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Ask to Join Obedience School

(If you are not @EspeonTheBest Or @Frisk please message me on my profile if you would like to participate.)

(Please use Moderately sized Pokemon. No Aggrons or Nidokings. All Forum rules apply)
(Canine or Feline Pokemon only)

Rye watched as his Flareon tore the house apart bit by bit. Whether it was scratching the furniture or smashing dishes Dusk always seemed to be getting into trouble.

Dusk looked around before starting to climb the curtains. A few seconds later the curtain rod ripped out of the wall and knocked over the lamp beside it. Which in turn knocked over the tv, and the photo of Ryes girlfriend. He watched as the frame shattered. The Flareon hadnt even tried to do it either.

When Rye got home he was furious. Dusk cowered in the corner the whole time. Rye didn't get angry often but when he did it was like a Hurricane. "When you can have respect for my house, and what I provide for you then you can come back! For now your going to obedience school!" He said kenneling Dusk and throwing him into the backseat.

When they arrived Rye set the kennel down on the floor next to some of the other crates. Rye went over to sort out some paper work. Dusk poked his head against the bars of his carrier crate. "Hello?" He asked into the other crates.
"How many flipping times Sage?" The Leafeon happily grinned at the ruined garden. She didn't purposely make them all die, but revenge for not giving her a bite of ice cream was so sweet. The Oran berries were soft and mushy, not even close to the firm, rough feeling it should have been. Sage's trainer bent down and sighed at the broken plants. "I'm seriously done with this honey. I can't take it! From extra leaves to blow off the yard to overgrown plants and now this. Come on Sage..." Her trainer went into the house and grabbed her Pokeball and carrier.

"Chris?..." Sage mumbled softly in the Pokemon language as the Leafeon's trainer returned her. No sooner than five minutes later she saw light again, but she was in her little kennel. In a moderate state of shock the Leafeon simply sat down and waited. When she could feel others around her and Chris was gone, that's when she started to panic. "Chris...wait wait I'm sorry!" Sage cried softly as she pressed her nose against the open side of the kennel.
"Oh. What did you do?" I knocked over a really special picture." He asked sadly. His tufts of fur were drooping. He looked pretty shamed.
"I killed Chris's garden..." Sage mumbled in response. Then she stepped back and sat down, the shade of the kennel making her brown eyes glow slightly. The small leaf on Sage's head wilted slightly to match her mood and suddenly the Leafeon looked very tired. "Maybe... Maybe he won't be mad at me when I wake up." She suggested to herself. With a dissatisfied sigh the Leafeon curled up to sleep, but found found that the nagging feeling of guilt tore at her heart too badly.

Finally Sage gave up and pushed herself to her paws. The Leafeon then began to wash herself; a habit she would usually do around this time. With more of a confident grin the Leafeon began to adress the other Pokemon. "So evidently that picture was extremely important, huh. I'm really sorry." She apologized for no reason. With a slight tilt of her head, Sage tried to identify the speaker.
"Yeah. I guess it meant a lot too him. But it's ok here. From what I've heard," he said. The holes in the top of his kennle revealed he was a Flareon. He set his head on his paws.
Amber was a fairly calm and submissive person, not often doing much to enforce overly strict discipline on her little monster. However, Topaz had been having something of a bad streak lately- scratching, biting, and breaking things and making messes; she'd decided it was time to do something about it.

"I'm sorry, Topaz. You'll come home soon, ok?" She told her as she left the tiny cat's container alongside some of the others in the building before going to register her.
The Flareon looked over at the newest arrival to the group. He then felt his cage lurch violently and he was being lifted into the air with the others. A few minutes later they where plopped down outside. The air was warm, and the smell of summer was overwhelming. They were in a sun room of sorts, with rugs and Pokemon beds all around, and other some other Pokemon were loungin about in the warmth of the room. A large entrance lead to a stone walkway and a large field with Tall rocks and hills to the west, and a Forest with many brooks and rivers to the east. "W-wow." The Flareon said quietly as he gazed about his new surroundings. There was the occasional caretaker looking over the mothers in the nursery, and a few watching the very young ones tumble in the long grass.
Topaz looked around, wide-eyed, and becoming a bit panicked when they began to be moved. She hid in the back of her cage where it was dark and didn't look outside until a short while after they'd been left alone once more.

Upon opening her emerald eyes, she saw a collection of venues for the Pokémon staying there to take advantage of. While none to eager to experience these herself, Topaz took note of each in case the need later arose for such knowledge.