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Open A Journey Through High School Discussion

I found my high school yearbook earlier today and decided I really wanted to do a high school roleplay, so here we are! Also kind of basing this off Gilmore Girls, seeing as there may be a new season of it soon I wanted to make the town based off it a little!

It's your first day at your new high school, located in a small town named Lakeside Village, known for being quite a cosy, small town surrounded by pretty forests and lakes. The high school is located at the far end of the town. It's a pretty big high school despite being located in quite a small town, and boasts having 400 students, 100 in each year from Grade Nine to Grade Twelve. 14 to 17 year olds are accepted into this high school.

RP THREAD - https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-journey-through-high-school.18281/

Follow basic Pokecharms rules.
No being some super hot rockstar super popular funny amazing kid who makes jokes in the middle of class and gets in detention and pulls funny pranks but the teacher thinks they're amazing enough to not get a detention and everybody loves him and he is also super rich and has a pet robot dog who flies him to school... Nope.
No stupid things happening. ETC - "Kevin was really scared for his first day of school. He got ready and went outside. His dad was waiting outside for him with the helicopter and they flew to school in it and landed in the middle of the playground."
A maximum of three whole lines. Good grammar, punctuation and spelling too.
All OOC stuff in the discussion thread only. RPing goes only in the roleplay thread.
Please don't join the roleplay and only be active like every five days, this messes up the roleplay. For example, if everybody is waiting on that one person's character to sleep to skip to the next day.


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Name: Andrew
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Grade: Sophomore
Family: Two parents and two little brothers, one in middle school and one in elementary
Crush: We'll find out ;)
Friends: Two seniors named Billy and Jensen
Enemies: We'll find out
Appearance: Short Brown hair with blue eyes, doesnt care a lot about fashion
Personality: Anxiety Disorder, gets nervous around people he doesn't know and is especially nervous around women. When he is not with Billy and/or Jensen, he enjoys alone time; not talking to anyone and just being by himself. He dislikes high school.
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Kayla Robins
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Grade: Ninth Grade / Freshman
Family: Mum and dad, twelve year old brother named John and nineteen year old sister called Elle who is in college.
Crush: Not just yet ;)
Friends: None yet
Enemies: None yet
Appearance: Caramel brown (elbow length) hair. Green eyes. Plain black shirt and navy blue jeans. Freckles on cheeks and nose. Black glasses and braces.
Personality: A bit of a stereotypical nerd but also quite unique. She likes studying and drawing. She is a bit introverted, embarrassed easily, stammers with her words a lot, but likes to make friends, despite being quite nervous around people she doesn't know. She can be often found hiding in a girls bathroom toilet cubicle, a place she often goes to seeking peace and alone time.

OTHER: This will be her first day at this high school. She only recently moved to Lakeside Village.
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Hello! May i join?

Name: Colin Michael

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Grade: Ninth grade

Family: Has a little brother named Blu who is ten years old and a mom. His Mom and Dad got divorced sadly

Crush: None yet but probably will be a girl his age :)

Friends: Kayla and Andrew

Enemies: None yet

Appearance: Mostly wears sweatshirts with T-shirts underneath. Mostly wears jeans too. He has pale skin, green eyes, and black glasses. Has black hair and at some of the tips of his hair has red dye on it. Also wears white sneakers.

Personality: He's really quiet and he used to be loud but ever since the divorce when he was 8, he will probably never show any real emotions. His only emotions you will probably see from him is sadness, anger and curiousness.

Other: He's new to school and he moved away from his own home. He now lives in Lakeside Village.
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I'm joining this, I'll edit this post when I have my bio set up. ;)

Edit: here it is I just copied one of my existing ocs

Name: Sierra
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Grade: 10th or Sophomore
Family: Two parents, no siblings
Crush: N/A But always looking for a senpai
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Dark brown with medium length in normal style and a pink bow tie on the left side. Hazle colored eyes, She's quite tall at 5.7, and slightly on the thin side. For clothing a simple white shirt and pink skirt with white shoes.
Personality: Very friendly, she also likes helping people a lot. However can be timid at times, also like video games ALOT mostly Nintendo related: Pokémon, smash bros etc. She's also not nerdy with a normal IQ. She will most likely to overact to the stupidest things.
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lol I think not for a while.

Also sorry for the late post, I was too busy with Thanksgiving and too busy playing Doki Doki Literature Club. A great game 10/10 would not play again because I can't, the files in the game are corrupted thanks alot Monika! :@