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  1. bonycat

    Ask to Join Pokemon Summer Camp

    -IN THIS RP, EACH CHARACTER IS ONLY ALLOWED ONE POKEMON- Please be polite, respectful, kind, and don't make fun of people. If you want to join, fill out form below and message me first Have fun! :D Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Looks: Pokemon: Name: Astrid. Age: 14. Gender: Female...
  2. tylerrrrrr

    Open Kanto Camp

    To join enter your: Name:Kiz Age:13(dosen't have to be actual age) home:Lumiose City, Kalos Region Childhood hero:Sir Aaron Childhood hero's pokemon: Lucario My signature pokemon: Hawlucha Trainers i'm friends with: Alain, Sawyer, First professor met: Professor Sycamore First pokemon: Hawlucha
  3. RyanElhander

    Open Pokemon SummerCamp - RP

    "Heya Trainer, Welcome to Camp Kalos! This camp was founded and built with help of the Kalos Association, And With the support of mainly Kalos' Gym leaders, and even The Champion Herself!. . And The Best Part Is. .You don't Have to be from Kalos In Order to Join. Trainers From ALL Over The...
  4. CrystalLeafeon

    For the love of pokemon(open)

    OOC This is a camp RP with some plot, but is mostly just for fun, so don't get dark. Also, please have a semi descriptive post, but you don't need to go for all that long, and posts describing battles should be especially short. Also, you shouldn't be able to dodge all attacks. Thanks! (My card...