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Ask to Join Pokemon University! (PokeU)

Set in the Fictional region Chukan (Japanese word for Middle)
Chukan is sort of a hub for pokemon trainers, being somewhat in the centre of all the regions locations there are trains, Planes and Boats to go to each Region. All of the Characters from the games exist in this universe, though No manga and anime specific characters do...

APPLY ON THE THREAD AND WAIT FOR A RESPONSE-- https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-university.15347/

*RP Start*
Jack walked up the steps of Pokemon University's Grand Entrance and walked through the revolving doors at the entrance. He soaked in the culture and modernisation intertwined with each other in the architecture of the building, Staring in awe at the sights of what was in front of him, a group of older Students pushed pass him, eager to get to their next class, and a tall wiry man in a 3 piece suit was collecting dropped papers and folders in the hallway in front of him. Jack walked through the front of the school looking for the way to administration, he looked at the notes he had been given in his enrollment package. The Administration Office is on the 2nd floor in a small hallway opposite the Pokeball Research Laboratory. He Looked for a staircase to go upstairs, Jack wandered around for a few minutes until he found an elevator. he rode it to the second floor of the Building, he exited the elevator and walked down the hall. He saw the sign for the Pokeball Research Laboratory and then the Chrome door of the Administration Office. He walked up and knocked on the door. The door slid open automatically

"We have automatic doors here at PokeU Courtesy of our Pokemon Technology Students" Proffessor Pine said cheerfully. "I suppose you know who I am, but if you don't I'm the Regional Professor of Chukan and the Principal of this school as it is at the moment"

Jack Nodded his head in agreement, shocked to see such a famous proffessor sitting in front of him

The professor continued "Now... Formalities... all new students need to fill out this form here" The proffessor handed Jack the form to fill out.
The Form Read:
Q.1) Are You a Boy Or A Girl? Jack wrote Boy on the form. Q.2) What is your Name? Jack wrote Jack Warren on the form. Q.3) What Subject(s) are you Taking at PokeU? Jack Wrote Advanced Battling and Law Studies. Jack Completed the rest of the form and handed it back to the professor. After Reading over it the professor gave him a key and a timetable containing his classes.

"Your in Dorm 16, All dorms are on the 3rd Floor. Good Luck and Good Day" The Professor Said cheerfully. Jack exited the room
Lilac wandered around the 3rd floor, looking for Dorm 9. She had just left the administration office.


She opened the door to reveal a beautiful room just how she had requested it. The walls were Lilac and the curtains were yellow. Her bed was a double bed and her desk and drawers were white wood. She put her stuff in the drawers and looked out the window. A beautiful garden filled with trees and flowers was just below her.
Jack entered his dorm. It wasn't perfect but it was workable. He couldnt expect much, after all he was only a student at the school. he sat down in front of his TV and watched some shows, his Riolu was playing around with some toys on the bed. He heard a knock at the door, Riolu's ears perked up. "Hold on, Just a sec, Be right there!" He stashed the chips he was eating under the chair he was on and walked to the door. He opened it and was greeted by a smiling face "Hey I'm Keven, Nice to meet you, Im just down the hall from you and I noticed you and a girl had moved in on our hallway and i just thought i'd welcome you. I'm In the Advanced Battling class too!" Keven said enthusiastically. Riolu had made his way to the door, "hey you, get back inside... Uh yeah, thanks for stopping by, uh, I guess I'll see you in class?" Jack said. Keven walked back down the hall and jack closed the door. "huh, wonder who that girl is that he was talking about." Jack said. He sat back down and started to watch television again, as his PokeGear Called. "Urghhh, Can I not watch my show in peace!" He answered the PokeGear and was greeted by the booming voice of Wulfric "You Made it alright?" The voice asked. "Yes I'm all settled in sir" Jack replied. "Ahh Good, me and Falkner will come visit you soon" The booming voice said. "Uhhh No rush sir, I can handle it for now" Jack replied nervously. "Nonsense, I want to see this school that is going to make you into a better trainer than me!" Wulfrics voice boomed, Jack replied "Umm Yeah I guess you could come visit for a bit if you wanted" Riolu looked over at Jack. "Excellent, well I've got to go, I'm in the middle of a heated battle with a young boy here, talk soon" the Booming voice of Wulfric came through one last time before the call ended.
Lilac sat down on the bed and started to watch television. The show was called, 'Professor Sycamore and Mega Evolution!'

"Ugh" Lilac muttered as she changed the channel. Her cousin had become so famous while she was 19 and was in university. One day she would be better than him.

She got off the bed and walked over to her backpack, her Shiny Dratini was curled up inside. She brought her out and put her on the bed.

"Dratini!" Dratini said.

(OOC. My ambition is to own a place where wild Pokemon come and play and eat and rest. BIC)
Jack put down his pokegear and stretched "Riolu, what do you say we go meet some people around here?" Riolus ears perked up "Come on then bud" Jack called to him. He reached for his keys and locked the door behind them. Jack asked riolu "Where to first?" Riolu ran down the hallway. "Hey! Wait for me!" Jack chased riolu to the front of a Glass door. Inside 2 Trainers were battling it out. On the wall their Names and their pokemon were displayed on large screens, as well as how much energy they had left before they fainted. The 2 Trainers were called Red and Gold. "Huh Strange names, hey bud" Jack said to Riolu. Riolu Looked up at him. "This place looks busy why dont we go somewhere else bud" Jack said to riolu. Again Riolu sprinted off down the hallway, with Jack in Hot pursuit. They ended up in a Huge Garden at the back of the school, with a large river running through it. A sign on the path said The PokeU PokeGarden! Let your pokemon run around whilst you explore!. Jack asked riolu "Why don't we let your 2 Friends out hey bud?" Jack released Munchlax into the garden and Lapras into the river. "You guys go play I'm gonna have a little rest." Jack said. He walked along the path until he found a small seat to sit on. He took a seat and started to relax
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Mason got to the university.

"Wow. So this is the place? looks like it." The entrance doors automatically opened.

"I have seriously no idea where the administration office is, so i'll just take a detour and see what kind of battles they have here." Mason said to himself as he walked to the battle arena.

There were switch battles, there were 2v2 and last but not least, 1v1's.
Trainer red has won the battle with charizard! The opponent, gold, has lost with typhlosion! Said a loud speaker.

"Red? The red?" Mason asked himself. He ran towards the winning trainer. "Are you the red? From pallet town?" He asked.
"Yes, indeed I am." Red replied. "Oh my goood" Mason almost lost himself. "You are the kanto champion! You inspired me to be a trainer! I wanted to have a challange so I picked bulbasaur!" Mason definetly lost himself. "If you want to, You can do some super training with blue, over there. I am busy right now." Red replied. "I am gonna fall in love with this place" Theres no way mason hasn't lost himself yet.
Lilac turned off the TV and rushed downstairs. She went into the PokeU Garden. There were heaps and heaps of grass Pokemon. She could see Weepinbell, Oddish, Gloom, Bellosom, Vileplume and more!

She walked around the garden and gave all of the Pokemon berries. Then she went back up to her room. When she sat down on the bed she saw a letter on the desk. She walked over and read it.

'Dear Lilac,

We hope you are having an enjoyable time and you have lots of new friends. Please stay safe and healthy.

Love Hazel and Joel...'

Lilac smiled as she read the letter, Hazel and Joel were the old couple who took her in. They had insisted she went to PokeU.
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Jasmine arrived at pokeU and filled out the form "you are In dorm 9" the thing said jas mine got to dorm 9 and walked in she noticed that someone else had been there "great I have a roommate" she mumbled to herself
Trainer Name-
Lane P.


Region(s) Character is from in order of visits-
- Kanto
- Hoenn

Pokemon Team Including Levels (Make them somewhat fair)-







Character Affiliations ( Can relate to Canon Characters in anime, games, And other RPers (if approved by them) No Manga Though)-
Related to a powerful druglord in the west. Father went crazy and killed himself and his family. Lane escaped with a bullet scrape on his cheek going straight down his cheek

Notable Backstory-
Lane is an 19 year old boy who has a twin murdered by his father whom was driven insane and murdered his kin with nothing but a kitchen knife. He was on the run from his father whom is currently in jail. He is insecure and a quiet boy. He has a impulsive personality doing whatever his emotions tell him to do and thinks rashly. After his family is murdered he finds comfort in his first Pokemon, Dragonite whom helps him get past his dark backstory. Though he is driven by ambition and emotion, Lane is yet to find someone to rein him, to help him be less rash with his behaviors.
[OOC] you need to fill out the correct form on the Discussion which is linked in the first post. For Further RP's Try to refrain from creating your own form and follow the one given. Thus i cannot accept your character until you do the above actions... [BIC].

Jack was asleep on the chair in the PokeU garden, when he heard a voice "Hey, I saw you watching my battle before." Jack woke up suddenly. "Wha-Huh-Who are you?" Jack stuttered. "The boy standing over him said "I'm Gold, I'm a Teacher here at Pokemon University in my spare time." Jack stretched "But how? You look as young as me... Wait a minute... I recognise you.... Your the guy who came and did a check up on Falkner's Gym a few years ago!" Jack blurted out. "I watched you take on the trainers at the gym and you took all of them down single handedly... Even Falkner!" Jack Continued. Gold laughed. "Well... That's the duties of a Region Champion after all..." Gold replied. Jack's mind ticked over a moment before it clicked. "Y-y-you're the Johto champion?" Jack stuttered realising he was in the presence of one of the worlds greatest trainers. Gold Laughed again "Of course, All of the champions come here in our spare time to teach... It isn't very often someone makes it past the elite 4 to battle us, so we just do this to keep us occupied in the downtime."

Jack was lost for words, Standing before him was the worlds No.4 Best Trainer... Gold... The Gold Falkner had spoken about so highly, The boy who defeated Team Rocket single handedly, The boy who tamed the Legendary pokemon of the Johto Region. The First Person to complete the Johto Pokedex. He was lost in his thoughts about Gold that he hadn't realised Gold had already left and he was alone on the bench. He snapped out of his trance like state when he was splashed by water. He felt something chewing his shorts. "Munchlaxxxx, not again" Jack Groaned. He pulled his leg away and returned his munchlax to its pokeball. His Lapras was splashing in the river beside him. Jack Returned it too. He found Riolu sitting patiently beside the bench. "Come on bud thats enough for one day" Jack said. Riolu dutifully walked alongside his partner back to their dorm.
Lilac turned around and she saw a girl walking into her room. She had wondered why there were 2 beds, desks and drawers.

"A roomate..." Lilac muttered.

(OOC. My ambition has changed, I want to be an artist and my Pokemon are Ralts and Fletchling. BIC)
Jasmine Was setting up around the place as she had just finished putting her cloths in the draws and put her computer on the table she then decided to go down to the garden as she came out the door she saw lilac "oh hey are you my roommate" she asked shyly
[OOC] Not until youve completed the form on the discussion page properly @GalacticSky [BIC]

Jack sat up, He checked his timetable "Ahh Classes don't start till tommorow" Jack kicked back in his bean bag, opened his PokeGear and sent Falkner a message Hey Falkner! Just Letting you know that today I had a conversation with the champion of Johto! Hows that for a story! Yeah anyway, I'm fully unpacked here, Riolu loves it here and so does Lapras, Munchlax has eaten through another pair of my shorts. I met this one guy, His name was either Brian or Jerry... Oh well it probably wasn't either, I'm not good with names after all. Anyway all's well here! Talk to you later! - Jack Jack closed the messaging app on the PokeGear. and got up. "I'm hungry as, lets see what there is to eat around here" He got up, left the apartment and went to the bottom floor, where the entrance was. He walked toward the Malasada stand and a tanned man greeted him "Alola! What would you like today?" The man asked with a heavy alolan accent. "A box of your best malasadas please!" Jack answered. The man went into the back and came out with a bag. "Here you are! That'll be 3000 PokeDollars! Jack handed him the money and took the bag. He walked over to the grand entrance which had a massive statue of the school mascot. One of the smartest, Strongest and mechanical pokemon in the world, a Metagross. Jack sat in a seat near the metagross and fed Malasadas to his 3 pokemon. They finished them off and walked back to the elevator. "I wonder if theres any trainers to battle around here" Jack said
"Yeah" Lilac said. She brought an easel out of her bag and stood it next to her desk. She brought out a huge box of art stuff and put it on her desk. "I'm Lilac Sycamore" She said to the shy girl.
"Hey are you... no wait never mind" she said "I'm jasmine storm nice to meet you" she said starting to smile "it's a pretty nice dorm isn't it" she said trying to start a conversation
"It is" Lilac said smiling, "I was just about to go down to the garden, do you want to come?"

Fletchling was flying above her and Ralts was in her bag. They were going to play in the garden while she did some drawing.

"Ra! Ralts!" Ralts said
"Fletch!" Fletchling said
Jack met the boy who had arrived at his dorm earlier on. "Hey Jack! It's me Keven! Why are you here in the Battle room? Theres no classes today" Jack looked at him "Oh... Its you again... Im in here looking for a half decent trainer to battle with to pass the time" Jack said to him. Keven smiled "Well, I'm not that good but i'll give it a go!" Keven walked over to the other side of the arena. Jack sighed. This is going to be an easy battle he thought. Keven Threw out a Marill. Jack stared at it for a moment, then sprung into gear. Go Riolu, Riolu ran into battle. Marill used Water gun. Riolu was hit by the water and sent rolling backwards. He regained his balance and sprinted at Marill. Riolu used force palm and hit Marill. Marill bounced off from the force of the hit and used bubblebeam in mid-air. Striking Riolu and sending him flying. Riolu stood back up and walked back into the battle heavily injured. The Marill took a moment then scrambled to its feet, looking worn out but determined. Riolu used quick attack, followed by a brick break and the Marill Fainted. Keven frowned. "You took out Marill so easily!" keven said. He sent out his next pokemon, A larvesta. Riolu was tiring fast and was fainted by the Larvesta's ember. Jack scowled, 1 For 1, I can't lose to him! Jack thought. He sent out Lapras. Lapras sat still for a few moments before unleashed a water pulse, the larvesta was swept into the far wall of the battlefield and fainted. Keven Yelled out "NOO! Larvesta!" Keven sent out Elekid. the elekid looked at lapras and used Thunder Shock. Lapras took the hit hard, but managed to hang on. Lapras usee Ice Shard, as the elekid hit it with another Thunder shock. Lapras Fainted. Munchlax Jumped into the battlefield. He sat down and was hit by a Thundershock. Munchlax was irritated by the other pokemon attacking it and used Metronome. The move was earth power. Munchlax fainted the Elekid and sat back down. Keven looked on in shock after seeing his last pokemon get fainted. "Wha-Ha-How! My Elekid is by far the strongest pokemon of the 3! Well... I'm not exactly a good trainer... And my roomates making me get rid of one of my pokemon because 3 is apparently too much to handle, so you can have one if you want!" Jack chose the Elekid eagerly and waved goodbye to keven "Seeya in class tommorow Jack!" Keven said as he walked back through the crowd of people whom had gathered to watch the battle. Jack looked at the pokeball in his hand containing Elekid and tucked it in his pocket, he made his way to the University Pokecentre
"Uh yeah sure" she said smiling at lilac "that would be nice just gimme a second" she said sitting down and turning on her computer "just need tooooo.... and done" she said finishing posting on her profile
Lane walked in head lowered, he didn't want to be seen yet. Not just this moment. He passed by a dorm and searched for his own.
"Dorm 3A, Dorm 3A" he muttered.
He searched for his dorm and had no avail. When he took a sharp turn and made it look like he knew his way around, he finally found his dorm.
"Finally, Jesus. I just could've turned left from the stairs." he said as he cursed under his breath.
Lane fished his key out of his ridiculously heavy backpack and pulled out a rusted key. He jammed it into the keyhole and turned the lock slowly. When the door was unlocked, Lane entered his dorm and threw his bag onto the top bunk.
"I wonder who my roommate is..." Lane pondered.
Jack Yawned, he was tired, he didnt want to go to sleep yet because he had classes tomorrow that he was nervous about, so he went for a walk. He hadn't fully explored the school yet, It was too big, wayyy too big. He didn't bring riolu this time, Riolu was quiet and would get lost easily in the dark. He was on a floor he hadn't been on yet, well at least he thought he hadn't been there, wait no, maybe he had, either way he was lost and there was no one around to help him. "Great... First night and ill have to sleep out in a random hallway" He groaned. he kept walking. A few minutes later he saw a crack of light shining under a door. he creaked it open warily "H-hello, is anyone here? I need help getting back to my dorm" Jack asked, no one answered. He pushed the door fully open and was greeted by a small hallway full of trophy cabinets, with pictures and badges and medals. He looked through all of it. "Woah this must be the schools honor room" Jack said to himself. A familiar voice replied with a laugh "Close... These are my trophies" Jack spun around . Standing before him was Gold, dressed in night clothes. With Red, Blue, Wallace and Cynthia all looking very tired, standing next to him. "Who's this Gold... and why is he here" Groaned Wallace. "This is a student. Jack, he's new here, from Johto and..." Gold was cut off. "Wait How do you know who I am?" Jack asked suspiciously. Gold Laughed. "Falkner gave me a call and told me how excited you were to have met me" Jack nodded. "Anyway it's late... These are the Various Teachers at this school, Theres more, but these are the ones that you'd woken up! We'd better get you back to your dorm... 16 Isn't it?"

Jack was walking with Gold to the dorm. "You know... You remind me alot of myself when I was younger... I can see you becoming a very strong trainer" Gold said. Jack looked at him " I reckon you could even become champion one day... Maybe of this region even! did you know at the end of the school year there will be a tournament amongst the students to see who is the strongest and become the first ever champion of Chukan!" of course the Region is very small, Only really a School and a few small cities with train stations and airports to connect the rest of the world to each other, but Champion is a champion!" Gold continued. Jack looked at him "I don't think i could do that Mr Gold" Jack replied. Gold looked at him and laughed "Theres no Mr or Mrs here Jack. I'm just Gold! Youve got to believe in yourself and your pokemon if you want to get far in this world, thats the best advice i can give you." They arrived at Jacks dorm "Thanks again Mr- I mean Gold I'll see you tommorow!" Jack went inside and fell asleep. and had dreams of becoming a pokemon champion.... [OOC] Im going to go now [BIC]
They went down to the garden and walked around for a bit. Lilac did a painting of a Bellosom and then they went back to their room. Lilac hung the drawing on her half of the room and then went to bed.

After an hour she lay awake, she was nervous about her first class tomorrow. She tossed and turned until she finally fell asleep.
Lane woke up to the sound of chirping birds and the bright sunset streaming out of his window.
"Crap, I might be late!" he thought to himself.
Lane quickly shouldered his backpack and quickly yanked on a shirt and some pants. He pulled on his black hoodie, yanked the door handle and sprinted towards his first class.
Lilac ran down the corridor, she couldn't be late. Her first class was Pokemon Battling and she didn't want to miss it. This class would be helpful as she did want to win the league as well as being an artist. She rushed into the room and found that only a few people were there. She turned around and almost fainted, standing at the front of the class was Red! He waved to her and she waved back.

"Lilac Sycamore, so glad you're here" Red said, "Professor Sycamore told me you may be coming"

"I- um... P-pleasure to meet you..." Lilac stuttered.

"Ralts!" Ralts said.
"Fletch!" Fletchling said.
Lane bust into the room.
"Am I late?" he said breathlessly.
He stumbled as he saw a girl standing next to the teacher's desk.
"No.. It can't be. Red? The legendary Pokémon trainer?" Lane thought.
He caught his composure before his jaw dropped through the floor.
Lilac sat down and brought out her sketchbook. She quickly sketched an image of red and then put the sketchbook away, she would finish it later.

A boy suddenly ran into the room and looked just as surprised as she had been.
"Erm, hi? I'm. Uh.. Erm.." Lane stuttered. "I'm Lane, Lane Pounce. Er, nice to meet you..."
Lane still couldn't believe that Red himself was his teacher, why would Red legendary trainer be here to teach him out of all the people that Red could teach? Thoughts and doubts raced through Lane's mind.
Jack woke up and stretched, he looked over to his alarm clock, it was unplugged. He freaked out, realising that it was almost midday. "I'm late!!!!" He yelled as he picked up riolu and a new tshirt and sprinted out his dorm room. He sprinted down the hallway toward his class. I hope ive got a kind teacher he thought to himself as he burst through the door to his Law studies class. The teachers chair was facing the board. A females voice spoke out. "A late arrival?" The students all stopped what they were doing and looked at Jack. The teachers chair spun around and the familiar face of Cynthia faced him. "Ahhh the boy Gold is so fond of... You can stay after class... I have to have a word with you..." Cynthia said. Jack took a seat and listened to the class. That wasn't so bad Jack thought.
When Lane finished his session with Red, he bounded off to his law class. Since, he stayed after class to practice. Late slip in hand he quickly slipped into class. When he spotted Cynthia, he wasn't as surprised when he saw Red. A gym leader, so what? He saw a champion for Pete's Sake. Cynthia compared to Red wasn't a big deal. He sat down in the only seat that was left next to a boy that he glimpsed talking with another champion Gold.
"This is going to take forever..." Lane thought to himself.
When Lane finished his session with Red, he bounded off to his law class. Since, he stayed after class to practice. Late slip in hand he quickly slipped into class. When he spotted Cynthia, he wasn't as surprised when he saw Red. A gym leader, so what? He saw a champion for Pete's Sake. Cynthia compared to Red wasn't a big deal. He sat down in the only seat that was left next to a boy that he glimpsed talking with another champion Gold.
"This is going to take forever..." Lane thought to himself.
[OOC] Just thought I'd let you know Cynthias the champion of Sinnoh. Only Champions and elite 4 members are teachers here[BIC] A boy walked into class, he looked unimpressed. He sat next to him. Jack thought to himself At least im not the last one here. He looked at the boy, he looked different to most people he'd seen at the school. Jack turned back to his desk and finished the work he had been given...
Lane chewed on his toothpick, he sat down headfirst on his desk and wrapped his arms around his face. He tried sleeping since he wasn't into law at all. When he finally fell asleep, he was woken up abruptly by the person next to him whom dropped his pencil case
"God damn it." Lane thought to himself. "I guess I just should do my work then..."
Lane stared at his paper having no clue what to write. So he just started doodling the legendary pokémon he's seen in books when he was a kid.
Lilac rushed off to Pokemon research, she didn't really want to be late. Even if she didn't want to be a researcher, it was good to know a lot about Pokemon.
When the bell rang, Lane stood up abruptly and rushed towards Pokémon research class. He sprinted down the corridor and busted into the lab where everyone was already wearing goggles and looked at Lane oddly when he arrived at class..
Lilac listened to the teacher explain what they were doing. They each chose one of their own Pokemon or if didn't have a Pokemon They had each been given a random Pokemon, and they were meant to test out the moves that Pokemon. Lilac had chose Fletchling. So far she had recorded information about Acrobatics and Steel Wing.
Lane smacked his head on the table, he sucked at all of this. He wanted to battle, no research some boring ol' things about Pokémon, his Hawlucha nuzzled his head on his leg feeling his distress. Lane glanced over to the girl on his left whom was already done 2 moves. Where he hasn't done a single one. He quickly glanced over and started copy her paper as he didn't care what happened as long as they could start battling other students.
Jack stayed behind after law studies. Cynthia said to him "I've seen trainers like you before, I've battled alongside and against trainers like you. There aren't many out there... Trainers with lots of potential hidden deep down inside them as though restricted by something. What I'm trying to say is you can be a great trainer... Heck! even the best trainer if you figure out whats chaining your potential down and release it. I'll tell you a secret, Gold is like you, he was a trainer like you once. He worked for it, very hard. If that's what you must do so be it, you will find your own way" Cynthia smiled at him fondly. Jack stood in front of her desk shocked to hear that a legendary trainer like Cynthia rated the number 2 Trainer in the world was telling him he could be THE BEST one day. He stammered "T-thank you very much... I-It means alot that youve said this, i'll try my best to become the best trainer I can be no matter what it takes!" Cynthia smiled. "That's what I want to hear from my students... You are dismissed" Cynthia finished. Jack shuffled out of her class room, as he was closing the door he turned and saw her eyeing him over, as if studying him. He closed the door and walked to his next class 'Advanced Battling'.
Lane walked into Advanced Battling room, he fist-pumped into the air.
"Yes!!!" he muttered under his breath. "Finally something I'm good at!"
Lane walked into the gym and released all his Pokémon, and waited for an opponent to challenge him. He spotted the same boy he saw earlier in the day being complimented by his hero, Gold. He surely must be a good opponent. Lane's heart didn't know what emotion he felt towards Jack, envy or admiration? Lane studied his tactics as Jack surely was an impressive battler. He grinned to himself. He was the best trainer in this school no matter what, and he wasn't going to let a person he barely knew beat him.
Lilac walked into Pokemon battling class, she saw they boy that was near her in Pokemon research. She frowned, she was sure he had copied her work.
"Why are so many people running around? What time is it, anyway? Oh shoot! Bulb, we've been here awake all night! Let's go find the administration office!" Mason said as he was running around looking for the administration office.

"We've seen the whole place already, haven't we? I've probably passed the administration office already a million times without noticing." Said mason. "Hey, shouldn't you be learning?" Mason heard an unknown voice.

"I'm looking for the administration office. I'm new around here." Mason replied. "It's right around the corner! and here, fill this out while I see you to the office." The man said. Mason filled out the information. He gave it to the man as they reached the administration office. "I'll put you in at dorm three. Here are the keys." The man said. Mason took the keys. "Where is it?" He asked. "Floor one, fella." The man replied. "You should go. Battling class starts... 10 minutes ago." "10 minutes ago?!? I have to run!" Said mason as he ran to the class.

"Looky looky who's late!" A familiar voice said. Mason couldn't quite see who the person was. the other trainers blocked his view. They battled, tested moves on special PokeSoft mats, and more. "Hey, bulb, you know what? I'm kinda starting to like this place."