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Open Mystery with Poke Academy

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Welcome to Poke Academy where a mystery unfold and where two friends together with their Pokemon Partner have mission to find out what dark secrets Poke Academy are hiding as well try to make friends and collect information.

Character sheet

Name: Lyra Wing
Age: 18
Year: Freshman
Gender: Female
Birthday: 14 February
Appearance: Lyra have short golden hair and brown eyes.
Personalty: Kind, Caring, Sweet and Smart.
Pokemon: Eevee, Pichu, Dedenne and Elekid.
Lyra Wing was in class and first class was math with teacher Mr Stew so was quite strict with his student, she was writing in school book meanwhile she was listing to Mr Stew.
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Name: Kaylie Reeve
Age: 15
Year: Sophomore
Gender: Female
Birthday: 15 September
Appearance: tan skin, orange hair in ponytail, green eyes
Clothing: white shirt, purple jacket, gray capris
Personality: logical, calm, practical and individualistic, rebellious
Pokemon: Sandshrew, Spearow, Nidoran (Male), Bulbasaur

Kaylie hummed and tapped her pencil against her book innocently with a poorly concealed smirk. Besides the music playing in the earbuds hidden underneath the jacket's hood, her pokemon were located around the school. "Jack, this is so fun." She said under her breath to the Nidoran she owned, who was hidden in the ceiling above and could easily hear what was happening.
Name: Dante Drainhart
Age: 16
Year: Sophomore
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 1st
Appearance: Dark green hair with lime green eyes, pale skin.
Clothing: Dark Green Jean Jacket with a black shirt under, camoflauge jeans and gray sneakers.
Personalty: Brave, Cool, Kind, Funny.
Pokemon: Fraxure, Deino, Sliggoo, Drampa

Dante balled a paper up and threw it in the trash can. He was scolded by the teacher, but didn't really care. He sat behind Kaylie while Fraxure sat on his lap, along with Sliggoo. Deino, however, was at Dante's locker for now. Dante looked like he's having a blast. Sliggoo will soon evolve and Dante can't wait. Dante had recently caught Deino, and wanted her to get used to the school.

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Name: Kiara Cole
Year: Shorphomore
Gender: Female
Birthday: 13 April
Appearance: Blue eyes, https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/6c/cf/ff/6ccfff76ebcb19d8487d097ac737f64c.jpg
Personalty: Loyal, Kind , Fun

Name: Elein
Pokemon: Eevee
Age and gender: Female, 8

Name: Elouise
Pokemon: Espeon
Age + Gender: Female 16

Name: Eclipse
Pokemon: Shiny Umbreon
Age + Gender: Male 16

Kiara was bored. She let out her 2 other Pokemon, and sat down in a patch of shade.
"Eevee Ev?" Said the confused little eevee.
Kiara smiled. "Sigh, better get back to class, c'mon guys, lets go." She said.
Name Donovan Jones
Age 13
Birthday 11/3/2003
Year Freshmen (really smart so moved up a few grades )


Personality smart when he thinks as well as hyperactive and brave

"Being in high school is weird withe me being 13 right"Donovan said to his Pokemon, Jolt (his shinx) replied with a mew in aggrement "well better go make some freinds"he says as he gets of the bench and puts his shinx like hat on his short blond hair and runs off into the school
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(Thank you everyone for want to RP with me, it means a lot to me)

The class was finish and it was lunch time, Lyra stand up from the chair and her Eevee so was hiding under desk come frame.
Lyra smiled to her Eevee''let's go Eva to lunch, I'm hungry and I'm sure you are hungry as well'' she said and walked out of class with Eevee follow after her. it was then she notice a note on the floor. Lyra pick up the note and it was writing in blood shrift.
Name: Miles Audley
Age: 17
Year: Senior (Grade 12)
Gender: Male
Birthday: 6th May
Appearance: Caucasian, brown hair & eyes, skinny build, wears glasses
Clothing: Regular shorts and T-shirt
Personalty: Serious about learning, introverted
Pokemon: Patrat-Shiny, Roggenrola, Foretress, Magnemite

Miles walked into the school. His lesson was starting... He could see a bunch of sophomores standing near the big tree next to the tennis court, and he walked to see what the big deal was. It turned out there was a Cosmog marked with a tag: Room 17. One of the sophomores, was walking towards Room 17. Social Studies. The bunch of teenagers stood in the doorway, waiting for someone to open the door. Miles opened the door, and called: "Hello?" There was no answer except for the echo. "Hello hello hello hello..." He sent Magnemite out. "Flash!" A flash of bright light lit up the room.
Kaylie grinned and speedily packed, whistling a signal to Jack. Some small scratches sounded from above as the rabbitlike pokemon made his way to the hall. Jack paused in curiosity and turned around, having smelled a metallic odor further down the hall. He took off, leaving his trainer little choice but to chase after him. The two stopped with Kaylie staring in frustration at her wayward creature, who was simply staring up at the note Lyra was holding.
Lyra so Kaylie and start to read the note loud''Something have happen in room 17, go there'' she was finish read note and looked scared at Kaylie her friend''What are we going to do? I mean it was writing in blood, shall we go there?'' she asked in scared voice.
Her Eevee was standing beside her trainer and looked at her trainer with worry eyes.
"Obviously." She was getting excited, but had to take precautions. "Jack, go get Vain and tell him to gather everyone. We're meeting at 17." The Nidoran had a grave look on his face as he rushed outside to find the Spearow. "Let's go." Kaylie smiled bravely and started walking, meanwhile digging through her bag to find an important item.
Lyra was running after Kaylie together with her Eevee so was running beside of her and they was heading towards room 17.
Room 17 was Social Studies and it was beside of the gym.
Lyra start talking to her friend still running''What do you think we would find? I hope it's not dead body or blood on floor''
"More likely something deadly." Her smile was gone and replaced with an expectant expression. She stopped searching in her bag and pulled out a bar of metal. "For self defense." The trainer explained shortly, hoping to try her skill out on an actual threat.
Lyra arrived to room 17 Social Studies together with Kaylie and Eevee, she walked inside room so was empty and called out for to see somebody was inside room''Hello are somebody here?'' ''Eevee Eevee'' her Eevee called out as well
Kaylie sighed and shook her head in disappointment. "Apparently you don't know how anything in fiction works." She remarked, moving around the Magnemite and his trainer to remove the door hinges. "Now we won't be trapped inside." The door was set against the wall, then the trainer cautiously examined the floor for hidden traps. She didn't see any, but still stepped carefully, the metal bar tight in her grip. The creak of an opening door came from down the hall, a Bulbasaur's cries echoing to announce her team's arrival.
Mist acted hurt''well excuse me for not know much about fiction works, I don't read books very much'' she said in hurt voice
''Eevee Eevee'' her Eevee called out on Bulbasaour, Mist heard her Eevee called out and knew Team with Bulbasour was close
"Dude." Kaylie laughed and moved to lean against a wall, knocking on it a few times first to make sure it wasn't hollow. "Not everything's personal, kay?" A Spearow's frantic cry sounded as Vain swooped in, having almost crashed against the doorway. Jack, the Bulbasaur, and a Sandshrew followed respectively and at a less reckless pace. "So, you've seen Jack, crazy bird right there is Vain, then there's Lena and Staunch."
((No problem!))

Dante opened his locker to feed Deino. Deino ate the Pokepuff and nuzzled his friendly trainer. Dante grinned and scratched Deino's chin. Dante closed his locker and heard the bell ring for lunch. He walked to lunch with Fraxure and Sliggoo.
Lyra stick her tongue out''I know I was only acting'' she walked around Social Studies and notice one floor was cracking.
She moved down and knock on the floor then a hole was show since floor be delegate and under hole was a dead body with knife on her breast and it was blood on her breast where knife was, Lyra couldn't help to scream
Donovan heard the scream coming from the social studies room he ran towards the sound only to find a some other students as well as a Eevee and a sperow "what's going on" he yelled
Lyra calm herself down and answer back''We found dead body in a hole, just look for yourself'' she moved away so Donovan could take a look. She pick Eevee up and start pat her so she could be much calmer, she always pat Eevee when she was afraid or was depressed.
Lyra kissed Eevee on the head and Eevee just closed her eyes since she liked at her trainer pat and kissed her.
Donovan looks in the hole "woah!"as he saw the corpse just then his mimikyu hopped out of its PokeBall went down the hole and examined the body "Rag what are you doing" Donovan said with disgust as the mimikyu pulled the knife out of the body and threw it at the wall
Mist gasped when she so what Donovan mimikyu did''What are your Pokemon doing? That it's police job, I'm going to call police, we can't solve this one'' she pick up the phone but so at her phone didn't have any signal''that it's weird, I don't have any signal on my phone''
"Rag get up here" Donovan wispers as the area where the knife was thrown started oozing a black sludge "Eww what is that" he said as he ran behind mist while Rag proceeded to launch a shadow ball at the ooze causing smoke to fill the room
Mist wonder what happen''What it's happening? first we find a dead body in the hole and we don't have signal on our phone, now this smoke, all this happen because of a stupid note with blood writing''
Her Eevee start to evolve to sylveon and when it finish evolve, it was sylveon and she use her two feelers to wipe away smoke
"*cough* *cough* what was that thing" Donovan wondered as his mimikyu walked up to him a put itself back in its ball "sorry Rag kinda acts weird with things like this but what was that ooze was it a Pokemon or was it something else Donovan didn't know for sure but he did no that it's dangerous we then hear the bell for Free period we..Uh. we should get going to class I'll introduce myself their Donovan then runs off to class with his shiny shinx following behind him
Mist follow after Donovan and his shiny shinx, when she arrived to the door, was the door closed she tried to open the door but was locked and Mist was supersized at door was locked''what the hell, the door are locked and it was open min ago'' Her sylveon was now standing beside Mist and was like confused as it's trainer.
I am playing as two characters, don't get confused.
Name: Stephanie Issacs
Age: 17
Year: Senior
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 17th
Appearance: Blonde, green eyes, English
Clothing: Skirt, Jacket, both blue
Personalty: Likes to read, has no friends
Pokemon: Comfey

She picked up her new book: Legends of Alola. Stephanie started reading.
Once upon a time there was a Pokemon named Cosmog. Cosmog is said to evolve into Cosmoem, which was very secretive. Myth tells that Cosmoem has the ability to evolve into the two guardians of Alola, Solgaleo and Lunala.
"Jeez, that's cool." She was about to reed the next sentence when a large boy with a strong build said: "HA, THAT BOOK IS SO RUBBISH. WHO BELIEVES IN THOSE DUMB MYTHS?" His posse standing behind him laughed. Steph's ears burned with rage.


Miles woke up in a dark room, this was not Room 17.
"Finally, Solgaleo and Lunala will be mine, and Marshadow will be REAWAKENED!"
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"Ugh..." Kaylie winced and cautiously walked out of the room, more disoriented than a lost Zubat. "Why the heck did you leave me in there?" She yelled at Mist after seeing her down the hall and caught up, her team running behind as fast as they could. "Some psycho murderer could've killed one of us easily!" Her rage was boiling over at this point, fists clenched and eyes filled with fear and anger.
Donovan sits on a bench and motions for mist and kaylie to sit down with him "so my name's Donovan and it may seem surprising but I'm 13 and here's my Pokemon" as he throws out his Pokemon
Jolt his shiny shinx (male)
Thorn his sneasel (female)
Aqua his buizel (male)
Dust his trapinch (male)
Rag his mimikyu (genderless)
And static and (female)
"So who are you girls" he questions them
"Are you kidding! Now is not the time for introductions, we literally just saw a dead body!" Kaylie fumed at Donovan and almost decided to flip the bench from under him out of temper. She fought back the impulse and turned to face away from both him and Mist with her head down. Her pokemon stood around her, pretending to not notice how much she was shaking and instead watched everyone else warily.
"Woah,sorry but there's no point in finding out who did this if we don't even know each other"Donovan says as he argued with kaylie. Just as a loud bang filled the room and students started running as he put away dust ,aqua and static "WHAT WAS THAT"
Vain the Spearow tilted his head at the shock of sound, lifting into the air to glide and find the source. Kaylie flinched into a defensive pose, and Jack howled at the pain in his large ears. Cautiously staring at where she thought the noise was from, she reached over and returned her Bulbasaur and Sandshrew, then took out the steel crowbar she had earlier and waited for an apparent threat. The trainer was still quaking out of fear a little, and Jack nudged against her foot to reassure both himself and his master.
A large black figure appeared around the corner and then shot at Donovan and his aquantences as the shot struck Rag "Rag" Donovan yelled thwithout hesitation but to his surprise the bullet didn't hurt the Pokemon as Rag tipped his head over "oh right your decoy ability"as the the figure dropped the gun a ND drew several pokeballs to and as he tossed the balls to the ground as a Muk,Gengar,and a Driftblim apperad on the seen " a triple battle?, Okay go Jolt" Donovan sent out his partner and turned to the two girls "you gonna help me fight?"he said worried they were they were gonna leave him
"Obviously! Fight myself if I could." Kaylie almost growled the words while Jack leapt forward to face the trio. Both were furious about having the gun pulled out, Vain included since he stole the empty gun and stood next to his trainer. The bird attempted to smash the gun as Jack eyed Driftblim; his poisonous horn would net an easy win against it.
As Donovan waited for mist to join the fight he commanded his Pokemon "Jolt attack the Muk with your iron tail" upon command Jolt hardened his star tail and leaped at the Muk slashing across its sludge face as the Muk recovered from the blow and leaped on top of the shinx
Struggling to get free of the poison monster "Shi.. Shinx" as the Pokemon started to cry "Jolt!!!"
Donovan yelled as the dark figure showed a creepy smile while the Pokemon was being suffocated "HELP HIM"Donovan screamed to his friends with tears rolling down his face "SHINX"the little Pokemon screeched
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"Who... are you?"
"My name is Dr. Kazok." A small light flickered and Miles saw two Cosmog behind him. He sent out his Pokemon as they look ready to fight. The two Cosmog fainted them in one slash, and he looked behind Dr. Kazok... All the school teachers strapped to wooden poles, dead. They were all stabbed in the left eye, and he noticed Dr. Kazok had a glass eye on HIS left. "You saw something you were not meant to see. You will now die..." Miles blacked out. When he woke up, he was strapped on a wooden pole and saw Doctor Kazok holding out a knife... He stabbed him. Miles always wondered what death felt like. Now he knew. Before he died, he saw the glowing Cosmogs changing shape, one a sun, one a moon. Was he imagining this? As the combined, his heart took one last beat, and he took his last breath, and the dark pool swallowed him.


She was walking along the footpath. An elderly woman was standing there. "Hello, need any help?" "No... Thank you for being so kind. Just the right person... Here take this." She picked up a pink blob on the floor. "Tell it what you want it to transform into." "Ditl?"

Stephanie carried the pink blob in her two hands. "Let me try... A Meloetta?" She had read about the melody Pokemon in a lot of her books. The creature smiled and morphed.
"What... are you?" It transformed into a sign saying 'Ditto'. It tapped it's head against one of her Pokeballs and went in. She walked around with her Comfey, using minimize, looking like a flower bracelet. Where were all the teachers?
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MIst start command her sylveon''sylveon use moon blast on Muk'' Sylveon spreads its feelers wide open, and an image of the moon appears behind it. It then forms an orb of pink energy in front of its mouth, and fires it at Muk, gave medium damage
Jack stopped his plan to fight Driftblim. Instead he swerved around Sylveon's moonblast and lightly bit Jolt, dragging him out from underneath Muk as fast as he could. Kaylie was about ready to march over and punch the mysterious trainer, but took some deep breaths to focus on the pokemon battle instead. Jack had no such plan to restrain himself; he leapt at Muk and started beating it with jabs and kicks.
"the.. thank you"Donovan slowly said as his tears stopped Jolt was badly damaged as he looked at his trainer Jolt struggled as he got up he then decided to charge past the Pokemon and attacked the dark figure as Jolt jumped on it it's creepy smile returned and knocked Jolt into the wall Donovan angry returned his partner and threw out Aqua "Go Aqua" a human sized weasel with two tails reveled itself "Aqua use water pledge"Donovan commanded,the Pokemon punched his hand into the ground coursing gysers to appear from under the Pokemon launching them up and dealing decent damage
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