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  1. Hydreigonborn

    Ask to Join Summer Festival(Spring Shipping Reboot)

    The Festival of Love already happened and your OC(s) did not have (a) date(s)! The festival happens again, but for all the rejects! You have one month to find that special match with your significant other. Many Trainers and Pokemon gather around Lumiose City at this time of year. Your allowed...
  2. bonycat

    Ask to Join Pokemon Summer Camp

    -IN THIS RP, EACH CHARACTER IS ONLY ALLOWED ONE POKEMON- Please be polite, respectful, kind, and don't make fun of people. If you want to join, fill out form below and message me first Have fun! :D Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Looks: Pokemon: Name: Astrid. Age: 14. Gender: Female...