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Ask to Join Pokemon Summer Camp


Please be polite, respectful, kind, and don't make fun of people.
If you want to join, fill out form below and message me first
Have fun! :D


Name: Astrid.
Age: 14.
Gender: Female.
Personality: Stubborn, sassy, introvert, dislikes people, loves Pokemon.
Looks: Medium height, olive skin, long dark brown hair, glasses, almost black eyes. Long sleeved dark grey sweater despite it being summer and black leggings. Black tennis shoes and white socks. Short sleeved white t-shirt under sweater.
Pokemon: Litten

Seperate from bustling towns and huge cities, deep in the woods, lies the Pokemon Summer Camp. Hundreds of children have attended this haven before, and now it's your turn. With everything from swimming in the lake to racing Rapidash, it's a dream come true for young trainers! This paradise is set in Alola, the summer based Pokemon region!


-No mega evolution
-No Z-Moves
-No catching Pokemon
-No excessive violence
-No encountering legendaries
-No single sentence RPs


The dirt road winds through a thick forest until it opens up into a huge clearing with Mount Lanakila looming in the distance. The woods surround this entire area. To the north end of the meadow, rows of wooden cabins stand in front of a school like building with a hand painted sign swinging over the door reading 'DINING HALL.' To the east, a lake with sandy shores can be spotted if you look past the Rapidash racing track. To the west, a huge building proclaiming itself as the Pokemon Battling Center flashes red chrome glints around the camp, reflecting off of windows. The south is the trail back to the main city.
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Name: Lulia
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, sweet, naive, extrovert, and easily excited
Looks: Long blonde hair, usually tied back. She has fair skin and ocean blue eyes, multiple freckles along her cheeks, shoulders, and thighs. She usually has soft red cheeks from blushing so easily.
Pokemon: Flabebe`

Lulia pushed through the crowd, letting out soft squeaks of 'excuse me' or 'Sorry'. She had slept near the door, but since she has a history of sleeping in, she ended up last to get up. She let out a struggled groan as she finally tumbled out the crowd and landed onto the dirt ground, messing the front of her sweater and staining some of her leggings. She stood and brushed off her knees, shaking her head as a flabebe` perched itself onto her shoulder. She let out a sigh of relief and pulled her duffel bag out, starting to dig through for her trainer card and potions. She always carried her card around from her pride, and potions in case her sweet pokemon had gotten hurt. She pushed her blonde hair back and looked around, starting to seek help from a guide.
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Astrid swung her feet over the edge of the bed and yawned. It seemed like she had only gotten a second of sleep. With a sigh, she hauled herself out of bed and fumbled for her robe and slippers. "I hate mornings like these." With a half efforted grunt, she pulled on the soft fur cloak and slippers and lurched over to the window. Campers were swarming around the notice board tacked to the front of the dining hall. Astrid groaned. The first day at camp was always the worst. Everyone slept in the top story of the dining hall, then moved their stuff to an assigned cabin the next morning. It was chaos. She slipped her hand into the robe pocket and pulled out a Pokeball. Thank God she hadn't brought her Rapidash. He wouldn't have fit anywhere, let alone the closet sized bedroom! She stuffed the sphere back into her pocket and headed out to check the board.
Name: Amita
Personality:Happy and loves to make friends. She wants to be a breeder when she grows up.
Looks: She has long purple hair that is in a braid and is tall for a 13 yr. old. She has black shorts. Her top has round sleeves and a small ribbon. It is dark purple.
Pokemon: Cottonee

Rp: Amita ran up to the girl who had just got out of bed. "HI! Who are you? How are you? Hope we can be friends!" she said.
Name: jack
Age: 12
Gender: male (I'm the only male XD)
Personality: Shy,self contained
Looks: tall and thin has short purple dyed hair with a green hoodie and blue jeans
Pokemon: deino

jack arrived at his summer camp afraid of the fact he had no friends at the camp he saw a group of girls on the other side of the entrance "they have friends and I don't this this is gonna suck" he thought
Lulia wandered after the majority of the group, which ended her up in the dining room. She awkwardly stood there, rubbing her right arm as she looked for food. Her stomach growled lowly and she let out a heavy huff, the painful squeezing of her stomach for food a familiar feeling. She got into the lunch line, the small fairy type pokemon twirling around her head and letting out soft chirps of it's name sometimes shortened or the long version. She grabbed a simple scrambled eggs bowl, lemonade, and toast, placing it all on a tray she was holding. She sat down at a long table and started eating, making sure her pokemon didn't wander off and make trouble like it usually did. She glanced around, smiling at the slightly cute scene. She enjoyed seeing people talk to each other and make friends, just seeing peaceful actions made her happy.
jack saw the group of girls leave there area he walked over to the lunch line behind lulia he grabbed his food some toast and a cup of water he walked over tulia "hey" he said calmly "is anyone sitting here" he asked gesturing towards the seat next to her
She gave the boy a small smile, "Nope, go ahead. I don't really know anyone here, so I don't think anyone was planning to." She sipped on her juice after she explained, the flabebe wandered over to other, tilting it's head ever so slightly. It chirped and smiled happily, tightly holding the flower to it's chest. She reached over and gently nudged it back towards her, very protective of her pokemon. "Sorry, she's a curious lil thing~ How is camp for you so far?" She asked, curiosity shining in her eyes.
"It was ok haven made any friends so that sucks but I have this little guy" he said with his deino and his legs he ruffled his hair " how has yours been" he asked creating a conversation
"Ah, not interesting yet. But I'm sure it'll better soon!" She smiled as she rubbed her finger gently against the fairy type's head. "So.. How's your breakfast taste? Mine is pretty good." She spoke as she finished her meal, wiping her mouth with her napkin like her parents taught her. It was always polite to be lady-like.
Astrid stumbled across the ground, and finally arrived at the sign. People had dispersed by now. As she glanced at the board, her heart sank. She was in a mixed cabin. She had wanted to be in a room that had walls separating beds. Cabin Bulbasaur, with two girls called Tulia and Myrnia? She sighed and stalked over towards the dining hall. "Oh! I forgot!" Gently removing the Pokeball from her pocket, she yelled "GO! Litten!" A small, oddly dark Litten leaped onto the ground and purred, rubbing her leg. "We can do this, buddy. Let's go... introduce ourselves."
(NOTE) I know this seems a little god playing like, but I forgot to mention it earlier... :p
Astrid stumbled across the ground, and finally arrived at the sign. People had dispersed by now. As she glanced at the board, her heart sank. She was in a mixed cabin. She had wanted to be in a room that had walls separating beds. Cabin Bulbasaur, with two girls called Tulia and Myrnia?
(NOTE) I know this seems a little god playing like, but I forgot to mention it earlier... :p
(Who's tulia??? I don't remember seeing someone with that character)
Lulia had excused herself from the table, telling the boy she'd see him later. She was throwing her trash away, placing her tray and dishes away in a sink where members could wash. She dried her hands off and grimaced from the sink, never a fan of dirty areas. She wandered over to the entrance and stepped out. Lulia quickly noticed the girl approaching the dining hall, so she nervously approached her. "Uhm.. Hello!" She brushed her hands off on her faintly still stained leggings before putting a hand out. "I'm Lulia, nice to meet you!"
(I have a Litten in my pokemon sun game right now!)
A red blush spread across Astrid's cheeks as she fumbled for words. "I... uh... hey? I'm... Astrid... This is Litten." She reached down and stroked the small cat's silky black fur. He purred and sparks dropped onto the dewy morning grass. I was always bad with people skills...
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Name: Clair
Age: 16
Gender: Female
personality: fun loving but kina shy, love to play her flute to her pokemon
look: Blonde pony tail, White halter top with white pleated shorts and white strapped sandles
pokemon: ralts
Astrid swore softly as she saw another girl walking up to greet them. Litten's fur bristled, as he could sense his trainer's emotions. His jaws opened, and a small fire began building. "Litten, no." Now her entire face was flaming red. She didn't want to be embarassed in front of everyone... Ugh. With a silent groan, she stuck out her sweaty hand. "Hey. I'm Astrid."
"Oh long have you been here?" She tilted her head, the Flabebe wandering over to the Litten. Lulia nervously stared down at the two pokemon, sometimes glancing up to Astrid and giving her a small nervous smile. She fidgeted, biting her lip ever so slightly as she shoved her hands into her hoodie pockets.
Name: Maleek Allen
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Maleek is easy going and friendly. He may act stupid, but under that idiotic grin he almost always sports is a near-genius tier mind. In battle, he cracks jokes, but he actually keeps complete mental focus during his battles. He's not exactly keen on doing everything he's told to do.
Looks: Maleek is dark skinned with brown eyes and black hair. Since it's a summer camp, he usually sports black and green basketball shorts that stops right below his knees. He usually wears a white or black tank top. He's pretty lanky, and stands at 6'5.
Pokemon: Lucario

(There's nothing wrong with evolutions, right? Also, do you choose all of our cabins, or can we choose a cabin, too?)

Maleek opened one eye, as he heard the others waking up. He was supposed to be asleep with the others, but he and Lucario were sleeping in the trees, because it relaxed them more. He yawned, and said; "A'ight, Lucario. We should probably head with the others." Lucario nodded in agreement, and the two hopped down from the tree branches, and made their way to the board. "Alright, which Cabin am I in?" Maleek muttered to himself, observing the board.
Jack got up after finishing eating "well good chat" he smiled at lulia he walked out side and climbed a tree quickly he let deino out of his poke ball to sit on his lap up in the tree
" Hello, I'm Clair nice to meet you, and this is my partner Ralts" Clair noticed that her Ralts horns were vibrating and that it ment there was an intense emotion emitting from someone "Is everything all right" she asked
Name: Casys
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Personality: Lone-wolf type, though not against friendship. Competitive.
Joltik (Lvl. 32)

Casys was woken up by the sound of voices ringing in the dining hall that served as the sleeping area the first night of camp. He slumped up in the bed and yawned, stretching widely. He grabbed for his bag, but it wasn't where he left it. Looking around, he saw that some careless kid knocked it over, everything spilled out. Leaping out of bed still in his ratty old t-shirt and sweatpants, Casys began picking his belongings up off the floor, thankful that people were giving him a wide berth. Everything seemed to be in order as he shoved the final object, one of his gloves, into the bag. Spilling it out once more onto his bed, Casys began sorting through everything to make sure it was all there. His clothes, Poke Ball, and medicine were still there. His wallet was, too, but with his 120 PokeDollars missing. Casys groaned when he realized his money was gone and thought to himself, Can today get any worse?
Fully dressed, Casys meandered to where breakfast was being served, and made himself some cereal and a fruit cup. At least they have Rinap berries here, he thought as he shared the fruit with his Pokemon partner, Glace the Joltik. As he chewed the decently-flavored cereal, Casys wondered about what camp would be like. I wonder if I'll make any friends, he thought as he absent-mindedly stroked Glace's small back. Finishing the food, Casys walked it over to the sink and dropped the tray in. He finally decided to check out the notice-board to find out what cabin he would be in. As long as the cabinmates are okay, Casys pondered, then this camp thing might turn out to be fun after all.
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after meeting astrid clair went to her cabin and unpacked her stuff, ralts wasted no time with settling in. After Clair was finished she sat on her bed and started to think to herself, but her thoughts were interrupted by the growling of her stomach so she decided to go to the dinning hall.
A panic built slowly in Astrid's chest as the crowd grew around her. Eyes were burning into her... watching... waiting. With a muffled scream, she whipped around and blindly sprinted across the fields, a concerned and mewling Litten on her heels. Tears streaked her cheeks. Could this day get any worse? Her foot caught on a root, and she went sprawling across the grass. Blood trickled from a knee, but she pulled herself up and kept running, heading towards the racetrack. With every step, the fear lifted a little more.
"Woah. That, was unexpected." Maleek said, watching as the girl ran off. What had specifically startled her, he wasn't sure. "Wonder what was up with her?" He muttered to himself. He then shrugged, sighing. Whatever it was, it might have involved the crowd of people. She'd seemed to get slightly tenser as more people drew near, he noticed. Claustrophobic? Just not very social? Oh well. He was done checking the board for now, and he and Lucario made their way to the cafeteria.
Soon, Astrid was at the stables. With a gasp, she collapsed into a corner full of hay. Her leggings were ripped and stained with grass and blood, and her hair was disheveled. Sweat dripped off her forehead. Litten came bounding into the barn a moment later. "God, I can't believe I let this happen on the first day. Amazing way to make a first impression." She curled up and burst into tears. Half of her wanted someone to find her and help her out, but the other half wanted to crawl into a mouse hole and die.
suddenly Ralts took off running, Clair was shocked and took off after her. Eventually Ralts stopped at a big building, she noticed that someone was crying and she slowly walked in, "hello? Is anyone in here?"
Almost in perfrect unison, Maleek and his Lucario stopped on their way to the cafe. "Something up?" Maleek asked, looking to his Pokemon. Lucario nodded, and it was almost completely clear what the Pokemon was thinking about. "You think we should?" Maleek queried. Lucario nodded. "Alright, grab us some apples real quick?" Lucario nodded to this, and used Psychic to pick up two apples from the lunch line, a yellow/gold one for Lucario, and a green one for Maleek. They ate their apples on the way to the track, where they'd seen the girl last. Lucario stopped eating for a moment, as his black appendages raised in to the air. He was searching for the girl they'd seen earlier. Lucario spotted her, and led Maleek to her. "Hey." He said, looking to the girl. "You alright?"
Footsteps echoed through the building. Instead of panic building again, shame and sadness replaced it. Very slowly, Astrid stood up and peeked around a stall. A fair skinned girl was gazing around, with a short Ralts at her side. Astrid stepped into her line of sight and lowered her head in shame, not speaking.
Casys watched as the tear-stricken girl ran from the crowd, a strange feeling in his chest. Sympathy, maybe? Casys was thinking about following her to see if she was okay. "Waddya think, Glace?" He asked the Joltik. The small Electric Bug hopped off of Casys' shoulder and started scurry off in the directions of the girl. Scooping up his partner, Casys jogged to the track where he had seen the girl head to. When he got there, Casys was surprised to find not only the girl, but another boy and another girl.
"You alright?" Maleek asked again, motioning to her legs. "You seem to have a bit of blood on there. You know, I can't confirm how true it is, but, I hear that losing a lot of that can be very undesirable." He said. It was clear the statement was meant to be more of a friendly joke, than a sarcastic one.
Tears stung her eyes again. "Nah, it's fine. Not as bad as... I mean... I understand if you don't like me. I get panicky sometimes. I'm really sorry. I'll go."
She gently pushed away the sweet scented flower. The Ralts's head drooped. "Litten, come on. Up!" Litten hopped onto her shoulder. "Thank you for coming after me, I really appreciate it. But I... I can't really do friends that easily. I'm sorry." Astrid scuffled away towards the door.
"Hey now. Why would you have to leave? If I recall correctly, we came here after you. Calm down, take a deep breath. We're not here to make fun of you or anything. We're here to help. Well, I am anyways. I can't speak for the other two." He said, smiling, once again trying to cheer her up, with a joke.
"Thats right we are here for you not to do anything to upset you."

"Wow its getting pretty late we should probably start heading back to the cabins. Dont you think?"
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