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Private/Closed Ace Academy - Pokemon Trainer School RP

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Monty stood on one of the lower decks of the S.S. Drampa, breathing in the salty sea air in time with the lapping of the waves against the side of the multi-floored cruise ship. This is it, Monty thought as he watched the Ace Academy island come clearer into view. I'm almost there! After applying for the Academy and receiving his acceptance letter, starting his academic career was just about all Monty could think about. Sure, he had received the basic math and literature classes that every teenager was required to take in some fashion. But Monty had never had a formal education involving anything related to Pokemon, and now that he finally had the opportunity he was ecstatic.
Bog was in his personal room where he lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. It was finally happening, he was finally going to get a taste of what being a professional Pokemon - well anything, feels like. Bog laid motionless as he couldn't quite tell whether he was ecstatic or extremely nervous, it was a peculiar feeling but it was all so familiar to the boy. The same emotions poured onto him during his adventures, it was rather nostalgic actually.

Meanwhile, out of Bog's line of sight, bored, little Yena, the boy's Poochyena, sneaks out of the half-open door onto the hallway. At first, Bog hadn't noticed since he was too busy reminiscing over his old adventures and being too caught up by the splashing of the waves through his bedside mirror. It wasn't a matter of time until his Nincada, Jackie who was resting snuggly in his backpack noticed that the dark pooch had gone off. Immediately, the bug hastily flails it's arms, trying to catch the attention of its trainer, who was still preoccupied with his daydreams.

"What's up, Jackie? Excited too, huh?", Bog chuckled "Me too, me too"

"JTAA" cried the Nincada

"Yeah, yeah I'm kinda hungry too, what about you Yen?"

Bog grabbed his bag and ran outside into the lower deck where his room is situated in.
“For the last time, Kammo, you can’t go for a swim.” Jacob pulled the Jangmo-o away from the S.S. Drampa. Even from the lower decks, there was no way he could fish his Pokémon out if he decided to jump in. “I’ll take you to the shore when we get there, deal?” Jangmo-o puffed out his chest and chirped in frustration. “Or, you can go back in your Pokéball.” The little dragon Pokémon chirped in protest, but didn’t approach the water again.

Jacob sighed with relief when he saw the Ace Academy island coming into view, glad to finally be on land again after a tiring trip. In only a few hours, Jangmo-o had stolen food from the ship’s kitchen, pulled the sheets off of several beds, and almost dived off the boat three times. Needless to say, he was looking forward to finally getting to dry land, and to his classes as well.
Jacob wasn’t entirely sure what to expect curriculum wise from the school, but whatever it was, he waited in quiet anticipation for it.
Brian stood on the bow of one of the upper decks of the cruise ship, one hand rested within his peacoat pocket whilst the other hand lightly held on to the tip of his white fedora as to not lose it from the gentle breezes that hid gusts of wind. He smiled as he saw the island of Ace Academy dead ahead. "I'll prove you right, dad." He thought to himself, he had decent education within the basic parts of life as well as Pokemon, but the academy he applied to was his best opportunity to grow into what he hoped he would become.

As he took in the scenery, he heard cries from two different Pokemon and turned around to face the sound only to look down and see a Ralts and a Gothita walk up to him. "Did you two have a nice little play around?" Brian asked as he crouched down to the pair of Psychic types who responded each with a cheerful cry. "Good, I think you two deserve a little break and recuperation, we're almost at the island, so I'll let you two out later, alright?" Brian asked as his smile never diminished, his Pokemon both gave a nod of acknowledgement before Brian got out two Pokeballs an shot a read beam at the Pokemon who turned the same shade as the beam and got sucked into the spherical capsules. Brian shank the Pokeballs and put them back in his inner pockets before he stood up and turned his gaze back to the island.
Hana gathered up her unruly, frizzing hair into a bright pink scrunchy and tied it into a messy bun before she dared leave her room. She felt the salty sea air blow through her white-to-blue gradient frilly tank top as she made her way out to the edge of the upper deck. A yellow hibiscus belt buckle glittered in the sunlight above a pair of light denim leggings and white sandals adorned with another yellow hibiscus each in the spaces between her big toes and the others, all painted bubblegum pink.

She wore a 'natural' look which, of course, meant she put on make-up that blended in with her skin so well, it looked like she wasn't wearing make-up at all.

But, goodness, on their trip over, she hadn't met a single other girl! Not one who'd talk to her, anyway. She made sure to check how her breath smelled as soon as she felt sure nobody was looking.

It wasn't her breath. Well, that was probably fine! It was fine. She opened up Pocchi's Pokéball, scooped her little Rockruff into her arms, and waited for 'land ho' to transition into 'land ashore'. Surely, she'd be able to meet people once everyone was off the boat!
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Zander Grey leaned against the railing of the ships highest deck landing. While it’s true that passengers weren’t supposed to be on this level as it was directly linked to the control room, there was no way he was gonna miss a chance to see the sights from this altitude.

“Hey, your not supposed to be up here! What are you doing?!” Shouted one of the few sailors who had accompanied the young trainers on there voyage, spotting Zander from the other end of the top floor.

“Uh oh. Looks like that’s our queue Gunter!” The mischievous trainer shouted to the small Magby which had been previously standing on the railing next to him.
In one swift move, the chestnut haired boy vaulted over the railing, effortlessly sliding down one of the ships many support pillars to the main deck.

“Mag....byyy!” The small fire type Pokémon cried while following its trainer down. Normally, the little hot head would be more enthusiastic about exploring restricted areas, but with them completely surrounded by water, he simply couldn’t help but feel sea sickness begin to cause a knot in his throat.


Zander felt his legs rattle as his feet slammed flat against the floor. However, this wasn’t the time to pause from shock, he needed to hide.

“Mag?!” Gunter cried in surprise as his trainer nipped him from the support beam before dragging him into one of ships private bathroom’s where they would be forced to wait until the ship was docked.

“Just think Gunter. An ace trainer academy! This....this is where our journey will truly begin.”
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Similar to Zander, Henry was also gazing out at the ocean, albeit from the more acceptable lower one, waiting for the seemingly interminable boat ride to be over. Spike sat on his shoulder, using Metronome at the ocean. Silver Wind. Brine. Ember. Laughing, Henry removed the small Togepi from his head. "I'm going to ask you to stop right there, buddy." He grinned. "Eventually you're gonna use Explosion or something, and then where will we be?" Spike gave a fake-angry "Pi!" and sat down as Henry replaced him on his head. Henry returned to staring out at the waves, saying, "You know, this is our chance to be great. We're finally going to be able to keep shooting for higher heights without being bogged down by idiots." As he said these words, he noticed the shore of the island finally come into view. "Here we go!"
The siblings were in their rooms at the moment getting ready as Shadow was just on the other side of the room just next to her. She pulled up her long hair in a ponytail before fixing her shirt as she placed her glasses on. She felt Blue her shiny Eevee leap on her shoulder as she smiled gently to her. "Greetings there Blue, let me fix that flower of yours and yourself" she smiled chuckling a bit. "Vee!" She answered sitting on the dresser. She fixed her shiny grayish fur before placing the flower back on her ear perfectly. "There you go Blue," she smiled. "Vee!" She smile leaping with joy. She heard a bark from someone as she looked down seeing it was Wolfa her special Rockruff. "Oh hey there Wolfa, almost forgot come here" she told her before fixing up her fur before she placed on her gemmed collar. "You girls are good to go" "ruff!" "Eevee!" They said before leaping on her shoulder. She smiled before placing on her hooded cape and than white wolf blue streaked mask before pulling her hood up to hide the girls.

Once she was done, she made her way out to Shadow's room knocking on the door. "Shadow bro are you done?" She asked him before hearing the door knob turn revealing her tall brother. "Yes I am sis' he said walking out as he closed the door placing his black wolf gold streaked mask on his face before pulling up his hood hiding Sparkx and his Rockruff Eclipse. The siblings made their way up the stairs of the S.S.Drampa until they were on the top to be able to see the sky clearly. They both than made their way to the rails to watch the sea as Lapras, Basculin, and Swanna land and fly off the water. Sparkx and Blue only peek to see it as they smiled.-
Noah was in his room and he was quite anxious. Him going to another school and begin with people he didn't know made him Nervous. He sighed softly before getting up and mumbling out. "Okay, lets make some friends." He said softly as his litwick went up to his shoulder and his Ralts followed behind him and he left his room and went up to the front of the ship and saw the island coming into the view as he smiled and said. "Whelp. Here we go." He said as he smiled softly before looking around to find someone to talk to.
"Aww shucks, where could that little pooch have gone?", Bog sighed, scratching his head in confusion, as he sat down on the floor, taking a break from running around the entire lower deck. "We're almost nearing the island and I still haven't found Yena...". Poking from the boy's backpack, "Jatta!", cried his Nincada, in response to her nervous trainer. Bog leaned over a stack of storage crates and started backtracking.

"It's okay Jackie. Come to think of it, I did catch a glimpse of a few trainers around the lower deck while I was running around.". It was true, Bog did recall seeing a few people hanging around the lower decks. He remembered running by a tall, mature-looking, dark-skinned boy with rope like strands of hair and a freckled boy with brown hair playing with a Pokemon that looked unfamiliar to the Hoenn-based trainer. "W-W-Why'd they gotta be so tall", Bog pouted, "Well, It can't be helped, the boat's nearing the island, I might as well wait 'til the boat's empty and maybe I can search for my Yena". The boy remembered that everybody in the boat was a Pokemon trainer, the cream of the crop too, whoever Yena bumped into was bound to be in safe hands, hopefully.
Noah looked at the island for a bit as he then went to his room to feed his pokemon before they went to the Island. He Took some nibblets from him bag and began feeding him. After a bit, he saw a Poochyena enter his room. Noah was confused about the random pokemon, but gave it some nibblets and just decided to hold on to the pokemon until he found his trainer. He had to be on the ship After all.
As Monty leaned on the railing of the lower deck, watching the waves, a nearby loudspeaker crackled to life with a woman's voice.


"Finally," Monty whispered as he stood up and stretched. He went back to his room and began gathering up his bags, organizing everything by bag type. Suitcases, backpacks, and satchels were piled high on the room's twin bed, and Monty had trouble carrying everything himself. I know how to make this a bit easier, Monty thought as he set down his load. He pulled out a HeavyBall and opened it up to let out his partner. "What's up Sentinel?" Monty asked as the Bronzor materialized in front of him. "Zor!" Sentinel replied with it's low, metallic hum of a voice. Monty put his two backpacks onto his partner, one on the front and one on the back, and picked up the rest of his bags before heading towards the exit area.
As the announcement ended, Bog was already at the doorstep of his room. "Too bad I couldn't bring any of my other Pokemon, packing's gonna be much more of a pain now!" Bog said as he did some shoulder rolls, preparing himself for the move. He lay down his backpack and started clumsily stuffing his clothes and toiletries into a single roller bag, while the remaining stuffs, mostly Pokemon items, he put inside his trusty PKMN backpack. With no more space for Nincada to stay in, the little Bug/Ground type crawls into Bog's hat, just slightly peering over and revealing just a bit of it's head and front claws.

"All set!", shouted Bog with an intense enthusiasm. Bog dragged behind him his noticeably old-looking roller bag with a few strips of clothing hanging by barely closed zippers and was off to the exit. Even though he was excited he couldn't help but strike a worried expression for his missing friend. Thankfully, Nincada's compound eyes ability will make finding the little dog much easier. "And we're off!"
Noah heard the announcement as he mumbled out to himself. "Already? I haven't even found this Poochyena's Trainer. I hope they didn't abandon you." He said softly as ne then quickly packed up his pokemon's food and his other stuff in his bag as grabbed the Poochyena, and his Flame placed himself on Noah's shoulders, and Queen followed behind him as he left his room and went to the front of the boat once again and waited to get off the boat and began his school year.
Elodie has woken up late that morning, and after she got dressed she heard the five-minute arrival warning. She released her Pokemon from her Pokeballs, Rocky the Bagon and Dash the Ponyta, and walked down the steps. This day she didn’t have the time to tie her hair up, so her dark locks remained loose down to her waist.

When Elodie walked off of the boat, she was greeted by a large academy, singing bird Pokemon, and a peaceful atmosphere. “Well, what do you think?” She asked her Pokemon, who responded positively. Carrying her suitcases behind her, Elodie made her way inside of Ace Academy.
After the announcement, Jacob quickly wrangled Jangmo-o away from whatever item had caught its interest, tied his grey jacket around his waist and hoisted his bag over his shoulder with an oomph! Now he wished he hadn’t packed so much, his bag weighed a Snorlax and a half. He pushed though it, however. Jacob was eager to see the island for the first time. They wasted no time getting off the S.S Drampa to join the growing crowd of trainers on the island.

“What do you think, Kommo?” Jacob asked his partner. “This is where we’ll be staying for quite a while.” Jacob couldn’t help but notice a few Pokémon helping their trainers carry their luggage off the ship. He loooked down at Jangmo-o, who came to a measly two feet in height, and sighed. “Well, I, for one, would like to get this stuff off my shoulders. Let’s get going, OK?” Jangmo-o reluctantly left whatever it was pawing at in the sand to follow Jacob through the crowd towards the Academy, at last.
As Hana stepped off the boat, she scanned her surroundings once more. Already, she noticed a few mildly interesting-looking people in the crowd, but none so interesting as the girl with golden eyes. With her Rockruff in one hand and a fat, flower-print suitcase in another, Hana rushed through the crowd and ran past a boy with a dragon to catch up to this older girl.

"Hi," she greeted, smiling only a few inches upward. "Where do you get your contacts? They look amazing." Now that she was close enough to get a good look, everything about this girl's outfit looked amazing. Wow, could she do white well or what? Those gold eyes just tied it all together so nicely.

Ugh. So cute.
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After Brian heard the announcement, he smiled. "Excellent." He thought to himself as he racewalked back to his room on the boat and got his two Pokemon back out. "Can I get a bit of help packing up? I didn't take too much out, but still." He asked as he started to take his spare clothes and neatly folded them before he put them in a light looking suitcase. Ralts and Gothita both nodded as they both began to use their psychic powers to levitate several items in other bags, carefully to make sure it was all neatly packed.

Once packing was done, Brian put one hand over his shoulder and carried the other one with his hand, both of his Pokemon decided to rest on Brian's shoulders. "Thanks guys." Brian said to his Pokemon as he began to make his way toward the exit of the boat. Once it reached shore, he along with every other passenger made their way on to the beach and took a big sniff. "Aah, I love that new island smell." Brian said to himself as he looked around to see the students, but for some reason stopped when he saw a pair of females interact with each other.

Brian decided to at least try and make a good first impression with some of the other students, he knew they would likely meet again in class, but meeting now would make their next interactions more positive... hopefully. "Hello there." Brian greeted with a friendly tone and an even friendlier smile. "Forgive my potential intrusion, but I couldn't help but be interested in the Pokemon you have with you."
Henry had packed earlier that morning, so he was able to disembark the boat with his two duffel bags and backpack rather quickly. In the crowding that followed trying to get onto the island, Spike decided that Henry's hood would be a far more comfortable place to sleep than his head, and promptly did just that. As he stepped onto the shore, Henry realized that this island was, in fact, more beautiful than he had expected. The sun shone down on the sand, and he could see the academy buildings gleaming in the light. Some of the others seemed to be talking to one another, but he decided not to approach anyone. I still have the entire year to talk to people, he thought, so I might as well postpone it while I can. With that, he joined the milling crowd of people, seeking to blend in.
“Oh, me?” Elodie looked at the girl who asked about her eye color. It was unusual, but people usually admired it from a distance instead of asking her about it. “This is actually my natural eye color. I’ve never really needed glasses or contacts my whole life,” She responded, and looked at the approaching boy. “My Pokemon, or hers?” Elodie wasn’t really used to being interrogated, or as it seemed to her, on the first day of school and not even in the academy yet. Crossing her arms, Elodie frowned and her Bagon stayed by her feet, same with her Ponyta.
Brian simply replied with a smile. "Both." He simply replied, his hot pink eyes seemed to look at the women and their Pokemon before his own Pokemon jumped off his shoulders and walked up to greet them, the Ralts seemed to greet in a more polite manner whilst the Gothita seemed a bit more cheerful. The sight of them made Brian chuckle lightly, but his mouth remained closed. "It seems Ralts and Gothita like them as much as I do." He said before his eyes briefly widened in realization. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name's Brian." Brian greeted as his free hand tipped his white fedora to them. "I understand if my approach seemed sudden, especially after we just got off the boat."
“Right,” Elodie narrowed her eyes, stroking her Ponyta. “This is Dash. I found her abandoned at a stadium, and she took awhile to warm up to me. She’s very friendly though, and wouldn’t mind being pet.” Ponyta neighed, leaning forward a bit as permission for the trainers to pet her. “And this is my starter, Rocky. He’s a Bagon that I found in the forest that my mother liked and insisted i made friends with it. Later on, he decided to come with me here,” Elodie explained, and the Bagon still kept his spot near her leg.

Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Leila opened her room door and stepped out when she heard the announcement. Her suitcases rolled behind her creating a soothing sound, and her pokemon were safely tucked away. Since her parents worked at the Pokeball factory, they had been able to get her special pokeballs. She could always locate where they were via a device. Murmuring a quick thanks to her parents for that wonderful feature, she followed the crowd off the boat. Once securely off the boat, she looked back at the water smiling. This reminded her so much of home, and she was sure her pokemon would love it too.

Leila glanced around and noticed that a considerable amount of people had their pokemon out. She didn't want to take out Mise since he was humongous. Bigger than most Dhelmise by a whopping five inches. She could take out Sr.Kelp, but he was small and she easily lost track of him. He was smaller than a normal Skrelp by seven inches. Their difference in size always made her laugh. She closed her eyes for a moment and remembered the beginning of the day before their first encounter.

Leila leaned back to stretch. She was on her private boat that was given to her a few birthday's back. It wasn't big, it wasn't extravagant, but it was cozy and she loved it. She was out fishing since she had just gotten her first pokeballs a few days ago. She'd been sitting for a long time, if nothing bit soon, then she would go inside to eat lunch before coming back outside. Years of this routine had developed patience in her. Even if there were dozens of Magi'craps' at a time. If the pokemon she fished up were hurt, she would take it inside and treat it before returning home. If the pokemon was healthy, she would bring it back home. Her parents would often take them in or gift them to relatives who would also care for them. But now, she was allowed to keep the pokemon she fished up. Unable to keep a stoic face at that happy thought, she started to grin. After eating lunch and cleaning up her dishes, she went back outside. Nothing seemed to be biting, so she could ready to return to home. It seemed as if today was not a lucky day. How wrong that statement turned out to be.

Leila opened her eyes only to close them immediately. She blinked a few times before adjusting to the sun's glare. It seemed as if the island was nice and tropical, just the way she liked it. Even from a distance, and behind all those people, she could see the shape of the academy. "I hope I get a map, I bet it's easy to get lost in there," she murmured to herself. She watched as some people slowed to talk to each other, maybe they already know each other? Her friends hadn't gotten in, and some of them didn't even want to go to this school. At least we still have communications. I wonder how their school year is going to turn out? With a dazed look on her face, she stumbled her way through the crowd and into the Academy.
The siblings heard the announcement before it ended. They saw a couple of new trainers starting to leave off the the boat as they made there way down. Blue on the other hand opened her head out of her partners hood until she saw a trainer with a Litwick as she smiled leaping out. "Ee! Vee vee!"Blur said leaping on the trainers shoulder to meet it.

"Blue! You don't go on people's shoulder with out asking them..."she sighed. "Sorry about that...she is just a bit too friendly to other trainers..."she apologized looking to him under her mask.-
Noah was a bit shocked about the Eevee Jumping on his shoulders as he smiled softly at the Pokemon and then pat it and said to the girl. "Oh its fine. I don't mind at all!" He said as Flame looked at the Eevee and waved towards it slightly, but was mainly observing the Eevee since it had never seen one. Noah then faced towards the girl as he said. "Well I'm Noah, and this is Flame, and Queen." He said as Flame waved a bit, and Queen hid behind Noah, seeming a bit shy.
She just gave a smile. "Greetings Noah, I'm JC and this guy next to me is Shadow my older brother, also this shiny Eevee is Blue my partner and this is Wolfa the Rockruff" shs said as Wolfa leaped out to show herself. "Ruff!" She smiled wagging her tail. "Vee!" Blue said as she leaped back to JC's shoulder. "Shy little Queen isn't she..."she said before she pulled out a container filled with Pokepuffs as she grabbed one before putting it away. "Hey its alright sweetheart, here take it" she said to her keeping a gentle smile.-
Noah smiled at the Rockruff as Queen stayed hidden behind Noah for a bit until Noah said. "Its alright Queen. She's nice." He said nicely as Queen slowly and carefully went up to JC and Grabbed the Pokepuff and the quickly retreated back behind Noah and Noah laughed a bit before saying. "Oh yeah. I found This Poochyena on the Boat. So have you seen anyone looking for a Pokemon? Or someone that had a Poochyena?" He asked as he Held the Pokemon in his arms.
She looked down at the Poochyena in Noah's arms before nodding no. "Actaully I haven't but this Poochyena has to belong to someone, its trainer must be worried sick about it...."she said as she looked to Shadow. "Any clue brother?" She asked her brother. "Hm well no sis no clue but like you said we can't leave this Poochyena alone now can we?" He added as Sparkx popped out of his hood as she rested on his shoulder before Eclipse the Rockruff followed on the other one. "Oh right, this is Sparkx the Eevee and Eclipse the Rockruff"Shadow introduced.-
"Nice to meet your Pokemon as well Shadow. Cool you guys have the same pokemon. But if you see this Pokemom's trainer, tell me, but imma going to hurry up to the school. Don't wanna be late on the first day." He said as he put the Poochyena on the ground and quickly walked off to the school and his Ralts and the Poochyena followed behind him.
The siblings waved goodbye for now to Noah before they made their way towards the school. The girls and Eclipse leaped back to hide in the siblings hoods before they continued to walk to the area where they are suppose to be.-
@rooster87 @Red Gallade

Hana's own dark eyes blinked as she heard Elodie's response. Natural! Well, that just meant she had pretty eyes. Eyes that were about to meet their match as she saw a boy approach-- She gave a regarding nod to his fedora. This 'Brian' boy seemed about fashionable enough to be one of her friends right away.

That hot pink was probably natural, too.

As much as she might have liked to pet Dash, she had her hands full. Literally. She lifted her left arm, which still held the Rockruff. "This is my starter! I named him Pocchi-- I know, not very creative, but... I was younger then." She thought of Pocchi's name four years ago, which was basically a century. "My dad got him from a breeder, and I basically raised him right after he hatched. Oh, um, I'm Hanabi. You two can call me Hana."

She looked between Brian and the girl who had yet to give her name. "Do you two know what kind of Pokémon are here? I'm really hoping I can find more Alola natives."
Brian smiled warmly at Hana's response. "Very nice to meet you, Hana. I for one think Pocchi is a very fitting name for that little guy you have there. In terms of Pokemon, I'm hoping to find some really strong and promising Psychic types here." Brian said. "I heard this island is said to house a more than diverse amount of Pokemon from all regions, so I'm sure you'll be able to find plenty of Alola natives, and then some." Brian said as he shot a friendly wink toward Hana. "Anyway, what do you say we get moving so we don't have to worry about having to carry all our stuff for longer than we need to?" He suggested.
Noah went inside the school, still keeping an eye out for a Trainer who looked like they we're looking for something. Once inside the school, he wanted to wonder around, but followed everyone to where they we're going, which was the Auditorium and then sat down in a seat and waited for whatever was going to happen
Psychic types. So Brian planned on becoming a specialist, huh? That seemed like a lot to plan before the first day even started. He'd have to think about all the things that could hurt Psychic and trying to build a team that could withstand anything, despite being so limited... Hana hardly realized she was still carrying a twenty-pound dog in one hand as she tried to work out the logistics of Psychic-type specialization.

Gracious, but her old friends would have had an idea how already.

"Oh, right." Maybe they didn't have that far to walk. They were already inside and all. "I'll see you after orientation!" Hana rushed past the lines of students and won herself a front-row seat for her trouble.
As the last of the students left the ship, the dock area's loud speakers crackled and emitted a melodic DING ding DING! The same woman's voice from the ship began speaking. "Attention students! Please make your way to the auditorium for first day orientation! You can find it using the guidebooks being handed out by our lovely staff."

Monty leafed through the thick pamphlet and promptly found the directions to the auditorium. "Come on, Sentinel," Monty said as he picked up the pace to get there quicker. "Zor," Sentinel hummed in response while floating alongside it's trainer. The pair made their way to the auditorium, meticulously making their way down the aisles before Monty spotted an open seat next to a boy with a scar on his eye.

"'Scuse me...sorry...'scuse me," Monty whispered as he made his way through the mostly full row of seats. Finally he made it to the seat next to the kid with the scar. "What's poppin?" Monty asked as he set his stuff down. "I'm Monty," he said as he stuck a hand out for a handshake.
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Noah looked at the boy as shook his hand and said. "Hey there. Im Noah, nice to meet ya!" He said as he smiled at him and Flame waved, and Queen once again, hid behind Noah's bag and under his chair and Noah let out a Chuckle at this. He then looked at Montu and said. "Hey, do you know this guy's Trainer? I found him on the Boat." he said as he held up the Poochyena up to Monty.
The siblings had already made their way to the auditorium as they were already in the front of the seats both Eevee's and Rockruffs sat on the siblings lap as they watched was going on. Blue and Wolfa on JC's lap while Sparkx and Eclipse on Shadow's lap. They looked around for the moment to see of there was a trainer worried about finding a Pokemon they had lost.-
Brian looked around when he heard the announcement and smiled, when he was handed one of the guidebooks, he wasted no time and had no trouble when he tried to find the auditorium. He wasn't picky on where he sat, so he sat on one of the middle rows while his Pokemon followed and decided to sit on his lap, although found this adorable, he got out Ralts and Gothita's Pokeballs to return them and put them in his inner peacoat pockets.
Monty thought for a moment, trying to recall whether or not he had ever seen the Poochyena before. "I think I saw it hanging around a short boy with a ponytail on the ship," Monty said after a few seconds. He did a quick glance around to see if he could spot the ponytail, it would after all be hard to miss. "He must not be here yet," Monty decided after he couldn't see the ponytail sticking up from any seats.

Kitsune Kiara

Previously Keen Kitsune
Leila relaxed into her plush seat and started flipping through the book. Just as she had hoped, there was a complex map in there. Her eyes widened as she saw all the different rooms the school offered. Is that what rich people experience normally? She remembered the places she wanted to explore later before closing the book. She pushed herself up as she waited for the assembly to start. Her eyes would dart around the room before coming back to rest on the stage. "I wonder if I can sleep while waiting. I guess not though, better not risk it," she murmured sadly. Her hand went up to her ultra balls hanging from her hat. They were shrunken down unless needed and looked like accessories. She decided to let them out later when she was somewhere private. Her hand fell down to her side and she once again glanced around the room.