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The Shiny Eeveeloutions

Frost quickly began to regret it. She thought of Dove's sad face. She ran to a spot near a town. She slowly went down to the town. She went in the town and grabbed a Poke Doll from a mart and ran back. She decided to give it to Dove as an apology.
"I'm bored I'm gonna go take a look at all the trees, they sound like fun!" Dove said, (she has a VERY VERY short attention span) she walked to a tree and saw a shiny espeon trying to nap, "Hi, I'm Dove, who are you?" she asked, holding out her silver paw
Dusk looked defeated.' Even these weirdos don't want to hang around near me.' He thought to himself. Moping around the forest he saw Dove and another Eeveelution. He imedately started to pad away, not wanting to get attacked by frost, and then tripped into his own face. Flushing he got up. He wasn't the Most agile pokemon.
The green-furred Pokémon hesitantly raised her head, knowing she could neither sleep well nor ignore the Pokémon who had spoken. A . . . shiny Eevee? What are the odds? She thought, studying her carefully. ". . .Hello." She greeted the Eevee nervously.
"The face of maturity. And her she is." Ribbon sighed, and began slowly dragging the glaceon back to her den, wanting to do something to compensate for the misunderstanding. After finishing that, she started back and noticed Dusk straying away from Dove and the Espeon. Once again wanting to atone for earlier, she walked up to him. "Hey there. Saw you got hit with that ice beam earlier. You okay?"
Frost awoke in a den. Her sack and Poke Doll were against the wall. "What happened? " She wondered out loud. Suddenly a memory of her passing out came to her head. "Crud." She thought. "Might as well thank the owner. She leaves 100 poke dollars and a couple berries near a note that read,"Thank you for your hospitality. -Frost the Glaceon".
She had to get moving if she wanted to find Dove.
"Well . . . s-sure- that sounds like it could be fun." Angel replied, doing her best to smile in appreciation of the offer. She's so sweet. She thought.
Dusk looked up. "M-me? Oh I'm ok-k... I guess..." He said shyly. While Dusk wasn't the strongest or the most selfless, or even the best looking, he was plenty sensitive to others. And he was extremely shy. So this lead to many awkward encounters.
Sparky's ear twitched and she sighed. Why couldn't anyone get along? Why does everyone have to fight? Sparky had enough of this and it was time to make her mark. She walked and saw Ribbon and Dusk talking and Sparky pounced on Ribbon. Sparky didn't care if Dusk was there on not. Right now, she had to put twinkle toes in her place. "Names Sparky, Twinkle toes!" Sparky started to laugh and then she looked at Dusk "Hey cutie!" Sparky said kindly, but with a big energetic twist to it. Sparky hopped of Ribbon and sat down next to Dusk. "Oh and Ribbon, stop being snarky..." Sparky said grinning. This was the side she never knew of.
"What gives...Oh. It's you. Nice sneak pounce." Ribbon picked herself up. "I'll consider it. But thanks for interrupting my conversation. I suppose I deserve that."
Leafeon sat down, laying in her beautiful garden. She smiled and took out a thick book titled "Adventures in Unova". She started to read peacefully.
"We're here!" Dove yelped as they walked to a tree. "This is my nest," she said, "Mama stormed off earlier, but I'm gonna become a pokemon superhero!" She jumped up and down playfully, tumbling downhill
I sprint back to see Dove and the others. "Dove! I'm sorry. I guess your idea ain't bad, i will join. But don't you think it needs a leader?" Said Frost, Handing the Poke Doll to her.
"Yay Pokedoll!" Dove said clutching the doll, "Well yes we do need a leader. Hmm, who is good with leadership?" Dove said, (now is time to vote for leader Leafy, Flareon, and Jolteon are running PM me your vote)
Sparky walked off and saw Dove. Sparky used her super speed and bolted to the bush behind Dove. She saw the others so she decided to sneak up on all of them. Sparky sneaked over to a tree and looked at the group before climbing up the tree. Sparky perched herself on a branch were nobody could see her. A bundle of leaves in Sparky's mouth tumbled down and covered Dove completely. Sparky bounced on a higher branch and grinned. She was right above Frost, and wanting to scare them, Sparky roared as loud as she could and then threw a large stone that looked like a normal eevee. Sparky pounced out from the tree and landed ontop of Frost. "Haha!" Sparky said and bounced of Frost, sitting next to the leaf-covered Dove. "Hey Dove! I'll be in your group!" Sparky said smiling. "Oh and that's called being a ninja" Sparky said and ran her tongue down one of her front legs.
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"Monster!" Dove shrieked and then started running to the nearest place, clutching her Pokedoll as she ran. A giant Ursaring was crashing through the forest, and was nearing the group.
Leafy hissed, sending a leaf blade at the Kangasan. It lost half of its health. She used one more, and it fainted. "See! Nothing to worry about, Dove!" She smiled at the little Eevee.
"Well then. That was something." The young Sylveon pondered on what to do next. She could follow Dove, but she could silently watch from the sidelines and pretend this day never happened, but that wouldn't be fun."Wait up, Dove!" she cried. Then she turned to Dusk. "Hey, come on, it'll be fun!"
Sparky bolted after the group "Wait up!" She said and bounded after them. Sparky saw some weird thing in the water and walked over to it. It wrapped around her neck and Sparky jolted back with surprise. She shrugged and walked to the group, Hopefully they didn't see the weird leather thing around her neck.
(Just so you know it's a collar!)