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Private/Closed The Eevee Tree

Ash looked over at Midnight as he stated the problem with his idea. "Or, maybe it doesn't have to be Vanilla's door." He said, getting another idea to fix it. "We could put it on this door, and call Vanilla over to us, but we gotta get get motivated to come here. I could say I wanted to apologize for earlier, but that's stretching the truth a bit too much. Anybody else have anything we could tell her?" He asked the two.

Then, he was given a berry from Noir. "Oh, thanks." He said to him, eating the berry.
Vanilla frowned. Her ear was still against the door. She sighed as she heard about Ash's comment of her Moon Charms, Midnight then believing him. "But, its not s trap." She groaned. She then heard about them plotting revenge for her being lazy leaving Eve with Ash, along with her flattering Midnight. She growled. "Fine, lets see your little trap work!" She grunted, walking off.
"Good Idea. I can just call Vanilla in here, she will probably just come in, I don't think she will suspect it." Midnight smiled, then staring at his door. It was sturdy, unlike Vanilla's door that burned easily.
Noir hissed "Plan failed, Vanilla was outside the door, she even shouted and stomped away, that gives her away" He said, finishing off his berry and licking his lips. "We need a new plan with the goop, maybe we can put it in a cup and give it to her, as soon as it touches her mouth, it will stick it together so don't worry about her swallowing it" Noir added, leaning against the bed.
After what seemed like an eternity of struggling to get away it, Draco stumble as he saw light "finally but what will I tell everyone" Draco whispered to himself. But will they believe me, he thought to himself. He ran to the light before collapsing due to a broken leg and other injuries

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As Noir told them that Vanilla had heard their entire plan, Ash frowned, and eventually got angry at her. "Dang it, Vanilla! Why do you always have to be so nosy?!" He shouted, his fur getting slightly warmer.

He frowned again, since his plan has been foiled by the nosy Vanilla. "Great, now we need a new plan. Something that has nothing to do with the previous one, because she'll be expecting that." He said, scowling at the door. "Welp, back to thinking!" He said, sounding quite annoyed.
Draco stood back up before taking another step and falling once more repeating this process over and over until getting inside. He saw Vanilla listening in on midnights room, probably on a conversation, before she stomped away "Vanilla please help" Draco said before falling unconscious.
Midnight heard a thud outside of his room. Assuming it was Vanilla or Eve he dissmissed the thought. "Well maybe we dont have to get her to the prank, maybe we can get the prank to her." Midnight smiled. Maybe while she's not watching, we'll dash at her with a giant trap! Bassically paper with the substance slathered across it. Then we can wrap it around her so her head's just poking out. Am I the only one who thinks this is a good idea?" Midnight asked.
Vanilla growled. She was too angry to even hear Draco's call for help. She then thought a bit. "Look what the cat dragged in." She smiled turning toward Eve. She grabbed the small Eevee using her to bust open the door to Midnight's room. Eve groaned. "A little too harsh." She grunted. Vanilla used Psychic grabbed Ash and Noir, holding them up i the air. She walked slowly to Midnight. She saw the Moon Charm sticking out from underneath his bed. She felt like crying but held it in. She grabbed the Box, then frowning, walking out of the room. She let go of the two eeveelutions letting them fall to the ground. A tear shed from her eye, as she started walking.
Noir landed perfectly on his four paws, hissing as Vanilla exited the room. He used thunderbolt and slammed the door closed with it, electricity flowing out of his ears, tail and paws with anger.
"Midnight sighed. "Welp, looks like I done F***ed up." Midnight frowned, sticking his head in his bed. "Now I feel bad." HE sighed, then looked up. "Now, what?" He asked.