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Ask to Join Battle Tech University

With three pokeballs on his hip Alan exits the welcome ceremony along with a majority of the student body. He looks around at the other 100 students exiting the auditorium, each of them already a skilled trainer in their own right having passed the rigorous entrance exam and preliminary tournament. They were chosen from more than 10000 BTU hopefuls. He lets out a sigh reminding himself that he too passed the exam and the tournament before heading to the dorms to receive his schedule.
He taped his middle finger and thumb together as he left the auditorium. He was still shocked that he made it in. Abra and Feebas hardly stood a chance in the preliminary tournament but luckily Larvitar was able to carry them through. Michael scanned the room of all his fellow accepted students. He knew he was going to be the weakest one here, Larvitar's strength will only get him so far. "Stop it." he whispered to himself. He could not become stronger if he kept complaining. He patted the three Pokeballs on his belt and headed for his dorm. His fingers still tapped
Stella held her usual smile on her face, exiting the auditorium. She hadn't expected to make it into the University, really; she had only attempted it because her mother insisted it would be a good course for her. She hadn't ranked too high up, as she hadn't trained too hard, but she was grateful for the opportunity. Humming to herself, tossing an empty pokeball in one hand, she glides through the hall, wandering slightly aimlessly as she makes a small attempt to find her dorm. However, she instead finds herself in the wrong hall; the boys' dorms' entrances lies just a few steps down from her. Grinning in amusement at herself, she steps to the side to check her map.
Arriving at the boys dorm after nearly a ten minute walk he makes his way up to the 2nd floor where the first years stay and searched the area for the Floor leader, a trainer from one year ahead who manages the dorms of the younger students.

Finding him near the other flight of stairs on the other side of the floor Alan approaches the RA asking "excuse me, could you tell me which room I'm in"

"Name please"

"Alan Race"

"You'll be in room 227 with a Mr Michael Ryder"

Alan thanks the older boy who hands him a key as he searches the floor now for room 227

In the midst of searching for his room he notices a girl down the hall through a glass porthole in the door. She is peering over her map 'probably lost' Alan thinks to himself before starting to approach her. He calls out "excuse me, are you lost" he smiles and waves
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Stella peers over the top of her map. "Unless they plan to place a single girl among dorms of teenage boys, yes, I think I'm lost. Map-reading has never been my strong suit." She pulls it down further to reveal the lower half of her face, a friendly smile adorning her features. "My name's Stella. You are?"
Michael had kept fidgeting with his hands as he made is way to the boy's dorms. He followed the map all the new students got when they arrived at the welcome ceremony. He kept fidgeting with the map looking up and back down continuously trying not to get lost. He did not want to make a fool of himself on the first day.

When he arrived to the second floor of the boys dorms he found the RA.

"Umm. I am looking for my room. The name is uhh Michael Ryder."

"You are in room 227 with a Mr. Alan Race."

"Thank you."

Michael took his key and headed to his dorm, his eyes gliding to each room number trying to find his. He noticed a guy and a girl with a map up ahead who appeared to be lost. He went over to see if he can help in anyway.
"Do you guys need any help?" he said stuttering a little.
As Stella is nodding in reply to the newly-introduced Alan, she notices a boy approach. As he staggers his words, she smiles. "He's probably fine, but I'm hopelessly lost. At least, I think I am. I assume I'm in the girls' dorm, but I haven't found my way there yet. What's your name? I'm Stella, this is Alan. We're both first years." Her tone is calm, her voice smooth, as she address the seemingly nervous boy.
"The girls dorm is directly across from here if you leave out the front door" Alan says, finally answering the lost girls question. "You have a map, how did you end up so lost?" He teases
"My name is Michael. I am a first year as well." he replied trying not to stutter. He always had a hard time talking to new people. His mom blamed it on the fact he spent too much time with his pokemon and not with other kids as a child. "Your name is Alan?" He said addressing the boy. "I think we may be roommates? Room 227?"
She shrugs, smiling amusedly at the boy's teasing. "Having a map and using it aren't the same thing. I prefer to wander 'til I find where I need to go, yanno?"

At Michael's introduction, she nods. "Pleasure to meet you Michael. And you, Alan," she turns to the latter. "I appreciate the help, but I should probably head to my own dorms." Pulling a cell phone from her pocket, she taps a few parts of the screen before returning her attention to the two boys. "I think it'd be cool if we met up again. Can I get your numbers?"
"Mike Ryder? Nice to meet you I say extending a handshake to him. "I do hope we can be friends"

He also allows the girl to take his phone number before she heads off
"I hope so to." Michael says to the boy. He puts his number in after Alan and gives a small wave goodbye to Stella.
"I am going to head to my room as well. See you later Stella."
"I think it is down that way." Michael says pointing to one end of the corridor. "So why did you tryout for this school?" Michael said trying to be social. He voice was a little shaky.
"I guess the same reason as most of the people here, I felt that I had an aptitude for Pokémon training and though I could grow as a trainer in this place" taking note of his new roommates nervousness Alan tries to appear as friendly as possible.
"Ya I can see that." Michael said trying to calm down. He wanted to become friends with Alan and Stella but was afraid they would not like him or laugh at how weak his pokemon are. He sees their room up ahead and points. "That one is ours."
Walking into lightly furnished room. Two beds, two night stands and two dressers. To the left of the door was a small half bathroom walking the bed farthest from the door and taking a seat on it. The schedules were In a stack on one of the bedside tables he schedules appeared to be the same, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He had Regional Studies, Double Battles, and single battles. Tuesday and Thursday he had field Work and tactics class. The weekends were free time.

Looking up from his schedule for a moment he picks up Michales schedule attempting to hand it to him.
Michael looked over the room he will be spending his next year living in. He liked it. It felt cozy and he knew Abra and Larvitar would enjoy it. All it needed was a fish tank for Feebas. They had a window in their room which over looked a small lake and field where Michael could see trainers and pokemon. He walked over to the other bed as Alan claimed his. "Thank you." he said to Alan as he grabbed his schedule. He shared the same classes with Alan.
Rolling back onto the bed Alan released his three Pokémon from their balls: Charmander, Treeko, and Vulpix. The three little pokemon seemed quite happy as the crawled on top of him, biting playfully. "Everyone I would like you to meet Michael, we are going to be staying together for some time now so I'd like you all to get along with him, and his Pokémon" the three Pokémon look at Michael with curiosity
With a playful smile on his face Michael waved at the pokemon now in the room. "Nice to meet you Treeko, Charmander, and Vulpix." He pulled out two of his pokeballs. "Come on out Larvitar and Abra." Larvitar appeared on the floor of the room and lit up with joy at the sight of new pokemon. Abra was on the bed,with Michael, asleep. "Larvitar this is Alan and his pokemon. Say hi." Michael felt more relaxed around pokemon mostly because he felt like they judged him less. "Sorry about Abra he sleeps a lot. He should be awake in less than a hour." He said maneuvering his way further onto his bed without disturbing Abra.
"Ya I have a Feebas but he does not like to be out of water." Michael said lifting his third pokeball for Alan to see. "He had a hard time in the tournament but thanks to Larvitar here we got through it." Larvitar did a small jump with joy at Michael's praise.
"Your larvitar must be one tough Customer, we'll defiantly have to battle some time" Alan says obviously getting excited at the prospect of a challenging match.
Michael laughed a little. "She is pretty tough. She would love a battle." Larvitar jumped with enthusiasm onto Michaels bed, the springs creaking under her weight. "Careful Larvitar don't wake up Abra." Larvitar quickly composed herself and made sure to quietly walk across the bed towards Michaels head. "So how did you meet your pokemon Alan?"
"Vulpix here was a gift from my father, and my first Pokémon" he says affectionatly scratching the fox's head. "Charmander I met while traveling in kanto, where I'm from. And treeko was staying with my uncle here in hoen, but he wanted to travel and decided to run away with me when I left for school."

"How did you meet your Pokémon Michael, you seem much more at ease around them"
Michael let out a nervous chuckle. "Ya I was not very social as a child. One day when I was walking through the forest looking for berries, for my parent's pokemon daycare, and I ran into a Abra. At first he kept teleporting away but eventually after enough berries he grew fond of me. After that we would meet up in the forest until I was old enough to get a pokemon and I caught Abra." He rubbed the top of Abra's head softly, Abra letting out a soft purr. "Then I caught Feebas in a river behind my parent's daycare. He seemed really lonely and some pokemon were picking on him so me and Abra took him in and caught him. And Larvitar was an unclaimed egg at the daycare so my parents let me take care of it and when it hatched out came Larvitar." Michael said rubbing Larvitar's stomach. Larvitar cuddle with Michael on the bed.
"That's a nice story, you seem like a very kind person" Alan says His Pokémon nodding in agreement. "We don't have any classes today, is there anything you wanted to do?"
Michael blushed a little at the compliment. "Thank you. You are a kind person as well." His words stuttered a bit. Michael looked over when Alan asked his question. "I was hoping to see where our classes would be and maybe find a lake or river for Feebas to come out."
"Oh ya I forgot about that." Michael said lying. He knew Feebas had a worse time around people than he did. Michael wanted to hopefully find a body of water away from others but he himself was too shy to object. "Is there anything you would like to do?" Michael asked. "I don't want to make it all about me."
"Come on Larvitar lets go." Michael says as he gently picks up Abra. Michael rests Abra into his arms like a baby. "He should be awake soon so I don't want to put him back in his ball." Michael tells Alan trying to make his odd behaviour a little less weird. Larvitar jumps to the ground standing next to Michael's legs. "Should we ask Stella if she wants to come?" Michael asks.
"I would love to, but she didn't give either of us her number. Just took ours." Alan explains "I'm sure we'll run into her eventually though"
"Okay." Michael says as he leaves their dorm, Larvitar staying close to his legs. Michael pulls out his map as he walks down the flight of stairs to the first floor. "So the classrooms are not far from the dorms. So I think we should head to that lake we can see from our window." Michael suggests as he leaves the building.
Returning his Pokémon Alan follows closely behind Mike, studying their path. He wants to memorize the campus as soon as possible to avoid have to use the map and appear lost. Following his roommate outside and around the building to the lake Alan once again Releases his Pokémon in a flash of red light. The three small creatures then begin to play with one another in the grass beneath the orange evening sky.
Once the field was in sight Larvitar ran off to play with other pokemon. Abra started to wake up in Michael's arms. "Well good afternoon. I would like you to meet Alan and his pokemon. They are our roommates." Michael says to the stirring pokemon, he sets him on the ground. Abra looks at Alan for awhile before bounding of after Larvitar. Michael walks over to the lake and releases Feebas. Out comes out a small purple Feebas who splashes around trying to call for Abra and Larvitar. Michael feels less nervous and more relaxed. When he is around his pokemon Michael becomes a bit forgetful of his surroundings.
Jaxon sat around the lake, eating a Pokepuff. He didn't realise other people were near. Being a first year, he had no clue where his room would be or where he was meant to be. His Larvitar, being very strong, was doing pushups ; his Shinx was trying to test out a Thunderbolt and his Eevee , who was a sparkling grey colour, sat in Jaxon's lap asleep.
Alan is off playing with his own Pokémon when a trainer approaches mike from behind "what kind of Pokémon is that he laughs" looks to be in year two or three. He has short blonde hair "A magikarp with a birth defect?" LAughing at his own Joke "whatever it is it looks weak, hard to imagine you passed the tournament with that thing"