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Open Elemental school RP

This is an RP idea I had, based on the different elements and a school where you can be trained in using them correctly. Either use one of the four primal elements, or some more obscure ones (eg. Tech, death, life).
Main thread at https://pokecharms.com/threads/elemental-school.15423/

No godmodding and OP abilities
Only one element, please
Follow the general RP rules please.
Romance is allowed, but not too mushy
No excessive swearing
If you're going to join, please stick with the RP, instead of posting once and disappearing

Abilities (What powers said element gives you):

I'll do my form if the RP starts up

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Name: Ry Burst
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Abilities (What powers said element gives you): Immunity to fire. Can summon it at will, but can't absorb it. Can control fire and use if for his will. He can control his own flames, or natural fire. he can easily burn things if his gloves are off. he focuses his flames through his fingers and palms. Can use his flames to hover,. But not very high. About 4 feet is a max. ot fuel his fire, he has a large appaetite. If he's hungry, his flames are weaker, and more like a spark then a flame.
Personally: Hot headed when angry and is very stubborn. He is kind to other, people, and can be considered very outgoing. He is a people person, but has days where he avoids people due to his fire being out of control. When he's angry, he turns into a different person, so he tries his best to stay calm.
Appearance: Green Eyes. Tanned skin. Red hair, that is very messy. It's somewhat long, and swept ot one side. Whit long sleeves undershirt, with a red sleeveless vest over it. Navy Blue jeans. Red hiking boots. Wears black leather gloves to keep his powers in check. Whe he gets angry, his hair spikes up.
Likes: Hanging out with friends, spicy food. helping those in need.
Dislikes: Water, rain, bullies,
Fears: Drowning, flying in a plane, being unable to control his powers and hurting somebody
Other: Under his clothes, he has a fire proof suit, to keep him form being completely naked, if he ever catches fire, which has happened before.
Name: Garret Lawk
Gender: male
Element: electricity
Abilities (What powers said element gives you): Immune to electricity, and lightning, Can create electricity from hands, but cant control it
Personally: Garret is very quiet, and shy but when he uses his electricity he is the opposite of that.
Appearance: short Black hair, Brown skin, dark brown eyes red long sleeved shirt with jeans, and black shoes
Likes: water, Dogs
Dislikes: seafood,japenese foods
Fears: Fire,burning alive,dying
Other: hes allergic to scallops
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Name: Kyle Voda
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Element: Water
Abilities: can control any form of water like steam, water, and ice. He can turn into a wisp of mist when he wants to leave unnoticed, or he can vanish into a source of water. (This is straight from Avatar: The Last Airbender) Blood bending or control over the human body being able to contort it to his will but he only can use it on a full moon and even then he only uses it when necessary to help him survive.
Personality: Curt is an anti-social person who is existentialistic, pessimistic, and depressed although he tries to hide it when in the presence of friends and those he cares about
Appearance: Dark red hair that reaches the base of his neck, black long sleeve shirt, grey jeans
Likes: being alone, studying ancient cultures, observing other elementals, and learning their weaknesses
Dislikes: being around other people, failing to meet his own expectations, and thinking about how meaningless his life and his other friends lives are in the grand scheme in the universe
Fears: Death, heights, the unknown

Is this alright?
Name: jasmine stone
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Element: air
Abilities: can control air to do just about anything like flight (this is extremely tiring) and pushing objects around and can turn into a air wisp
Personality: Jasmine may be shy but she likes to talk to people she seems to be able to look into your very soul
Appearance: Short with blue dyed hair, she wears, a aqua blue hoodie, a green tee shirt, dark blue jeans and lime green shoes
Likes: being around loved ones and friends, study in general, being in a relationship
Dislikes: being rejected and insulted, having a fight
Fears: Hights and being deemed "ugly"
Name: Jake Lomar.

Age: 18.

Gender: Male.

Element: Earth.

Abilities: Can control and morph the ground to his will and with practice he will be able to manipulate all minerals. Basically the powers of an earth bender from Avatar the last airbender. He can not create his own minerals so he has to use whatever is around him or anything he carries with him. The possibilities are endless really as for applications, shields, weapons, walls, transport, e.t.c. One of Jake's favourite techniques is to coat himself in stone or another hard mineral and use it as armour.

Personality: Jake is your everyday friendly guy, he isn't one to start a conflict without reason. He is determined to reach the peak of his potential however and sometimes his ambition can make him a little headstrong which causes him to make poor decisions. As the eldest sibling in his family he has a rather caring persona but can come off as snarky and is quick to make a "witty" comment whenever the chance presents itself. Dont be fooled though, he just wants to have a good time and make some friends at this school whilst obtaining his goals.

Appearance: Jake isn't the tallest guy in the world but he is rather well built, a result of spending most of his free time outside working with his father, a miner. He has Brown eyes that can appear almost gold in the right light, a kind of syrup colour. He has a defined facial structure and a scattering of freckles across his face. His hair is also brown, although darker than his eyes, with the fringe swept to the side. All in all he's a pretty good looking guy but average for the most part.

Likes: Rugged environments, rock music, cats, long walks, just hanging around with his mates and food. Lots of food.
Dislikes: Heights, spiders, people too big for their own boots and bullies.
Fears: Spiders and the deep ocean.
Name: Sky
Age: 12
Gender: M
Element: Air
Abilities (What powers said element gives you): Ability to turn into air, and manipulate it freely. This does come with weaknesses, which will be found eventually in the RP
Personally: Pretty easygoing, loyal to friends. If he hates somebody, he will become extremely cold to them
Appearance: (when in physical form) Light blue eyes, dark blue hoodie, brown hair, black trousers. Blue trainers (yeah, I was going for a sky blue type style)
Likes: Flying, chocolate, making friends
Dislikes: Gravity, the earth, caves
Fears: Tight spaces (claustrophobic)
Other: Very territorial, and by that I mean the airspace around cloud level. So, I suppose, anything above the school. Also, not all that human.
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so this universe.....I dont really get it. Why do people have powers? Are they common? Whats the point in having a school for elementals? Is this set in the present?
I do need to edit the description. I'll get to that as soon as I can, because it's still in the 'pending sign-ups' kind of format
Yeah :) They do have a similar kind of very adaptable power, but Sky really hates the earth element. Like, almost as much as I hate it. That's saying something
Let's see... Who would win, an earth elemental, or an air? I mean, I suppose the earth element does branch off to Life, but still. Dirt eaters :(
All the same earth isn't just ground, its rock and that is super effective against flying. Although Jesus Christ Sky just evaporated some beds? A little over powered dont you think?