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Ask to Join Pokémon Worlds Academy (Reboot)

Welcome, one and all, to Pokémon Worlds Academy! The school for aspiring Trainers across the globe has just opened, with many of the most prestigious professors and Trainers from across the world coming to teach at the school.

Discussion Link and Entry Posts: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-worlds-academy-reboot-discussion.21770/

It was a nice, sunny day in the region of Hondor, and Alfie was staring at the humongous school before him. Many students had already arrived, and many cars were parked in the car park out front. Luggages littered the car park, and students streamed in through the two sets of doors. "Pokémon Worlds Academy," he read out, trying to calm his nerves. It's alright Alfie, you got INTO this school in the first place. You're gonna be fine! He thought to himself. Finally, he walked towards the school, with his six Pokéballs strapped firmly to his bag strap and with a two suitcases being dragged behind him.

It was chaos inside of the school foyer. The room was circular, with five hallways leading out from it. The ceiling was designed with a large Pokéball-esque light hanging from the ceiling, and with a few couches and coffee tables. Water fountains and potted plants dotted the foyer, with a reception desk to the right of the entrance. Alfie made his way to the reception desk, where a brown-haired woman wearing a black suit was sitting, bored.

"Um, excuse me?" Alfie shyly said to the woman. She looked at him, and Alfie swallowed nervously.

"C-Could you tell me where Giratina Hall is?" he asked her. She lazily waved her hand at the rightmost corridor. "The rightmost, leftmost and middle halls are the hallways which house the dorms. All of them contain exactly 150 dorms, to house a total of 450 students. The second left hall leads to the classrooms, and the second right hall leads to the recreational spaces, cafeteria, gymnasium and training areas," she recited to him with a blank expression, as if she was reading off of a script. "Here, have a map." She tossed a piece of paper at him.

"Thank you!" He responded quietly, and made his way to the rightmost hall.
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Firey Argentston, a silver haired boy with blue eyes, was walking around looking for Dialga Hall, along with his girlfriend, Ariana Montgomery.

"Sweetheart, let's talk to the person over there," Ariana whispered.

The two walked over to the person.

"Hi, can you tell me where Dialga Hall is?" Firey asked.

The woman didn't respond but Ariana picked up a map, and pointed towards towards the left most Hall, and the two walked down the hall.
⠀⠀⠀A small gothic lolita girl was sitting on one of the couches. Strangely, she was holding a parasol despite being inside. Standing beside her was an Empoleon that was just chillin' with the girl. Her expression was blank, bored even. She seemed to be waiting for something. As she sits there for several minutes, she eventually starts to pet her penguin.
⠀⠀⠀"You're starting to get bored, are you?"
⠀⠀⠀The emperor Pokémon makes a low noise, it was only audible enough for his trainer. The gleam in his eyes showed that he was content with just standing idly by his trainer.
⠀⠀⠀The girl's hand retreats and she continues to wait patiently for something.
⠀⠀⠀Moments pass and the Empoleon's azure eyes shift towards something behind the girl. Hands begin to cover the lolita's large pink ones.
⠀⠀⠀"Guess who?"
⠀⠀⠀"You're late." the lolita's tone was monotone, but slightly angry.
⠀⠀⠀The hands promptly move away from the girl's face and another girl with pink hair and glasses appears in front of her. She was dragging around a peach colored hard shell luggage while her Dusknoir was carrying a brown duffel bag.
⠀⠀⠀"Cut me some slack! It was a 7 hour flight to Hondor and literally all they feed you in economy class is peanuts and oreos. I was hungry so I stopped by a ramen place which was super busy, which meant even more waiting."
⠀⠀⠀"Boo hoo."
⠀⠀⠀"Whatever. Our dorm's in the Giratina hall right? Let's move in first so we can figure out what we need to do later." The bespectacled girl just noticed that the her goth friend isn't holding onto any luggage, "Where's your stuff?"
⠀⠀⠀"My father is shipping all my clothes here."
⠀⠀⠀"Oh yeah, your unnecessarily massive closet full of doll clothes couldn't fit in a duffle bag?"
⠀⠀⠀"You can't just stuff my clothes into a bag. They'll get wrinkly."
⠀⠀⠀"Man, you are so extra. Alright then, let's get going." The pinkette holds onto the handle of her luggage and walks over to the reception desk. The girl and her Empoleon tail her in a fair distance. The pink haired girl noticed that the receptionist lady looked tired, so she decided upon herself not to bother her/deal with whatever she's got going on at the moment. She noticed the pamphlet holder that had all kinds of foldables and took out two maps. She gave one to her lolita friend who simply just takes it and puts it away in her small purse.
⠀⠀⠀The pinkette opens the map and quickly figures out where Giratina hall, "So we're supposed to go..."—She looks up from the map and points towards the rightmost hall—"That way." The two girls and their Pokémon swiftly make their way towards the corridor.
Malcolm yawned tiredly as he stepped through the front gate of the academy, followed closely by a Gardevoir carrying a a small bag. The boy himself, meanwhile, wore a large backpack, stuffed full of clothes, personal belongings, and any equipment that he might need while staying here. It had been less than an hour since he got off of the plane that had brought him to Hondor, having decided to come here in the middle of his break from taking the Hoenn league's gym challenge. His clothes were simple denim jeans and brown boots, with a black shirt beneath a white jacket. A single Pokeball hung around his neck. He had dressed for comfort, since it was such a long trip. More appropriate clothing would come once he was settled in properly.

Speaking of settling in, he looked down at the card detailing his assigned lodgings. His companion peeked over his shoulder as he read. "Says we're staying in the Palkia Hall." He read out loud to the Psychic-type, looking around until he spotted the front desk and made his way over. He gave the woman behind the table a friendly smile. "Excuse me miss, but could you please point me in the direction of Palkia Hall so that I may drop off my belongings?" He requested, to which the woman nodded and handed him a map. Malcolm opened it, studying the layout of his temporary home. "Center hallway, got it." He said, looking back at his friend. "This way, Nimue."

As he walked, the halls were buzzing with activity. It felt nostalgic, being in a school again after being out of it for so long. As he walked, the Rendall boy pulled out five Pokeballs and began to juggle, humming quietly to himself as he and his partner made their way to their dorm. The sight earned them a few odd looks, but neither were particularly bothered. The other students would have to get used to it. Eventually as he continued, he would take advantage of the brief moments the orbs were in his hand to expand or reduce their size at random, making the trick a little more difficult, but he didn't seem to have much of a problem regardless. And judging by his Gardevoir's lack of nervousness and small smile as she watched, chances were that he wasn't going to be dropping them any time soon.
Alfie quickly pushed his way through the sea of people, muttering small apologies under his breath as he made his way towards the corridor. For some reason, the corridor was way less crowded than the foyer, but he didn't complain about the sudden lack of people. 131...132...133...134! Alfie counted off the doors, finally finding his room. He twisted the doorknob, the door swinging inwards. The room was decently sized, with two beds on the opposite sides of the room. Two closets separated the beds, being in the middle of the room. A light was hung from the ceiling and the floor was nicely carpeted. Finally, there were two desk-areas, with shelves and electrical sockets on the two sides of the room. Two swivel chairs stood in front of the desks. "Wow." Alfie said to himself. He walked into the room, closed the door behind him, and turned on the light. He didn't notice it before, but two windows were just above the two beds. He set his suitcases next to the bed on the left, before suddenly swivelling around. Wait, I'm going to have a ROOMMATE? He suddenly thought to himself. Gulping down a mouthful of saliva, he then breathed deeply to calm his nerves. He tapped a Pokéball on his bag strap. Immediately in a flash of light, his Furret appeared. "Furr!" Noodle cutely growled out, before he crawled his way up Alfie's arm onto his shoulder. Alfie stroked Noodle softly with his hand, and Noodle purred with happiness. "Come on." Alfie muttered to his Pokémon, as he walked out of the room.


Previously Night's Shadow
Tempest Garcia stepped out of the way of a boy walking up the Giratina hall and kept moving. Her hand tightened around a Pokeball at her side. She slid into room 137 without thinking about it and dropped her duffel bag on a bed.
The room was fairly large with a bit of open space in it; she deemed it to be enough and opened her Pokeball to release her Hydreigon.
The Pokémon hovered beside her bed. She reached up to scratch it between the eyes on its center-most head. “Hey, Thunder,” she whispered. “You really don’t like that Pokeball, do you?”
The red-and black Pokemon shook its middle head. “Okay, then. Once we get settled in here, you can come out with me, all right?”
Without waiting for a response, she began to unpack her duffel bag, leaving her clothes folded neatly on top of a desk. She paid little to no attention to the fact that she would have a roommate, as long as they would accept that her dark and dragon type Pokémon prefers to stay out of its Pokeball.
“Cmon, Thunder,” Tempest said, and went back out into the hall.
The gymnasium was very, very well stocked. There were top-of-the-line Pokédolls lining the walls for physical attacks, and a moving hologram target system for... target practice. It was also impossibly massive. Alfie didn't understand how it even linked back to the entranceway. Noodle squeaked happily and quickly ran off to investigate the room. Alfie let him go, and sat down.


Previously Gamingfan2
Ben was confused.
"Okay, room 106 in Dialga Hall, can't be that hard to find."
His Lucario sighed.
"Listen, I'm trying my best ok? It's not my fault they made it so complicated."
Lucario looked dubious, communicating a message through aura
" Shut up." Ben said simply, and rose to search for his room again.
Eventually he found his way and opened the door to his room.
The first thing he noticed was the two beds.
"A roomate huh?" he speculated "That's going to be interesting."
he placed his backpack and his duffel bag on the bed on the right bed and walked back out.
"Alright" he started "what do you say we go and meet the other students here."
Ben began to explore the school, wondering who he'll meet whilst being here.

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As his face and glasses were pressed against the school map he received, he walked circles around his calm and collected pignite. Unfortunately Griff's attempts to make sense of the map were futile. "No way a school designed a map so complex and said it'd be okay!" He halted, looked up from the map and pushed it into his pokemon's face. "Boney, surely you can make sense of it. You're great at this kind of stuff." The pignite took the map from it's trainer and further examined it. Griff stretched his neck down to observe the map with his pokemon. "We're looking for Dialga Hall." After a brief moment of staring at the map, pignite took off. "Wait up!" Griff shouted as he went to pick up and drag his two large bags down the hall.


Previously Night's Shadow
With a surreptitious glance around her, Tempest grinned wickedly. “Hey, Thunder, you think anyone would notice if we stirred up a little trouble?” The Hydreigon seemed game, so Tempest hopped up onto his back, locking her arms around his middle neck. Immediately he picked up speed, and they shot down the hall at extreme speeds. “Woo hoo!” The girl screamed in ecstasy.

Thunder expertly shot between, above, and around people as Tempest insincerely apologized. “Sorry! ‘Scuze me! Ooh, that had to hurt.” Other students made their views heard.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!”

“Aah! A dragon!”

“Control your Pokémon, woman!”

Tempest paid them no heed and proceeded to do the same to the students in the Palkia hall, then the Dialga hall. Thunder stopped suddenly as he was confronted by a Pignite barreling down the hall in the opposite direction. The Hydreigon shot upwards to avoid the Pignite, and Tempest vaulted off, landing catlike on her feet. “Sorry about that,” she said, grinning. She wasn’t sorry at all. “I’m Tempest.”

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Griff landed onto one of his two gigantic bags after the Hydreigon nearly took him out. The pignite walked over to Griff to pull it's trainer back onto his feet. "Thanks Bones" Griff said to his pignite as took the pokemon's arm and lifted himself up. A tad irritated, Griff pointed at Tempest and said to her, "You probably shouldn't fly around the halls with such a large creature."

Griff then paused to examine the girl. "Anyways, I'm Griff. This pignite is Bone Crusher. I normally just call him Boney, Bones; whatever gets the job done." He put his hand out for a handshake, now wearing a rather goofy smile.


Previously Night's Shadow
A sideways smile that was all teeth quirked the side of Tempest’s mouth. She shook his hand. “Sup. This is Thunder. And yeah, you’re probably right. But we’re little troublemakers, aren’t we?” The Hydreigon in answer roared in her face with one of its head-hands. Tempest didn’t flinch. “Yes, we are. Hey, ever wonder why pirates are called pirates?” She waited a few seconds before delivering the punch line. “Because they ARRRRR!” Caustic laughter ripped from her chest. It dwindled down into a few chuckles, and Tempest turned abruptly. “Anyways. See you around, Griff,” she threw over her shoulder. Hands in pockets, the girl headed back down the hall, Thunder trailing behind.

Deleted member 284192

Griff stared with utter disappointment in his eyes after Tempest delivered her punchline. As she and her Hydreigon trailed off, Griff called out "See ya around, I guess." He looked over Boney who wasn't too thrilled about the joke either. "They're quite a hoot, aren't they?" Boney shrugged.

Griff turned to see that he stood right in front of his dorm room. "Well, looks like we made it. Alright Bones, grab a bag." The pignite grabbed his trainer's heavier bag as heavy lifting is a part of the pokemon's training regimen. The two headed into the dorm.
Alfie sat listlessly on the floor of the gym. He was also bored out of his mind.
"What the hell are we meant to do now?" He groused. Noodle soon returned, and crawled up his shoulder. Suddenly, the loudspeakers flickered to life with a loud crackling sound. A deep gravelly voice cam through them, somewhat obscured because of the poor quality of the loudspeakers.
"Ah-hem. Ah, testing. Could all new students...wait that's all of them... I mean everyone, please make their way to the school hall. It's the last room in the recreational corridor. Thank you." The voice announced, before it was cut off with a loud screech. Noodle obviously didn't like that, and hissed at the speakers, digging his claws into Alfie's shoulder. Alfie carefully dislodged the claws, before standing up and walking out of the room, stretching.
"Well, I guess we should go to the school hall."


Previously Gamingfan2
Ben sighed. No one seemed interested in talking, they just push on their way.
He was considering going back to his room, but suddenly a voice from the loudspeakers jolted him.
Apparently everyone is supposed to go to the school hall.
Good thought Ben It’s time to meet my fellow students.
He took out his map and went to his destination.
~Transition woo~
Luckily, due to his wandering, he wasn’t far from the hall, so he was the first one there.
Not sure what to do, he stood there while his Lucario was on guard.
I wonder if everyone will get along. he thought as he rewatched his pokedex entries on his styler.
Alfie made his way through the corridor, hearing the footsteps of people behind him. He quickly increased his pace to a small jog, before entering the room. The hall was quite large, with a stage in front, a pedestal and microphone, and a projector screen, which had been lowered. There was one other person in the hall right now, another boy his age, who was poking around on his phone. Alfie quickly took a seat randomly in the hall, and waited for whatever was going to happen to start.

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After throwing the bags into their dorm, Griff and his pignite wandered the halls looking for something to kill time. As Griff better learned the layout of the building, he heard the announcement to report to the school hall. He made his way there and when he entered the room he was greeted with a sea of trainers and pokemon seated and blabbering. Griff and Boney scooted and passed through trainers, trying to find a place to sit, though they weren't having any luck, and the other trainers obviously found them to be a disturbance.
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Previously Night's Shadow
Tempest took a glance at her map, memorized the route, jumped onto Thunder, and shot through corridors above everyone’s heads to the school hall. She didn’t need a place to sit, just hung out on Thunder’s back as he hovered. Down below, she could see the kid with the Pignite she’d almost run over earlier. “Halloo, there,” she whispered. He wouldn’t hear her. It was just her being weird again. Absentmindedly, she reached out to pet Thunder’s head as she awaited instruction.
"I'm looking for room 107, and Ari's looking for..." Firey ended up at the door across from the boy with the Pignite.

"Ari, I love you, meet me later at the school hall." He gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

He then ran back to 107, dropped off his stuff with the help of his Pokemon, and caught up to Ariana. She immediately gave him a hug. The two walked into the school hall and decided to find a seat.
Other people quickly filled the hall, and sat down, chattering loudly to each other. Huh. So everyone had already started making friends. Alfie let out a nervous smile. He prayed that nobody would sit next to him and start a conversation. Luckily, it seemed as if the flow of people was slowing down.


Previously Gamingfan2
Ben looked up from his styler to see the other trainers swarming in.
Lucario started meditating, which he always does in large crowds, to focus on each aura around in order to check for danger.
Ben, on the other hand, was looking to see who looked fun to talk to. While he watched the crowd, he noticed a pignite and its trainer looking for a seat. Now that he looked closer, Ben noticed he looked alot like someone he knew.
Wait a minute...
Scratch that, he was someone he knew
"HEEEEEY! Is that you Griff? What's up man?" he belted out, paying no mind to the other trainers surprise and annoyance.

Deleted member 284192

Griff swung around at the sound of a familiar voice. "Is that Ben?" he asked his pignite." He hunched forward to get a better view of whoever was shouting to him. Upon further examination, he and Boney barged their way through people and met up with their old friend. "Boney, it's Ben!" The pignite gave a wave to the trainer and his lucario. Griff scratched his head, and said "I guess I haven't seen you since back in Unova." He then chuckled. "Gee, what are the odds we both ended up in this wacky school, huh?"
Suddenly, a relatively old man stepped onto the stage. He wore a black suit and tie, with a pair of black glasses as well. He adjusted them before walking up to the podium.
"Hello...hello?" He started to speak. However, no-one could hear him over the din of the hall. A crease formed on his head as he watched the boisterous students.
"BE QUIET!" He yelled into the hall.


Previously Night's Shadow
Tempest jerked upright at the man’s declaration of silence. She had almost fallen asleep while people were filing into the hall! She mentally cursed her lack of discipline as she pushed herself into a more attentive position on Thunder’s back. Testing... That was what the announcements had said. What sort of tests would they be subjected to? There’s only one way to find out. Tempest settled down on her Hydreigon and listened.
El ran as quickly as possible into the building due to how late she was. Her Pokemon running behind her in a mass panic. "Oh geez, oh geez" She went up to the front counter and asked where Giratina hall was. The receptionist clenched her nose due to El's Muk's smell. "Miss, please put that thing away.." She handed El a map of the place. She sighed and realized it was probably best that she put Sorn away for now. She pulled out his Pokeball and had him go into it.
"Hey Wuol, could you levitate us to the room?" Her Unown jetted her and her team down the halls and past each and every room and stopped in front of room 134. She opened up the room and saw some bags and such already on one bed. Fuso hopped on the empty bed happily and Lyli trying to find places to store El's bags.
El then ran out and tried to find the School Hall.


Previously Gamingfan2
Ben laughed as well "You're telling me. I'm surprised-" he jumped as the old man screamed for silence.
Lucario nearly snarled, but he man wasn't hostile, so he turned to the pignite and waved in a friendly greeting.
"oh.." he whispered " I think the show has started. I wonder what's the biz is. Do you know?"
Firey and Ariana were sitting together, Ariana laying her head on his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her waist. Two pokeball opened on Firey's belt, revealing his Walrein, who decided to take a nap behind him, and his Metagross, who picked up a Psychic energy not too far away and decided to investigate. The Iron Leg Pokemon found a girl and an Unown. It then decided to ask if the girl was lost.
"Yes. Hello, I am Professor Acacia, your headmaster and the residing professor in Hondor. Welcome, one and all to Pokémon Worlds Academy. Here, you will enter as a rookie, but leave being a master, overcoming all the obstacles in your way. We will do our best to get you to be the best that you can be. This is why testing will now commence. In the school gymnasium, you will be battling against another student to determine exactly how good you are, and will be placed into different sets depending on how well you do. Good luck." The man then stepped off of the podium. Alfie looked around nervously. He knew that there were definitely a few eight-badgers in here, who could probably easily beat him and show that he was nothing but a weakling and everyone would wonder how he even got into the school in the first place since he- Alfie took a deep breath, his thoughts beginning to race away from him again, to try and calm himself down.

"Will all students please head to the gym now?" A few adults, teachers he assumed, who stood at the back of the hall said to them.
El ran straight past the Metagross with her three Pokemon following her. She saw people going out of the Student Hall with no idea where they were going so she just decided to go along with them and joined the crowd. Fuso ran ahead of the group in his carefree joyous attitude. El tried to reach out for him but he was too far into the crowd. "Oh jeez... um.. Wuol please go after him, Lyli stay with me please." Her Unown embedded itself into the wall and scanned the area from the ceiling.
Firey headed off to the gym, finding his Metagross, and returning the Pokemon. Walrein was returned as he left the gym. One of Ariana's pokeballs opened, revealing her Mudkip.

"Let's go," Ariana whispered.

"They said something about a test of battle, you be careful," Firey whispered.

"Please, don't utterly cream your opponent," Ariana whispered worriedly, "People will find out your badge count."

"I know." FIrey nodded

The two walked towards the crowd, noticing a Mawile flying at what seemed to be Blaziken like speed. Mudkip decided to try and catch up to the Steel and Fairy type.

"I don't think Mudkip could defeat that Pokemon, his hidden power is Useless against it." Ariana whispered.

"Ari, he's being friendly." Firey whispered.

Ariana smiled at the sight of her water type trying to make a new friend.
"Geez, there is no way we can catch up to him.." El whispered. "We have to try though, hopefully Wuol find him already. Come on Lyli!" El and Lyli tried to get through the crowd and accidentally bumped into Fiery. "Oh my, I am so sorry!" El exclaimed.

Meanwhile Wuol managed to get contact on a Mudkip running through the halls as it seemed to be going after Fuso. It flew straight off the ceiling and tackled Fuso down. He looked around after getting up to realize he accidentally lost El and so did Wuol when it was tracking down Fuso.

Deleted member 284192

Griff tensed up from the sudden announcement of a battle test. "I wish I had known we were gonna begin battling the minute we arrived." He looked over to Ben. "It's a shame we don't have more time to catch up right now. I guess we'd better head off to the gymnasium." Griff drifted away into the moving crowd of trainers and his pignite followed suit.


Previously Gamingfan2
Ben nodded "We'll talk later. For now" his eyes lighted up in excitement "We're going to have a battle. I'm so excited! I'm sure Lucario is too."
The aura pokemon was staring at the people around, sizing them up.
Ben got up and speed walked to the gym, avoiding bumping into the others on the way.
Wuol decided to levitate the Mudkip with it as it probably ran away from it's trainer too. Fuso casually walked along Wuol trying to avoid the mass groups of people hoarding the hallway. He did accidentally bump straight into Ben by accident though and got up and was trying to catch up to Wuol as it already got farther back with the Mudkip.


Previously Gamingfan2
"Ack!" Ben exclaimed as he fell over. He looked up to apologize, only to see a mawile go away, seemingly following something.
He considered helping it follow whatever it was, but he didn't think they would allow him to be tardy to the gym, so he quickly got up and speed walked , finally making it into the gym.
"I wonder who my opponent will be" he mused quietly.
"Don't worry about it, we're chasing after Ariana's Mudkip, who was following a Mawile." Firey explained.


Mudkip looked up as an Unown came from nowhere and tackled the Mawile. He then realized he lost Firey and Ariana. He was picked up by the Unown, not expecting it.
Wuol floated back to El with Fuso not far behind and a floating Mudkip. Wuol dropped the Mudkip and Fuso was trying to apologize to El. "Please don't run away like that again Fuso. Anyway, is everyone here?" She looks and counts off her three Pokemon. "Ok, we're good. Um well, there is your Mudkip I believe."
Alfie slightly groaned and rubbed his head. Commotion rage all around him as all the students tried to simultaneously go to the gymnasium.
Who thought of this? Alfie complained inside of his head. It was a terrible idea. His hands were still slightly shaking with nervousness, and he wiped them on his shirt to start to get rid of the sweat beads that were forming on them. He was one of the first to make it to the gym, surprisingly, and there was an Alakazam at the door, as well as another teacher. The teacher looked extremely bored, while the Alakazam toyed with its two spoons. The teacher turned to him.
"Name?" she asked him in a monotone.
"U-uh, Alfie Cheng." he said quietly to her.
"Alright, you're going to be in... group B. Go to the bottom-right corner of the gym please." she said to him. Alfie quickly shuffled inside to the corner that he was supposed to be in, waiting.
"Well see you!" El went and made it to the gym. It was so loud and there was enough space to breathe once they actually entered the gym. Fuso looked around at the crowds of people and Pokemon together. Eyli stood close to El to protect her. The room was so loud is was almost deafening. She made it to a teacher who seemed to be the check in lady. She stood in line for about a minute before El got to the front.
"Name?" asked the lady in an almost annoyed tone.
"Eltisie Roirlai, ma'am" replied El.
"Please head over to group B. The bottom-right corner of the gym." the lady said.
El walked over to the corner and decided to release Sorn out of his Pokeball.

Deleted member 284192

Unable to escape the crowd, Griff sat in his shorter but much stronger Pokemon's arms, as the two got pushed and thrown around. "Cut it out you animals! Where is the order in this?! Boney, get us out of here!" Finally the two emerged from the depths of the sea of trainers. As Boney came out from the crowd, he lost his balance and fell face first, dropping Griff right in front of the teacher and her Alakazam. Both seemed unfazed.
"Name?" The teacher asked.
"Call me Griff" the boy responded with confidence, as he pulled himself up onto his feet.
"No, your full name" the teacher snapped.
"Oh, right." Griff felt a tad silly, though he was also not a fan of giving out his last name. "It's Griffin Alcott" he said, though it lacked a lot of the enthusiasm that was in his initial response. A group of trainers looked to him at the mention of his last name. Griff worried that they were able to identify him as a relative of the world renown trainer and conqueror of Pokemon Leagues, Robbie Alcott.
"You're going to be in group C. Please head over there now" The woman said.
Griff focused his attention back to the teacher. "Yes ma'am" he responded. "Let's go, Bones." The pignite got up and followed it's trainer.