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Open Pokèhigh school RP

A highschool made for pokmon you will take classes to help improve yourself and your skills as well as daily training and since the school isn't near civilization homes for the students that attend the school


No ledgendary,mythical,ub,or mega pokemon

You can learn attacks that your Pokemon can't learn but only as long as it makes sense
(Example a Pikachu can learn parabolic charge or thunder fang but can't learn shadow claw or flame charge)

If you would rather be a teacher then student pm me

Pokemon that evolve by trade can evolve normally,stone evolution will be gifted the respective stone from the school when Pokemon is ready to evolve

Romance allowed

No excessive swearing,but regulated causing is fine


Species: (only first evolution,you can evolve later in the story)
Age: (12-18 )
Appearance: ( color palette, accessory and such)
Additional info:
-----------------here is mine--------------------
Name: Riley
Gender: male
Species: shiny riolu
Appearance: he wears red goggles and dgreen bandana around his neck
Personality: acts like a kid sometimes,loves to battle and train,but is sweet at times as well as stubborn
Likes: groups, training,girls that are kind to him
Dislikes:bullies, homework, waking up early
Additional info: when he gets serious he'll put his goggles on,and was an adopted child to a braixen (mother) and emboar( father)

I hope you enjoy this RP :)
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Here is my bio~
Name: Trixie
Gender: Female
Species: Zorua
Age: 13
Trixie looks like a normal Zorua but she does wear a red bandanna around her neck. Other than that she has no accessories.
Like most Zorua, Trixie is well....a trickster. There's nothing that makes her happy more than watching someone fall right into her trick. Shh loves to pull pranks on everyone, no matter who they are. She also loves to tell jokes and puns to the annoyances of other pokemon. But she isn't just pranks and jokes either. She is secretly quite the die-hard romantic, enjoying rom-com movies, crushing on boys, and daydreaming about fictional boyfriends.
Likes: Comedy Movies, Pranks and Puns, Rom-Coms, Chocolate, Cute Guys, Notebooks(To doodle her crushes)
Dislikes:Boring Pokemon, Rude Pokemon, History Class, Waking up early
Additional info: Trixie was raised by a male Lopunny named Bun Bun and a female Gardevoir named Guinevere.
I might be interested in signing up for the RP... but there's one like question that I would like to Axew here. (Which is for the RP creator. c:)

Soooooooo... Are you allowing the usage of fan made Pokémon for the RP?

I am asking this because the rules in the discussion do not mention anything about the usage of fan made Pokémon and I would love to use one of my fan made Pokémon for the RP. (Note that I will be providing pristine information for everything since art is not my strong point and I have heard from some of the staff that using pictures for appearances are highly frowned upon.)
Like I said, I can't really draw since my art skills are like trying to have a Charmander fight against a Tyranitar... (But giving a very nice description with the bio will be more than simple for me. I'll get the bio as soon as possible here.)
Oh... hmm... I'll see first since I might want to personally ask something for that and also because I am still planning on which Fakemon of mine I should use.

(I'll let you know once I have the bio up and everything.)
There is a lot of information on this lovely Fakemon character of mine so be prepared!

Name: His name is Jason.
Gender: He is a male.
Species: Jigacho / Puzzle Pokémon
Age: He is roughly about 12 Years old, though he does look quite young.
Native Region: His native region is Camtonia.
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Appearance: Jigacho is a small, quadrupled, collared lizard that has a rather colorful body. His modest, orange head has black eyes with some brown spots on the back and sides. His hands are brightly yellow with four fingers each, while his three toed feet are in a modest shade of chartreuse. His upper body has a pattern of light green stripes and pale yellow stripes. There are also white spots that form in a vague shape of a jigsaw piece. His underside is in a light shade of cream coloring, as his long, grayish tail is gradually tapering and has small, black spots over it.
Personality: Jigacho tends to be the outcast when it comes to social life, as he is often seen being at an unreasonable distance from the groups as a result of his significant detestation towards the authority. His quirky behavior can sometimes land him in trouble, as he tends to use deception and guile to evade punishments; some of which get passed onto an unfortunate victim. He can be rather silly at times, since he has an obsession with putting his hand in his mouth; he usually does this when he thinks that no one is looking.
Primary Moves: Solidus Gash, Puzzling Vox, Esoteric Pulse, Confound (See "Moves Information" for more info.)
Ability: Enigma (The Pokémon is unable to be identified by all means. All information, including the Pokémon's level, stats, gender, and other visible information will be hidden from the enemy.)
Fakemon Creator: @Charlespark
Additional Info: He has on a pair of victorian steampunk goggles and carries around a rubik's cube that has some mysterious functions that are yet to be revealed. (Though it is mainly used for entertainment when not in the usage of combat.)
Moves Information:
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Category: Physical
Power Points: 20
Power: 65
Accuracy: 100%
Range: Close Quarters Combat
Target: Enemy
Description: The user deeply slashes the target in a long length.
Effects: May reduce the target's defense or speed.
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Category: Status
Power Points: 35
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Range: N/A
Target: Self
Description: The user lets out a confusing cry at itself to get it going in combat.
Effects: Increases a random stat by one stage.
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Category: Special
Power Points: 25
Power: 55
Accuracy: 100%
Range: 20 Meters, 2.5 Meters Area of Effect
Target: All enemies in range
Description: The user blasts the target with a pulse of puzzling and dark thoughts.
Effects: May inflict a random status condition on the target.
Type: [type]Psychic[/type]
Category: Status
Power Points: 20
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Range: N/A
Target: Self
Description: The user makes itself harder to distinguish by mixing itself up with different types of energy.
Effects: Changes the user's type strengths and weaknesses that last until the end of battle, or if the user faints. Also briefly makes the user more susceptible against their new type weaknesses however.
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Accepted however the Pokemon knows more moves not just those four and you must give it's type and name so please edit that and the ??? Type attacks please other than that your good to go
I normally make the type ??? since it's subject to change though I should mention it's original type then...

As for his name, I intentionally make it unknown, but I guess I have to reveal his name already then.

*Jigacho can be seen solving a rubik's cube in 3.14 seconds*
Wait for me!

Name: Felix
Gender: Male
Species: Solosis
Age: 13
Appearance: The same as a normal Solosis, but the liquid it's body is enveloped in is blue, meaning it is shiny. It wears a red scarf.
Personality: Kind and adventurous, Felix is always looking for new places to explore. If you make him angry, however, he'll either attack you or try to focus on what he's doing. He's really silly and can be seen making stupid mistakes.
Likes: Puzzles, new places, Rubix Cubes, notes, stamps, and a few more. Also, he likes Skitty. And Science Class, as well as Art Class. Don't forget ice.
Dislikes: Annoying classmates, Oil, Celebi, History class, and various other things history related.
Additional info: Felix has always tried to get his red scarf through the special liquid his body was enveloped in. He was raised by a family of Vanilluxe.
I have been summoned by @Shimmering. Also, I've come up with a new system. For new characters or ones I heavily edit, I shall determine their sexuality by a die roll. So, there's that, lol.

Name: Kiyoko
Gender: Female
Species: Cyndaquil
Age: (12-18 ) 13
Appearance: Due to a (very) rare genetic disease (that I totally didn't make up), Kiyoko is oddly colored. Not in the shiny sense, but to an even further extent. Where most Cyndaquil have bluish green fur, Kiyoko has black fur. She still has the ordinary cream fur, however. Kiyoko's flames are also blue, as are the "flame exhaust ports" (y'know what I'm talkin' about) on her back. Kiyoko also has a pair of reading glasses.
Personality: To put it simply, Kiyoko is a complete nerd. She doesn't interact with too many people and tends to stay away from the "popular" kids at school. She doesn't mind telling people about herself, but the one thing she always keeps quiet about is her sexual orientation. She sees it just as another thing to get made fun of for, so Kiyoko figured it would be best to never mention it to anyone.
Likes: Reading, Grammar, Video Games
Dislikes: Exercise, Homophobes
Additional info: When/If she evolves into a Typhlosion, Kiyoko will eventually learn Thunder Punch. So long as you're okay with it, Starry. Typhlosion could actually learn Thunderpunch before Gen 7, I think it was through either tutoring or breeding. In Gen 2 it could be taught via TM.
Name: Sparky
Species: Pichu
Appearance: A little orange but mostly yellow and wears a blue baseball cap
Likes: battles, flowers, evolution, TV, and Trainers
Dislikes: falling, and tripping
more info: can learn thunderbolt and iron tail at evolution 1: Pichu, if thats ok with starry
age: 13
type: electric
gender: boy
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Name: Flame
Species: Litwick
Age: 12
Apperance: Looks like a normal Litwick
Likes: Battling, friends, Trainers, Warm things.
Dislikes: Mean Pokemon/Trainers, when his Flame is out.
More info: Trips... Alot
Name: Zenix
Gender: Male
Species: Eevee
Age: 13
Appearance: Pretty much a normal Eevee, but he has an x-shaped scar on his left cheek.
Personality: Shy at first, but once he is able to make friends, he is kind and friendly towards them.
Likes: Oran berries, anime and listening to music.
Dislikes: Bullies and homework
Additional info: Gets bullied because of his scar.
Haven't rp for while, so I might be rusty. So here we go.

Age: 14
Species: Chimchar
Appearance: It look like a regular chimchar but it flame is blue. He wears google with flame design on the eye piece on his neck.
Personality: Blake is kind pokemon. A social bug because he enjoy to meet other pokemon and he stand up to anyone whoever bullies his friends.
Likes: Making friends, read books, training on his combat moves, cooking and play videogames
Dislikes: bullies, english and detention.
Species: Rockruff
Appearance: It looks like a normal Ruckruff with a bit more fur around the head neck and torso areas. and has a green and white flower crown almost covering his left eye.
Personality: Shy in the start but talks a lot to people he knows and has a very hard time sitting still. Who has dyslexia, so he just doesn't find fun in reading.
Likes: sleeping and chewing on stuff. such as sticks, grass and flower stems. and sleeping under trees or in patches of grass or flowers.
Dislikes: Reading and math
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Name: Blue
Gender: Female
Species: Shiny Eevee
Age: 13
Appearance: Instead of brown she has a more silvery coat. She wears a black flower with blue in the middle of it and around the petals of the flower on her right ear.
Personality: Bold, Gentle, Strategic, Calm, Playful at times, Determined
Likes: Anything sweet, sweet poffins are her most favorite, art, training on her own, but doesn't mind training with someone else if they asked her
Dislikes: Anything bitter, despises it mostly, bullies, Drama, unwanted rumors, Pokemon that think they are better than everyone else
Additional info: She has three sisters and a brother, Sparkx, Sakura, Iclyn, and Shin-ha. She dreams of becoming an Umbreon just like her brother Shin-ha. Sparkx dreams to become a Jolteon, Sakura an Espeon, and Iclyn a shiny Glaceon.
Name: Yama
Gender: Male
Species: Makuhita
Age: 13

Appearance: Yama's coloration takes after Kabuki-style theatre, with a porcelain white main color with bold red gloves, collar, and cheek rings. He wears a black bandana on his head with the letter "D" emblazoned on it in gold (It's not a held item with a special effect in case you're wondering; just an accessory he thinks look cool)

Personality: Steadfast and strong-willed, Yama never backs down from a challenge, even if there's seemingly no chance he could win it. To him, each one's another chance to improve and become a stronger Pokemon. He also has a strong sense of justice and is quick to defend his friends when they need someone at their back. He's also a bit of a showman when in action, enjoying the drama of the moment and hamming it up like the stage fighters and superhero flicks he'd seen on T.V. Because of that, it might seem hard to take him seriously. His willingness to scrap has gotten him into trouble many times, but no matter the dilemma, you can count on Yama to meet the challenge head on with a smile.

Likes: Fighting, challenging himself, exercise, superhero movies, spicy foods, comic books, haiku
Dislikes: Injustice, bullies, sour foods, sitting still for longer than necessary, tight spaces (claustrophobia)

Additional info: Lives with his single Infernape father, who works with the police.
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