend like that! That's terrible!" He said, his fur starting to get warmer.
Midnight stopped at the Doorway. "Ugh, Your dead to me." Midnight frowned. He walked back over to Vanilla. Before he succecfully made it over he watched as Ash barged in. He walked over to Vanilla like they were complaining about something. Mindighr frowned, them started sweating. "Um, Ash. Its a little too hot. Could you do me a favor and not burn my scarf?" Midnight frowned.
As he acknowledged Midnight's request, he realized that he was getting a bit warmer. "Oh, right! Sorry." He said, calming down a bit, and his fur returned to room temperature. He started beating himself up inside for that, but he shook that thought away as he remembered why he was there: Vanilla teasing and bribing Midnight.
"What, I cant have our newest friend give me a Massage? Besides, he wont care. He just wants to get his scarf back, and Ill give it back once im done with my Message. I dont see any harm anyone." Vanilla smiled. The Flareon turned up the heat, making Amethyst more happy. "You know what, ehy dont you have a message too? You know, relax alittle. Oh wait, You cant." Vanilla smiled. She used Psychic to grab Ash, then flung him out of the room, along with locking the door. "Cmon Midnight, lets do this fast, before He burns the door down." She smiled.
Midnight gave a sigh of relief, as Ash turned down the heat. Before he could say, Ash was flung out of the room. Midnight sighed, walking over to Vanilla. "Ugh." Midnight frowned. He placed his paws on her back, frowning. He proceded to Massage her. Midnight looked away, he felt as if he was going to die from burning, which didnt make sense since Ash was gone. He frowned. He turned back around to see his hands were on her head. "Wha! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Please dont tear my scarf apart!" Midnigt begged.
As he was admonishing Vanilla, he suddenly felt weird all around. He then started to float. He then realized that Psychic was being used on him by none other than Vanilla. He stuck his tongue out at her, and as he did that, he was flung out of the room. Ash shouted as he flew and hit the wall outside of the room. The door had also shut before he had a chance to try to get back in. He growled. "Vanilla!!!" He shouted through the door. He did hear something about the two getting the massage over with before he burned the door down. Ash grinned as he heard that. "Hey, that's not a bad idea!" He shouted loud enough to make sure Vanilla heard. He stood back, and used Flamethrower on the door.
Vanilla smiled, her words were muffled by Midnight's paws. She smiled. "Who knew you were already good at this?" She smiled. She knowticed that Midnight's paw went higher, and higher, till he was touching her head. She blushed a bit, but smiled. "Its OK, but how bout I give you a massage now." She smiled. Before she could get off the bed her door was burnt down.

"Hey!" She growled. "Dont you know what privacy is!" She growled. She hopped off her bed, then handed Midnight his scarf. "No one Burns my walls down!" She growled. She walked over to the Flareon, then slapped him across the face with her tail. "Manners!" She growled.
Midnight blushed as she requested to give him a massage. "Wait, W-What?" Midnight's face turned red. He was relieved at a Giant hole was burned through Vanilla's door. "Oh Thank Arceus!" Midnight smiled. He felt something around his neck. It was his Scarf. "Uh, Thanks!" Midnight smiled. He was still currently stuck in Vanilla's room, the two Pokemon blocking the Exit.
One the door had burned down, it seemed that the two were just finishing, but when Vanilla noticed, she walked up to Ash, and slapped him across the face with her tail. He looked back at her from having his head pushed to the side when he was slapped. "Ooh, if it's a battle you want, then it's a battle you'll get!" He growled, his fur becoming hotter by the second. He noticed that this time, and warned Midnight. "Midnight! You might want to take your scarf with you somewhere else. Things are about to get hot in here." He said, moving out of the way, and looking back at Vanilla. He went in for a Fire Fang as he leaped at her.
Vanilla flinched as Ash bit her around the neck. Her Charm necklace broke, and she fainted. Vanilla wasnt as strong as the other pokemon, she was probally the weakest due to her lack of training too. Vanilla blacked out.
Midnight frowned. Vanilla was down with a single hit. "I accually thought she would last longer. So do we just leave her here?" Midnight asked. He used Psychic, picking the Purple Cat up. "I guess Ill put her to sleep?" Midnight placed Vanilla back on her bed. He looked down. "Is this hers?" Midnight questioned. He grabbed the charm. "The Sun? I guess I have something I can hold agaisnt her." Midnight smiled, placing the Charm in his scarf. "Well besides that, thanks for getting me out of that mess. She was gonna give me a madsage next." Midnight frowned.
As Ash let go of Vanilla's neck in his mouth, he looked down at her, suddenly feeling really guilty, as his fur cooled. His heart sank as he saw her unconscious on the ground, with her broken necklace. "Oh no..." He muttered. "What have I done..." He started to cry a bit, feeling like the bad guy. "I let my emotions get the best of me again! Ididn't mean for this to happen!" He said, before running away in tears, and fear of what might happen to him.

(OOC: Great, I was actually looking for an exit. I need to sleep now. xD)

EDIT: (OOC: Oh, you're sneaky, Vanilla. But I have a small bone to pick with you. Just a small inconsistency. You said Vanilla fainted, and blacked out, and there you are saying that it was an act. What's up with that? Just saying. ^^)
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Vanilla's eyes opened. "Man they fall for it all the time." She smiled. Midnight was still in the room, unlike Ash who bolted out. "So Midnight, how bout that massage I was talking about?" She smiled, hopping off the bed, then tunning to the door. "Look, I insist! Why dont you relax a bit." Vanilla smiled.
Midnight frowned. "Um, No Im good. Heh, Im accually hungry." Midnight smiled, teying to leave. He was stopped by Vanilla blocking the exit. He frowned. "Heh, Well if you insit!" Midnight frowned. He jumped upon Vanilla's bed. He covered his eyes with paws, awaiting Vanilla to do her worst.
Vanilla smiled as Midnight walked over to her bed. "Alright, prepared to be soothed." She smiled, hopping on the bed. She placed her paws on Midnight's back, then fake tripping onto Midnight. "Woops." She smiled. She got back up, standing right over him. She placed all 4 paws on his back, immediantly falling. She smiled. "Youre.....soo.....warm." She pretendednto fake sleep.
Midnight frowned, as Vanilla kept tripping over him. He blushed at her second attempt. She was lying down on Midnight. Midnight's face turned red. "H-Hey Vanilla. U-Um, could you get off me." Midnight wispered. The Espeon didnt wake up. "Help!" Modnigtb wispered, trying to get ahold of anyones attention.
Name: Flower
Eevee/Eeveelution: Leafeon
Accessories: A pink flower on her forehead, near her right ear

Flower was walking past Vanilla's room when she noticed something weird, Vanilla was sleeping on Midnight. Trying hard to hold back a laugh. "Need any help?" She asked
Vanilla opened her eyes, then wispered into midnight's ears. "Why dont I groom you next." She smiled. She placed her head on Midnight's head, she started licking the back of Midnight's head. She looked up to see Flower. "No! Were fine. Midnight's just getting his massage." She smiled, placing her head back On Midnight's.