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Hi! I'm Believe, a new Pokecharm user but NOT a new roleplayer or fan of Pokemon. Thank you so much for checking out Capelle's School for Higher Education, and I hope you enjoy the content below. However, know that this is not just a school; trouble is brewing in the midst, and for the adventurous roleplayer inside all of us, there will be a progressing storyline as well! After reading ALL of the information available, please respond to this thread with questions you may have.

The roleplay thread is located here. However, do NOT register until you have read through all the information below! https://pokecharms.com/threads/capelles-school-for-higher-education.17500/

As the demand for education increases, we continue to find new schools popping up all over the place in each and every region. Sinnoh was not about to fall behind in this trend. In Hearthome, the center of the grandiose nation, there was already a hubbub of activity and a thriving economy due to the fantastic Super Contest Hall, the soul of the city. However, Hearthome was without its own school, despite its size; that's when whispers started to travel around town, rumors buzzing in and out of any Pokemon willing to listen.

"Some woman bought a ton of land behind the Amity Square."

"I saw some Machoke heading out there, what could she be building?"

"It's so secretive, out behind the park's trees..."

"Did you receive a letter in the mail about sending your child to school in Hearthome, too?"

And then, within a little over a year, the grand opening was held.

Welcome to Capelle's School for Higher Education.

It is very common on Pokecharms to see roleplays about school. However, I very much encourage you to look into Capelle's! This is a school for Pokemon that aims to be different. This is a school that truly aims to teach.

There are three institutions within the school; these are separate branches looking to educate you or your child in whatever their interest might be. These houses are House Ignite, House Purity, and House Strike. At Capelle's, you will be able to study competitive battling, Pokemon contests, as well as Pokeathlons. Whatever your little 'mon desires to be when they grow up, Capelle's will make them into something extraordinary.
House Ignite

House Ignite is in honor of Entei, and is the institution for battling. It is built around the core traits of bravery, perseverance, and dedication. This school is meant for students who can identify with a passionate flame lit ablaze in their heart during battles.

Among many things, students will learn:
-Competitive Tiers
-Strategy vs. Strength
-Time Management with Training

...and will be fully equipped to enter the ranks as a true Pokemon master.

House Purity

House Purity is in honor of Suicune, and is the institution for the art of contests. It is built around the core traits of self-control, excellence, and diversity. This school is meant for students who find solace in the arts and wish to perfect their skills.

Across a broad curriculum, here are a few highlights of things students will learn:
-Berry Uses for Traits
-Different Contest Categories
-Contest Uniqueness in Varying Regions

...and will be ready by the end of their tuition to maximize their individuality to its full potential.

House Strike

House Strike is in honor of Raikou, and is the institution for the athletic Pokeathlons. It is built around the core traits of sportsmanship, ingenuity, and teamwork. This school is meant for students with a natural drive for competition as well as those who value a team.

Alongside your firends, you will learn a lot such as:
-Who Excels at Which Sport
-Working as a Team
-Problem Solving

...and of course, with a lot of physical effort, will be earning medal after medal throughout their career.
"Welcome to Capelle's School for Higher Education. Did you enjoy our small introduction to our three honorable institutions? I do hope so. Now that you know our houses, it is time to know who WE are as a community, as a school, and as a family," spoke who you could only assume... is Capelle.

Meet THE Capelle herself. Ms. Capelle is a middle-aged Floatzel with her looks still about her. She believes in providing opportunity to all, and has somewhat of a dominant air about her. As a young Buizel, she too was interested in conquering all the gyms across Sinnoh. However, as she grew and matured, she began to enter contests at her mother's suggestion for her beauty. Now, though, she is an adult woman with a young son of her own. As a single mother, she wished for nothing more than her baby Buizel to succeed in whatever it is he chose in life. It just so happened that he wished to be a professional Disc Catcher to compete in Pokeathlons someday. Ms. Capelle has, throughout her lifetime, seen all walks of life. She wishes to offer opportunity to all Pokemon to achieve their dreams through each equally respected career path.

Mr. Garcia is a young, powerful Braviary full of lean muscle. He is both an intimidating young man as well as an excellent teacher and people-person. Should you enroll in the Ignite institution, you will be spending quite a bit of time with this flying-type. His personality is a perfect reflection of the ideals of the house; you see, it is no easy feat for a Rufflet to evolve. It requires training and dedication, and those are the exact traits Mr. Garcia wants to help inspire in his Ignite students.

Mrs. Jakande is an older Mawile that radiates knowledge. She also believes in the saying "old dogs can learn new tricks," and definitely thinks that her students are often teachers as well. Mrs. Jakande is an immigrant from the Kalos region, and believes in the power of the arts and self-expression whole-heartedly. She, as well, is a perfect candidate for the position she fills because she understands that each individual Pokemon has something unique about them to be celebrated, and that EVERYONE is born with "contest material." It is that potential she wishes to aid in the growth of.

Hailing from a family of Jolteons, the Strike institution's headmaster is ironically enough a Vaporeon. Mr. Liang is the youngest of all the staff, but he certainly has the persistence required to push students to their max. This persistence is presented through Mr. Liang's love of water. He defied his pureblooded Jolteon family to follow his dreams, and now pushes for aquatic sports to be featured in Pokeathlon. His history, as well as his charming personality, make this water-type just the right candidate for the job.

Ms. Black is an relaxed Whimsicott, and is a vital member of the Capelle team. She is the first Pokemon to greet you with a smile as you enter our school. She plays the vital role of helping students enroll, pick a dorm that suits them best, and help them to puruse their dreams into the adult world. Her calming personality and approachable demeanor can help any Pokemon feel right at home in her office. She constantly offers Voltorb-shaped lollipops and INSISTS you just call her Candy. (But we assume you're more respectful than that.)

No one really... remembers what Doc's name is, but man, he's a mighty-fine Beedrill! Doc's got the biggest stinger you'd ever see, but, hey, that's besides the point--Doc is the club leader at our fine school. What, did you think you'd be in class all day? No! You've GOT to have some fun after class. Doc is in charge of managing all the clubs, so if you're interested in after-school activity, make sure you talk to him. He's a nice guy once you get past all the annoying buzzing, we promise.

Chief isn't like Doc; we DO remember his name. This Simisear is named Tanner Walkers, and he's a bit of an old grump, but you'll grow to love him with his amazing cooking. If you have any dietary issues, feel free to let him know; Chief always can make accommodations. His specialty dish is a cheesy breakfast pizza. Trust me, lunch is our favorite class period, too.

The school's nurse is a... rather quirky Meganium, to say the least. She's, at times, antisocial and absorbed in her work; yet, at other times, she is able to greet her patients with excitement and exuberance. However, what exactly her work IS plagues us all. She's not a licensed pharmacist, but odd smells of mixed ingredients waft out of her office at late hours of the day. Hey, maybe all Meganium are like that, though? We don't know--they're somewhat rare in Sinnoh, after all.

After completing your first assignment, your character will be eligible to join a club! However, if your Pokemon acts up, they put themselves at risk of being kicked out of it. You can be in up to 3 clubs at a time! Each club is overseen by Doc, and each club will have an elected president once it has a minimum of four members. The president may have to report to Doc on the group's status. Clubs are required to meet once a week to maintain their status as a club. All clubs meet after school. Clubs also sometimes will hold competitions, events and fundraisers that your Pokemon will be expected to attend if they are in the club. Do NOT sign up for clubs with conflicting dates! (EX: You cannot be in Photography Club and Book Club.) Here are the clubs currently available! Please check back to this post, as more clubs will be formed in the future. (Note: You do not have to be in House Strike to be in a sporting club, but all Strike members are encouraged to be on at least one team. There are events for sporting clubs during the school Pokeathlon, but regular Pokeathlon events are not considered to be clubs.)

-Photography Club, meets Mondays
-Drama Club, meets Tuesdays
-Book Club, meets Mondays
-Mathletes, meets Wednesdays
-Student Council, meets Fridays

-Swimming Club, meets on Fridays
-Gymnastics Club, meets on Thursdays
-Tennis Club, meets on Fridays
-Basketball Club, meets on Saturdays
-Boxing Club, meets on Saturdays

Interested in joining a club? See Doc in his office after class.
Listed are multiple locations featured throughout our roleplay that your character can/will visit. A map hopefully will be added soon.


Cheri Dorms -
The wide complex of dorms that serves as home to members of House Ignite. It is the oldest of the dorms (having already been on the property when the school land was purchased,) with a set of steps and a small ramp leading under a covered roof outside. Above the entrance hangs a simple "Welcome to Cherry Dorms" sign, and the inside features a dimly lit lobby with a few couches and a ping-pong table, as well as a kitchenette. The dorm rooms themselves are a medium-sized, open rooms with two bunk beds on opposing walls, a window in between, a closet, and a small bathroom.

Oran Dorms - The towering, many-windowed dorms that house Purity students. As arguably the most individualistic, the sidewalk all around the dorm has chalk drawings and there is a painted "Welcome" banner out front. Inside, students hang signs everywhere in the lobby advertising different clubs. There are multiple stairways and a few elevators inside, but the dorm rooms themselves are small. Each dorm houses two students with rooms shaped like an upside-down L. The bathroom is close to the entrance, and there is a bed against one wall and off to the side another bed. The beds are rather high off the ground for extra storage beneath, and there is a mini-fridge and microwave inside each dorm.

Pinap Dorms - Pinap is made of many intertwining hallways, and is quite a chaotic dorm. From the lobby (complete with a couple arcade machines, old computers available, and a coffee table area) it splits off into many different corridors, painted different colors to represent a few different types. The inside of the dorm splits off into somewhat of an M shape, a bathroom in the center with two mini-bedrooms on the side and singular beds (housing four students total.) The bathroom has shelves that function as storage, but the dorms do not offer any sort of kitchen area; however, students are allowed to purchase small refrigerators and other appliances for their rooms.

Garden Hall - This is the central part of campus, where all of your classes can be found! Ms. Black's office can be found near the front, as well as the Nurse's Office. Nestled behind Ms. Black's office is Ms. Capelle's. The three-story school has many halls and classrooms, and towards the back of the first floor is Doc's office.

Razz Hall - Otherwise known as the mess hall, Razz sure gives students the old razzle-dazzle! Chief begrudgingly whips up meals here for students. The line goes fast, and students are provided a meal card. There are SEVERAL round tables, and a small greenhouse outback.

Sitrus Fields - Sitrus Fields is where Pokeathlons and outdoor sports are held. There is a soccer field, a tennis court, and many other obstacles built for competition.

Chesto Theatre - This is the theatre used by a few clubs and mainly the Purity institution. However, there are often shows for the public that many from other houses can either sign up for or come and enjoy!

Cornn Gym - This gym draws attention from indoor sport clubs and is widely made use of by House Strike. Don't be put off by the electrifying house, though! Sometimes Ignite members will battle here or certain Purity members will work on achieving that desired contest body. There are open gym hours outside of class time for anyone to attend. There is a large basketball court, a swimming pool, a weight room, a volleyball court, and a break room with healthy fruits, veggies, and an abundant supply of water bottles.


Super Contest Hall - This is the area that contests are held. It looks exactly like the DPP games. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hearthome_City#Super_Contest_Hall (Hearthome City - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia) http://lparchive.org/Pokemon-Platinum/Update 15/98-contest153.png http://www.serebii.net/platinum/contest-attack.png

Amity Square - A wonderful park with both areas for young Pokemon to play and hiking trails to explore. Ms. Capelle's is located behind Amity Square. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Amity_Square (Amity Square - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia)

Poffin House - A bakery where Pokemon contestants can purchase and mix together their own Poffins from varying berries. Aprijuice, which raises performance stats for Pokeathlons, can be blended here as well with their many imported apricorns. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Poffin_House (Poffin House - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia)

Hearthome Gym - The renowned ghost-type gym of Hearthome City. The gym leader is a Kalos-born Drifblim known as Fantina, and there are many other Pokemon who train there as well as those who accompany her gym-team. If you manage to defeat the challenge here, you will obtain the Relic badge. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hearthome_Gym (Hearthome Gym - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia)

Pokemon Hotel - This hotel is your typical bed-and-breakfast, and most Pokemon who take on the gym-challenge stay there during their Hearthome visit. However, it is popular with regular tourists as well. The rooms consist of two beds, a television, and some... rather outdated wallpaper. It has five floors. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hearthome_City#Pok.C3.A9mon_Hotel (Hearthome City - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia)

Swadloon Photography - A well-known business ran by a foreigner from the Unova region. It had started as a family business, but the daughter inherited the company and has recently formed it into an international business. The owner is quite cocky, a single Leavanny named Ms. Elswood. Despite the expensive prices, the photographs have amazing quality, especially with the scenery offered in Sinnoh. Perhaps our little graduates could get photos done here? They also photograph competitions and sports. There's a front desk and small waiting room, as well as a LOT of space in the back, covered by curtains... what might be hidden there? Swadloon Photography is located near the Super Contest Hall.

Avalugg Ice Cream - This locally-run business belongs to a Bermite in his early twenties. The boy is very sweet, and gets along well with high school students. The Bermite--Brandon--wishes he could attend Ms. Capelle's too, someday, but for now, he runs the shop of his grandfather who is currently in the hospital. It's a great hang-out for kids, and serves only the freshest Milktank milk! (The flavors are a bit limited, though.) It features a bar to sit at while you dine on your frozen treat, as well as a few booths against the back wall. It's a narrow building located near Amity Square. Due to Brandon needing to take care of his grandfather in the hospital, the shop is currently only open on the weekends.

Sawsbuck's Coffee - A chain coffee shop in town, near the entrance to Route 209 on the southeast side of the city. It's a more modern hangout for students, but the atmosphere feels somewhat... intimidating. There are several flavors of coffee beans on the shelves inside, as well as tables and booths littered inside. Sawsbuck's is currently hiring. (Plus, they have Wi-Fi!)

Absolmart - A very large grocery store located towards Route 208 and Route 212, on the southwest side of Hearthome. Most regular-sized and larger cities have one, and they have all the necessities--from all the TMs your heart desires, to the freshest veggies a farmer can find! Everything feels... scattered inside, but the Absolmart workers swear there is a method to their madness. Yeah, because THAT explains why I can't find the bathrooms.

Check back frequently! New areas may be added in the future!
Get to meet the students currently enrolled at Capelle's using my AMAZING BUTTONS! This is also an easy way to keep track of the students and what dorm they're in. Bios will be added soon.

Cliff the Buizel
Isabelle the Vulpix
Sato the Deino
Lilly the Petilil
Asra the Riolu
Arc the Skrelp
Snow the Eevee
Nitros the Eevee
Max the Riolu
Joel the Jangmo-o
Leoron the Rockruff
Maxwell the Magnemite
Glare the G-Unknown
Naomi the Absol

This section is basically the "Rules." However, you are expected to follow the guidelines set by Pokecharms, so for the sake of your poor eyes, let's cut right to character creation rules and other general information.

-Characters in this universe are Pokemon. Humans do not exist.
-You are allowed, at the start, one Pokemon. Once your character graduates, you can create another character, so choose wisely which house you start in!
-Characters must be first-stage Pokemon. This is a school, after all.
-Characters are around their teenage years. Think of Capelle's as a fancy boarding school for high schoolers.
-Pokemon do not normally wear clothes in this universe, but clothing DOES exist. It is up to you if your character makes a "fashion statement." Purity Pokemon will definitely be experimenting with clothing throughout the curriculum!
-Pokemon are not eaten in this universe due to the fact that Pokemon are equals, so for carnivorous and omnivorous Pokemon, please be cautious and use meat substitutes.
-No legendaries, fakemon, or variants of any kind. Shinies are allowed.
-Your character is allowed to swear, as they ARE a teenager, but please do not go overboard.
-Shipping is perfectly fine--in fact, romance is encouraged--but sexual content of any kind is not allowed. Teenager or not.
-You cannot change houses once your character enrolls.
-Your character will be expected to complete "assignments" (don't worry, it's not hard) in order to pass. Once you complete a certain amount of assignments, you can advance a year. There are four years of schooling at Capelle's, and you must complete all four to graduate. It IS possible to fail, but there are recovery options.
-Along with individual house curriculum, there will be a general curriculum that all students complete.
-You cannot join a club until you have completed your first assignment. (Clubs will be added to this introductory post in time.)
-After completing their second year of schooling, your Pokemon can evolve. For Pokemon that evolve based off happiness with a trainer, instead treat them like a normal evolution. The same goes for trade-evolution, unless it requires them to hold a certain item during the trade. Then, it is treated like an evolution stone.
-Similar to well, everywhere else on Pokecharms, NO GODMODDING!
-Do not bunny my characters.
...Or anyone else's, for that matter! Only if you have permission is the single way you'll be allowed to use someone else's character.
Enrollment occurs in the roleplaying thread. You will need to act out submitting your application to Ms. Black, and she can help you through getting started. Feel free to enroll during any time of the year using the application below! I will have Ms. Black will also walk you through your class schedule at the time of your enrollment. Make sure to post your form here and not in the roleplay thread. No matter how far we are in the RP, Capelle's is always accepting new students! If you aren't sure which house to choose, you can ask Ms. Black for advice as well. She IS a counselor, after all!

Personality (Optional):
History (Optional):
Extra (Optional):
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Well, I am definitely interested in a nice, tall glass of RPing while I'm getting better still after I saw this lovely post of godly information. Below is my character bio. (Please note that I may not be able to reply as much every Thursdays or Fridays sometimes due to work.)

Name: His name is Joel.
Species: He is a Jangmo-o.
Gender/Pronouns: He is a male.
House: He is going to be in House Purity due to his inability to effectively communicate and work with others.
Personality (Optional): Joel is a Pokémon that should not be taken lightly for his young appearance, as he has a very short temper and minuscule patience with others. He often gets into fights with others, as he always likes to have things his own way. He cannot seem to reason with others, as he typically uses force to solve problems. Although he may seem unruly to some, he can still be somewhat befriended at first if given proper time and care.
History (Optional): [To be revealed in the RP.]
Extra (Optional): His colorings are in the negative shading, and he also wears a navy blue, tailor-made sweatshirt with a hoodie fitted for his body.
Well alright, I suppose that I'll wait for some others to join possibly before the RP comes.

On another note, I'd kinda wonder how Joel would be able to communicate to everyone... (Especially to the Counselors since his vocal communication levels are outmatched by even a toddler to put in perspective.)
Here's my character! This looks like a really fun, thought-out RP; I can't wait to get started. If there's anything I need to change, please let me know!

Maxwell, nicknamed Max
Species: Magnemite
Gender/Pronouns: They/them, agender
House: House Strike, as they want to become more skilled at relating and working with others.
Personality (Optional): Maxwell is friendly and patient, with an inherent desire to succeed and help others along the way. Their flat tone of voice tends to come across as quirky at best, and does little to honor their true personality, however. As a result, they struggle at conveying their emotions to others, but want to improve by joining the school.
History (Optional): They signed up for the school at the recommendation of their relatives. Most of their childhood was spent alone.
Extra (Optional): Max's hobbies fall into about the same categories you'd expect: circuitry, electromagnetics, etc. It's rare that they can find someone willing to listen to them about that sort of thing.
I love that our first Strike member is an electric type. (Now just don't shock Mr. Liang and we're good!)

I'm excited to see people interested, but as far as posting your bio goes: you still will need to sign up with Ms. Black IN the RP thread once I start it. It's still totally welcome if you post it here though. Imagine it this way: your character needs to enroll at the front desk before they can attend school.

Are there any questions so far? I'm working on "assignments" and different clubs and stuff at the moment. I just really can't wait to kick off this new take on a Pokémon school ♥ also, I may add more members to the staff team at a later time!

Also, I would like y'all's opinion on this. For our nonbinary students (as agender Pokémon without a sex DO exist, plus the fact we've got some LGBT 'mons) I want to make sure there are gender-friendly options. So far, I'm pretty much thinking that all clubs should be co-ed, and for dorms they can either be co-ed as well or we can make dorms for female, male, and agender Pokémon and allow students that identify otherwise to pick whichever dormitory best represents them. What do you guys think would work best for the dorms? Thanks for input!
The rather urgent question I have to ask at the moment is... are there any punishments for Pokémon getting into fights with each other? (I'm asking this because well... umm... let's just say that Joel has a pretty bad reputation for getting into those pretty often; he's gotten into seven different fights in a single day at one point!)
I think co-ed dorms would be fine, it'd allow for more character interaction and the rules already state that there's not going to be any weird stuff.

If you've already planned out classes/competitions/etc then this is kind of redundant, but I was wondering how often the different Houses and clubs would see each other. Do the students overlap class time to an extent, or do they spend most of their time with their group and teacher?
To charlespark, there are punishments if the staff members find out (except for Chief. Chief literally doesn't give a crap) but only repeated offenses can get you thrown out of the school. The funny thing about this roleplay is that while you can be expelled and all, you won't be removed from the roleplay + there are options to return to the school, so there's a lot of freedom for all of our lovely little potential troublemakers. (//get's slapped by capelle)

To limniris, you're right about that, so co-ed dorms it is then! Ms. Black will pass out dorm assignments after enrollment. Clubs will probably meet weekly (not sure if there will be a club team per house or everyone is signed up for the same club or what yet,) but the institutions will consistently get to interact. Yes, they WILL have time with their respective house, after all, but there ARE general classes students will take as well that mixes them into a class of kiddos from every class. Competitions between the houses will be common, too! All in good fun. i do believe it is time for the tri wizard tournament-- //gets slapped by capelle again

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This looks pretty good already! (More organised than most school RPs too I gotta say)

Valour Greyson.
Species: Fletchling.
Gender/Pronouns: He/Him.
House: Purity.
Personality: Valour has a strong desire to be the center of attention, and an obvious independent streak. He is used to having few friends - he refuses to admit how lonely this makes him feel, thanks to his pride.
History: His family lived in Veilstone for most of his life, and encouraged him to get into battling, as his mother and father shared a fierce passion for it. When he told them about choosing house Purity, they were disappointed and have been distant ever since.
Extra: Valour is a tad fluffier than your average Fletchling. He likes to think this adds character. And his voice makes him sound younger than he really is.
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Well... I guess that I might maybe need to get someone to help Joel out with his anger management and possibly his extreme aggression before it gets out of hand...

I second co-ed dorms since I don't mind about that 99% of the time.

I'm so stinking excited guysss ♥ not sure how many members I should shoot for before we start but the fact that I just recently started this thread and we already have a few people interested makes me quite hopeful.

My next plan is to add locations to this document and clean up the rules so that they look more organized. Forever improving, I hope!

And pffff best of luck to little Joel. x'D
When reading this, You have earned my respect, unlike every other newcomer to charms and will randomly post stuff on the Roleplay forums, you know what you're doing, and I respect you for that. And yes, I do wish to join :)

Name: Quote

Species: Shiny Zorua

Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him

House: House Ignite

Personality: Quote is very timid, preferring to keep to himself and not to interact with most other Pokemon. He will steer clear of most conversation and try not to attract attention towards himself. He does however have a few friends, most of which being other Zorua, and Eevee, unfortunately though, none will be attending the school along with him, leaving him by himself until he graduates, this depresses him deeply.

History: Quote was abandoned at the age of 5, after his father divorced his mother, and his mother not wishing for the child in the first place abandoned him in Route 208. Quote was lost for 3 days, he was malnourished and tired before making it to Hearthome City, making it to a small bench, where he collapsed. He was quickly taken to a Foster Home, where he was fed and given rest. He was on the verge of Death, nearly not making it, luckily living though being abandoned. He lived in the foster home for 5 years, and by the age of Ten, he was taken in my a Shiny Umbreon by the name of Midnight. Quote being stubborn and Timid had a hard time adjusting to his new father and home, but slowly began to trust Midnight more and more. He had lived with Midnight for ??? years, and has adjusted to his new living conditions and his Foster father, Midnight.

Extra: Quote wears a Blue and Black scarf, given to him by Midnight. He cherishes it and never lets it out of his sight.

I'm very sorry if I wen't a bit overboard with Quote's History, But Quote being one of My favorite characters, I wanted to make him known. as for his age, I never decided it, and I don't plan to soon, this is for privacy purposes and it's not like I wan't him getting hooked up or something, so his age will be a secret if that's OK.
Just a quick question here... do you have any regulations about violence in the RP? (Having to ask this because I'm 110% sure that Joel is going to eventually get into a fight and let's just say that the amount of injuries this guy can unleash is quite brutal to say the least... especially when he pounces on someone and starts clawing the living hell out of them like a Litten on a scratching post. :P)
Ohmygoshthankyou. I feel so loved ;u; but I promise you didn't go overboard with Quote. In my opinion, it's the more, the merrier. Don't worry about the age thing, as long as he's an appropriate age to attend high school (or heck being a Zorua maybe he uses an illusion to make himself look younger I don't know. He just needs to PASS as a high schooler xD) Wonderful to meet our first Ignite ♥ I really expected it to be the most popular but right now Purity is in the lead!

For violence (Joel pls) as long as it's nothing too gory. Personally, I have a bad fear of blood, and I ask that you extend this courtesy to myself and other members. However, I totally get if Joel wants to kick that one bully over there in the face- //capelle please stop slapping me

Oh. And, uh, just don't kill anyone lmao

...Also I have decided with clubs, everyone, that all houses will be grouped into the same club. Have fun with that internal rivalry/clique. Ooooopsies.
Why can I never stumble upon this kind of grade A stuff at a normal hour (I swear, timezones are like the cause for 90% of my inconvenient problems). So, here's my struggle, this setup is great. It has potential and is a well thought out take on a otherwise overused plot.

I'd love to join in on this, but it's 2am here and I can't write a character right now. Would it be a problem if I got you my filled out sheet in an hour or 8?

If that doesn't work for you that's, of course, perfectly fine. Just let me know.
Well alright, that seems fair enough with Joel I suppose... I'll make it where it's not too detailing in the injuries when he's beating the living hell out of some unfortunate soul that happens to insult his appearance or artwork.

All I can hope is that he doesn't get into too many fights for the first day of school...

*gives Joel a pat on the back while giving him a bottle of soda pop in hopes of getting him to stop loudly growling and roaring at his former bullies*
Hiya Keybored! Oh man I'm sorry it's so late there. Having been in too many timezones for my own good, though, I definitely understand! Feel free to post your bio for your character whenever you like (or even wait until the roleplay starts, it's not a big deal.) As well, as assurance to both you and other people who are busy, assignments are simply issued by days (as well as club meetings) and NOT specific times. Can't be on at 8 am like a real school? Live in Asia so your timezone is whack? No problem!

Joel needs a cookie and a hug and I think all will be well in the world ;u;
I added a doodle of valour to my bio ^^ I can take it off if you like, of course.

And hopefully I don't get Valour into any fights with Joel, I think I'd come off worse there...
Yeah if anyone gets into a fight with Joel aside from the NPCs... let's just say that things might go south pretty fast...

*Joel recalls a fight against a Gible where he relentlessly attacked it until the authorities had to step in after five minutes of the other Pokémon screaming and vacating the area*
As most of the others on this thread have stated, the amount of detail you put on this is glorious. Love it. I usually don't check out these school roleplays, but I'm glad I checked this one out. I'll make my character here shortly, but I have one question first. I know you said to stay as Pokemon in their first forms, but what about Pokemon who don't evolve? Would we stay away from those Pokemon, or would they be alright to utilize?

Oh! Gosh sorry I probably wasn't clear on that. I meant first stage Pokémon. Those such as Smeargle and Pachirisu (etc.) are okay in my book. I just don't want to see someone coming in here with a full blown Charizard and calling it a child. Y'all with these compliments djjddjkd //dies of embarrassment
Telling Joel to calm down is like telling him to stop using outrage when he's in the process of using it...

On another note, I would like to ask if I could have a Nurse NPC designated to Joel and possibly the others since I'm sure that Joel is probably going to end up hurting himself or he might need a bit of something to stop him from entering his state of uncontrollable rage.
Ah! I was thinking of having a nurse at the school. Doc also functions as a trainer that can help basic sports injuries, but that's it. We'll probably need an official nurse eventually. Can you give me your idea for the nurse? I'll definitely consider it :)
Well, the Nurse NPC I usually have is your typical Audino that specializes in all sorts of injuries, be a classic sprain from tag or even the deadly lacerations and bruises inflicted upon from Joel's iconic pounce and see how long he can claw for.

She's usually calm and caters towards all Pokémon of shapes and sizes, be a baby Kangaskhan or even a robust Tyranitar in need of a little help.

She will be having her own dedicated office in the school. (Which is usually next to or near the reception.)
Well... the thing is, I too thought an Audino would be a nice pick for a nurse. However, I really have been trying to pick unique Pokémon for the official staff. Audino as a nurse is just too typical. It's a nice idea though, and whoever it is, they will certainly get their own office!
Well alright... I suppose that I'll have to think a bit or have someone else step up then.

I'm just gonna hope that the Nurse finds another way to give Joel his stabilizer medicine other than having to use liquids that don't taste as great or having to do the dreaded shot...

*Joel growls at the Nurse and leaps away from her while using Dragon Breath*
Blissey (somehow) doesn't seem to be used all that often, but it might be too similar to Audino. Cinccino, Meganium, or maybe Reuniclus are all other ideas that might be good.
I was thinking Meganium........ but I just realized SHE'S MY MOST OVERUSED NURSE CHARACTER NEXT TO AUDINO... (But we could still use her if the RP Creator wants.)
I like the idea of Meganium only because I'm a shameless Chikorita fan. xD

Comfey and Reuniculus are also cute ideas!

Using a generator, I got Armaldo as a potential nurse. I think that would be HILARIOUS.
I'm pretty sure that it's going be either Joel beats up the Armaldo if they try to give him his medicine or it's going to be the Armaldo pretty much making him want to steer clear of the Nurse's office...

*Joel growls at the potential nurse as he leaps away from them and uses Draco Meteor II*
RIP the buggo. Also, another generation gave me Fraxure. Imagine a creepy, hunched over nurse... mwahahaha!

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