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Ask to Join Pokemon Summer Camp

She faintly smiled. "Haha. I'm calm. I promise."
Astrid walked over to a stall and stroked a Rapidash's nose. "Hey there. You look a lot like Ghost at home. Do you wanna go for a ride?"
The Rapidash nickered.
"Okay then. Hang on."
Without even looking back at the three people standing watching her, she grabbed a bridle from the shelf and lowered it over the flaming horse's nose, then grabbed onto the mane and swung up. Despite the thought that the mane was pure flame, Rapidashes in captivity were actually coated in heat trapping gel so that riders wouldn't get burned. She unlatched the gate and began to lead it away towards the field. "Nah. I can go back later, after a quick ride."
Maleek and Lucario leaned back, and watched the girl getting on the Rapidash. "Seems obvious you're not new at this." He commented. Afterwards, he fell silent, and decided to wait and see what exactly she would do next, and how well she'd do it.
With an air of sudden confidence, she pulled out the Pokeball. "Litten, come on back!"
Strapping it onto her belt, she urged the Rapidash forwards into a working trot. It was straining at the bit, clearly eager to run. "You sure there, mister? I can ride pretty well..." With a huge grin, she forced her heels down and clicked her tongue. "Rapidash, canter!" It broke into a fluid, collected gait. It's like riding an angel. Another tongue click, and they were off. It was like riding the smoothest car. She sat back and squeezed for a faster gallop. The wind was tearing at her hair and they were sprinting down the track. After two circuts, they were both tired out. She let it glide into a walk, and then dismounted and held the reins tightly. Adrenaline pounded through her chest.
With a wide smile, she replied "yeah, you could say I like to ride. I live on a ranch back home, and I jump Rapidash. It's the best feeling in the world. Usually I do use a saddle, but... I was too lazy to tack up."
"hello there, and riding is amazing" clair pulled out something from her bag, it was a case she opened it and put an instrument together she asked the group if they mind her playing her flute for a little while.
Well, it's now or never, Casys thought as he lurked in the shadows. Casys stepped into the stable, startling the boy and girls. "I'm Casys," he said to them.
(OOC: Since I have approval from the roleplay creator to use only a Pokémon character in this roleplay, the character sheet will be significantly modified with pristine detailing. Also, my visual receptors detect that something is not right here.)

His name is currently unknown, as it will be revealed when the roleplay progresses, or with certain actions.
Pokémon Species: He is an Axew.
Type: He is a Dragon type.
Age: His age is also unknown, although he does appear young to the untrained eye.
Gender: He is a male.
Appearance: His body is purple instead of green which also includes his tail. The horn on his head and the ovals around his blue eyes are now gray. His tusks are brightly yellow, and his collar-like marking around his neck is in a slightly darker shade of violet.
Personality: He has an aggressive outlook that he hides from others, as he attempts to keep his emotions masked. He can be a crybaby at times, as he has a hard time interacting with others. He can be untalkative at times, due to the fact that he hates being mocked for his babyish voice.
Skills: Aside from being able to climb up walls with ease like a normal Axew, he can also employ some improvised Dragon and Dark type moves with his draconic energy. However, they are not always perfect, as they can backfire on him occasionally.
Backstory: He was born with a rare genetic mutation that caused a significant difference with his appearance. He was hidden from the outside world by his parents, fearing that others would relentlessly hunt him down if he was in their sights for even a nanosecond. Some time later, he escaped from a forest fire that a group of unknown thugs caused, as he fled over to Aloha by sneaking on a boat with the help of a Ditto. He parted ways with the Ditto after he came over to the Pokémon Camp. He now resides in the woods, while he sneaks over to the Camp occasionally to see what everyone is up to.
Other: He wears a blue scarf around his neck, as it has his name embroidered on the inside.

A purplish Axew watched over from a nearby tree, as he noticed a particular building that got his attention. He glanced over at the door, as he noticed a sign that slowly swung over with the gentle breeze that cuddled around him. He squinted at the sign, as it read, "Dining Hall." He quietly yawned while he noticed other trainers and their Pokémon that were also outside in the area. He quietly climbed down the tree while he walked over to the Stables, as he quickly sprinted inside once he was close to the entrance.

He swiftly scurried over to a nearby pile of hay while he silenced his breaths. His tailed perk up to the nearby people that were also in the Stable, as he quietly stood still while he took in a quiet breath. His eyes widened at the sight of a girl that rode her Rapidash, as he saw her dismount it after some time passed. He turned over towards a girl that pulled something out of her bag, as his attention was primarily focused on the instrument that she had. He scratched his head briefly, as he wondered what she meant when he heard the word, "Flute."

(OOC: Beep beep boop... I am detecting some hazardous substances on my internal sensors and radar.)


The Axew walked over to the girl, as he resisted the urge to let off his draconic energy at her. He stayed silent, as his tail shook with the cool breeze that whistled past him. He stood near the girl's leg, as he observed the instrument that she had, while he thought to himself, "Huh, what is that thing that the cute lady has? Is that thing maybe a toy, or like maybe something that can be used in battle? That thing looks so strange here, there's some holes and this end that looks like a pointed rod or something... I don't even know at all. I'd probably better stay silent since she might laugh at me if she hears how I talk."
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I'm sorry if we violated any rules. I did put in the starting post to RP more than just one sentence. This is my first role play on this forum. Can you forgive me for any mistakes? :/
I have read the rules many times.
I've read the rules many times.