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harry potter

  1. ThAtGuY101

    Harry Potter AU student audition

    Welcome to platform nine and three quarters! Your next destination, Hogwarts! Cause your a wizard Harry! I'm making a Harry Potter AU written works and I'm curious if any of you guys would like to add a character. Anyone interested? Bio: Blood status options: pureblood, half blood, and...
  2. EnviousWorm

    Ask to Join Hogwarts, c1982-1983 (AU)

    (@Shadow_Pup @Pinch @Schrift007 @Cmeriwether @EmoKitty21 @ThAtGuY101 ) (Discussion thread here! --> https://pokecharms.com/threads/harry-potter-au.22563/) Just under a year after the Halloween night attack that left all three Potters dead and Voldemort a broken, powerless man, the Wizarding...
  3. GalacticDeg

    Private/Closed Umbramancy - Harry Potter RP

    THE DISCUSSION: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-wizarding-world-discussion.19999/#post-669747 BOOM! A massive explosion's cloud covered the whole Platform 9 3/4. Immediately, Samuel shouted 'Protego!' along the other voices, shouting spells. A green beam hit straight over Samuel's hair...
  4. GalacticDeg

    Private/Closed Umbramancy - Harry Potter RP (Discussion)

    THE ROLEPLAY: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-wizarding-world.20017/ It's 2018. Voldemort is dead. Hogwarts is still as famous as it was before 1994. It's a perfect time for the Wizarding World. However, few know, that another villain, possibly worse than Voldemort is secretly rising to...
  5. GalacticDeg

    Multiple Roleplay Ideas

    I have too many ideas in my head... if anyone has one of these ideas they want to do, use the poll above and I'll see what's the best option to do. OPTION 1 - Animal Crossing RP OPTION 2 - Splatoon RP OPTION 3 - Harry Potter RP OPTION 4 - Steven Universe RP
  6. SageNeb

    Open Harry Potter RP?

    I don't know if this is a thing, but I'd like to create one. This is gonna start off like how I asked people if they were interested in the Naruto RP. (You don't have to join that) So once more, I'll see if some people are interested and then set up the bio. I'll also see if people want to know...
  7. Tailon

    Private/Closed Hogwarts Rises Again

    The Hogwarts Express was leaving on a balmy Thursday morning that year, 11 A.M. sharp, as it had every September 1st for centuries. The years of the famous Harry Potter and the Second Wizarding War were long past, and the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry could expect a...
  8. Tailon

    Private/Closed Back at it again at Hogwarts

    @Rex @Shiny Lyni @Mr.RMA @StellarWind Elsydeon @tonibytes Hey fourth time's the charm right? That's a saying, right? Anyway, bios will go here. Bio! Name: Lena Andrés Gender: Female Age: 15 Height: 5' 5" Weight: 125 lbs Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Clothes: When not wearing school robes...
  9. Ombree

    Private/Closed Harry Potter RP

    Dulce stood nervously on the platform nine and three quarters. What is she wasn't really a witch, what if this was a hoax?! Bad thoughts clouded her mind, but one thoughts food out to her, her mother was a witch. Her mother, Faith, had died when she was young, but she had been a witch and she...
  10. *that* gay guy

    Open Years of Grindelwald

    I'm thinking of making a Harry Potter rp set in the years of grindlewalds rise to power and this is set in hogwarts so he doesn't actually effect you but the fear of him is still high all across the wizarding world onto the form Name: Gender: Age(at least 10): Grade: Role(teacher,student)...
  11. Lil Eliza123

    Open A Harry Potter theamed RP???

    How does a Harry Potter themed RP sound i personally really like Harry potter and i think it would be cool if i could start an RP about it so if your interested please fill out the form bellow: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Age: Gender: House: Year...
  12. Tailon

    Private/Closed Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    5 years ago An 11 year old girl shifted her weight back and forth nervously, standing among 80 or so children around her age, her future classmates. A few children had been called ahead of her, but now the older man standing at the center of the room called out, "Andrés, Lena!" The girl...
  13. Ashlyn parks

    Open Hogwarts, the 4th gen.

    Eleanor Granger - Weasly - Potter, gryffindor to the max with frizzy dark brown hair, brown eyes freckles, slightly curved cherry and phoenix wand. Welcome to my role play! ho hating plz! for fourth gens.! that means Descended from original 1st gens. like Harry! Have fun!
  14. Tailon

    Private/Closed Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    Oh shit JKR has been up to some shenanigans hasn't she welp. @Rex and myself have been up to some plotting, and as usual we've had to build half a world for good ol' JK, so there's a lot to cover as to what we've added, but the articles on Pottermore concerning Ilvermorny and American wizarding...
  15. TrappedNutCase

    Ask to Join Hogwarts: New Genaration

    ((Rules: 1) No overpowering characters 2) You can be related to a actual character from Harry Potter 3) When you ask, leave a form)) Name: Sorenna Age: 11 Looks: Dyed white hair, with azure eyes Pet: A black cat named Echo Hogwarts, a school for witches, and wizards, and Sorenna had made. But...