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Ask to Join Town of Eeveelutions

Romance? Yes.
Dragons? Yes.
Magic items that give you magic powers? Yes.

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Jo was swimming in the pond in the forest at the edge of town. The water tempurature was fine, but after swimming for a while, the water got warmer. It got about as warm as a hot spring. About ten minutes later, the water was so hot, if it was 3 degrees warmer, it would be boiling. "Ow!" Jo said. She got out of the pond and shook herself off. "Strange." She said.
"I don't wanna know, know, know, know
Who's taking you home, home, home, home
I'm loving you so, so, so, so
The way I used to love you, no
I don't wanna kno-

A pained cry cut off her words, causing the pink Eeveelution to stop in her tracks and focus on what the source may be. It seemed to be coming from the pond, where she had been headed, anyway. With a furrowed brow, she brushed her bangs out of her face with a forepaw before speedwalking over, wanting to find out what happened and help whoever made the sound.

Poking her head out of a bush once she had made it to the pond, Allegra noticed a blue Espeon scramble out of the water. Tiny bubbles were beginning to form in the liquid's surface, if her eyes weren't deceiving her, and the Umbreon couldn't help but wonder if she was a Flareon in disguise. Without hesitation, she pushed through the bush, landing on the ground with a dull thump due to having jumped, and padded over to the Espeon, sitting down by her side. "Ciao!" she began, grinning. She lifted her head and agook it a bit as a way of repositioning her round glasses higher on her snout. "I'm Allegra! You don't seem so hot right now..." Allie made sure to pause to laugh at her own joke before continuing. "...What happened? Did you almost burn yourself or something? How'd you manage that, eh? You're an Espeon!" An exasperated look quickly spread across her face, and the Umbreon began to walk in small circles as she rambled on, waiting for the Espeon's response.
Midnight watched from afar, as the Blue Espeon relaxed, to then find herself getting burned. He wanted to laugh, but he knew it would probably have been best to not, he instead put a small smirk across his face, watching as Jo questioned the sudden temperature rise in the lake. Midnight actually had no clue what was going on, rendering him a bit curious. He reached his paw towards the pool, but then stopped once he noticed a Umbreon walked in on the scene, She had Redish fur along with green rings, giving Midnight the strange assumption that she was named 'Cherry,' which probably wasnt though, although it would of been quite ironic if so.

Midnight watched from afar, and got a bit mad, for the short while that he wasnt noticed, although he liked to stay quiet, he couldn't help but feel ignored in the slightest way. He then called to the two.

"Hai!" Midnight yelled out from acrosss the lake.
"How is tha-" Once again, Allegra was cut short, this time by a shiny Umbreon across the pond. As this Pokémon entered her range of vision, her eyes widened, even though it only looked like she was raising her brow from behind her glasses. Was that a legitimate shiny? Today was jut getting crazier and crazier! Allie knew that mostly everyone here was a different coloring for their species, but never before had she seen a shiny! With an exasperated laugh full of disbelief, Allie ran to the edge of the pond, long ears and short tail flying behind her, waving a paw in the air at the Pokémon. "Ciao, buddy! Are you a shiny!? That's so cool, you lucky!" She laughed again, continuing. "I've never seen one of you before, actually! You look so sparkley!"
Mist heard Bleak shout and was curious, so she headed in the direction she thought he was. Mist then sat down and watched Bleak curiously. "Hello! I am Mist, what is your name?" Mist asked politely. She curled her tail around herself, something she had a habit of doing.
Bleak stopped for a moment to look at Mist, then started to hop around. "Bleak! My name's Bleak! Bleak! What's your name? Oh yeah, Mist! Nice to meet you!!" Bleak exclaimed. He said the words fast, while hopping. He smiled.
Mist giggled because Bleak seemed hyper. "Nice to meet you, Bleak!" Mist said happily with a smile. She watched him hop while giggling a bit. "You seem hyper!" Mist said happily. She couldn't help herself, and started to hop too. She enjoyed doing what others did because she didn't like feeling left out.
"Yeah! I love jumping around and stuff and doing things because it's fun!" Bleak exclaimed. He started to run around Mist. His sprinting got even faster by the second. He smiled.
Mist laughed and smiled, then started to chase Bleak. However, Mist accidentally tripped on her tail and fell. "Ouch!" Mist cried, holding one of her legs. There was a scrape on Mist's leg. "I hate my tail sometimes." Mist mumbled crossly. Mist was rarely cross, and when she was, it was usually when her long tail got in her way.
Midnight then put on a smile smile when he was noticed by the Cherry'd coloured Umbreon. His eyes widened a bit when she noticed he was a pure shiny, most people just assumed it was a type of colouring, but that was how Shiny Umbreon naturally looked like, which surprised him. "Yea, I am." Midnight shouted back at the Umbreon. His smile turned into a smirk when she complemented him. He held his urge to brag, and just smiled. Then he asked her a question. "What's your name?" He asked the Umbreon.
The watermelon-pink Umbreon grinned at the shiny across the lake, now standing dangerously close to the water's edge. "I'm Allegra," she called back to him, "but you can call me Allie! What's your name?" She could've sworn she could hear the faint sounds of laughter, but Allie fought the urge to investigate, simply kneading her paws on the grass beneath her in anticipation.
Paisla was sitting in front of a bush, reading a large book. She heard some commotion not too far away, and gazed over a bush to a group of Pokemon talking to each other. Paisla kept looking over, despite her natural urge not to.
Midnight smiled. "Well its Nice to meet you Allie. As for my name, its 'Midnight.' Nice to meet you. But could you step back a bit, the last thing we need is someone else getting owned by boiling waters." Midnight sincerly joked, looking nervously at the lake.
Tornado was in a tree hided, He looked at mist and Said "heh the good prank of the shuriken" He said trowing a ninja shuriken almost hitting mist. He jumped of The tree and Said "hey sorry If my shuriken almost hited you, i'm tornado" tornado Said to mist
With a chuckle of her own, Allegra stepped back from the water, a stupid grin plastered on her face. "True that!" she called back to Midnight. "I wouldn't want to accidentally become a cooked Combusken or anything, believe me!"

She noticed a few other Eeveelutions make an appearance at the pond, and Allie couldn't help but spin around to look at them all. As she did so, a certain white-furred one caught her attention due to the bright color. A bit dizzy, the Umbreon shook her head, noticing that the Pokemon she now looked at was also an Umbreon. Her grin had faltered as she spun, so with it back on her lips, she sat down and greeted the unknown Umbreon, pushing her glasses back into place since they had slid down her snout once again. "Hi there! Who're you? I'm Allegra, but call me Allie!"
"Ah!" Mist yelled, alarmed and frightened. Her tail flattened out behind her. "Oh, um, its okay. It didn't hit me, to me that is all that matters because I dislike getting hurt." Mist said. "Anyway, I'm Mist! Nice to meet you, Tornado!" Mist said cheerfully, her tail no longer flattened out behind her.
Tornado taked out his mask and Said "Nice to meet'cha mist" He said "I'm doing a training to be a Better ninja and I was about to hit This shuriken on This dummy" He said looking at one dummy behind Mist "And who put that dummy behind you?"
"Huh? What?" Mist asked in confusion. She looked behind her and saw the dummy. "Hey, where did that come from? It wasn't there a minute ago!" Mist said in surprise. She then looked back at Tornado. "Its cool you are training to become a better ninja!" Mist said happily.
Under the cool shade of a grand oak tree was Winter, laying in the cool grass and singing to herself in the sweetest of tones.

Too laaaaaate, my time has come. Sends shivers down my spine, body's aching all the time.
Goodbyyyye, everybody. I've got to goooooo. Gotta leave you all behind and face the truuuuth~

Right before she got to her favorite part of the song, she heard a commotion coming from where she believed was a pond. Getting up and walking out of the shade of the tree, wincing at the intensity of the sunlight, she made her way over to where all the chatter was coming from. Once she made it to the pond, she gazed wide-eyed at all the people there, either relaxing, talking, or bouncing up and down. "Wow..." She muttered. "Why are there so many Eeveelutions here??" She inquired, speaking in her normal volume, hoping someone heard her and answer her question. On second thought, chances are she would probably get a useless answer, such as 'I don't know,' so she dismissed the question, and just thought of it as a coincidence that everyone was an Eeveelution.

... and the fact that there were more Umbreon's than any of the other kinds.
Allie's grin grew wider as the white-furred Umbreon introduced himself. "It's nice ta meetcha, Sapphire!" she replied, twirling around once again quite gracefully. Noticing Midnight still standing in the same place across from everyone else on the other side of the pond, Allegra cupped her mouth with a paw and yelled to him once again. "Yo, Midnight! Don't you wanna come join the party? Why're you still over there, all alone?" she asked with a chuckle.

From behind her came yet another voice, and this time, it was from a confused Glaceon. Allie's grin turned into a genuine smile as she sat on the grass once again, now facing the Ice-type. "Ciao!" she greeted, before answering her question, accent fairly heavy. "I thought everyone who lived here was an Eeveelution... I could be wrong, though, so..." With a shrug, the pink Umbreon looked to the others scattered around her for help answering her question. "Am I right or not? I'd like to know, y'know, 'cuz I don't wanna be spouting random junk over here."
A sudden outburst made Winter jump slightly, as she acknowledged what was said. She turned to an Umbreon sitting by the pond, who seemed to be pink with green rings. She wondered why everyone was a different color, as she had never seen something like this anywhere else. Then, what the Umbreon said to her got her thinking. Wait, 'Ciao?' Doesn't that mean goodbye...? She thought to herself. She then remembered that it can be used both ways, so she dismissed that thought, and continued on the topic at hand.

"Oh, hello!" She shouted over to the Umbreon as she walked over to her. The Umbreon responded with the thought that everyone who lived there was an Eeveelution. "Oh, yeah I suppose that makes sense." Winter agreed, readjusting her scarf. "Say, I never got your name. My name is Winter. And yours?" She asked, completely skipping the 'different colors' topic and saving it for another time.
First, the watermelon-pink Umbreon raised a paw over her head, smiling widely, before shooting it down to hold it out in front of her for the approaching Glaceon to shake. "Name's Allegra, but you can call be Allie, 'kay?" she responded, smile becoming a toothy grin. "It's nice ta meetcha, Winter!"

For a moment, Allie looked down to the water of the pond, noticing that it had cooled down significantly from the boiling point the Espeon from before had brought it to. As a test, she stuck a hind paw into it, holding herself up with two legs, and felt the temperature for a solid five seconds. She took her foot out with a shake, extended paw never faltering. "It's lukewarm now, the water! Who wants to go swimming?" she called out to all the other Eeveelutions, chuckling at her own enthusiasm after doing so.
Mist's eyes widened. She loved to swim. "Me!" Mist yelled, jumping right in. She made bubbles as she swam around, and she also popped a few of the bubbles and giggled when she did so. Mist dived under the water and looked around curiously before continuing to swim around.
Winter smiled at the enthusiasm of the Umbreon, who had then held out her paw for a pawshake, and introduced herself as Allegra, or otherwise Allie. Winter took Allie's paw for the pawshake. "Allegra... I like that name, actually. But, Allie is also fine." She smiled at both the names. Winter then noticed the Umbreon sticking her hind paw into the pond that Winter had then just realized was right there. She quickly stepped back, away from the pond. "Wait, what do you mean by that?" Winter nervously asked Allie, concerning what she meant by "the water is lukewarm now." Then, her eyes grew wide as she looked over at the Vaporeon, running over to the pond as if she was going to-


... jump in. Winter ran away from the pond in a scared sprint, swiftly making her way out of the splash zone. Jumping into a bush, she looked back out, all shaky. "Please watch where you're splashing!" She darted at the Vaporeon, looking furious.
"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Mist quickly apologized, sounding upset. She swam to the edge of the water and climbed out, frowning. Mist's tail was flattened out behind her. "I promise I meant no harm! I didn't see you, I'm sorry!" Mist apologized again. She walked over to a tree and sat down, looking worried and sad.
Silvann was trekking through the woods, using Leaf Blade to cut through the dense undergrowth. As he was walking, the sound of Pokemon chatter rang in his ears, gradually growing louder. The Leafeon walked into a clearing and saw a pond, with a ton of Eeveelutions talking with each other. Silvann cleared his throat. "Um, hi. Is there some Eeveelution communion going on here?"
((OOC- @The Ringmaster Jo didn't cause the water to boil. She got burned by the water, and she couldn't have boiled the water anyway, being a Psychic-type. Also, no, she's not a fire-type in disguise. The cause of the boiling is some outside force. I don't even know where you were going with that, but to tell you the truth, I feel insulted.))

BIC- Jo walked over to the pond. She dipped her toe in and it felt not warm, so she walked in and swam around. Then her foot got cut on a seashell, so Jo climbed out and decided to watch, instead. Then she noticed steam coming iff the surface of the water. Jo started to panic and sweat. "Um, guys? I think the water is heating up again." No-one noticed her, so she hobbled over to Allie and tapped her shoulder repeatedly. "I think the water is heating up again." She said, pointing.
(OOC: I didn't mean to insult you, mate, and I'm sorry that I did. That's just what I got from your first post. I didn't know what exactly was causing the heat, so I made assumptions I shouldn't have. Please forgive me... :S)

Believe it or not, Allegra was slow to react as another Eeveelution jumped into the water. Instead, she focused on Winter, who had run away from the backsplash. A confused expression on her face, the Umbreon looked back to the water, not noticing the Espeon from before walking up to her. "The water's heating up again?" she asked for confirmation, turning around to poke its surface with the tip of a paw, only to quickly draw it back and shake it vigorously. "Dang, it is! Guys, get out of there!" she called to the others in the pond.

Another voice, one with an annoyed tone, caught Allie's attention next, causing her to whip around to look at a Leafeon. She grimaced, explaining the problem. "Something's up with the water. For whatever reason, it's almost boiling. I don't think any of us know what's up with it," she said with a shrug, looking around at all the Eeveelutions.
Tornado puted his mask and trowed 5 five shurikens on a tree and Said "great dummy" He said taking off the shurikens and cutting one part of a tree and made a bisharp Format and cutted in half "I'm going to revenge my mom of the shadow squad" He said
"Well, whatever is going on with it, please keep me out of it!" Winter begged, seemingly terrified. "Being an Ice-type, I can't stand high temperatures, let alone water!" Winter hid behind the bush, trying to shroud herself in the cool leaves to combat the warm air coming from the now heated pond. Then, an idea came to her mind. "Hang on, I got an idea!" She shouted, jumping out of the bush and into the open. "What if I used one of my moves to cool the pond?" She excitedly inquired, getting into a battle stance.
As the Leafeon introduced himself, the pink Umbreon skipped over to him, extending her paw for the third time. "Nice ya meetcha, Silvann! I'm Allegra, but feel free to call me Allie for short!" With her paw still extended, Allie looked over to Winter, who now stood by the pond in a battle stance. Her eyes widened, even though that was hard to see due to her glasses, and her smirk returned once again. "That's not a bad idea, mate! A nice, cool dip in the pond sounds super refreshing right now, honestly. I say go ahead!" She raised her stub-of-a-tail as a sort of thumbs-up motion, glancing back to Silvann.