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  1. Rayveon

    Open Alola Pokemon School (Disscussion/Sign-Ups)

    Welcome all! This is a simple Alolan School RP. Not much storyline behind it yet, but there will be when the RP starts. I will only be accepting 7 more people into RP! 1: Rayveon (Ryan) 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: Bios: You can become a student or a teacher, Student Info Name: Age: (5-12) Gender...
  2. Kayla The Steenee

    Open A Journey Through High School Discussion

    I found my high school yearbook earlier today and decided I really wanted to do a high school roleplay, so here we are! Also kind of basing this off Gilmore Girls, seeing as there may be a new season of it soon I wanted to make the town based off it a little! It's your first day at your new...
  3. ~Patriot~

    Private/Closed The Very Best - Pokemon Academy Discussion and Sign-Ups

    Hello (your name), You have been invited to join the prestigious Cedar Academy, the very best in Pokémon trainer education. At Cedar Academy, you will learn the basics of Pokémon education, and once you get through those classes we will take regular field trips off-campus. The campus rests on...
  4. LillianThePaint

    Ask to Join A Highschool Roleplay Probably

    what are names-) Lillian walked into the school. First day. Alright. No biggie! You got this. Easie peasie lemon squeezy. Who even says that anymore? Not you. Because that's not cool. That's weird. Don't make people think you are weird. Even though you are- NO. Self-esteem! Normal people have...
  5. UmbreonEevee

    Ask to Join Pokémon School (RP)

    Midnight sighed as she walked out, with her backpack, of her little house and walked to school. She loved to be early at school since most other Pokemon didn't like school or they were just busy so they either went late or on time. She's never liked crowds since it was always filled with many...
  6. UmbreonEevee

    Ask to Join Pokémon Schoool (Discussion)

    As the name suggests, this is a school for Pokémon. You can be any Pokemon you want to be but you can't be invincible. You will learn things that humans do and you will also learn to battle. The grade this takes place is eighth grade. If you would like to be a teacher then you may, but you have...
  7. StardustSpeedway

    Open Pokèhigh school RP

    A highschool made for pokmon you will take classes to help improve yourself and your skills as well as daily training and since the school isn't near civilization homes for the students that attend the school Rules: No ledgendary,mythical,ub,or mega pokemon You can learn attacks that your...

    Open Capelle's School for Higher Education

    (Hello, hello! I am so excited to start this roleplay off, so with that I extend a warm welcome to all new students. This is a unique Pokémon school roleplay that has a LOT of information for it. Thus, before you consider joining, please check out our discussion board...

    Open Capelle's School for Higher Education

    Hi! I'm Believe, a new Pokecharm user but NOT a new roleplayer or fan of Pokemon. Thank you so much for checking out Capelle's School for Higher Education, and I hope you enjoy the content below. However, know that this is not just a school; trouble is brewing in the midst, and for the...
  10. Aon

    Ask to Join Dark Link

    General Information: This is a romance / adventure themed roleplay which is different than the original Pokémon series. (I am especially looking at homosexual partners for this roleplay.) We are in the academia of Dark Link, New York city. Centuries before today’s world, even before people...
  11. Cryronn the Mudkip

    Ask to Join Pokemon Alola High

    This is the Rping board for those who have signed up at the discussion board: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-alola-high.16666/ . Just to clarify, this Rp is baised in Ha'Oli City. We will take different Feild Trips to the various island trials throughout the Rp. In doing so you will get...
  12. Orion778

    Ask to Join Battle Tech University

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-battle-university-sign-ups.16232/ Sign ups here. Welcome to Battle Tech University. BTU is the most esteemed Pokémon trainer school In the world. Located in LaRousse city, Hoen region. It boasts the most sophisticated trainer experience. Our courses are...
  13. Orion778

    Open Pokémon Battle University Sign-Ups

    Welcome to Battle Tech University. BTU is the most esteemed Pokémon trainer school In the world. Located in LaRousse city, Hoen region. It boasts the most sophisticated trainer experience. Our courses are highly competitive and geared towards making you a stronger, faster, and smarter Pokémon...
  14. Charm25

    Open Mystery with Poke Academy

    Welcome to Poke Academy where a mystery unfold and where two friends together with their Pokemon Partner have mission to find out what dark secrets Poke Academy are hiding as well try to make friends and collect information. Character sheet Name: Age: Year: Gender: Birthday: Appearance...
  15. Deadscopez

    Ask to Join Pokemon University! (PokeU)

    Set in the Fictional region Chukan (Japanese word for Middle) Chukan is sort of a hub for pokemon trainers, being somewhat in the centre of all the regions locations there are trains, Planes and Boats to go to each Region. All of the Characters from the games exist in this universe, though No...
  16. Princess Lilia (Lilly)

    Open Pokemon Highschool

    Welcome to Pokemon Highschool! Rules: No Legendaries No Shinies Bio: Name: Team: Age: Crush: Family Members: Other: Have Fun!
  17. Sky_

    Open Elemental school RP

    This is an RP idea I had, based on the different elements and a school where you can be trained in using them correctly. Either use one of the four primal elements, or some more obscure ones (eg. Tech, death, life). Main thread at https://pokecharms.com/threads/elemental-school.15423/ Rules...
  18. Lil Eliza123

    Open A Harry Potter theamed RP???

    How does a Harry Potter themed RP sound i personally really like Harry potter and i think it would be cool if i could start an RP about it so if your interested please fill out the form bellow: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Age: Gender: House: Year...
  19. Trainer Roxy!

    Open Pokemon Training School

    Welcome to Pokemon Training School! This is for any Trainer to come and practice,relax, or Just bond with your Pokemon! This also is a sanctuary for wild Pokemon,and at the same time a School!You can role play as a Pokemon or a Trainer.Also you can train your Pokemon on obedience to Moves...
  20. tylerrrrrr

    Open Kanto Camp

    To join enter your: Name:Kiz Age:13(dosen't have to be actual age) home:Lumiose City, Kalos Region Childhood hero:Sir Aaron Childhood hero's pokemon: Lucario My signature pokemon: Hawlucha Trainers i'm friends with: Alain, Sawyer, First professor met: Professor Sycamore First pokemon: Hawlucha