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Open A Harry Potter theamed RP???

How does a Harry Potter themed RP sound i personally really like Harry potter and i think it would be cool if i could start an RP about it so if your interested please fill out the form bellow:
Year (remember to make the age and year match e.g. 1st years are 12-13 years):
Back Story (optional):
Anything else:
here's mine

Name: Sophie Lestera
Age: 13
Gender: female
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 1st year
Personality: Sophie is calm and spends most of her free time reading and practicing spells and making potions. She can be a bit awkward when she talks to people she doesn't know well and tends to stick with the people she knows.
Appearance: she has long blue hair with a silver streak, amber yellow eyes, she wears her normal Ravenclaw robe, and has a necklace with a snake winding around to form the infinity symbol.
Name:Cale "Cal" Astor
Year : 1st Year
Cal is a rather intelligent wizard, much like most of the witches and wizards in Ravenclaw. When Cal is working, he is completely one-hundred percent focused on whatever he is doing. Cal has a very dry sense of humor, being very sarcastic at times, but is soft and sweet when he needs to be. He is perfectly studious by Ravenclaw standards but still would be considered a “Know It All” by other house’s standards.

Cal has Medium length black hair with Chocolate brown eyes. He is a bit tall and kind of lanky. He generally wears the normal Ravenclaw Robes and a long scarf if it's cold or he is at a game of Quidditch. But underneath that he wears a silver fox necklace, his Patronus and his favorite animal.

Back Story (optional):
Cal comes from a family of richer, more refined English Wizards and Witches on his dad’s side and his mum’s side was made up of extremely rich french Muggles. His Parents met at a Gala For connecting people from the the United Kingdom with people from France. They fell in love to but to his dad's parent’s Dismay. They wanted their only son to fall in love with a beautiful, rich Witch. Now the muggle he fell in love with was rich, but she was a muggle and that would make the Astor Family name look bad. After years of conflict the parents finally gave in and the happy couple got married. They waited a few years and had Twins, a boy and a girl. The First One, a girl with her father’s Grey Eyes. And The other, Cal born with his mother’s Blue Eyes.

During childhood the twins were known as the Naughty/Nice Twins. Liza Being the rather naughty twin and Cal being the good twin. But since Liza was so bad, no one ever thought anything good about poor Cal and he hated his sister because of it. Cal's Childhood was pretty normal until one faithful day when Cal and Liza were 10 years old. A clumsy owl Hit Cal's window. Cal opened the window and the Owl Gave Her a letter and flew away. He read the letter but was quite confused. Him? A wizard? That couldn’t be. He asked his father, who he was closer to than his mother about the letter. His father told him everything from what “Muggles” were to what Hogwarts is and everything he possibly knew about magic. Well besides the Dark Magic spells he knew. Cal was quite happy he would be getting away from his troublesome sister, and that he was special unlike his sister. He ran to his sister and told her all about his letter and where Cal would be going to school. Liza smirked and Said “Hey, I’m a Witch myself.” Cal Screamed with anger but eventually got over that she would be going to this wizarding school with his sister. The day finally came when the twins were going to Hogwarts. They had all their stuff and They finally arrived to Hogwarts. Cal Was sorted into Ravenclaw, As her father told him he probably would. And Liza, well got Slytherin.
About Him/Her
Anything else: Nope :)

Can I make more than one character? If so, I really want to make his sister, Liza. If not, I understand.