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Ask to Join Pokemon Alola High

This is the Rping board for those who have signed up at the discussion board: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-alola-high.16666/ . Just to clarify, this Rp is baised in Ha'Oli City. We will take different Feild Trips to the various island trials throughout the Rp. In doing so you will get Z-Crystals. Another thing, you may NOT have legendaries in your Rps. Keep those in your head. I'll start off the Rp.

Tommy was walking about Ha'Oli City. He had a Poke'Ball in hand and was ready for school. He then saw the sprawling campus. He saw the Oak Beams supporting the Palm-Wood floors. Grass and Leaf roofs lined the school's classrooms. Tommy was in awe of this amazing campus. Then, a man walked up to him. "Alola! You must be..." The man asked. "Alola, I'm Tommy! I'm a new student here. Do you know where Principal Kukui is?" Asked Tommy. "Hahaha! I'm Principal Kukui, but just call me Kukui." Kukui answered. "Wow, really? Cool. By the way, can you direct me to room 112?" Asked Tommy. "Go up the Red-Marked stairs and the classroom is on the right. Can't miss it." Kukui answered. "Mr.Oak will be teaching that class." Tommy bolted off, sending out a Litten and a Grubbin. The Grubbin perched on his shoulder and the Litten ran beside him. "Thank you, Mr.Kukui!" Yelled Tommy as he was running. "Hahaha!" Kukui laughed when Tommy was out of earshot. "He is s real hot head, don't you think, Rockruff?" He said to a Puppy-Like Pokemon standing next to him. "Ruff!" Said the Rockruff.


Previously Manu456Alola
Manuel walked around Ha'Oli City, looking for the school, excited. With Pichu on his shoulder and Litten right beside him, he was ready to go to the Pokémon school. He finally found the building, and went inside. "If I remember correctly, I must go to Room 112." Manuel thought to himself. He then saw a man with a cap, sunglasses and a white coat. "He must be the Principal!" Manuel thought. He ran over to the man, Litten following him. "Uh, excuse me, sir. Are you Principal Kukui?" He asked the man in the white coat.
Joy was walking with a Pokeball in hand. Inside was her new partner Rowlet. Joy tossed the pokeball, a malasada in her mouth, as Rowlet came out, and perched on Joy's shoulder. "Ready, Rowlet? First day of school!" Joy said, stretching her arms, as she neared the school. She walked up the Red-Marked stairs, like her mom had told her. Her mom had gone to the same school. She walked into room 112, and took a seat, near the front of the classroom.
Kukui laughed. "I get asked that a lot!" He then looked to the sky. "Why yes I am. You know, a boy kinda like you just ran by. The room you need to report to is room 112. I saw a girl go up there, too. You should meet them!" Said Kukui.

Meanwhile, Tommy was in the seats next to Manuel and Joy. He looked at Joy, and then did the Alola-Wave. "Alola! My name is Tommy! What's yours?" Greeted Tommy. He hoped this girl would be a friend, not a foe.


Previously Manu456Alola
"Thanks!" Manuel said, and ran over to room 112. Pichu held hard to Manuel's shirt, and Litten started to look tired. Manuel returned Litten to his Pokéball for him to rest. Manuel entered room 112, and took a seat near Joy and Tommy. He was excited, and looked at one of the windows, the bright sunlight going through it. Pichu looked at the other students, curious.
Tommy looked at the new arrivals questioningly. He pondered, as well as Joy, if they would be friend or foe. "Alola!" Greeted Tommy. His Grubbin and Litten went up to his Pichu to play. "Heh, looks like Shock and Blaze have allready made some new friends!" Laughed Tommy.

The announcements for early kids came on. "Hello, welcome to your first day at Alola high! Today's lunch menu will be: Main Entrés:Sweet Malasada, Spicy Malasada, or Berry Salad. Sides:Fries, Chicken Fries, Apples, Pears, Carrots, Cucumbers, and Oarn Berries. Drinks:Lum Juice, Oarn Juice, Pecha Juice, Nanab Juice, and Wacan Juice. Desserts:Mythical Malasada(While supplies last) or a Peice of Carrot Cake.

Have a wonderful day! These announcements will come on later when everyone is here.
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Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Greyson had just arrived at Alola after keeping his Carios journey on hiatus for a bit. He also brought along his Coburnt, Inferno, the starter region of the Carios Region. "Can you believe it Inferno? We're in Alola about to go to school!" Greyson said excitedly. "Too bad we had to put our Carios Journey on hold for a bit though, but don't worry! We'll be back for the Grand Festival and the Carios League!" Inferno hissed sadly, but agreed anyways. "Aye, at least you've got Storm and Melody to keep you company." Greyson finally found the school campus and casually jogged in. The moment he had stepped in, Greyson was in awe. Looking at his schedule that was mailed to him back at Sinnoh, he was now supposed to find Room 112 for Homeroom by 9:00. "How about letting everyone else adventure around with us?" Greyson asked to no one particular. Throwing two other Pokeballs, out came Storm the Shinx and Melody the Swablu. "Hey guys! Welcome to our new adventure in Alola!"
"Alola! My names Joy! And this is my partner Rowlet." Joy said to Tommy, as she gave him a close eyed smile. Then she saw another boy walk in, and sit near her and Tommy. "Hello, there! I'm Joy, and this is Rowlet, and this is Tommy, the friend that I literally just met." Joy said, sweat dropping, as Rowlet swooped around, as a sign of hello.


Previously Manu456Alola
"Alola! I'm Manuel, and this Pichu right here is Sparky. Nice to meet you two!" Manuel replied, happy to be making some friends. Pichu jumped off Manuel's shoulder onto the seat, then swooped around like Rowlet, trying to mimic the Pokémon. Manuel then took out his journal and a pen and started writing on it.

"First day of school, and so far it's going great. I've made two friends, Joy and Tommy. Hope this gets even better!"

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Greyson walked into Room 112 with all 3 of his Pokémon beside him. Melody flying, Inferno around his neck, and Storm padded along side him. Seeing as there were a couple students in there already, Greyson decided to sit solo and let destiny take its place there, and partly because he was awkward in making new friends, so forcefully too. He wasn't one to take initiative, but rather go with the flow. But all his Pokémon had different plans. Melody flew over to a couple of kids with a Pichu and Rowlet, Inferno went next to the window to get sun-bathed, and Storm just sprawled all over the teacher's desk. "Oh no!" Greyson exclaimed. Jogging over to Melody who was disturbing the other group of kids, Greyson said, "Hi there, I'm sorry for my Swablu. All my Pokémon aren't usually like this." Greyson scratched the back of his head awkwardly.
Rowlet swooped down to Pichu, and motioned for it to get onto his back. Then he flew around, making sure the Pichu was holding on tight. "Hey! I'm Joy." Joy said to the new kid who took his Swablu. "And it's okay, I didn't really notice it." Joy said awkwardly, as she scratched the back of her head. It was strange, that the only people she met today were boys.
Robby walked into the large building, in aw of its beauty. Gem, his Sableye, sat on his shoulder with a big toothy grin in happiness. "Looks fun huh bud?" Sableye chuckled and clapped his small hands in approval. "Let's find our class." He began walking as he pulled out the small sheet of folded paper from his pocket and unfolded it. "Room 112: Professor Oak".

He raise his eyebrows in shock. "Oak? Amazing!" He thought to himself. He placed his hand on the poke ball on his waist band which held his Salandit. Robby walked into the class room, and saw many other students. He glanced around before making his way to the back, grabbing himself a back corner seat. Gem crawled down his shoulder and sat the end of his desk, swinging his legs.


Previously Manu456Alola
Pichu held on to Rowlet's back, and they took off. Pichu smiled at Rowlet and looked down at all the Pokémon and people. Manuel glanced at Pichu and Rowlet, and then over to Greyson and his Swablu. "Don't worry about it. It's natural that Pokémon act in an... unusual way every now and then.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Greyson glanced at the Pichu and Rowlet. "I can see why you say so." Greyson chuckled at what Manuel said. "My name is Greyson by the way." Greyson said to the whole group. Inferno and Storm suddenly decided to come back. Returning both Melody and Storm back to their respective Pokeball, leaving only Inferno out. Greyson decided to take the seat next to Joy, Tommy, and Manuel; he sat at the last corner of the 3 person group.
"So, I've never exactly heard of this school until now. What classes do we have?" Joy asked the group, wondering if anyone knew. At this time, Rowlet landed back on Manuel's desk, and had Pichu slide off, before flapping around, and landing back onto Joy's shoulder, with a respective nudge on her neck. Joy pet Rowlet affectionately.
Lexus walked into room 112 followed by a Shinx and two Riolus (one of which being Zorua) "Alola!" She yelled as she walked in, Lexus looked around the room and saw the group of four and Robby at the back of the room "screw it" she said to herself as she went and sat next to Robby "alola" Laxus said to Robby as she sat down, as she sat down Sparks jumped up onto her desk followed by the two Riolu's "names Lexus what about you?" She asked trying to make conversation
Robby looked over at the girl that sat next to him and stared for a few seconds, unprepared to talk to anyone new so suddenly. "Oh. Umm.." he cleared his throat, "I'm Robby. And this little guy is Gem." He replied, motioning his head towards the Sableye, who proceeded to stand up and hop onto her desk doing his sneaky little snicker he usually does when he's having fun.

Robby blinked in surprise, "Gem what are you do- .." he sighed knowing Gem will just ignore him. "I'm sorry about him. He likes to stick his nose in other people's business and isn't exactly accustomed to personal space." He said, the last part slightly louder trying to catch Gem's attention but alas, nothing. The sneaky little Pokémon sat criss cross staring at the other Pokémon with his gem eyes, showing his large, wide, toothy, and slightly creepy, grin.
While the whole ordeal of class time meeting was going on, Tommy and his Pokemon were just laughing in the corner. "Hey, Joy, Manuel! Want my Pokemon to play with yours?" He yelled to the group.
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(Sorry I'm Bit Late ) As Zack walked up to the Pokemon school, he felt a bit dizzy and thought of the stuff that could go wrong, and then remembered.


Zack dashed for school, his shiny Cyndaquil barely catching up. He bumped into a person and quickly said "Sorry", then he looked at the paper.

"112, got it!" then burst in, feeling really embarrassed.

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Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Greyson looked around from his desk to see not many students had appeared yet. Looking at his PokePod, the Carios variant of a PokePod, he could see that it is almost 9:00, the time homeroom starts. "Hey guys," Greyson wondered. "Shouldn't class be starting soon?" Greyson asked Tommy, Manuel, and Joy.

Inferno the Coburnt decided to do whatever nonsense he wanted to do. He went back to the window with most sun rays pelting down and began to sunbathe.
Zack decided to go back so he didn't want get embaressed even more So He Sat On the Back.Tea sat on his lap " Atleast I have you! " Then he looked at his egg wondering what Pokemon it will be. " Whatever Pokemon you'll be you will be strong " he smiled then started patting Tea.

He rememberd he packed his GameBoy " Always Trusty! " And started playing Pokemon blue
until class started
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(Sorry guys, I would like if you'd wait for me sometimes.)

Yeah sure! I'm sure Rowlet would love that!" Joy said, as Rowlet twirled his head around in joy. "And I feel like class should start soon." Joy added, as she heard Greyson speak. "And Alola to you too!" she said, to the girl who said Alola, to the whole class.
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(Sorry I'm late.)

Shane had just arrived at Alola after living in the Kalos region with his mother after the divorce. He brought his only two Pokémon with him, Dart the water starter from the Kalos region and Soundwave the dragon and flying type from the Kalos region . Shane was running to school as he had realised that he was meant to be in school . Flying next to him was Soundwave and on his shoulder was Dart. Shane finally found the school. He was meant to be in room 112.

Shane found room 112. He steeped into the classroom and saw students already at their desks. He went back to the class and sat down. He returned Soundwave while Froakie jumped off his shoulder sitting on the desk.
"I need to make some friends... " he got up and walked to a boy who was sitting in the back

" I- I'm Zack, and this is Tea, my dhiny Cyndaquil. Who are you?"

Tea quickly waved her hand to say hi to the Froakie.

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"I'm Shane and this is Dart a Shiny Froakie" Shane said, sending out his Noibat. "and this is my Noibat, Soundwave" He explained While Shan was talking to Zack, he could see that his Noibat had gone somewhere. He looked around to see Soundwave playing with tea. "Sorry about this but he's not usually like this" Shane said. finally an excuse to get away from him he thought.
Then, Professer Oak entered the classroom. "Alola!" Said Oak. "My name is Mr.Oak. You may know my cousin in Kanto." He then surveyed the class. "Okay, everyone, to your seats." He clapped. Tommy moved to his seat, with Blaze and Shock with him. "Okay, class. This is where we will discuss important events." He pulled out a sheet of paper with a diamond-like stone with a symbol on it, a cave, and a sillouette of a Pokemon. "This is the permission slip for the Feild trip to Verdant Cavern. This is so you can participate in the trial." He then looked at Tommy, seeing his Z-Ring with the Normalium already embedded in it. "Ah, I see we have someone who has already beaten the trial." Tommy flushed, and then looked around. "Yeah, I did it a few days ago. I haven't used the Z-Move yet, though. If anyone wants to see it, I could show you in battle class." He then looked to someone else, and flushed even harder. "Well, no use dwelling on that. Tommy, you can pass out the slips. Joy, you can pass out these club forms. These are for the various clubs you can participate in. And you, Shane. Pass out these classroom rule sheets. I think you know what these are." Tommy went up, embarrassed. He had never had so much attention from a teacher before. Much less the whole class. (If they were even litsening.)
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" w-w- Well i hope we can be friends " He smiled weakly he picked up tea and went back to his chair

~ WHAT WAS I THINKING ~ He thought to himself

But he was thinking to make a new friend, but maybe their be people trying talk to him! so with that new thought he went back to the gameboy

He took in a deep breath

" Oak didn't notice me heh " he muttered

He put the gameboy in his bag and patted tea back as she falls asleep he saw the egg wiggle but he thought that was in his head....
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Gem quickly leaped back to Robby's desk as the professor walked in. Robby stayed slumped in his chair, with his usual resting emotionless face. "Stay on your best behavior." He muttered to Gem under his breath. The mischievous little Pokémon turned around, stuck his tongue out at Robby, and turned back around with his back towards Robby. He glanced around the room quickly as the papers were being passed out by the professor, looking for something to get into.
Tea woke up and saw Gem she swiftly ran towards Gem with out Zack she jumped on the desk and waved her hand out to Gem wondering to make friends...
"Why do I have to do I have to pass out the classroom rule sheets , I doubt anybody would abide by these rules anyway" Shane muttered
"Dart, Soundwave come over here and help me pass these sheets out to everyone" He said. Soon everyone had one each of the sheets
the class rules, the permission slip and the club forms.
After Mr.Oak had read all the rules, the bell rang. "Okay, class. Onto your second class of the day! Remember to have those Trial permission slips in by Tuesday (its Monday in Rp time.)" Oak explained.

Tommy then left the class, looking for Manuel and Joy, both of which he had grown fond of. He found a pool of water. "Perfect!" Said Tommy, holding a Poke'Ball. He sent it out, revealing a Wishiwashi. "Hey, Shock, Blaze! Meet Schooler. I just caught it yesterday. I hadn't had the chance to show it to you since it was a water Pokemon, and I couldn't find the water source I found it in again." Blaze stepped back, while Shock(who is a shiny, by the way) came to play with Schooler. "Wishi, Washi!" Said the Wishiwashi, enjoying her new friend.
Robby stood from his desk quickly scooping up his bag and Gem before he had a chance to do something regrettable. He patted the Cyndaquil on his head as he headed out the room, walking quickly past everyone. Gem climbed up his torso and onto his shoulder, looking at all the trainers, creepingly staring at a few.
Zack looked around and saw Tea

" Tea Don't run off like that "

Zack picks up Tea and walks out I wonder what class we have now " cyn cyn! " as cyndaquil wriggled around

" Calm it Tea " as they walked into the next class
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"That's a pretty wild Sabelye" Shane thought. Shane checked his schedule to see had history. "Pokémon history, one of the worsts
subjects in the world, in my opinion anyway
" Shane thought to himself. He saw the owner of the Sabelye and ran up to him "Hey
your names Robby right, your Sabelye's quite handful huh" Shane said.


Previously Manu456Alola
Manuel left the class, and noticed Tommy near a pool of water, alongside his Pokémon. He ran over to them, Pichu holding tight to Manuel's shirt. "Hey, Tommy! He said when he got next to them. Pichu jumped down, and looked at the other Pokémon. "Is that a Wishiwashi?" He asked, looking at the Pokémon. Pichu got near to Wishiwashi, although not touching the water. "Pichu, Pi!" He said, greeting the Pokémon.
" I really want make friends " He saw a group of people near a small spot water maybe i can speak to them then he looks at cyndaquil

" Are you going be okay near the water? " He remembered the last time Tea just jumped in with out thinking he didn't want the happen again Tea shook her head but Zack wasn't sure but he took a deep breath and walked towards the group of people

" H-hi i'm Zack and this is tea " " cyn cyn! "
(Guys, I am either on for a long time, or I'm not on for a long time. So please wait for me to answer when I am put on the spot)

Joy listened through class, until it ended. She walked out alone, confused on where the next class would be. Joy then sighed. "I'm sure that greeting myself to Manuel, Tommy, and Greyson, would be the last thing I talk about to them." she said to Rowlet, feeling left out. Highschool was tough. Rowlet pat Joy on the back with a wing as support, as Joy sat lonely on a bench. Then Rowlet had an idea. He hopped onto Joy's legs, and looked at the abs on her stomach, then with one feather, he tickled her stomach, as Joy laughed harshly, telling him to stop, until he did, and Joy's frown turned to a smile, as she hugged Rowlet.
Lexus watched as Robby walked away before she could say anything. Lexus looked at the sheets that have been handed out to her "hmm I better remember this" she said as she put it into her jacket pocket "ok to next class" Lexus said as she walked out of the classroom. Lexus walked around for a bit before noticing some of her classmates crowding around a pond, Lexus ran up to the pond followed by sparks and her two Riolus "hey what ya looking at?" Lexus asked before seeing the wishiwashi "oh cool!" Lexus said "I've never seen Wishiwashi up close before!" Lexus said as one of the Riolus jumped into the water and as it did it turned into a Wishiwashi
Joy saw everyone around the pond, and sighed, now feeling sad again. "C'mon, let's study..." Joy said to Rowlet, as she walked off, the study sheet in her hand. She sat down, looking over the sheet a couple times, before handing it to Rowlet, as he covered up the answer and showed her the question. They did that for a while, until Joy could say all the facts without knowing the question.
Robby looked over at the one who called his name," Oh uh yeah I'm Robby." Hearing himself mentioned, Sableye crawled to Robby's other shoulder and stuck his neck out towards Shane, not being too fond of strangers. "Back up bud, he's alright." Robby scratched Sableye on the head, calming him down. "Yeah he can be a real handful." He replied, still scratching Sableye's head. "He loves to get in everyone else's business and mess with people and Pokémon. He's very kind though. Just.. likes to screw around a lot. He's very mischievous." He looked away for second before turning back to Shane. "Shane is it?"