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  1. Alternate_Mystery

    Ask to Join Adrift Arts Academy [Discussion]

    The RP thread!
  2. |Bread|

    Private/Closed Pokémon School

    This Roleplay has been closed for the amount of people in it. Thank you for anyone who was kind enough to think about joining or even getting a bio up. Welcome to the Pokémon School! A welcoming school made for young Pokémon. They’ll learn many things about type advantages, owning shops and...
  3. D34N.U5R

    Ask to Join Nintendo High (ACT 1)

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/nintendo-high.27879/ (The Discussion Thread) - @'Candle', @Moxxie the ultimate imp, @Abra Kadabra Alakazam!, @DripNinja, @Baymaxman13, @silverwind2020, @RhythmThief. - It was the first day at Nintendo High for Mario and Luigi. "Now with that outta the way..." Mario...
  4. D34N.U5R

    Ask to Join Nintendo High

    Welcome to Nintendo High, where Nintendo characters from many different realities came to learn their skills. This is the era where Mario attended. Even so, he wasn't as enthusiastic as he is now, but he still has a hero's heart. Everyone faced the same challenges every day. Bullies, though...
  5. Killerbunny the god

    Private/Closed MHA: International RP

    Discussion -> https://pokecharms.com/threads/mha-international.27354/ OOC: Please note that I'm not good at writing start posts to roleplays. I'm starting the exam once everyone is accounted for. Séan stood in front of the gates to the entrance exam, wondering how they would be tested. He...
  6. Killerbunny the god

    Private/Closed MHA: International Discussion

    Setting Like in the animé, we're going to a school. Though this school is not situated in Japan. The school has it's "base" in Britain but the classes are allowed to go to different countries, under supervision of their teachers. We're going to be in this school's equivalent to class 1A. Plot...
  7. Maple Parker

    Open Kalos Academy

    Kalos Academia Welcome to the Kalos Accademia, run by a distant relative to professor Sycamore of the Kalos region. Here you will train to become many different kinds of trainers. From year one to year eight or more if you wanted to stay longer. This school was made to prepare trainers for the...
  8. Astrial

    Ask to Join Cross Regions Academy RP

    Starting up a new RP and decided to go with the cliché Pokémon school because it sounded fun. So I give you the Cross Regions Academy, or CRA, a school meant to be a connection between regions. Anyone from any region can enroll to learn and train alongside people from all over the world.
  9. Schrift

    Ask to Join Blades, Wings and Fire (discussion)

    Every kid has that one job they want when they're older, but in Derigon the most wanted (also the most dangerous) job is a Kawon. These warriors aren't just skilled in weapons, they have the world's most dangerous creature to help them out. The year is 1481 and Derigon is protected by samurai...
  10. IDKWhatUserNameToDo

    Ask to Join Dark super hero "school" (take 2 electric boogaloo)

    Welcome! You have been accepted to Meadow Academy for talented youngsters. Here we will help you achieve things thought impossible for us humans. We will give you special opportunities that can't be found anywhere else. We hope that you will accept our invitation to our wonderful school...
  11. EnviousWorm

    Ask to Join Hogwarts, c1982-1983 (AU)

    (@Shadow_Pup @Pinch @Schrift007 @Cmeriwether @EmoKitty21 @ThAtGuY101 ) (Discussion thread here! --> https://pokecharms.com/threads/harry-potter-au.22563/) Just under a year after the Halloween night attack that left all three Potters dead and Voldemort a broken, powerless man, the Wizarding...
  12. Hecotoro

    Ask to Join GYM Leader Academy (GLA)

    Dear Azumi and Maker Towers, We hope that this letter finds you well. We have looked over your application to join our school, GLA, and we want to congratulate you on being accepted to join us. Please read over our manual and norms to avoid any unpleasant situations. We have included your ID...
  13. Hecotoro

    Private/Closed GLA Discussion

    RP thread (https://pokecharms.com/threads/gym-leader-academy-gla.22526/) Yeah I know, another Pokemon School Roleplay and just when you're all going into summer vacations... Anyways! I'm gonna try and make this better and hopefully entertaining enough so it doesn't die and end up in the RP...
  14. Crimson Sun

    Ask to Join Seolaris Academy: PKMN Contest RP (Roleplay)

    Sign-Up Link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/seolaris-academy-pkmn-contest-rp-discussion.22268/ "Ow! Swablu stop, you're going to get me in trouble," Felix half whispered to his partner Pokemon. The small Cotton Bird Pokemon, simply ignored him and continued poking at the trainer's stray hair...
  15. Crimson Sun

    Ask to Join Seolaris Academy: PKMN Contest RP (Discussion)

    Hey y’all, it’s been quite a while since I've been on. Well, with quarantine going on, I have much more time on my hands, not a lot, but more time now. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! Remember..social distancing! Hope this doesn't flop haha RP Link...
  16. Clunpsy

    Open School of the Plifal Realm

    You wake up, only to find yourself in a completely different area. Or an entire dimension? You've find a mansion nearby and enter. A crazy looking man explains that he had a malfunction on his machine, transferring random teens to this dimension, Plifal. He shows you the way to a school where...
  17. GoldInTheDark

    Ask to Join Pokémon Worlds Academy (Reboot)

    Welcome, one and all, to Pokémon Worlds Academy! The school for aspiring Trainers across the globe has just opened, with many of the most prestigious professors and Trainers from across the world coming to teach at the school. Discussion Link and Entry Posts...
  18. IDKWhatUserNameToDo

    Private/Closed I need Help with making a RP

    Hi! I posted a ruff Idea discussion way back in September with a ideas for different RPs and where other's could also share their ideas. I've expanded a bit on my Super-Hero/Mutant school idea. For a recap the plot is basically that a school gives their students super human powers against their...
  19. ~Patriot~

    Private/Closed Ace Academy - Pokemon Trainer School RP

    (Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/ace-academy-trainer-school-rp.21184/#post-776413) Monty stood on one of the lower decks of the S.S. Drampa, breathing in the salty sea air in time with the lapping of the waves against the side of the multi-floored cruise ship. This is it...
  20. ~Patriot~

    Private/Closed Ace Academy - Trainer School Discussion

    We, the Ace Academy Board of Directors, are pleased to inform you that after a careful review of your application we will be accepting you into this year's freshman class! We are quite excited to have you joining our class, and we are sure you are equally as excited. Attached to this letter is...