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Open Capelle's School for Higher Education

(Hello, hello! I am so excited to start this roleplay off, so with that I extend a warm welcome to all new students. This is a unique Pokémon school roleplay that has a LOT of information for it. Thus, before you consider joining, please check out our discussion board. https://pokecharms.com/threads/capelles-school-for-higher-education.17491/ And with that, let's get started!)

Outside the front of the main hall, on a wooden, makeshift stage, stood her. Miss Capelle herself! The Floatzel, in all her glory, stroked her yellow bouyant--somewhat like a scarf, in appearance--and spoke into a microphone. "Welcome, everyone, to the grand opening of my school!"

The Floatzel paused for applause, and as it settled, she continued her speech. "Today is a momentous occasion. I hope that the curriculum here will inspire the Pokémon of Sinnoh to appreciate education as I have come to. As I am sure you all have heard, we have three prestigious houses for you to spend your time in while at my school. The first of these three is House Ignite."

As if on cue, a Braviary swooped down from the sky and landed on the stage beside Ms. Capelle. "This is Ignite's headmaster, Mr. Garcia."

"Next, there is House Purity..."

In a radiant, pink glow, an aged Mawile flashed onto the stage opposite of the Braviary. Mr. Garcia's feathers seemed ruffled at her appearance, but to Ms. Capelle, the performance was going as planned. "Introducing Mrs. Jakande."

"Last, but CERTAINLY not least, House Strike..."

Finally, a jet of water bounded towards the stage. Tumbling out of the Aqua Jet was a grinning Vaporeon. "...Lead by Mr. Liang."

With the headmasters and owner all on stage, the Floatzel started wrapping up her introduction spiel. "I hope each and every one of our new students finds one of these houses to appeal to them. We have many other staff members that you will come to know in time. Inside, at the front office, you all will need to register with our secretary, Ms. Black. I pray you all will find her hospitable. Now, go--let education and wonder guide you!"
Leoron walked to the front office upon hearing what the school's founder had told the new Students. And saw a woman Stood by a desk. Then he he spoke "excuse me but are you Ms.Black because you sure seem like your the person we were asked to hand our forms to?" Then he passed her his form without thinking. It read:

"Yes I am Ms.Black and can see your form young pup," Exclaimed Ms.Black as she looked over his form and spoke "ok this is acceptable and your room is in the pinap dorms now please leave there are more people waiting." Upon hearing those words leoron sprinted out of the door and on to the campus.
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Valour looked up in shock when the crowd around him began talking and moving once more. Had the speech finished already? He thought it would never end! The young Fletchling was nudged by his dad, who had, for better or worse, come to see him off.

"Come on, let's go talk to that lady and get you ready." The tall Talonflame's tone was flat, and Valour felt another unpleasant pang of regret somewhere in his stomach. He knew his dad would've been thrilled to have his only son go to house Ignite; he probably thought Mr. Garcia was the perfect teacher, too.

When they arrived at what looked like the reception area, Valour barely had time to react before jumping aside as a Rockruff bolted past. 'Would that be one of the many students,' he wondered? His dad pushed on as though nothing happened.

"Excuse me," His father asked, in his usual authoritative tone. "Are you a Ms. Black? We were asked to see you first."
Joel listened the presentation from his cushioned seat within the outer area of the front area of the main hall. He resisted the urge to let off a growl of awe when he saw who were the heads of each respective house within the Academy that he would be staying in for some time.

Once he noticed that Floatzel was concluding her speech, he hastily got up from his seat and silently made his way over to the front office. On his way towards his destination, he saw various other Pokémon that seemed to also be headed in the same direction. There was one particular Pokémon that got his attention, as fear shone through his shocked eyes the moment they saw Joel's glaring blue eyes staring down at them. Joel quietly growled, "Grrrrrrrrr... aaawwwooolll... rrraafff!"

The Gible took several swift steps away from Joel and replied, "Ahh! Can you please stop screaming at me already? I thought we settled this months ago come on man!"

Joel raised his right foreleg and responded after a feigned bite, "Nnnnnaaarrr!" The Gible emitted a slight scream of fright and scurried away from Joel as fast as he could while attempting to get past the other students that were innocently walking by.

After Joel stuck his tongue out at the Gible that was long gone from his sight, he stomped over towards the front office while some of the other Pokémon hesitantly stood out of his path. He ignored some of the gossip that appeared to be targeting him, as he thumped a nearby locker with his back, right foot; sending a loud reverberation to the other Pokémon that caused a moderate amount to quickly back away from him.

When he was finally at the front office, he noticed that a Rockruff had beaten him already after seeing him sprint out the door. He was oblivious to the young Fletchling that had arrived at the office before him. His feet pounded towards the woman while he firmly placed his form on her desk. The form appeared to be written from the help of someone he deeply trusted and loved.
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After Mrs. Capelle finished her speech, Glare rose out of her seat and floated toward the front office. "You're Ms. Black, aren't you?" asked Glare, questioning things. "Yes, I'm Ms. Candy. You're enrolling, right?" asked Ms. Black.
"Yes, I'm enrolling. Here's the form:" said Glare, passing the form to her. It showed all her info.

"So, you're genderless? That's cool. Anyway, since you want to be part of Strike, which dorm room are you gonna pick? The rooms are shaped somewhat like an M. Remember, you may or may not be sharing your room with other people. So, which room in the Pinap Dorms?" asked Ms. Black, calmly. "Room 302 in the Pinap Dorms, please!" said Glare, gleefully. "Alright, now go follow your dreams, Glare!" said Ms. Black, turning to the other people.
Meanwhile, Glare headed to the Pinap Dorms immediately, and walked through the halls, looking at the cool painted colors. He went to the dorm, went inside and looked at the dorm room she had asked for. It had two mini bedrooms, a bathroom and singular beds. He used a bit of metal plating, and etched words in Unown saying "Glare's Room." She then hung the light metal plate on the wall next to the door to her mini bedroom, while saying "I can't wait to live here. For a while, at least." Glare then waited for the others to enroll, and pick a dorm. Hopefully the one she had.
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Cliff had semi-forcefully made his way through the crowd of Pokémon waiting in front of the somewhat hastily put together stage. Halting his movement about three rows from the front of the crowd due to the founder, Miss Capelle herself, appearing on the otherwise empty stage. While somewhat intrigued by the founder being of the same species as he was, Cliff saw no reason to join in for the applause and stood silently. Watching with mild annoyance as the other Pokémon cheered.

Not letting himself get distracted too much by the noisy crowd surrounding him, he watched the stage intently while the introduction proceeded. Taking a liking to the entrance of the Braviary, Mr. Garcia. During the remainder of the short introductory spiel, Cliff had already made his decision. He would sign himself in for House Ignite. Knowing the competitive nature of that particular House would let him show the school he wasn’t some pushover they could mess with.

No, he wasn’t going to be messed with. He wouldn’t let it get that far. Cliff unconsciously clenched his paws thinking of his former bullies, making him more irritated by the minute until the crowd started to move away from the stage. Snapping out of his downward-spiraling train of thought he forced his way through the crowd trying to get to the secretary which he was instructed to register by.

His efforts got him further to the front of the line, but as expected he still had to wait a while before ending up face-to-face with Ms. Black, a Whimsicott with a calm look to her. Hopefully she was an indicator of how the rest of the staff would be, patient and understanding. It would make his life a lot easier if he didn’t have to work his ass off to get on the staff’s ‘good side’. While he didn’t exactly need to be close with the staff, he’d rather not make enemies on the first day in this place.

To achieve his goal of ‘not making enemies’ Cliff approached the secretary’s desk with a polite smile on his facial features. “Hello, I’d like to sign up for House Ignite.” Cliff followed up by placing a filled out form on the desk and waited patiently for Ms. Black to go through the information. Ms. Black’s eyes moved along the form as she read it. Making sure all the necessary information had been provided.
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After seeing the Whimsicott go through with the other registration forms that were submitted, she took a look at Joel's and looked down at his beaming blue eyes much to her sudden astonishment. She calmly said, "So, you must be Joel. The Nurse told me that you've been quite the troublemaker in grade school... and you seem to have a long history with you and that Gible and those other Pokémon right? Well, I have a special room for you in Purity since the Nurse made some special accommodations with me and the other staff... but before you go to your room, I need you to go over to the Nurse first okay bud?" Joel gave a noiseless nod at Ms. Black after listening to every word, as he stormed out of the office without a word.

He thrashed his way towards the Nurse's Office while he heard some Pokémon laughing and pointing out his odd appearance. His body was surged with utmost rage, as adrenaline pumped throughout his legs like a balloon pump. His eyes shone malevolence towards a Skitty that appeared to be throwing various insults at him like invisible, worded boomerangs, as he heard, "Oh look who it is... is that a little gangster with that goth texture that's so out of style five years ago? Ugh... even my little sister looks so better than that blue big heart thing with her ugly sweater on!"

Already fed up with her attempted roast, Joel slowly stomped towards the Skitty and roared in an incomprehensible manner, as his right foreleg was raised and shook in a peculiar motion. The Skitty's reign of laughter ceased the moment when she was sent flying face first to a group of lockers, as some of the other Pokémon screamed and ran as fast as the could from Joel; almost as if they had a restraining order with him.

Joel's face was steamed with fury, as the Skitty's body lied inert next to the lockers after gravity played its finishing role. His feet continued to stomp their way towards the Nurse's Office, as the hallway was almost vacant minutes after. He emitted another growl of vexation in the Skitty's direction, as he brutally kicked the door open and patiently waited for the Nurse to come over.
With all the information checking out Ms. Black’s attention shifted back to Cliff. Placing down the form she showed a gentle smile and spoke up about Cliff’s options. “Well, Ignite it is, which brings us to the next question; do you have a preference for a specific dorm room?” She sat patiently, expecting Cliff to take a moment to consider his options, but he didn’t need any time to think. Not because he knew what he wanted. Cliff simply didn’t care what room he would be assigned to. “I don’t really have preference, any room will do, really.”

“Oh, is that so? Well, let us see then.” She commented on Cliff’s response while looking through some papers which probably had information about the still vacant dorm rooms. “Ah, here we are. Room 102 of the Cheri Dorms. Think you can manage to find it? There are plenty of signs leading to the different dorms, you can’t miss it.”

“Room 102, thank you very much Ms. Black.” Cliff responded while looking around for the right hallway. It seemed easy enough to navigate through the school.

“Please, call me Candy. Oh, and don’t forget. You might have roommates.”

“I’ll be fine, thank you Ms. Candy.” And with a final polite greeting Cliff was off to explore the dorms as well as the hallways leading up to said dorms.

Cliff made his way through the school in a slow-to-moderate pace. He tried to take in as much as he could so he wouldn’t get lost later. His pace caused him to be passed by multiple, rushing Pokémon. Shaking his head slowly at the sight, Cliff blew a small bubble from his mouth and let it pop. Why? It isn’t like the room will be taken if you’re too slow, you were assigned a room. Geez, relax a little. He thought to himself, questioning the 'unnecessary' rushing of the Pokémon passing him, as he blew another bubble. What he didn’t know was that the rushing had been caused by a fight down in a different hallway.
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Approaching the school, Maxwell stared up at the tall building complex. It was certainly a lot bigger than they had thought it would be, but academies did need more space than most residences they'd stayed in. There were numerous other Pokémon visible through the glass doors, all presumably in the process of registering for the school. Max's own suitcases in tow, they floated through the entrance and took their place among the crowd to listen to the speech.

Mr. Liang's House was what Maxwell had come here for, and his entrance didn't disappoint. They'd done their research, and Pokéathlons suited them best out of the three options. As the waiting Pokémon organized into some semblance of a line, they took their own place in waiting for the counselor. A little behind, but it wouldn't matter all that much..

Maxwell took the time to look around at their soon-to-be peers. Many were already signed in, and were heading towards buildings that were likely the dorms. A few adults were there to guide their children through the process, but others like them had come alone. A Buizel at the front of the line headed towards his chosen dorm unaccompanied.

Eventually their turn came, and they presented their submission form with little fanfare. "I would like to register for Team Strike, please."

Ms. Black took their sheet with a smile, and sent them on their way. Room 302 it was, then. The hallways were colorful and disorientating, but Maxwell followed the numbers well enough that they found their room without too much trouble. It would take some getting used to, though. Carefully turning the metal door handle with their free magnet, they opened it to see... another Pokémon. A Rockruff, to be exact.

If Maxwell could have sweated, they'd be doing it right then. Somehow they had missed the memo about roommates. Pulling their suitcases in the room as slowly as they could without breaking eye contact, they took the opposite bunk and stared intensely at the Rockruff.

"Hello. I'm Maxwell," they began, before thinking better of it and trying to force out a stronger tone. "-bzzt- What's your name?!"
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Leoron just stared at the magnamite who had entered the room and snarled at him before glaring him in the eye then he Growled "My name is Leoron and if I can take a guess your probably my roommate so I'm just going to say one thing don't bother me unless were working together on a project." Then Leoron Jumped on to the bed and began to sat up looking at the sun and began to howl so that everyone in the building could hear him, He could tell he would have to learn to trust people but for now he was happy the way things were.
"-zzzt- Alright." That went poorly. Maxwell could tell this wouldn't work out unless they somehow managed to gain this new Pokemon's trust, but that was far easier said than done. At least they were able to get Leoron's name, even if it came at the cost of being howled at. Taking the lapse in conversation to quickly pack their suitcases on one of the shelves in the bathroom, they claimed the other mini-bedroom and hid under the pillow (made for a larger Pokemon) in an attempt to drown out the noise.

This really would take some getting used to. Maxwell was patient, certainly, but there was a limit to how much howling they wanted to put up with. Perhaps once the classes started they'd have enough training and homework to do that it'd detract their attention from the Pokemon around them.
Glare walked out of her mini bedroom, to a Rockruff talking to a Magnamite. "Well, well well. I've got roommates." said Glare. He grabbed a Pinap Berry that was hiding in her scarf and ate it. Glare explained, "Well, I hope we'll get along properly. What is your name Magnemite? I know what yours is, Leoron. I woke up to you talking about it. Man, the walls are thin." She left the room, carrying her metal plating sign with her, and moved to a dorm across the hall, and set her stuff up again. She created another sign-- this time out of a black metal plate, that read "Dorm 303" and below those words it said "Current Inhabitants: Glare,". Glare made another one for the dorm across the hall, but replaced 303 with 302, and replaced the name Glare with Leoron, and the Magnemite's name, which she assumed was Maxwell. He then put them on the doors of each door. "There." said Glare, sighing. She sat on the floor for a bit.
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Eventually the line cleared enough that they could step up to the desk themselves. The Whimsicott, that he assumed was Ms. Black, beamed at them. Valour wondered how she stayed so happy with so much to do at once.

"Thank you for waiting, I know it's busy right now. Could you pass me your registation forms?" She asked his dad, who simply nodded and handed them to her.

She peered at it for a few moments. "That all seems fine. I have to say, it's so nice to see parents involved with their children's futures! A lot of the new students have come alone." Ms. Black smiled at Valour while she chatted away, blissfully unaware of the tension between the two bird Pokémon.

"Anyway, now there's just the matter of what dorm you'll be staying in! For house Purity you'll be using the Oran dorms, and you're staying in room 202. Does that sound good?" The Whimsicott stared at him beseechingly - all Valour could do was nod. "Brilliant! There are signs just down the hall, so good luck settling in!" And with one final wave, she turned away, already talking to someone else. The Fletchling followed his dad, who was already marching in the direction they were indicated.

They reached the sign. It read "Oran dorms: ->". Valour turned, ready to have one last talk with his parent, but he was cut off with a curt 'See you soon.' And before he knew it, his father had walked away. Oh.

When he stepped into the dorm common room, he was pleasantly surprised. It was a lot... nicer, than he was expecting. Standing around, he wondered who his roommate could be. Hopefully someone quiet.
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Still cowering slightly under the pillow, the Magnemite called out a muffled, "Maxwell." At the sound of metal on metal, though, they peered out and saw the Unown affixing signs to their doors. That was new; did they have multiple roommates? Maybe this one would be more friendly than Leoron. They shook off the pillow and floated over to where Glare sat.

"Do you like metalworking?" Maxwell asked. A part of them wanted to pull out their soldering kit and see if he knew anything about joining pieces of sheet metal-- but the sharp, seemingly permanent glower on her face put them off. Still a little cautious form Leoron's harsh response earlier, they stayed a reasonable distance and held back the urge to ask Glare all about the signs.
Focused, Glare replied "Yeah, I like metalworking. Ask me if someone wants their name on 'em, and I'll put it on. You can help, if you want. I'm just borrowing the space right now. I'll go to my dorm across the hall soon, so you can get some sleep." Glare paused. They thought of what to say.
"I'm only doing the signs thing to the doors in the hallway, just not in here. Also, I know about joining pieces of sheet metal. Just so you know." said Glare. One of they're favorite songs by Dartrix Punk came on the radio next to her, called One More Time. She finished the last sign and went out into the hall to hang them up on the proper doors. And that's what she did.
(ALRIGHT. I am sorry I am late to the party, but due to the fact that some of you have NPC'd Ms. Black and wrote the conversation with her, we can just accept that as canon and I might add a few things to the interaction here. Please, in the future, let me handle the staff's responses and the like. My apologies for not making that clear when I said to roleplay out the interaction!)

Ms. Black, a grinning Whimsicott, slowly started to frown at the massive slew of students beginning to flood into her office. "Please, please, make a line!"

The first student to enroll, Leoron, was assigned to Room 302. She smiled once again at the pup, explaining that schedules would be assigned later. "Please take the time to unpack your things and get accustomed to the room." After she finished speaking, she sighed in relief as the Rockruff ran off. One down!

The second student to approach her desk was a Fletchling, but before she could help out the applicant, a feisty Jangmo-o slammed a form down on her desk. "Please, there is a line," she protested, but the Jangmo-o insisted. Wait... no, that couldn't be the one with the terrible transcripts we received, could it? However, upon reading his enrollment form, her suspicions were confirmed. "Erm... Joel, is it?" She started nervously, "You'll... be in 205. It's a special room we've prepared for you." Then, with a wave, she ushered him off to Nurse Rosid. She did NOT want to deal with that 'mon much longer.

Before she was even able to turn back to the Talonflame and his son, she met with an Unknown. After a brief discussion, she put the Pokemon--Glare--in 303 upon her request. Before the Unknown left, she explained the same concept of schedules being given out later to them that she had told Leoron.

A few students came next in line, among them a Skitty and Gible (npcs, yo) before grinning at the Buizel that walked up next. I bet Ms. Capelle will like this one! They even look a bit like her son... Then, after entering the Buizel's form into the computer, the Whimsicott turned back to Cliff and asked about room preference. "Well, I meant more about roommates, but I'll put you in room 102 to start. It's closer to the entrance, so I'm sure you'll appreciate the room. (Sorry Cliff, not 137!)

Suddenly, a scream and a loud thud was heard outside, causing Ms. Black to yelp. She quickly paged Ms. Capelle that there was an incident inside.

When a Magnemite floated up to her desk next, Ms. Black shook off her surprise and greeted the Pokemon. "It's wonderful to meet you, Maxwell," she hummed as she entered their information as well. "You'll be in room 302." (RIP another room change.)

FINALLY. She turned to the birds that had waited so patiently and thanked them, as well as admired that the father was so involved in his child's life. Ms. Black tapped away on her keyboard and smiled at the smaller of the two. "You'll be in room 202. You eventually will have a roommate, but... for now, erm, we've given who WAS to be your roommate a... special room to themselves."

Ms. Black had at last sorted through the long line of new applicants. Done. She breathed out in relief.


During all of Ms. Black's shenanigans with the enrolling students, Ms. Capelle had padded inside. With a commanding air about her, she glowered at the Skitty. A brief conversation occurred between them; who had done this, why, etc. before the Floatzel carried the Skitty off to the nurse's office.


"Oh, hello!" cheered a Meganium with a lab coat draped across her back. "I am Madame Rosid, who might you be?" she asked as Joel entered her office.
After some time elapsed, the Nurse came through the door that Joel kicked opened, as the first thing she heard was his pouting anger that was displayed through his relentless kicks against the wall and his growls of endangerment. She calmly wrapped a light layer of vines around him and picked him up to her head level, as she asked in a soothing tone, "Aww, is someone a little upset here? What seems to be the matter little guy? You look like you've had a rough day or something... come on, I'm not going to hurt you or anything."

Joel squirmed and kicked the vines in an attempt to break free from her seemingly unbeatable grip, as he felt a pleasant scent emitting from the Nurse's red flower on her chest. His adrenaline levels drastically plummeted soon after he submitted to the serene scents that closely cuddled with his body. The Nurse gently patted Joel's head and said, "There there little guy... just relax. I know that you can't really talk, but I just need to ask you a few questions and give you this medicine before you can go off to your room okay buddy? Nod if you understand and shake your head if you need me to explain again."

Joel nodded, as the Nurse smiled and continued, "Okay, so you must be Joel from what I read in your folder... You sure do have quite a history of getting into fights with other Pokémon don't you? So, I'm going to give you a pencil and notebook, and I just want to ask: How's everything been going so far?"

Joel's shaky arms hastily wrote on the blank page, as he finished within minutes later. The Nurse picked up the notebook after he tapped her vines, as the page read after deciphering his below average penmanship:

It's been horrible already... I can't get started on what's been going on.

First was that wanker Gible that wouldn't stop fucking pestering me since the first damn grade! He always tries to embarrass me and I have to kick his ass just to get him to stop for the day!

Then comes that little son of a bitch Skitty that thinks she's beautiful and all and tries to make me look like a little fool in front of everyone! She sure as hell paid the price for trying to mess with me, and if she dares to try to do that again.... oh... she's gonna find herself crying out the pain and agony that I've had to endure for over ten years!

The Nurse replied, "Well... you sure do know your swear words buddy. Tell ya what, let's just try to now dwell on the past and focus on right now. I'm just going to do a quick checkup on you, so just relax... it's not going to hurt, I promise with my heart."

Joel gave off a slight, docile growl at the Nurse as she calmly did everything in the checkup, from utilizing the stethoscope to find his heart rate to checking his blood pressure to make sure everything was just right. After she was finished with everything, she said, "Okay... it seems like you're fine in everything except that you see colors the exact opposite of how we see it, which is nothing for you to worry about of course. Your blood pressure is a bit high and so is your heart rate... but I'm assuming because of what's been going on in your body and also because of the fact that you've been becoming upset quite frequently. So, I'm going to have to be honest here... since you seem to hate drinking the medicine directly and hate getting pricked with needles, I've decided to mix it in with your lovely bottle of apple juice which is right there on the counter. You just need to drink this about three times a day to keep your adrenaline levels stable so that you don't go off being like a Tyranitar that's been without food for weeks."

She grabbed the bottle with her other vine as she gave it to Joel. She gently patted his back and gave him his time to drink the bottle, as he guzzled the juice until the bottle was completely clear of juice. The taste appeared to be the same, sweet flavor that was always present in apple juice, as the Nurse took the bottle after he was finished and said, "Okay... so it seems like you're all fine and ready to go to your room now buddy. Ms. Black told me that your room is in the Oran Dorms, so I wish you eternal luck. Please remember to come back during lunch and if you're having some issues okay buddy?"

Joel calmly nodded at the Nurse and slowly closed the door on his way out, as he made his way over to the Oran Dorms after seeing the direction that the sign pointed towards. He silently stepped into his own special room that he was assigned, as he closed the door the moment when everything appeared to be rather quiet nearby. He silently climbed up towards his bed that was higher than usual, as he took in cool the air conditioning that cooled his body off to his preferred temperatures. He seemed to not notice the note on the other bed yet, as he took a little break on his bed and attempted to breathe deeply with his swirling thoughts.
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(Um... @Charlespark please don't roleplay my characters for me. Also, Joel isn't roommates with Valour. Ms. Black PURPOSEFULLY avoided that. Perhaps Valour was seen standing in the door frame and Joel decided to try and befriend them?)
A noise behind him made Valour jump. He glanced back and saw a Jangmo-o walk through the front door, though he didn't look like any Jangmo-o he'd ever seen before. But Valour wasn't too put off by this, since he knew plenty of Pokémon that didn't look 'normal' - heck, even his own grandmother had more beige-ish feathers!

Before he could start up a conversation, however, the newcomer had stamped into one of the rooms and shut the door behind him. So much for that. He turned his attention back to his surroundings. Tall windows let in plenty of light, pretty framed pictures covered the walls, and a few magazines lay on a table near the kitchen area. The latter caught his attention, so he made his way over and flipped one open. It turned out to be about contest stars, fittingly enough.

He was certain he recognized one of them; an Altaria, who always seemed to be wearing a necklace with a pretty stone on it. Valour had only seen a handful of contest spectaculars in his life, all on the Television, of course. His parents would never in a million years take him to one live. Hopefully, his lack of knowledge wouldn't put him at a huge disadvantage compared to his peers...
All of a sudden, a set of four dings rang over the loudspeaker in each dormitory. "All students please make your way to the gym, beside the mess hall." It was Ms. Capelle.

In the gym, Madame Rosid and Chief and had just finished moving the makeshift stage from out front into the hallway, with the Floatzel riding on top with a smirk. She didn't add much extra weight, thankfully, but she enjoyed being treated like royalty. Not that she was vain, though! As the wooden platform clunked to the floor, she twiddled her paws as she waited for the students to file in after hearing her announcement that she had made in her office a few minutes prior. As her idle thoughts wondered, she thought back to the Skitty from earlier. The student was too shocked to speak. What could have happened..? Ms. Capelle had simply left the student in the nurse's office after another student, a Jangmo-o, had left. She would have to make sure to check up on the Skitty later, and try asking again what had happened. A pang of guilt ran through Ms. Capelle's stomach. She prayed nothing like this would happen again, and that the threat to her students' safety would be nonexistent after the first day. What a way to get started...
For the second time in a few minutes, Valour jumped, this time due to the speakers suddenly blaring out an announcement to go to the gym. He hurriedly dropped the magazine and made a combeeline for the door; he didn't want to be 'that kid who was late'. Though, when he arrived he immediately saw he was one of the first. Only a handful of other students are turned up yet, including a Gible who seemed vaguely familiar.
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Glare finished putting up the signs in the hallways of Pinap Dorms, when she heard an announcement, telling all students to come to the gym, and as soon as he heard the word 'gym' she flew all the way out of Pinap Dorms, and to the gym, and saw a Buizle, a Gible, and a few others. She waited for Ms. Capelle to say something, while chewing on bubblegum.
She also had a Cheri Berry.
Joel heard the announcement after the dings echoed in his room, as he noticed a note on the other bed after listening to the announcement. He took a brief leap onto the other bed and closely analyzed the note, as it read:

Dear Joel,

Due to your special accommodations, this room will be exclusively for you; no more, no less. We hope that you enjoy your room, as there a little something special on your bed that you can always turn to if you are ever feeling stressed.

Please try to not cause as much trouble and always remember to have fun here! If you have any questions and/or concerns, please see the secretary at our hours provided.

Thank you for indulging your time in reading this very letter. We hope that you happily grow up and take something special from this academy.


Joel neatly placed the letter on a counter where the neighboring mini fridge and microwave were after reading it, as he blew a slight kiss to the teddy bear that was on his bed before he left his room.

When he arrived at the gym after few minutes of quick movements, he noticed that only a few other students were there. He glanced over at the Fletchling that was also there, as the Gible got most of his attention after having him in his sights. He silently walked towards the Fletchling while giving a rather quiet growl towards the Gible. He stood near the Fletchling while waiting for further instruction, as his tail slightly rose; almost as if he was ready to strike at any given moment.
Before an announcement rang, Isabelle went to Ms. Black to go sign up for the school. She had to fill out a form on paper, which she finished quickly.

After she filled it out, Ms. Black assigned her to the room she would stay in for the duration of the school. It was room 102, which was a pretty beautiful room, with orange, red, and yellow flowers around the room. There seemed to be no roommates, which was fine. Then the announcement rang, saying that everyone had to go to the gym. "Arceus, seriously? I'm not even settled in!!" she screamed, running all the way to the gym, which the person saying the announcement told her to go.
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Snow gasped as he ran into school holding his sheet in his hands he almost lost it to a few bullies back there but he dodged them and went to MS. Black and handed his form to the nice woman " I choose purity do I go there " he asked looking around a few others growled at him as they walked by most pokemon didn't like him because he was so different " hmm miss black I get bullied a lot is there something I can do...I get bullied because I'm shiny..." He said hoping she understood

Name: Snow
Species: Shiny eevee
Gender/pronouns: male. He/him
House: purity
Personality: snow is kind hearted loves just about everyone he knows and he a bit clumsy to when he's trying to show off his moves but most of the time he's scared because other Pokemon pick on him and try to beat him up because he's a shiny.
When Snow was born he happened to be lucky and be the only shiny eevee in the bunch , he wasn't picked on by his family but in school every kid picked on him calling him freak and weirdo and all kinds of mean names to scare the guy.
On his left ear it is also chipped in a way and he likes to wear a small bandana around his ear to hide the chipped , he also likes dragon scales a lot so he has a dragon scale with him at all times
Glare noticed a Jangmo-o with a blue hoodie standing with its tail slightly pointed upwards, so she said "Hi! What's your name?" to the Jangmo-o, happily. She floated over, trying not to make anyone but the Jangmo-o notice, and kept focus on him, trying to show that he cared.
She knew he was still waiting for Ms. Capelle to say something, but still waited for Joel to say something. "I just want to help or something..." said Glare. She passed a Pinap Berry to Joel, while she looked at the floor for a little.
(Ah! Actually, that isn't the room I had in mind for her. You can tweak yours to match mine. My apologies. She technically will be roommates with Cliff, however as he is in the gym right now, she probably didn't end up seeing him.)

At first, the Whimsicott didn't notice the young fire-type as she padded into her office. After a form, seemingly out of nowhere, slid onto her desk, she realized--another student! "Oh goodness," Ms. Black chuckled, "you're a bit late, darling. But don't worry! We'll get you signed up right away." The secretary entered the enrollment information, and turned back to the Vulpix. "Your room is room 102."

She then smiled at the silver Eevee following in after the Vulpix scurried off. Ms. Black glanced at the form and hummed softly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Snow." Her eyes focused on the computer for a moment before directing their attention back to Snow. "You'll be rooming in 202, in the Oran dorms, with a roommate! I hope you enjoy the company." However, she then frowned at his response. "...Bullied? Ah... well, while I cannot take any action now, if there are any students that bully you here please do not hesitate to tell me. Bullying is absolutely prohibited and will be dealt with swiftly. You, as well, can always talk to me to vent or if you just need a friend. You can call me Candy... but for now, I believe Ms. Capelle is about to hold a meeting. I recommend you make your way to the gym."


Students slowly filled the gym, and Ms. Capelle waved at them. Her eyes seemed to bug out of her head though when she saw Cliff. He looked just like her son! She wanted to strike up a conversation with the student, however, enough children now filled the room that she believed it was time to start. She clambered to her paws, tapped the microphone for a check, and began to speak once again. "Hello! I take it all of you have enjoyed your rooms? I'm sorry if I cut your move-ins short, but I promise there will be more time after this to unpack. During this meeting I will be going over your schedules, and we'll be doing a few icebreakers afterwards to help introduce all of you to your fellow classmates!"

She clapped a bit, excitement filling her eyes. "Education is very important not only to myself, but it is a necessity in our modern world. Some of you had primary education, and others did not. Most primary schools, according to my observations, do not satisfy the basic need to learn. A few students I have spoken with during the course of my school's construction did not even know how to read post elementary. That is unacceptable. Thus, aside from your house-specific regimens, you will each be learning skills demanded by this society such as reading, writing, math and history. These core classes will occupy the first half of your day. This schedule applies to every Pokémon, so do take heed of my words; Mondays, you shall attend math. Tuesday will be reading and writing, otherwise known as Pokémon Language Arts, or PLA. Wednesdays shall be science, and Thursdays history. Finally, your morning classes on Fridays will be for art. This schedule applies to all Pokémon, and you will have classes that intermingle with other houses."

Taking a breath after her explanation, she continued, "And then, everyone's favorite class, lunch." She stopped and giggled. "After you eat, you will meet with the head of your house in the following locations: House Ignite will meet in the gym, House Purity will meet in the theatre, and House Strike will meet at the training fields. Don't be late, or you might earn a slap on the paw (wing, flipper, or otherwise) from your house overseer! As the classes during your second half of the day come to a conclusion, you will be dismissed. You then may attend a club's practice--which, as you will find out, will be available to sign up for soon with our club leader Doc." The Beedrill buzzes from below the stage and waves a... stinger? Yes, that's probably what that is.

"If you aren't in a club, feel free to leave campus and go into Hearthome City. But, be warned! Your curfew is 10 P.M. And if you are not back in your room by that time you will be punished. It is lights out at 11, and your house leader WILL be ensuring you are in your rooms."

The Floatzel smiled heartily. "Now, I do believe it is time for icebreakers!"

(I will be posting icebreakers later as many members are asleep right now, I think.)
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Snow frowned then he nodded " hmm miss black thank you .." He said blushing at his shyness then he got up and ran down to room 202 " hmm I wonder where the hundreds are " he thought as he ran though the halls looking for the gym but right before he found it a group of bullies grabbed him , the bully looked at him, it happened to be a lucario " hey can't we work this out please don't you any fighting type moves " he said he didn't like his pretty fur messed up or fainting in the hall way. The lucario chuckled " why should I your just so freak on this planet that just needs to be taught a lesson "

( anyone wanna save poor snow the only shiny I know)
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Joel heard an Unown speaking to him, as he turned towards her and noticed that she was shaped like the letter G. He gave a slight nod at her after she passed him the Pinap berry, as he snugly placed it in his clean, front pocket for later use. Knowing that his growls may drive probably the best conversation he would have for this day, he grabbed his notebook and pencil he kept concealed in the pockets of his hoodie.

He hastily wrote on the blank page while noticing that the Gible was as quiet as a fire mouse, as he showed the Unown the page after he was finished placing his pencil back in his pocket. The page read:

Hello, I understand that you would like to help... but I might be damaged beyond repair already. I cannot communicate effectively with others since my speech is nothing but growls of dictatorship and roars of rage. I have to go to the Nurse every now and then daily to take the dreaded medicine...

I thank you for taking the time to speak with me, as my name is Joel. I hope that I can have a first friend to interact with instead of having another enemy to use as a scratching post.
"That's fine. I know the feeling of having a first friend to talk to or interact to. I just got to know what's going on in my life, you know? Everything's changing but I can't be sure. I'm not scared like I used to be anymore. Y'hear?" explained Glare. She waited for Ms. Capelle to talk about icebreakers. She then ate an Oran berry, and noticed someone's satchel next to the stage. She wanted to go and get it, but she couldn't, because she was a little nervous that she would do something bad and then everyone would laugh.
Valour was only half-listening to the conversation beside him, when something else behind him caught his attention. A surreptitious glance around convinced him no-one would notice him slip away, so he quietly made his way to the back of the gym, where the clamoring he had noticed was coming from. He pushed the door open slightly and peered out.

A silver Eevee was being grabbed by a Lucario, while several other Pokémon jeered, clearly mocking him. A shard of fear pierced Valour; he was tempted to close the door and pretend he had seen nothing, but the thought of abandoning the Eevee scared him just as much as the thought of trying to fight off a group on his own. He just stayed where he was in the doorway, hoping against hope that it didn't escalate any further.
Even though Cliff was in no rush to make it to his dorm room, he was still somewhat annoyed by being called to the gym and thus being unable to actually reach his dorm room. He didn’t care much for what his room would look like, nor if there were roommates or not, but he did care about his ‘loss of progress’ towards his intended destination. However, ignoring a request from the school’s founder was out of the question, even if he didn’t really want to go, so he turned around and sighed. Heading back through the hall he had just meandered through.

When Cliff joined in with the group of students, he took notice of Ms. Capelle looking at him. Without thinking too much about why she was looking at him specifically, he smiled polite and made his way into the crowd. Once he was satisfied with his location within the crowd Cliff mindlessly blew, and popped, small bubbles as he was waiting for the next spiel to start.

Apparently it was about the school’s schedule, making Cliff glad he chose to show up for this. Watching and listening intently whilst making mental notes of all the important information. Classes, lunch, gym and club, and or leaving campus.. Curfew at ten.. Lights out at eleven.. He repeated to himself in his head until he was snapped out of it by the mentioning of so-called ‘icebreakers’. Were they going to be doing an introductory round for the students as well?
The lucario looked at snow then he smiled " OK little freak I'll let you go this time but next time I'll punish your for being a freak " he said , snow was so scared of the Pokemon that he when he was dropped he ran straight to the gym door and he saw Valour " hi there " he said then he sighed as he laid down his head " didn't see all that" he asked before he laid down as they listened to the teacher talk " I'm snow " he smiled
Naomi was definitely behind. Again. "This is what you get for sleeping in, Naomi..." She muttered to herself. Of course, she was scolding herself much more than that, but the rest of it was mostly in her head. As she had walked to the entrance of the school, carrying her small amount of luggage, the first thing she heard was that everyone was to meet in the gym. "Oh, what do I do? Do I sign up first, or do I go to the gym first? I should probably sign up first." She had mentally reasoned with herself. It only took her a few seconds to decide. Fortunately, because of the occurrence in the gym, Naomi had little to no trouble getting to the desk. Upon making it to Ms. Black's desk, the Absol set her registration form down on the front desk.
While Isabelle was listening to where she should be, she munched on some snacks. She thought to her head: So, it seems like after lunch we'll have exclusive classes in our houses, or we'd be having a little meeting. Not sure yet. After lunch, she'd have to be in the same place where she is at to meet the rest of the House Ignite members. Luckily, she didn't know much about everything on campus, except the gym and the dorms.
Before he knew it, the Lucario had let the Eevee go, and wandered off, and he blinked in surprise when the silver fox bounded up next to him. However, Valour was starting to feel incredibly guilty for not stepping in.

'At least he didn't get hurt,' he reasoned with himself. The snowy white Eevee introduced himself; his name was Snow, fittingly enough. Valour pushed his feelings away and smiled at him, extending a wing forward in a handshake-like gesture.

"That's a nice name. I'm Valour." He thought for a moment, then asked "What house are you in? I'm in Purity!"
Joel heard some others speaking nearby, as he quietly walked over to them while attempting to keep his cool. He gave a quick glare at the Gible to make sure that he would not ridicule him in front of the entire crowd, as he noticed a Fletchling conversing with an Eevee that was as white as the snow his kind seemed to detest quite strongly. His tail slightly shook when he heard the Fletchling mentioning the fact that he was in the same house he was in.

He silently stood near the Fletchling while giving a slight nod towards the Unown since he could not seem to convey even a single word to her. He glanced over at the Fletchling and took out his pencil again after taking out a folded slip of paper that someone appeared to have given him prior to enrolling in the academy.

After unfolding the slip of paper, he carefully read the small text that appeared to be a self-questionnaire that he had to respond with true honesty. Upon analyzing what the first question was, the first question read: "How would you describe yourself socially? Check one of the boxes below; one being solitary, three being neutral and five being an extrovert." He swiftly checked the box that was the furthest to the left, as he steadily moved onto the other questions in his self-questionnaire to let some moments pass before the icebreakers would begin.
Maxwell could've jumped for joy upon hearing Glare's response. A roommate with (at least slightly) similar interests! The surge of questions running through their mind were halted when a voice filled the room, static reminiscent of walkie-talkies. Ms. Capelle's announcement over the PA system pulled them from their thoughts, and Max followed their two House members out of the dorms and into the gym.

So, this was their schedule? It sounded simple enough. Maxwell had no clue where the training fields were, but their group members might have a better idea. Glare certainly seemed pretty on top of things, already going off and talking to a Jangmo-o. They floated over and attempted to read the scrap of paper the dragon-type was currently writing on. Some sort of self-reflection sheet?

Was that what the icebreakers would be like? Maxwell understood the principle, those things were social activities that helped Pokemon bond. When they thought about it, though, they didn't have much of a clue what they could say about themself. 'Hello, I'm Maxwell. I like circuit boards and being alone.' Not a very good first impression! Max's eye dilated very slightly as their anxiety rose.
Upon hearing the announcement Leoron had sprinted out of the room and to the assembly hall he had decided that he would stay at the back so that he wouldn't be noticed by many people. He thought to himself why do we need another assembly all I want to do is go for a run around the place.

Then after the scheduled was revealed he looked around the room noticing that most people were in the middle of conversation with each other and then he growled so that no one would hear him as he said to himself "Why do we have to do reading and writing I'd much rather be running but at least I can relax in the afternoon when were studying our house specific subject's its bound to be more fun than siting in an class being bored but what the hell are icebreakers." Then he scratched the back of his ears and he saw out of the corner of his eyes his roomates trying to make friends with a jang-moo and thought to himself figures that they would try to make friends with someone who looked lonely.