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general rp

  1. Økama

    Open Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Roleplay (Sign Up/Discussion)

    Hello and welcome! This is my first general RP ever so yeah... WARNING: THIS RP WILL HAVE MAJOR PLOT AND STORY SPOILERS FOR XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 2 RULES (PLEASE READ): Follow basic Pokecharms RP Rules Don't curse to much but it IS allowed Two Rare Blade per OC Rare Baldes are first come first...
  2. LillianThePaint

    Ask to Join A Highschool Roleplay Probably

    what are names-) Lillian walked into the school. First day. Alright. No biggie! You got this. Easie peasie lemon squeezy. Who even says that anymore? Not you. Because that's not cool. That's weird. Don't make people think you are weird. Even though you are- NO. Self-esteem! Normal people have...
  3. The legend of pika

    Ask to Join Power rangers: cyber racers

    After the race of ancestors 10,000 years ago, the power rangers defeated the evil tirtrax from takeing over the world. Now, in the present, tirtrax has returned, and the last remaining ranger has found possible recrutes for the new power rangers. -----------------------------------------------...