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General Information:

This is a romance / adventure themed roleplay which is different than the original Pokémon series. (I am especially looking at homosexual partners for this roleplay.) We are in the academia of Dark Link, New York city.

Centuries before today’s world, even before people could write, humankind fought against some creatures. Those beings wanted to dominate the world, and their greatest enemy was the humankind. They are known as the Pokémon. Some wanted to attack and kill humans over a night, and some others wanted to finish them slowly over time. However, not all the Pokémon were hostile against humankind. Some, actually believed that both races could live together in peace.

Hatred grew up slowly among years, but some Pokémon and human formed an alliance against the war. This alliance was named as “Dark Link”. With strong magic, a pokémon and a human could bind to each other, sharing their powers. All they wanted to do was to prove that they could get along well together, and they succeeded despite many dying in the war. Soon after, war has ended.

In today’s world, very few people have the potential to form a dark link, and they are educated to use this power for the good of the world. Pokémon are clever creatures who can communicate with humans, and they are citizens of the country they are living. (Actually prime minister of USA is a Raichu nowadays.)


Story will be about students who are studying about the dark link. With dark link, a person is able to use the power of his Pokémon. One individual can only form one dark link, and with one Pokémon only. However, it seems like something strange is going on. An organization still wants a fight between the two races, and our heroes will try to stop them.


General rules of the site applies to this game too. Please note that in order to join this roleplay, you need to be a literate roleplayer. I am not the best writer myself too, and grammar mistakes are always normal, but I want at least 350 words each post. Otherwise your opinions, thoughts and actions can not be as strong as expected.

Character Sheet:


Age: (16 to 25 should be okay.)

Dark Link Partner:



Name: September Frost

Age: 18

Dark Link Partner: Kuro the Shiny Umbreon (male)

Story: When September was little she always was with her Shiny Eevee which eventually evolved into a Shiny Umbreon. She always cared for him and played with him, not having any other friends. She as always preferred Pokémon over humans but her Shiny Eevee especially. Her parents never really paid attention to her so she did what she wanted to do and she explored a lot. Until one night when she came home after a day of exploring the forest to her parents brutally murdered and a noise making her turn to see a man with a bloody knife. Her Eevee evolved and saved her but she didn't know who to go to so she ran into the forest that she had mastered. She lived in a cave until a women came and taught her that she could Dark Link with her Kuro and taught her the basics of it. She began living with her in a house in New York where she learns more and more about the Dark Link and how to use it but she hasn't mastered it yet.

Appearance: September has long black hair with cobalt blue eyes. She wears a black long sleeved shirt with broad shoulders. She wears a black skirt with thigh-high socks but she doesn't wear any shoes. She likes to wear black things and she has a black wolf necklace that not many can see because it matces her shirt. She has a flat chest and long legs, standing at 5'9

Personality: September isn't shy, she's just quiet since she doesn't like many humans all that much. She is very strong willed and will keep to what she believes in or thinks unless a fact proves otherwise. She loves Pokémon but she mostly like the Eeveeloutions the most. She is very kind, always trying to help someone she thinks needs help if she can help them. She is very tolerant and independent but she is slightly dependent on Kuro
Name: Asra Strange

Age: 16

Dark Link Partner: Galahad the Lucario (Male)

Story: She and Galahad had been together since they were young. Galahad always treats Asra as a little sister and she treats him like a brother. They lived in the Philippines and was living there peacefully until a group of bandits tried to stole Galahad and do things with her, due to the rage and panic that ran through Galahad's form and the fear and horror that he felt in Asra, he evolved into a Lucario. He was able to hold off most of the bandits but was weaken due to them having Pokémon. Asra couldn't do anything only to watch and just as they were going to finish Galahad, they unconsciously activate there Dark Link. Long story short, they had defeated all the bandits and both of them were taken to New York by Asra's parents to get away from the traumatic memory they thought their child had.

Appearance: Has a chin length maroon hair, amber eyes, pale complexion, slim built and short height. Wears a shiny umbreon hoodie, white turtleneck sweater, black shorts, tights, maroon boots and gloves. She will change clothes in the story but that's what she mostly wear. She also has a dark green Decidueye logo headphones, red shaded muffler, a camera and a belt bag similar to May colored maroon.

Personality: She mostly appears as a young girl with a passion on photography. She's quite eccentric and the amount of energy she carried astonished others around her. This tied into her curiosity, as she is willing to do almost anything for a scoop or a photo, well not anything. She's also a chocoholic or sweetaholic, might be the reason why she has an incredible amount of energy.
Accepted, both of you. I had started to think that nobody was interested in this one, but seemingly it's not the case. Let's wait a while to see if anyone else would like to join; and I will start the roleplay in two days, whether someone else joins or not.

So, welcome. ^^