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Open Kanto Camp

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To join enter your:
Age:13(dosen't have to be actual age)
home:Lumiose City, Kalos Region
Childhood hero:Sir Aaron
Childhood hero's pokemon: Lucario
My signature pokemon: Hawlucha
Trainers i'm friends with: Alain, Sawyer,
First professor met: Professor Sycamore
First pokemon: Hawlucha
Catch day 1 on monday choose between
starters will usually be rare but this is a special occasion
choose wisely I will be choosing eevee
Name: Baz
Age: 14
Home: Nuvema Town, Unova
Childhood Hero: Red
Childhood Hero's Pokemon: Charizard
Trainers i'm Friends with: None
First Professor met: Professor Oak
First Pokemon: Froakie
this month every day from monday will be a catch day and christmas day will be a special event day there will also be battle competitions on pokemon showdown
OK, a few questions.
1. Is this the leveling system or anime style (Pokemon basically evolve at any point)
2. Will there be Shines or Legendarys, and if so how rare will they be
3. How will Friendship, Stone or Trade evolutions work? I know so many hype for Lucario
4. Mega Evolution?
1. There will be set evolution days where you pick one pokemon to evolve
2. Shinies will be set on event catch days like maybe one day a shiny shinx will be one and legendaries the same
3.friendship will work on evolution days but there will be item days where you pick an item and if you get a stone you can only use it on evolution days
4. if you get a mega stone on an item day then you will be able to use it on pokemon showdown
yes and also there will be region weeks where all week will be a catch day and they will be region specific pokemon so where that pokemon was first revealed e.g. shinx-sinnoh pikachu-kanto rockruff-alola
Hawlucha and Froakie are both camp leader pokemon belonging to me and Bazinabasket respectively you may own one of these pokemon but if you would wish to battle us you must at least have one 30 battles with proof on pokemon showdown
If you do beat either me or baz then you will either recieve a shiny froakie or a shiny hawlucha this event ends on the 15th of January so get battling
RP Start:
I get in the car with my 2 poke-balls secure in my bag. The car starts moving and I know were heading for the campgrounds, once we get there I see a kid with a Hawlucha. He says hes the owner of the campgrounds, a bit surprising for me. Then out of the blue he askes me if I wanna help run the place, I say sure.
RP Start:
The first member just arrived we battled a few times so I could test his strength in battle and he was good even my hawlucha struggled it's been a while since I met a trainer like him.
So now he's joined me on leading camp and we are off to a good start.
My Team:
Moves: Acrobatics, Power-Up Punch, Quick Attack, Rock Tomb
Moves: Bug Bite, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Protect
As I keep looking around the camp a sparkle catches my eye, I investigate it. "Hey Kiz" I say "Do you know what these sparkling stones are?
My Heracross lets itself out of its poke-ball and draws closer to the stone I just picked up "Heracross? Why are you touching that stone?"
The trainer asked me about some stones I immediately reacted "You've just found the mega stones for a heracross and sceptile!"
I took the sceptile stone and he took the other.
Name: Nate
Age: 14
home:Lumiose City, Kalos Region
Childhood hero:NA
Childhood hero's pokemon:NA
My signature pokemon: Honegde
Trainers i'm friends with: Baz
First professor met: Birch
First pokemon: Honedge
When I was told about the shiny magikarps I had to find one so I went out to the lake to find one but on my way there I found a riolu hiding in a bush I took it back to camp fed it got it all warm and it wanted me to catch it so I did and then I showed the others they were amazed I found such a rare pokemon
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