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Haise was sitting on top of the school roof waiting for the bell to ring and sees a girl made of paint.... "hmm weird people already...." she mumbles to her self she jumps down without injury and walks inside of the school she looked around at all the weird people "wow i guys im not the only weird one anymore heh" she laughed she walked to her locker as everyone stared at her
Lillian glances at the pale girl standing at her locker just down the hall. She could tell that everyone was staring at the girl, and decided to, y'know, talk to her. Easy. Simple. Just, go talk to her.
Just. Go. Talk. To. Her.
She sucked in a breath and shut her locker, walking down to Haise. Conversation topics! Conversation topics?!
"umhi uh- I don't know where my class is, do you think you could show me??" Way to go, now you seem like an incompetent moron.
"Well, what class do you have...." she said with her fist slightly balled into a fist as she elbowed her locker making it open and grabbing her stuff she closed it "so what is it...?" she said smugly and her looked slightly demented as all the students in the hall looked at Haise and surprised at the girl who had the courage to talk to her
ugh... I have science with this loser Haise thought "follow me..." she started walking and someone bumped into her "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING BITC-" she stopped herself and just pushed him down and continued to walk
Lillian followed.
Be cool be cool be cool be cool be cool- pay attention you almost walked into a wall. God.
She flinched when the girl had started shouting. Loud noises didn't mix well with Lillian. She tried to act subtle about it though. She just didn't understand why everyone was staring at the girl. If anything, they would stare at Lillian, wouldn't they? The girl could have a skin issue, and could be wearing color contacts. Lillian was, well, blue. Made out of paint. She wasn't even sure if she physically had a brain, or a heart, or any of that stuff.
At least she was being subtle..?
OOC: You can be the teachers

She finally gets to the room here it is she walks in chooses the desk in the farthest back in the corner desk she sits puts her stuff down and slams her head on the desk so hard you'd think it would snap in half she puts one head bud in her right ear and listens to music while the teacher says instructions
Lillian chooses a seat in the middle row, and glances up at the teacher. She was going over the syllabus for the classroom. She had long, thin red hair, reminding Lillian of a wisp. She cleared her throat awkwardly.
"So, now to behavioral expectations. Basically, how I want you to act. Y'know, the normal be polite and stuff. But, uh, all species? I don't want to report any bullying or anything. That kinda sucks. 'cause, y'know, we're all.. alive?? We're all people. Not all of us are human, but we're all people." The way she kept glancing at her paper suggested that this was a speech she had written notes for, but not the full script.