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The Shiny Eeveeloutions

A long time ago all the mews and Arceus met up for a meeting. "Hello my fellow creator Pokemon, today Sprinkles had a vision, I really think you should listen to her." said Arcues, and then he beckoned a small shiny mew. "Uh hi, so I had a vision about the future, that some shinies, descended from the first eevee will come together in force, to save our world." she said. Most of the mews quieted down, they all knew what a coward the first eevee was, they invited her to join the Pokemon council, but she was terrified. "This is outrageous! Anyone who descends from Eevee is a coward!" one of the mews shouted, "Silence Lilypad, we shall see if Sprinkles' vision is correct." said Arceus, everyone quited, "And now, Sprinkles, you will summon these Pokemon, we want their souls to remember this." continued Arceus, Sprinkles closed her blue eyes, and then some Pokemon appeared. A Glaceon was in the front, holding a small shiny eevee close to her, "Why have you summoned us? My child is not even old enough to leave me!" she asked. "You and your sisters will be summoned in a thousand years to save the world." said Arceus, and then he vanished.

So everyone, message me on witch of the shiny eeveeloutions you wanna be!
Angel the Espeon- @Frisk
Ribbon the Sylveon- @BurbleBurble
Mist thhe Vaporeon- @EspeonTheBest
Sparky the Jolteon- @BoltTheJolteon
Moonlight the Umbreon- @DatFreakingCharmander
Flame the Flareon- @_Umbreon_
Frost the Glaceon- @Azuru
Leafy the Leafeon- @Lilyheart0930
Dove the Eevee- @MissPinkRebelle
Leader- Leafy the Leafeon
Betas- Flame the Flareon and Sparky the Jolteon

Ok so message me saying what Shiny you are, and then after my approval you get to join! I will select a leader, depending on how I feel how everyone does there role, but since I am merely an eevee I will not be it. BTW If you want to be Frost, then remember that she is my character's mother.

Dove looked around, she wanted to do something, here mother was right there watching her, so she couldn't sneak off. Maybe she could? She started padding softly away from her mother's view.
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Frost gazed at the small icicles on the tree. They glistened in the sunlight. A dove flew into it's nest. " A dove like Dove. How ironic. Where is Dove anyways.." She pondered.
She looked around and caught a silver blur near the more dangerous parts of the woods. No. She knew there was a fight between a Ursaring and Heracross once and many pokemon died. She ran after the blur, despite the blur having pink, ribbon-streaks in it...
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Dove looked around the forest, it was creepy, and she heard roaring. She was missing her home. Suddenly she stopped, two Pokemon were fighting. "MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She called into the forest.
The Flareon hated itself. It hated being a fire type. As a Eevee, Dusk had loved to swim. A luxury he could no longer afford. Feeling lost and lonely he wandered through the forest. Eventually he bumped into a Glaceon. "Urk... Sorry about that." He said, as a visible flush crept across his face.
The Sylveon was dashing along, getting some stress out. She liked having some time to herself, and ever since she got a little too close to a playful wooper, getting a face full of water, she had been pretty tense. This, she was hoping, would help her. She wasn't even noticing the glaceon behind her.
Frost bumps into the Sylveon, knocking them both into patch of grass.
"You're not Dove" She said, worried about her. Suddenly she heard a scream.
"MOMMY!!!" Screamed (presumable) Dove. "Sorry, I have to rescue my daughter," Frost said with an apologetic look on her face.
Dove looked around, she couldn't see her mother coming. She curled up next to a tree and started to cry in fear of the two bad Pokemon only a few feet away from her.
Dusk growled as the Leafeon grew closer, the grass around his paws starting to burst Into flame. "What do you want you over grown- Oh, sorry I thought you- were someone else..." He said, flushing with embarresment.
Dove padded after Leafy wincing as the Flareon growled she looked at a stone she had found in the forest, it was shiny. She decided to take it home with her so she would remember not to go back in here. (the stone is an everstone)
Sparky softly growled witch surprised her. In front of her was a Ninetails and Luxray attacking each other. Sparky noticed a shiny eevee and the 2 Fighting Pokèmon heading towards her. Sparky instinctively pounced out and grabbed the eevee and dashed off. Sparky was getting tired and the 2 pokèmon were chasing her for some reason. Sparky thought of her special power and jumped. She became a ball of green, going faster than light (and that's 10000000 Ks per hour). The Pokèmon that was chasing her became shocked and fled. Sparky slowed down and ran normally with a bit of the eevee's scruff in her mouth so the eevee can't fall. Sparky turned her head to look if she was still getting chased and they weren't. Sparky bumped into some pokèmon and whipped her head around to see a Shiny female Glaceon.
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Sparky smiled and put her ears down. She thought it was nice to help pokèmon that needed help the most first. Sparky looked down and gazed around. She never noticed how amazing this place actually looked
"I'm no nuisance..." Sparky mumbled and whimpered as she stepped on a thorn. She raised her paw and pulled out the thorn. Blood gushed out and Sparky started to gently lick it.
Sparky sat down still licking her bleeding paw. She raised her head and smiled at Dove even though that was a stupid question to ask "a person causing inconvenience or annoyance" Sparky said and her ear twitched before she continued to lick her paw.
"Yeah, the jolteon just described herself!" Ribbon said, giggling at her own joke. "So were did you two come from? All I saw was a flash, then you two were here."
Sparky looked at Ribbon, offended. Before she looked at The tree she was sitting under. Sparky pointed to a hollow bit in the big tree "that's where I live" Sparky said and a tear rolled down her eye but she quickly wiped it away, hoping nobody saw it.
"Well, thank you Leafy for rescuing Dove. Here is a reward." Frost said, handing her a small sack of berries and some pokedollars. " And thank you Ribbon, for mocking Sparky, snapping at me, and calling Dove a nuisance. Here is your reward for your kindness," Frost continues. She uses ice beam on her.
The Flareon got hit with the Icebeam. "Hey! What's wrong with you guys?" He grumbled shaking snow off of his head. His tan body looking much like an eevees.
"Mommy stop!" Dove said looking embaressed, and then trying to get her mother from being overportective she dashed off in the other direction, hoping she would follow her.
"I never said I was...oh whatever! Go back to your daughter, who I didn't call a nuisance!" Ribbon stormed off, more stressed than before. She didn't need some Glaceon telling her off.
Dove leaped down wanting to settle this. "No stay! My Mom just has a temper, because she is overportective! All of you stay, we should form a team!" she said cheerfully, not realizing she would anger her mother even more.
"Really?" Ribbon turned around, and began to laugh. "Sorry kid, but it ain't happening. Your mom's WAY too overprotective. Tell your mom to layoff, and I'll think about it."
"I found a book that some human dropped and it had a team of super heroes that are gonna save the world!" Dove said still jumping. "I wanted to be in a super hero team!"