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Ask to Join Town of Eeveelutions

Jo looked over, hearing a Glaceon tell her to get offvthe dragon's head. Jo nodded. She ws about to jump off with a cool stunt when she realized: "Wait, I could injure this dragon before jumping off" She thought. She grabbed one of the dragon's horn with her tail and swung down in front of it's face. It's big, yellow eye bulged in front of her face, and she used scratch on it, blinding the dragon in that eye. The dragon thrashed and waved it's head around in agony. Jo slipped off and did a somersault in midair, landing on the ground beside Winter on a pile of moss. "It's all yours!" Jo said.
As Winter awaited the Espeon's self-removal from the dragon, she wondered what the dragon's motive for attacking them was. She watched as the Espeon stunted off of the dragon, clawing its eye in the process. Acknowledging her opening, she bolted. "Right!" She exclaimed to the Espeon. She ran over to the dragon, took another deep breath, and let loose another Icy Wind in front of the dragon. She continued to use it as she ran around the dragon, making sure to get all over. In a matter of seconds, every area of the dragon had been hit by the Icy Wind, and just in time too, for Winter had just run out of breath. "I... think... we.... did it..." She panted, collapsing onto the ground.
Jo used Psychic to move it into a cave (an empty one, NOT the one with Mist and the Leafeons) and blocked the entrance with boulders also using Psychic. Then she went back to the pond and passed out on a pile of moss and leaves. "Yes" she said, doing a fist-pump. Then she fell aslerp.
(OOC: Aslerp...... you were soooo close! xD)

BIC: Once she caught her breath, she got back up and fangirled, excited by the fact that she just beat a dragon. She had never done that before; she had only read about ice-types having the advantage over dragons, but she never had any experience. She made her way back to the pond, and noticed that the Espeon from before had gone to sleep. She figured it was about time for her to do the same, as she yawned and made her way back to her spot under the tree.

Until she remembered that she was still wet. That left her with quite the predicament. She could either sleep in the cool shade, still wet, and wake up with her fur frizzled and curly, or she could sleep in the sunlight and let her fur dry, and wake up with soft fur; she never enjoyed heat, so this was a problem, indeed. Eventually, she went with the dreaded latter, finding a spot in the sunlight, and laying down there. She eventually did fall asleep with a smile on her face, despite her being warmed by the sunlight. After that tussle with the dragon, she deserved this.
Leafa walked around the town wondering what or who she would meet today. " hmm what at wonderful day" she said wagging her tail as she walked and she yawned a little before she saw a tree and she laid under it and she closed her eyes and sleep.
Paisla went on, talking about what people complimented about her soothing voice. Suddenly, she heard a massive boom, and jumped, startled. "What was that?" Paisla asked, looking back, trembling more now, to the two Eeveelutions.
The same loud sound startled a nearby Sylveon, sneakily hiding in the shrubbery. He immediately suspected it was a Druddigon or Hydreigon trying to use Flash Cannon on an unsuspecting Fairy or Ice type. He started charging up his Moonblast and carefully made his way out of the bushes. Surprisingly, it was a bunch of Eeveelutions, which seemed to be the only Pokemon around. There was an awkward silence. The moonlight energy started to fade.
As Sapphire woke up and asked if she was okay, Allie scrunched her face up in confusion, staring at the white-furred Umbreon with wide eyes. She had placed him back down onto the ground as he began to stir, and now stood about half a foot away. "What!?" she asked, incredulously, looking him up and down. "Whaddya mean, 'are you okay'? I should be asking that to you!" Allegra sat down on the grass, noticing through her peripheral vision the entrance of at least three other Eeveelutions. She felt that Winter and the Espeon from before could explain the situation, so she stayed where she was, looking at Sapphire with confusion and slight admiration- but mostly confusion.
Sapphire looked at Allie and smiled "oh.. did I" he said just realising that he had drained all his energy "yeah I just... but yeah are you ok you seemed to of fought hard and I'm wandering if your alright"
Leafa looked around as she walked around, she jumped when she heard the loud noise "ekk what was that" she said and she shivered and she looked around a little scared at the sound.
He finally decided to speak up. "Um, hey! I was just hanging out. Around here." He wanted to introduce himself, but he thought to give the others a chance to talk.
Jo woke up and stretched. She smacked her lips, like you do when you wake up in the morning. Except this isn't the morning, it's the afternoon. ANYWAY, Jo was hungry, so she walked over to a berry bush for a snack. She knew the best ones weren't near the ground or the top of the bush. They were in the center of the bush. Inside the bush. Jo jumped inside the bush and looked around for some bright, red ones. She picked a couple. Then she reached over to pick one and noticed an egg on the ground. It was light blue with white designs on it. The designs looked like when there's frost on the window in the winter. Jo dropped the berries in surprise. She picked up the egg. It was really big and heavy. Jo lugged it back to the pond and contemplated it. "Is is food? Should I eat it? It looks like the kind of egg where something is gonna hatch out of it." Jo concluded she shouldn't eat it and just watch it hatch. She sat there watching the egg. She would wait for someone to wake up and she would tell them about the egg. Or wait for it to hatch. Whichever came first. "Most likely someone would wake up first." She thought out loud.