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Private/Closed The Eevee Tree

Midnight frowned. Then his hairs jolted up, as Vanilla was licking his head. "Help Me!" He tried calling out, but he was too paralized to move or speak for the fact. He felt the back of his head, wet. "Am I dead? Is this heaven?" Midnight pindered in thought. His eyes were closed, along with his face red as Ash. He opened his eyes to see a Leafeon. He couldent speak still being paralized.
"Alright then" Flower said as she cautiously backed away "I'll be going then" Flower then turned around and ran away as fast as her legs could take her
"Ok, Bye." Vanilla smiled, then falling back on Midnight who was clearly not enjoying it. Vanilla frowned. She lied beside Midnight, then placed her head on his shoulder. She pretended she was sleeping so Midnight could walk away.
Midnight frowned as Vanilla finished, then put her head on his shoulder. Midnight gave a sigh of relief as he slowly crept away. He jumped out of the burnt hole threw Vanilla's door. "Im never doing that again." Midnight frowned, lying on the floor. He slowly pulled himself away, ending up back at the Pond. "Thank arceus thats over." Midnight smiled, placing his head on the ground. Suddenly Grass is soft." Midnight smiled.
"Is it not always soft" Flower said as she walked behind Midnight "I noticed that you were being... attacked. Sorry for not helping"
Flower walked towards Midnight and used sweet scent "this should help"
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Once Ash had finished bawling about what he had done, and what might be to come, he had calmed down, and gathered up the guts to go back down there, and apologize. The only thing he could hope for is that the punishment wouldn't be too bad, because Vanilla was good at thinking up bad punishments. She was also good at tricking people. Eventually, he put two and two together, and the pieces fit, as he figured out her true intention back there. He got angry as his fur heated up again. He actually got so angry he got to the point that his body burst into flames with how hot his fur was. He erupted in a fit of rage. "VANILLA!!!!" He shouted almost throughout the entire tree.

As he left his room, he supressed his body heat as to not melt, or set anything on fire, but he kept himself hot enough for Vanilla to tell that he was pissed. Once he made his way back to Vanilla's room, he noticed that Midnight was just leaving. He wanted to say something, but he didn't want to disturb Midnight with what ever he was doing; probably roaming around in his thoughts. He peered into her room through the giant hole he had made in her door. She seemed to be sleeping. Ash sighed, as he walked in, and reduced his body heat to room temperature. He walked over to one side of the room, and sat there, waiting for Vanilla to get up. As he waited, he thought of how he was going to say what he had to say.
Noir snickered as all of this happened. "Well then, Midnight is in for a roller coaster with all of this shenanigans that he caused!" The Jolteon snickered, walking into Vanilla's room, where Ash was sitting on one end. "Hey Ash, I know what you could do to make it up to her- fix the door!" He exclaimed sarcastically, sitting beside the Flareon.
Midnight smiled. "I dunno, but the Grass has been treating me well." Midnight smiled. He frowned. "Eh, its OK. I should of just used Psychic to get it instead of having to do her bidding, so mostly my fault." Midnight sighed. HE lifted his head, but his eyes were still closed. He smelled the Aroma of SWEET SCENT in the air. He poked around, finally opening his eyes to Flower. Midnight blushed a bit. "Oh, Hey. I didn't know you knew SWEET SCENT." Midnight smiled.
Vanilla was aware of Ash's presence with the sudded heat rise to drop. She didnt move knowing she would get 180 degree burns and then have to be in Vaporeon's room for who knows how long. "Dammit! I knew I should of left with Midnight instead!" She yelled at herself.
As he waited, he noticed the Jolteon, Noir, walk in and sit beside him, telling him that he could at least fix the door to atone for his mistakes. He rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, I totally intended on doing it." He said, trying to hide the truth. He really didn't want to do it anyway. Also, he felt like Vanilla deserved the hole in her door for messing with Midnight like that.

After quite a while of waiting, he figured that Vanilla had already noticed him, but was just trying to "play dead", hoping he'd leave, but Ash wasn't that stupid. "I know you're awake, Vanilla, and I wanted to say that I did not like that stunt you pulled on me." He said, sounding irritated. "A part of me feels sorry for what I did, but a bigger part of me doesn't, and instead feels like you deserved it." He said, before sighing. "You don't treat a friend like that, especially if that friend just arrived two days ago." He told her, slightly raising his voice around the end. "...Next time you pull a trick like that, any trick for that matter, on me, I won't go so easy on you." He said, turning on his serious voice. "After all, I did burn a hole through your door. Who knows what I'll do to you, especially after what happened?" He said, walking out of the room. "If I do end up attacking you in that case, I won't be sorry..." He told her, before finally walking back to his room for a midday nap.
Name: Kaylee
Eevee/Eeveelution: Glaceon
Accessories: A blue chain necklace, and a bow on her head.

Kaylee hid behind a tree, looking at the other eeveeloutions. She shivered in fear, about what the other eeveeloutions were talking about. She ate a special Oran Berry in the tree. She appeared from about the tree, still eating her berry. Kaylee's blue chain necklace has been glowing due to it being a bit special.
Noir's ear twitched with annoyance as he stood. "Wow, these Pokèmon are absolutely lazy, all they want to do it sleep, sleep and sleep some more" The Jolteon muttered to himself as he evacuated the room through the hole in the door. 'What to do, what to do...' Noir thought hastily, looking around for someone to socialise with.
Navi finished her last berry before standing up and walking towards the sleeping psychic type. She sat down beside the bed, looking around before whispering,
"That.. was amazing!" She laughed and thought back on it. "But don't you think he'll be a bit traumatized for a bit?"
She stretched a bit before deciding to head off. She walked around the pond and into her room. She sat down on her bed before she began to hum softly. She laid back and stared up at the towering leaves above her. She didn't exactly know how big the tree was, but she knew that they only took a small bit of space. She then exited her room once more to notice that the other eeveelutions had gone separate ways. She jumped into the pond and used her ribbons to paddle, occasionally diving and reaching for a strange rock. She pulled at it lightly, but had to resurface for air. She gasped and swam to the side before coughed a little bit. She stared back into the water at the shiny rock.
Noir spotted Navi by the pond and decided to go and chat with her. "Hello m'lady, what are you trying to get? Could I be of assistance?" He asked, coming to the waters edge and peering down at the shining rock. 'Wow, it's quite sparkly' The Jolteon thought in awe, turning to look at Navi.
Navi looked up at Noir and looked around.
"Uh.. me?" Navi said with a awkward giggle. She looked back down into the water at the brilliant stone.
"Right now I'm just trying to see what that is." Navi let out a giggle before slowly going back into the water and diving down towards the stone. Reaching out with her ribbons, she tried pulling the rock out but failed once more, but to no avail. She swam back up and let out small gasps of air.
"I'll... get it... soon.." Navi said before collapsing onto the outskirts of the pond, regaining her breath.
Midnight smiled, then lying back down. "Heh, Well its working. A little too well." Midnigtht smiled, taking deep wiffs off the air. He slowly fucked back down. "I can accually see it!" He smirked. He looked over at Navi and Noir. Noir was acting like a GentleEevee, while Navi was searching for something deep in the pond. "I want to help, but I dont want to help either." Midnight sighed.
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Kaylee spied on the Sylveon, Shiny Umbreon, and the other eeveeloutions from behind the tree. She was was sneaking on everyone, somehow cold, breezing when you see her closer in the distance. She kept eating berries, yes, other berries than Oran Berries, like Cheri Berries, Pecha Berries, and more. Kaylee was bored, so she used Ice Beam on the tree, and it sparkles. She was joyous to be alive, and healthy as a Glaceon in the Pokemon world.
Eevee/Eeveelution: Vaporeon
Accessories: Sharpedo tooth necklace

Akoni saw a gathering of Eeveelutions by the water. He looked into the water and saw a shiny stone. Akoni glanced at an exhausted Navi and quickly figured it out. "I'll get that stone for you." he said. Akoni dove into the water.
Navi shook her head and looked up at the Vaporeon who had dived into the water. She honestly sort of felt bad for not doing it herself, but she gave a nod.
"Thanks! That would be great!" She said in a chirpy tone before she sat up. She wasn't exactly the best at swimming, but she was really curious on what the stone was. She shook the water off of herself before standing up, only to nearly fall back over. She let out a giggle before she dusted herself with her ribbons.
Akoni grabbed the shiny stone and resurfaced. He swam to where the others were and climbed onto the shore. Akoni set the shiny stone in front of Navi. He walked until he was some distance from the group and shook himself. Akoni walked back to the group.
"Thanks you so much!" Navi said happily to Akoni and nudged the Vaporeon playfully before she looked at the stone. She poked it lightly, causing a warm burst of energy. The crystal then began to shine lightly with a blue light. She circled the stone quietly before an idea popped up in her head. She rolled the stone over to Midnight.
"Have you ever seen this stone before?" She asked with curiosity and excitement. The crystal was glowing a radiant blue, almost like a fire. She placed her paw on the stone.
"It's actually kinda cold too!" She said, looking up to Midnight. The Umbreon had said that he had lived in a cave before so she hoped that he would know something.
"A Shiny Stone? Thats awsome! Yea I know what alot of stones are. Funny Story, back when I was an Eevee I thought using a Shiny Stone would evolve me into a Sylveon. So I continued messing with the stone, it took around an hour to realize it didnt work." Midnight laughed at his own story. He then took another glance at the Stone. "I havent seen any of theses in years, Im surprised there at the bottom at the Pond." He smiled.
Navi giggled before he looked at the shiny stone. She always thought that those stones were always yellow, but this one seemed much larger then normal.
"So what does the stone do? Maybe you can use it for your cave?" She asked, poking the stone lightly. She crouched down and observed the shiny surface.
"It actually kind of matches your rings.." She said before letting out a yawn. The Sylveon felt a little tired but looked around the house. She chipped a small part of the stone off and tucked in under her ribbon before a quiet smile formed on her face.
One more for the collection
"I know what that stone is" Noir chirped in, coming to stand in front of the stone. "It has a blue surface, it's cold and you found it in the water, so it's a water stone, simple logic m'lady" Noir said, turning and smirking at Navi. He sat down on the soft grass and tried to push his floppy ear back up, but the right ear just flopped straight down again. The Jolteon grunted bit didn't try again, instead, he started fiddling with his black bandanna.
Navi tilted her head had frowned.
"Do water stones glow?" She let out a sigh before she let out another yawn. Navi rubbed her eyes and let out a sigh.
"I don't like waking up early.." Navi said before she pushed the stone towards Midnight.
"Here, you can keep it if you want. I'll be in my room.." Navi said. She looked back to Noir and smiled before disappearing into a small wooden door that lead to her room.

The Sylveon pulled a small wooden box out from under her fuzzy cloth bed and placed the stone next to the other shiny rocks she had collected. She then tucked the box back under her bed and muzzled herself under the fluff and falling asleep, forgetting to lock her door.
"So you think its a Water Stone, but its think its a Shiny Stone. There only one way of settling this. We throw the stone at Eevee and wait to see what happens." Midnight smirked. He smiled as Navi let him keep the stone, and she was right, the stone did match his rings. He grabbed the stone and placed it in his scarf, but something felt wrong. Midnight reached into his scarf, pulling out Vanilla's Sun Charm. "Ugh. Can anybody take this over to Vanilla?" Midnight pleaded.
Vanilla smiled as the room tempature dropped. "Oh Thank Arceus! The last thing I wanna be is a Black Cat." She frowned. She placed her paw on her chest, but something was wrong. Her Sun Charm was missing. "NoNoNoNoNoNoNo!" She yelled, looking for her Charm. Worst case scenario was Ash burning it.
Midnight could hear Vanilla's screams. All Midnight could figure was that she realised her Charm Necklace was gone. Midnight gulped, then begged once more. "Please!"
Ash could barely get any sleep in with all the commotion, so he finally decided to step in, and settle this. He walked down to where the others were, more specifically, over to Midnight. "Here, I'll take it." He said, holding his paw out, sounding a bit grumpy. "I've got something else to tell her anyway." He told Midnight, looking down in shame.
Noir tilted his head and grabbed the Charm Necklace, then dashed into Vanilla's room. "Here, m'lady, also, Ash wants to tell you something" He said, dropping the necklace in front of the Espeon with a gentle smile.
After seeing the necklace taken from Midnight by Noir, the Jolteon, he chased after him to try to get it. One he saw the necklace given to Vanilla, and hearing him say that he had something to say, Ash scowled at him. "Well, thanks for taking the necklace from me." He said rather sarcastically. "Now I have no reason to tell her." He said, walking away. "Oh, and you can forget about me saying it while I'm still here. That's out of the question. If you need me, I'll be in my room making fire spin." He said, before dashing off to his room.
Noir sighed and left the room, watching as Ash bolted to his room. His fur was rather soft for a Jolteon, so it wouldn't hurt if you touched him. Noir trotted over to the lake and stared down at his reflection, eyeing his right ear, witch flopped over the right side of his face.
"Hmmm... I see... A stone" Kaylee said to herself. She was sometimes always into something, so she appeared from back of the tree. She wasn't always mischivieous, so she hid behind bush. She made it freeze with Ice Beam, and glanced at the stone. It was shiny, that she waned it so bad.
Vanilla smiled as Noir brought back her Sun Charm. "Thanks Noir, I like your Chivalry, its getting me closer to wanting to kiss you." She teased, placing her Charm back around her neck. She frowned at Ash came in then walked out. "Ugh, it was just a little prank. I do it to everyone, I dont know why he is soo bugged bout it, I even repayed him later." She frowned.
Midnight yawned watching Kaylee shoot a stone with Ice Beam from across the lake. "Hey Kaylee!" Midnight yawned. He wasnt up to staying up anymore then decided to head to his room. He was given a room supplied by the Eevees. He opened the door, there was a bed, and that was it. He was given a guest room that he had yet to decorate. He placed the Stone he was given on the bed. "Thats One, now the entire rest of room to go." He sighed, then lying on the bed. "Lights Out!" Midnight smiled, shoving his head in a pillow.
Vanilla walked outside, then was greeted by Eevee. "Hi Vanilla!" She smiled, then jumped atop of Vanilla. "What are we doing today?" She asked. "Ehh, I already did everything I wanted. Except replace the door. But Im going to apologize to Midnight, since My gonna turn as black as coal when Ash uses Flamethrower on me." Amethyst smiled, while Eevee smirked. They both walked to Midnight's room then she smiled. "Hey sweetie, like your massage?" She teased.
Midnight blushed a bit as Vanilla bursted in his room. He groaned then shoving his face in the pillow again. "What do you want Vanilla!" He asked. His words were slightly muffled by the Pillow in his face. He stood up, then slowly slouched off the bed. He knowticed the newly arrived Eevee. "Oh, H-" Midnight frowned. His leg was sticking threw the ground. He sighed, then arose, jumping back on the bed where it was safe. "What do you want?"
Akoni jumped back into the pond. He laughed as he splashed the nearby Eeveelutions. Akoni swam in a circle. He did a flip. Then he did a quadruple flip. 'New record!' Akoni thought happily.