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Ask to Join Pokémon School (RP)

Midnight sighed as she walked out, with her backpack, of her little house and walked to school. She loved to be early at school since most other Pokemon didn't like school or they were just busy so they either went late or on time. She's never liked crowds since it was always filled with many people and she's always tired her best to avoid crowds. She walked quietly to the school though she hadn't made it there yet she had already started thinking about what she needed for the day.
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Zenix's alarm went off which caused him to slowly wake up. He groaned as he got up and turned off the alarm. He got ready, put on his backpack, walked out of his house and started to make his way towards school. Zenix sighed as he walked.
Rowl's Alarm went off, but he hit the snooze button and fell back asleep, and then he woke up an hour later and saw it was almost time for school. "What I can't miss my first day I have to be at the bus in 5 minutes." Rowl said. Rowl got ready for his first day and got to the bus on time. As the bus arrived at the school he saw Zenix who he has known forever and then a new girl that he instantly developed a crush on. Rowl thought "I have to get her name". Rowl walked off the bus and entered the building to his school and got to his first class and sat down next to midnight.
Midnight had sat down in the corner seat next to a window when a Rowlet sat down next to her. She glanced at him then she lightly blushed. She looked back down at her backpack and got her things out for ELA.
A few seconds after Zenix got off the bus, a Purrloin made him trip, causing him to fall. "Whoops, sorry," she said sarcastically and laughed as she walked away. Her two friends, which were a Poochyena and Minccino, also laughed as they walked beside the Purrloin. Zenix sighed in sadness as he stood up. Those three have been bullying him ever since he got his scar. Zenix entered ELA and sat behind Midnight. He saw her and blushed a bit, but the blush instantly disappeared after he noticed Rowl having an interest in her. 'So much for getting to know her,' he thought to himself as he sighed and looked down.
"Hey Zenix what's up I haven't seen you all summer why"? Rowl asks Zenix. Rowl looks at zenix for a couple of seconds and then looks at Midnight again.
Midnight watched as Zenix entered the room and blushed lightly again then looked down. She heard him sit behind her, her blush never leaving her face after glancing at Rowl and Zenix. She listened to the two exchange words as she got her pencil and her notepad ready to write down notes. She was a bit curious to hear what they would say so she was listening to them talk.
"Oh, hi Rowl," Zenix said as he looked up at Rowl, "No reason, I've just been... busy...." Zenix spent the majority of his summer watching anime and also other shows he liked. Not to mention playing video games.
Rowl thought to him self and almost said it outloud "Wow Ireally like Her but i don't know her name!" Rowl mumbled not knowing he almost said it out loud. "Oh ok I was at Regions of fun and Shiny Pokemon City" Rowl told Zenix.
Zenix couldn't hear what Rowl mumbled. "That's cool," he said with a slight smile. He looked at his left paw and noticed a scrape from the fall the three bullies caused him to have.
"Oh hey let me help with that Zenix" Rowl said. "Here is a potion to heal yourself with." Rowl told Zenix. Rowl starts daydreaming about midnight. After his work rowl had free time so he just decided to get on his pokedex and use his apps for it.
Midnight heard Rowl mumble something and she caught not of it so she blushed a bit deeper and tried to hide her face on her desk. She didn't want Zenix nor Rowl to find out that she was listening. Soon the teacher came in, a Shiny Vaporeon with bright blue eyes and looked at Rowl, noticing he was on his Pokédex. "Excuse me, sir but you are not allowed to be on your Pokédex," Ms. Ocean, the Vaporeon, said with a stern expression as she set her things on her desk. "Anyway, students, I'm Ms. Ocean and I need to take roll call so if you all will listen I will call roll." Soon she started ranting names that students either raised their paw or said "here". "Midnight?" Ms. Ocean asked to which Midnight raised her paw and he teacher nodded. "Zenix?" Ms. Ocean asked, looking around the room.
"Ok I'll put it up" Rowl says to Mrs Ocean. Rowl starts scribbling on a letter that he was gonna pass over to Midnight but then he lost it during class but when he found it it was hanging just outside of Midnight's bookbag. "Oh no she is onna see the note" Rowl thought
"Thanks," Zenix and sprayed the potion on his paw. He didn't want to get Rowl involved with the bullying he's experiencing. When he heard his name, Zenix raised his paw.
Ms. Ocean nodded and looked back down at her list, checking the net name. "Rowl?" She asked, looking around for him.
Midnight was surprised to learn that Zenix's name was Zenix but she quite liked the name though she wouldn't admit it. Her pencil fell out of her hand so she reached down to get it she saw a paper in her bookbag. She grabbed her pencil and the paper, and started to read the paper.
"Here" Rowl said. Rowl thought to himself"Oh no she is going to find out already I like her" Rowl thought. Rowl got to learn about some of his class today befor the bell rang.
Midnight heard the bell ring and unfortunately she only got to read the first line so she put the paper in her bag and began to put her things back in her bag. When she was done she headed to Math which was her second class.
"Midnight wait up" Rowl said to her. "We should compare our schedules I hae Math next then Evolution study then lunch" Rowl told midnight.
Rowl knows what the note said but luckily he didn't write his name on it.
Zenix put all of his stuff in his backpack and made his way towards AP Battle Class. Once he arrived, he took a seat in the middle of the class.
Midnight was startled at Rowl suddenly showing up and lightly blushed. "I-I also have Math n-next," she stuttered, looking down. Soon they entered the classroom and Midnight sat in the back corner by the window again and started to get her Math things out. Once she was satisfied she got the note and opened it and began to read it again. She finished it and by the time she had finished it she had a large, deep blush on her face. She put the note in her book bag and looked around, wondering if anyone in the class had wrote it or if it was all just a joke or something of the sort.
"Few she doesn't know I wrote the n-oops" Rowl said outloud.Rowl takes a seat next to Midnight again. "Wow we are sitting next to each other again" Rowl said.
Midnight nodded as she looked at Rowl, her blush turning to a light blush. "Yes, it does s-seem s-so," she said and mentally cursed for stuttering. She hen looked at the door as students piled in, all of them looking at her wierdly and she knew it was because of her fur color.
(OOC: Performing a slight time skip on my characters since they are a little late to the party. I might also have some NPC teachers take the instructor's place since we all seem to have different classes.)


Ace and Tyler headed to their next class after being done with the first and having their brief introductions to each other.

"S- so... where you going... n- ne- next?" Ace asked with constant stuttering.

"I'm headed to advanced placement math, I heard from someone earlier that it's a bit hard, but... how can it be that hard when I've done plenty of those in a hospital back in my day?" Tyler wrote in his response on his clipboard.

"W- why d- do y- yo- you... wr... ite... so m- mu- much... l- li- like... t- hat, I a- am a b- bi- bit cur... ious," Ace hesitantly inquired with noticable concern.

Ace saw Tyler stepping back a little after hearing his seemingly dreaded question, as he thought, "Maybe I should ask him at another time... and well, I suppose that we got another class together. We should go before we're late like we almost were back in that first class."

Tyler went over to the classroom that was for math, but it seemed to be displayed in accordance for gifted students due to the two letters that valiantly stood before the word math on the sign next to the classroom's entryway. He silently took his seat closest to the exit in the front row, while Ace patiently sat to his left. He patiently waited for the instructor while fidgeting with his hands and clipboard. Ace seemed to be doing the same thing minus Tyler's extreme fidgeting, as he gave a little prayer in hopes that the teacher would give at least some slack to the two.
Midnight sighed as she looking at the door for the teacher. Soon the teacher walked into the classroom with a smile and started to take roll though Midnight's mind was on the contents of the note though when the teacher called her name she raised her hand.
Midnight out her hand down and looked down at her desk. "Rowl?" The teacher asked as he looked around the room for the owner of the name. Midnight glanced at Rowl then looked back down at her notebook on her desk, her tail curled around her paws as she sat.
Crescent sighed, nervously adjusting her backpack. She was good. Doing good. Yes, she was alright. Deep breath in.... 2. 3. Exhale.

She repeated the action, calming her stuttering heart, before creeping into History. She had done good, got into her first class no problem. Avoided unwanted interaction. Sinking deeper into the hoodie her father wordlessly let her borrow, she hid her sparkling silver fur. It didn't help calm her nerves much, being nigh the only shiny in the school (that she had seen), and her Shiny Vaporeon Teacher didn't help as much. It was easier being an adult, if you were a kid in a school and shiny, you were bombarded with the attention. Had she been different, maybe she would have adored the admiration.

But, that was not the case. And so, it was probably best to continue hiding, and her glare managed to scare off would be teasers of her isolated nature away. Again, she chose an empty seat near the back of the room. She adjusted the bow around her neck, allowing the golden treasure hanging from it to dangle outside her black hoodie. The soft ringing of the soothe bell calmed her nerves, the air around her suddenly more placid than before. She could do this.

Suddenly, something inside the hoodie buzzed, and she pulled out her Pokedex, a simple message across the screen. She smiled at the goofy selfie and kind words, before quickly stashing the device away, relaxing into the calm and quiet class. Students around her seemed bored, and while she wasn't interested in history, she was able to learn quickly because of the "boring" atmosphere.
Crescent gazed at the incredibly well groomed Furfrou at the head of the room rectangle spectacles firmly squeezed onto his snout, his fur white like snow, snipped finely down to the last hair. Some sections died deep blue in the style of a Pharaoh Trim. She recognized its features almost instantly, thanks to being raised in Kalos for some time by her parents. It was a fitting trim, historic, elegant, and snooty just like the Furfrou teaching the class and the general atmosphere.

He listed names, that's right listed, didn't call, he listed them. Each name was listed off with a scoff, his snooty Kalos accent ringing through the class like a shrill church bell. Crescent already felt uneasy with him teaching the class. All she had to do was lay low-


"Here, monsieur."

The well groomed dog perked, raising a surprised eyebrow at the Eevee in the back of the room. He gave her a once over, recognizing the slip up, her own Kalos influence slipping into her voice because of her carelessness. Crescent gulped, she wanted to melt into the floor, into a dark room never to surface again just to escape the surprised gaze of her teacher and the students staring at her.

Way to go girl, way to lay low! She chided herself.
Midnight glanced at Rowl before turning back to her notebook. She was thinking about starting to write her story again but she didn't know what would happen next. She sighed as she closed her eyes then reopened them with a blank expression as she contemplated on whether or not to continue writing her story at this moment. The teacher nodded when Rowl said 'here' and began calling out more names until the list was done. "Okay students, now we are going to start a lesson...," the teacher began saying but Midnight didn't really listen to it much though she copied the notes into her notebook with the same blank expression and no interest in the subject though she did do what she was told.
Crescent shrunk further and further into her hoodie as the class dragged on. Ah yes, Professor Pharaoh as she dubbed him, clearly favored the Kalosian girl in the back. Gradually, instead of reviewing all of the region's history (minus her own, undiscovered home of course, not that she'd be much of a help with the history of it), had repeatedly asked questions about Kalos. Each time everyone expected Crescent to answer, which she did to the best of her ability. And she hated how she was the only student participating. Sweat matted her fur under the hoodie, and her soothe bell and breathing techniques were starting to fail her.
A few questions were asked and a few more notes were taken before the bell rang and Midnight began to put her things into her book bag. She had decided that she wouldn't write her book at school and that she would just write it at home. She stood up, walked out of the door of Math and began heading to her next class: AP Mega Evolution Study. This class was one of the classes she was most excited about since she loved the idea of mega evolving though she knew that it would be a long time before she would ever mega evolve. She walked into the classroom for her third class, sitting in the back corner desk again as she got weird stares from other Pokemon which she mostly kept them away with her glare.
Once the bell rang, Zenix walked out of the classroom and made his way towards Pokemon Study. When he entered the class, he took a seat in the back corner near a window.
Ace and Tyler gasped at the instructor that floated into the room, as she introduced herself as Doctor Meryl. She wrote some stuff on the whiteboard and said, "Alright class, as some of you may know, I'm Doctor Meryl... and I am going to be your instructor for advanced placement mathematics. In case if no one knows who I am, I'm simply a Chimecho, who is simply the Pokémon with that nice ring to it. This class is going to be quite tough for those that don't study as much like one particular student from last year, so please remember to do your best."

She took a gulp of air and continued, "Now, of course... aside from your typical school rules that we all would expect here, I do not mind food and drinks, but we can't be having a feast and all drinks must be in secure containers. Going to the lavatory is fine if you just ask first since I know that everyone including me can't hold it forever now can we? Anyway, let's cut to the chase... we are just going to be doing a bit of review first to refresh our memories before proceeding to the basics of calculus and other parts such as career math to prepare everyone for the future to come."

She wrote a few equations and other terms with their definitions as mostly everyone seemed to be taking their unique, but surely summarized notes after analyzing the newly written information on the whiteboard. Almost everyone seemed to behave in a manner deemed satisfactory to Doctor Meryl, as numerous questions from various students were asked and swiftly answered before the bell echoed its distinct dings and dongs to indicate that Ace and Tyler's second class was over.

After the resonating sounds ended, the two got up and headed over to their respective classes. Just as they were about to part paths to their destinations, an Aipom from the prior class got in front of Tyler and said with a pressing tone, "Heh, you sure are one heck of a teacher's pet... tell ya what, how about you do all of my homework and I won't be beating on you like those silly kids back in that other school."

Tyler reached into his pocket and kept his hand on a vial-like object, as he gave a slight glare and replied, "W- why... should... I... co- comply?"

Sensing a possible brawl about to eurpt, Ace scurried back to Doctor Meryl after picking up their clear quarreling. After a hurried talk with Doctor Meryl, she floated along with Ace and went over towards Tyler and the Aipom that seemed to be engaged by physical means now. She used her paranormal force to separate and restrain the two with a swift amount of kinesis involved. She gave off a deep sigh, as she stated, "Alright you two, before I go letting you both off to your next classes... I'd like to hear your stories first. I am not biased towards any student, so please do not blame me for anything. You, the seal... you're up first."

"M- me... do I really... h- ha... ve... to explain it... when no one is going... to... umm... wh... at... i- is that... word for... accepting something as the t- tr- truth?" Tyler replied after concealing his tearing eyes.

"Yes little seal, you must tell me your side of the story, and ahem... Like I said, I am not biased towards any student. The word you are seeking is believe. Do you understand?" Doctor Meryl asserted.

Tyler gave a vague nod, as she said, "Good, now please explain your side then. I may excuse the two of you for being tardy for your next class depending on how behaved you two are."

Tyler's body shook like a cascading tower, as he babbled, "H... e... w- w- w- w- w- as... I... c- c- c- c- a... n... n- t..."

Doctor Meryl eyed over Tyler's face that seemed to be covered in a flood of tears, as she asked, "Can't what? Do you need me to take you over to my office or something?"

Tyler shook his head in a vigorous motion, as Ace gave a slight groan and said, "Okay, if my little friend doesn't wanna talk, then I... suppose I- I- wi- will. So, that Aipom over there got in front of him... and he was bullying him with words at first. He said something a- about... umm... i- it was... about telling him to do his homework, or else he'd get his butt beaten up... y- yeah, I think that's how it w- we- went... and then... they both got into a f- fi- fight..."

Doctor Meryl glanced over at the Aipom and gave off another deep sigh, as she stated, "Now, it's your turn monkey mate. State your side of the story, I want to hear what you bring to this table."

The Aipom scratched his back with his tail after noticing Tyler's twitching arms and foaming mouth, as he blurted, "Umm... you see, I was walking past by and I saw that seal kid drop something, so I wanted to help him out with something, and then he just got a bit upset you know? Yeah, that's wh-"

Suddenly, he was stopped by an interjection as Tyler roared, "THAT'S NOT HOW IT WENT YOU LYING RAT! HOW ABOUT YOU SHUT YOUR DANG MOUTH FOR ONCE AND... STOP... BULLYING... ME!" His scowling blue eyes glowered with utmost umbrage at the Aipom, as he fired a highly pressurized shot of water towards him and readied another to be fired straight at the whites of his eyes.

Doctor Meryl gulped in some air, as she conveyed to Ace, "Look buddy, things are about to get ugly here... especially since I might need to deal with this little seal later. I suggest for you to go over to your next class. Since I know that you might be late even if you go at a runner's pace, here's a pass for you. Just present it to the teacher, it's all legitimate. If they ask anything, just say that it's from me and it should be fine from there. I'll handle these two myself, do take care now." Ace gave a hesitant nod towards Doctor Meryl and hastily walked towards his next class after wiping off a moderate amount of sweat on his forehead.
Crescent quickly tried to duck her way out of the classroom, but was stopped by a paw on her shoulder causing her to leap at least twice her height. She bounced to quickly face her teacher, who was absolutely beaming down at her, and she struggled to steel her nerves.

"Tu est très intelligent mademoiselle!" He exclaimed, Crescent sheepishly replying back in her second language. "Ah! Perhaps, if you would not mind, considering being a tutor for les autres étudiants? I can already tell dzat they will be struggling zis year oh la la...."

Crescent gave him a crooked smile, "Suuu-rrrree," she ground her teeth, and scurried away quickly after a few more words of exchange. She pressed her back against the wall near her next class, the hallway somewhat empty. A paw was over her heart, the poor Eevee gasped and nearly breaking down. Ok, that conversation wasn't so bad after all... But oh go TUTORING? What was she thinking!? Community arrive, extra credit, that was nothing compared to having to be ALONE with someone and having to TALK with them!

She groaned, quickly sending a message to her parents informing them of her horrendous mistake and that she would be coming home a bit later today, and probably everyday. Pulling her hood up, ringing her bell, hiding her shiny fur as much as she could, she felt a bit more secure. She just had to go to class and then lunch began. She nodded, walking into class....

And discovered that everyone in there stared at her entrance. She gulped, looking down to shroud her face in shadows. A quick glance found an empty seat in the back next to a red eyed Eevee who glared at anyone who looked her way. She wanted to shrink away from the states, especially those red eyes.

Her whiskers glowed in the dark hoodie, gently casting an under light on her fur, and making her white pupils shine. She softly, and coldly, stared in the general direction of those staring until they looked away, inching to the open seat on the back. She plopped into the seat, bell ringing soothing noises to her as it hung outside the hoodie, which she adjusted, just wanting to hide and not make eye contact with the Eevee next to her.
Blaze was happy that he no longer is in ELA as he walks in to his Ap mega evolution study. Luckily for Blaze this class was super easy for him because he know a lot mega evolution. When he walks in class he saw his teacher. His teacher is a Lucario.

"Hello class I'm your Ap teacher. My name is Mr. Blu.", he said. Mr. Blu grabs a chalk and starts to write different name of the evolution. Blaze took note quickly. "Alright class by show of hand believes that your species have a mega evolution" Mr. Blu said as he put his paw up. Blaze was the only one with his hand up.

" Ok state your name and what mega do you have." Mr. Blu said. "Hi my name is Blaze and my mega evolutions is mega charizard X and Y." he said. "Both are mega evolution of charizard but you can spot the difference" he continue. He pulled a picture to show the difference of their shape and color of the mega charizard.

Blaze finish explaining about the mega evolution of charizard. Mr. Blu said, "Good job. You explain with detail and evidence." Blaze was glad that his classmates and his teacher likes his presentation.
As Ace got to his class a few minutes late, he looked over at the Chestnaught that was at the instructor's desk and handed him his pass. The Chestnaught nodded and pointed his seat to be in the middle row next to a Plusle. He went over to his seat and noiselessly sat on the Plusle's right side, while the Chestnaught got his attendance sheet and changed the mark of his name to present. He pointed to the written information on his whiteboard soon after, as he stated, "Alright class, I am Mr. Carter and today is going to be an easy day, but this subject of Pokémon Study in the gifted area isn't going to be. Since we are all different however, it is a good idea to know as much as we can before we all get into the real world."

He pointed his pointer towards the rules section, as he explained the typical school expectations and moved towards assessing everyone to see where they stood within the knowledge of Pokémon after all.

In the meantime, Tyler was certainly not having it with his prior instructor and a certain Aipom. His bawls and wails echoed throughout the hallways, as most of the classrooms nearby were thankfully unable to hear most of the uproar thanks to its closed doors. Tyler fired yet another shot of highly dense, but surely pressurized water at the Aipom's eyes; briefly blinding him in the process. It was followed by a barrage of icicles, most of which seemed to hit the likely defenseless Aipom; though Doctor Meryl swiftly eluded the ones that unintentionally came for her.

Doctor Meryl gulped after taking notice of Tyler's combat, as she thought, "This seal doesn't look like your ordinary kid... He is kinda smart for such a little seal, but something tells me that he's either having that half and half condition or that I'll have to probably find out what's really going on with him." She took in a deep breath of concentration and attempted to fully bind Tyler in his place. However, its chances seemed nil as Tyler was not going to be submitting to her anytime soon.

She gave a deep groan, as she thought, "Great... so this little seal boy doesn't wanna give in huh? I guess I might have to probably take him to the Nurse or something if he can't keep his cool." She took in a deep breath, as she wrote a note in a hurried manner and handed it to Tyler. She executed a good amount of psychic energy towards Tyler and the Aipom, as the two were gone after some mere seconds.

The two found themselves in the Nurse's Office soon after, as Doctor Meryl went back to her office to fill out some urgent paperwork. The Nurse turned around after hearing the distinct sound that could only be from a Chimecho's teleportation, as she said, "So, we've got a little baby seal that's acting very cranky and a monkey that don't look so good. Boy, the first days of school are sure crazy these days! Alright... enough with that, I already see the note that the seal has, so I already know what's going on."

She took the note with a little force involved, as Tyler did not exactly seem to care too much about it. She noticed Tyler already giving the poor Aipom yet another smack, as she grabbed him with her vines and stated, "Now now little seal, we don't hit people okay? I understand that you're a bit upset, but that's not the best way to let off some steam." The brightly red, blossomed flower on her neck emitted a fragrance towards the two in her hopes of getting especially Tyler pacified before the next period would commence. She gave a light sigh and thought, "I seriously hope this works... I'll probably see if I can talk to that seal kid at some point today since this seems a bit fishy already."
Midnight looked at the new Shiny and tall Eevee that entered the room though she had a hood on her head and on her body. Though Midnigt saw the smallest sparkle in Cresant's fur which caused her eyes to soften and not glare at her. So far the Shiny had warded everyone off by softly glaring at them though Midnight could never really softly glare at anyone because of her dark red eyes that made everyone avoid her gaze and leave her alone. She continued to look at the Shiny with awe since Midnight had always wondered what it would be like if she had lighter fur rather than the black fur that always made her get bullied though the bullies never stayed the same.
Soon the late bell rang and the teacher walked in. Mr. Blu walked in, a Lucario, and another Pokémon that Midnight didn't pay attention to had explained the difference between a Mega Charizard X and a Mega Charizard Y while she wrote down a few notes in her notebook. Midnight looked down, her eyes narrowed as she thought about after school when he would have to go back to her worn down house that had been hit by rocks and other things many times along with being half burned once. She sighed and returned to her notes, her tail curled around her lower body though it was twitching quite the bit.