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Ask to Join Town of Eeveelutions

"Nice to meet you, Allie." Silvann grinned. "Sorry about my grouchy attitude from earlier; I was a bit tired." He walked up to the pond and stared into it. "Wonder what could have caused this?"
Paisla became intrigued in the situation. She began to slink forward towards the lake, but heard commotion and arguing, and was discouraged from going, being stuck halfway to the lake in a sort of limbo position, debating whether to follow through with her original action, or nip the drama in the bud by backtracking to her original position.
With the approval from Allie, Winter grins as she readies herself. She takes a deep breath, and aims at the pond a chilling Icy Wind. A misty gas can be seen being blown from her, as it first ripples the water from the force of the wind, then the gas lays atop the pond, a few seconds later dispersing. Within a matter of minutes, the pond was still, and much cooler than before; just about the temperature of your average pond, except much cooler. It's not freezing, but it's cold. Winter fell to the ground, dog-tired and gasping for breath. "Much... better..." She wheezed, exhausted. The water was cool enough to take a dip and cool off. Even Winter didn't mind relaxing in it.
Jo smiled. She got into the pond. This was just what she needed to cool off the burns from before. She floated around in the center of the pond. She looked up into the sky for no reason, and saw the sillouette of a winged figure with a forked tail. "GUYS, LOOK UP!" She yelled. She was getting sweaty, her eyes were wide, and her tail got bushy and her cheek fluff got poofed up.
"Huh what?" Mist asked in alarm. She looked up at the sky, and her tail flatten out behind her. Mist began trying to cower in a bush much too small to hide her. "What is that? Is it a bird? Please don't tell me its a bird!" Mist whimpered, scared. She dived into the water after figuring out the bush couldn't hide her.
Jo squinted up at the sky. She could barely see because the sun was in her eyes. The creature turned it's head to face her and Jo saw two big, yellow eyes with black slits fir pupils before it turned it's head away. "I think... it's a dragon?"
Paisla looked up in terror. Her eyes widened to an unimaginable degree. Paisla's mouth dropped open when she witnessed the creature rotating its head towards an Espeon. She uttered a shriek, and began to sprint on a course for her bush.
"A dragon?!" Mist shrieked, her eyes wide. She jumped out of the water and started to run away, however she somehow got her tail tangled in some vines. "Help! My tail is stuck!" Mist yelled, desperately trying to untangle the vines from her tail, however failing.
Silvann saw a Vaporeon whose tail had gotten stuck in some vines. "Hold on!" He shouted and printed for the Vaporeon. He tore through the vines with his paws and eased the tail out. "There. Now run!"
"Thank you so much!" Mist said gratefully. Mist then ran as fast as she could to get away, however it was not easy due to her tail dragging on the ground and being flattened out, too. Mist eventually saw a cave. Although it was not far away, Mist ran inside anyway.
Paisla pounced over her bush deftly, due to her dancing experience. She huddled behind the bush, and curled up into a ball. Paisla began to sing a soothing song to herself. She started to cry a bit, recalling a traumatic experience akin to this.
Silvann followed the Vaporeon as the two sprinted into a cave. He went inside and tugged the Vaporeon to the ground. "Get down," He hissed. "We have to stay hidden. No doubt that monster is gonna come in here."
Recovered, Winter got up, and looked up at the sky as everyone else did. There was a silhouette of something up there, but it was hard to make out. The Espeon in the group suggested it was a dragon. While the Vaporeon panicked and got stuck, the Leafeon helping her, and the Vaporeon running off somewhere, the Leafeon following her, Winter simply squinted at the figure in a calm manner. "A dragon, huh? That's not too bad." Winter said nonchalantly, not taking into account that the others didn't have any sort of advantage. "If it is a dragon, then allow me to take it out, if not at least scare it off!" Winter said, getting back into her battle stance. Man, I sure am acting heroic today, aren't I? She thought to herself. Nonetheless, she felt as if she had to do something. She couldn't just leave them all here.
Mist nodded, her tail flattened out behind her still. "I could perhaps use my powers if the dragon were to come in here, although they would be useless more than likely, I could try to distract it." Mist thought to herself. She looked around the cave curiously.
The dragon blew fire at a faraway tree, causing some birds to fly away in the sky. Then the dragon turned it's head towards the group and opened it's mouth. You could see fire beginning to form, and that the dragon's color was dark red. Jo screamed. "It's going to breathe fire at us!" She jumped out of the pond and ran as fast as she could.
Mist nodded. She now felt brave, so her tail was no longer flattened out behind her. "If I shoot water into its eyes, I may be able to temporarily blind it so we can escape." Mist desided. "I may also be able to create a lot of bubbles and distract it with them." Mist thought.
Paisla looked up in horror as the beast breathed its fire at the foliage above. She sprinted away in terror, shrieking, until she came to a cave. Paisla slid into the cave, and kept singing the song, trying in vain to calm herself.
"Alright. I might be able to faze it as well just in case. If you're water doesn't work, run. I'll stay back and distract it." Silvann inhaled and exhaled deeply. "Oh, by the way, what's your name? I'm Silvann."
Sapphire looked at it pulling together all his energy he looked at it he could tell it's weak spot its age even it's species he started to form a dark pulse he fired it off at the the dragon quickly following it up with a dark ball
As the dragon flies about, the Espeon noticed that it was going to breathe fire at the group. "Oh, right... it's a dragon... dragons... BREATHE... FIRE!!!!" Winter shrieked in fear, a sense of dread building up inside of her. She jumped out of the line of fire (heh, puns), and slid to a halt, getting back into her battle stance. "Let's see if this will work..." She muttered to herself, getting an idea. She aimed at the ground beneath her and used Icy Wind. She didn't think it would work, but it did. She was propelled upward, and towards the dragon!

Alright, you've got one shot. Don't screw this up! She thought to herself. As she neared the dragon - from behind (I forgot to say) - she got her next move ready. "This will finish you!!" She shouted at the dragon, shooting an Ice Beam at it. All she could do now is hope to Arceus that it would hit.
Mist smiled. "My name is Mist. It is nice to meet you." Mist said politely. She looked up at the top of the cave, and thought she saw some vines, however she could not tell due to it being dark in the cave. "Hmm, if those are vines, we perhaps could make use of them." Mist said thoughtfully.
Allie once again whipped her head around to look at the others as the group that had accumulated by the pond quickly dispersed as a figure with the powers of fire-breathing suddenly appeared in the sky. For the third time, her eyes widened as the puzzle pieces began to click together. This thing must've been the cause of the boiling water! she thought, now following Winter and Sapphire in their pursuits to attack the creature. Man, am I dumb! She watched as the white Umbreon climbed up a tree, half impressed, half thinking that that was the best way to two to hit the monster. Fairly quickly, Allie found a very tall tree, and climbed up the branches and bark with the help of her claws. As she arrived at the top, she shot a grin in Sapphire's direction as a way of thanking him for the idea and gripped tightly at the bark underneath her paws. Having been building up her energy and power during the climb, the Umbreon shot a Stored Power at the creature, hoping that the creature didn't somehow escape the blow, no matter how effective it may be.
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Midnight sighed, in relief that is. Practically everyone one had left the pond area. He then Psychic on the pool of water in front of him, lifting the water he walked towards the middle of the lake, finding a fire stone. "Cool, another to my collection." He smiled, using Psychic to grab the stone. He then let go of the tons of water over his head. He swam to the top and smiled swimming to the shallow part of the. Lake and relaxing a bit.
Sapphire aced the landing before collapsing to the ground seemingly dead he looked at Allie up a tree and smiled "heh good luck with the landing and arcuse love be with you" he said half jokingly half not
"Pleasure, Mist," Silvann nodded, smiling kindly. He looked up at the vines, ear's pricked. "Make use of those vines? How so?" The Leafeon tilted his head to one side as he looked at the dangling vines.
"Well, if I fail to distract the dragon, we may be able to swing around it using the vines and escape." Mist explained. Mist noticed another Leafeon in the cave. Mist was sure the other Leafeon was not there before. "Hello? I'm Mist, what's your name?" Mist asked the Leafeon.
The dragon blew a fireball at the lake. A Shiny Umbreon was right in the line of fire. Jo gasped. She ran in front of the Umbreon and used Reflect as hard as she could mixed with a Psychic. It blocked the fire ball, but the sheild Jo summoned took too much work and, after wobbling into a bush, passed out.
"Are you alright?" Mist asked, slightly concerned. Mist had noticed the Leafeon was trembling, so was also worried. Her tail was flattened out behind her. "Is there any way I can help, if something is wrong?" Mist asked. Mist then noticed the Leafeon was softly singing.
Paisla kept trembling, but slowly climbed to her feet. "I-I I'm sorry... I just..." Her voice trailed off into nothingness, and she noticed another Leafeon. "H-Hi... Thanks, e-everyone seems to think so..." She said, rubbing the back of her head, and blushing lightly.
As Winter started her descent back to the ground, she watched as the Ice Beam hurdled towards the distant dragon. However, her vision was obstructed when she suddenly landed in the cold pond. The force of the Ice Beam, when she used it, must have pushed her back enough so that she's land safely in the water. Winter emerged from the water a few seconds later, gasping for air, as it caught her completely by surprise. She swam to the edge, and crawled out of the pond, soaking wet and shivering (from the shock of landing in the water). She directed her attention back to the dragon, then back to her Ice Beam. She barely had any time to look between the two, as the Ice Beam had just impacted the dragon.

It's a hit!

Winter gazed upon the dragon in awe, still trying to acknowledge what had just happened. "It... hit?" She asked herself. A grin formed on her face, which then turned into a smile, and eventually turned into a beam (beaming happy). "It hit!! Haha, the Ice Beam hit!! Oh my gosh, yes!! That was the most insane trick shot I have ever done!" Winter fangirled, before stopping. "Then again, that was the only trick shot I've ever done." She deadpanned. "But still, that was amazing!" She continued, starting to look around. "Did anyone else see that?!" She asked around excitedly, hoping someone else saw. Surely with an event such as that, they must have noticed.
Jo opened her eyes a crack (which was the best she could do, considering.) She saw an Ice Beam hit the dragon and the dragon freeze up. "... wow, that was amazing" she said.
The Ice Froze the dragon in midair and it plummeted towards the ground. It hit the ground with a sonic boom strong enough to wake Jo up all the way and the Ice cracked. The dragon burst out of the Ice and tried to fly. The Ice had torn it's right wing. It couldn't fly. It instead slashed it's spiked tail around. (that would be a tail whip.)
Jo woke up all the way due to the sonic boom, and jumped to her feet. She ducked to dodge the tail flying at her and did a somersault in the air, landing on the dragon's back, clutching the long back spikes with all her might to stay on the dragon's back. She climbed up to the top of the dragon's head and held on.
Winter looked upon the now frozen dragon in such delight. But once it started plummeting, that smile disappeared. She immediately thought of whoever was underneath the dragon. She shook the water off her coat, and ran over to where the dragon was going to land. "Get out of the way!" She shouted around, hoping those around would here. Suddenly, a loud sonic boom shrouded the area. Despite Winter being deaf in one ear, it was still very loud, and she covered both of her ears. As she looked at the ground, she noticed the dragon's shadow swiftly becoming larger and larger. She had to get the heck outta there, and now.

She ran out of the way of the dragon, but tripped. She tried to get up, but was stunned by the heavy impact of the dragon hitting the ground. The shockwave shook the ground like crazy, rendering Winter momentarily unable to get up. Once she was able to get up, she looked back, and saw an oddly-colored Espeon riding on the back of the dragon, which had broken free from the ice, and was swinging its barbed tailed around in a Tail Whip-esque fashion. Winter figured that while it was desperate and weakened, it would be a good time to finish it, but with something slightly weaker. "Hey!" She shouted to the Espeon on the dragon. "Get off of that! I'm going to use Icy Wind again!!" She informed the Espeon, hoping she could hear her over all the ruckus being made.
The boom that shook the earth below her from the plummeting dragon caused Allegra to fall out of her tree, landing with a loud "wah!" on her side. The blow had done a good deal of damage, thanks to the fall damage she had taken, and she was as on her last leg. On wobbly legs, the Umbreon stood, breathing heavily. She was able to do nothing as Sapphire ran over to her and proceeded to collapse onto the ground next to her. How was she supposed to get him to the Pokémon Center in this state, anyway? With a shake of her head, Allie looked around for any Oran Berries she could quickly eat, but none seemed to be in sight. One sigh of defeat later, she resorted to dragging Sapphire back to town, holding him up by the scruff of his neck as she walked. Before picking him up, however, she marveled at Winter and the blue Espeon from before and their fearlessness when handling the dragon. "Hey, guys!" she called over to them, hoping to Arceus they'd hear her, "I'll be right back!"

And with that, she was off, tow in hand... or mouth.