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The Shiny Eeveeloutions

Sparky got irritated with the thing on her neck. Sparky growled and rubbed her neck against a tree in hopes to get it out. The thing started to beep and a red light started to flash, causing Sparky to jump straight into Dusk.
"Dove, w-wait!!" Angel, both concerned about the collar and worried about Dove, ran after her in hopes of keeping her safe.
"And that's why I want to be alpha. Who will protect us if you believe in peace. What if you were to die? What would we do? So I think I should lead." He said gruffly, his mane prickling up. His paws and tail also did the same.
"Well who is going to stop me?" He growled back at the Leafeon. His body tensed. A few seconds later his whole body burst into flame, little streams coming off of him.
"If I must, I will." Leafeon closed her eyes, summoning a leaf blade. She stared at him. "You can turn back now, and we could be allies. Do not do this, it will be a mistake."
Ribbon decided to back away from Dusk, feeling the year radiating off him. She instead went to go investigate the beeping thing around Sparky's neck. Taking a good look at it, she hissed. "It's wet and slimy! It's a fish! Kill it!"
"It's not a fish! A fish won't make that sound!" A Sparky cried and collapsed, crying like a maniac. "IT also won't come off! It has some weakening thing in it so you can't get it off!" She whimpered still crying.
"That's what the all said." He growled, the grass around him disintegrating as his body grew to a temperature of 300c. A Small ball of flame appeared in his mouth, and continued to grow.
"STOOOOOOPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dove shouted at the two fighting Pokemon, she was scared, "Please stop!" she said using her huge little baby doll eyes.
The Flareon staged backwards, blood gushing from a wound on his shoulder. He turned around his eyes glowing. He used fire spin essentially creating a whirl wall of fire around the Leafeon. He sat down and began cleaning his wound. He knew fire was super effective against grass anyways.
The beeping stopped and Sparky slowly got up and pick a oran berry. She walked over to Dusk and shoved the berry in his mouth, muzzles touching for a second before Sparky backed away from the ball of flame and turned to Leafy and Dove. Sparky raised her eyebrows and sat in front of Dusk. "Don't fight, we will need our energy for the big fight" Sparky said and turned back to Dusk "I'm sure you will be a good alpha but please, rather be beta with me..." Sparky said and licked his wound clean front blood. Sparky climbed a big rock and stood on the top place, actually where the alpha male and female should stand. There was a gap waiting to be closed by someone. Sparky looked at the view and smiled to herself. It was beautiful, all the grassy plains and trees....and a bird pokèmon flying right at her. Sparky started calm even though she was terrified of flying types. While it was getting closer Sparky noticed it was a Zapdos. It passed straight past Sparky, scraping one of its claws down Sparky's eye. Sparky yelped in pain and misstepped, she started to fall, a trail of blood escaping her wound. "Ahhhhh!!!" was all she could say before she collided with the ground, breaking her back right leg.
Angel rushed to Sparky's side, doing what she could to at least stop the bleeding. I may not be a skilled healer or anything, but... I've got to do what I can to help out.
The Flareon felt slightly embarresed at his sheer lack of respect, and bushed at her comment. He snapped the berry in his jaws. Before watching a huge bird Ike Pokemon swoop down.he scrambled over to Spark as Angel did the same.
Sparky woke up, pain flushing in her leg. "Ow... stupid Zapdos..." Sparky slowly got up and looked at the others. "I'm ok, just a broken leg and a scratched eye" Sparky said and smiled. She didn't want anyone to worry to much about her. Sparky tried to stand up but failed and hit her jaw on the ground. This was gonna be harder than she thought. "Can someone please be my leaning stand while I'm recovering?, oh and whoever is up to it, could you get a big leaf and a few oran berries?, I learned that it will heal in a month or so..." Sparky said and slowly got up, groaning with the new pain in her chin. "So who is it gonna be?" Sparky asked the group.
"Thanks Dusk..." Sparky licked his cheek gratefully. "You can go wherever you want ok?" Sparky said looking around, the pain rising by the second. She picked some leaves and managed to wrap it around her eye.
"Here..." He said crouching down, and wrapping some leaves around her broken leg, creating a flimsy splint. He then smiled and sat up and then stood beside her if she wanted to lean on him.
Dove sat there and watched, she had no idea how to heal, but she did hope that Sparky would be ok. Dove decided that after Sparky healed they would go on their first mission, she would ask Leafy what they would do soon enough
Sparky ate the oran berry and some of the pain went away. "Thanks guys... oh and I'll do fine, so we can start the next mission if you want...." Sparky said and got up, quickly leaning on Dusk before she could fall. Sparky nuzzled her face into Dusk's mane. It was so soft. Sparky looked at Dove "Hey if you want, you can sit on my back?" Sparky said before nuzzling her face in Dusk's mane again.
((I have been invited to join this RolePlay from Bolt as Mist the shiny Vaporeon, so if it is for any reason not ok for me to join, I'll leave. This is actually the first Eeveeloutions RP where I have not played the Espeon. XD))

The cool water was so tempting. So....close....so tempting.... Mist, the pink Vaporeon had water almost literally creating a waterfall down her sides. Mist's original plan was to simply walk into the shade of a nearby tree to take a nap so she didn't have to worry about the Basculin that hunted in her lake. However, in her nap she was laying in the sun meaning that the sun was evaporating her body of solidified water away. The Vaporeon weakly lashed her tail in desperation as she trudged through the tall grass to reach her lake. Finally, she made it and turned into the water itself to recover her body mass.

"Get away from me!" Mist hissed softly as a Red Basculin swam up to where her face was and eerily peeked through her; she was water. The Basculin had been a major problem since Mist had been born near this lake. From snapping up plants meant for dinner to attacking her family, the two Pokemon types just didn't get along. The shiny Vaporeon did a flip in the water and solidified to her normal body mass once again as she smacked the Basculin square on the head with her tail. "Ha. Take that fish." She pestered as the fish Pokemon swam away desperately.

All was well. At least, it would have been if Mist realized that the Basculin she attacked was a baby one. A horde of the piranha-like Pokemon dashed past Mist, cutting her badly on her sides. She cursed under her breath, but then turned her attention to the red stained water around her. 'The Gyrados. I'm an idiot.' She thought with a mental facepalm as the Vaporeon desperately followed the swarms of Basculin. Mist swam quickly and had honed her agility skills in the past, and boy was she glad for those skills now. The Vaporeon, as much as she was good at dodging, couldn't dodge the hyper beam that emerged from an under lake cavern where the Lake Gaurdian lived. The last thing she remembered was flying through the air...

Mist bolted upwards and groaned while doing so. Her body ached all over and her wounds were still open and bleeding profusely. The pink Vaporeon muttered her death wishes to the Lake Gaurdian before padding though the sea of grass, leaving a small red trail behind her. Mist's first thought was water. If she stayed in the sun too long she'll evaporate. Mist thought she saw more Eeveeloutions to her right, but her mind was set on water. Nothing else.
Dusk felt very awkward, and out of place in this situation. It's something any mon' would have done in his place. In the tall reeds near the bank of the lake he could have sworn he saw a Pinkish shape moving through the tall grass. " Hey! Who's There?" He called nervously, he didn't want any more pidgeotto attacking the group.
"Hey! Whose there?" Mist heard someone call. She froze in terror momentarily before padding onwards; ignoring the call for identification. 'All I need is to find water and fast.' She thought. Suddenly her brain recalled something she had learned a long time ago. "Aqua ring! I'm an idiot!" Mist exclaimed. She conjured water from her mouth and created a ring of water around her to keep her hydrated. Most Vaporeon don't need to always be hydrated, but Mist did. It was a rare disease among Vaporeon. It causes the host of the disease to use water in their body in order to keep up strength and while it makes her that much stronger, Mist hasn't quite adapted to her new life style. The pink Vaporeon started loping away in wariness of the call earlier.
The Flareon knew something was up. Guiding Sparky over to the rock beside him, he jumped into the tall grass. He followed the blood smears on the long stalks, as well as the splashes of water here and there. Eventually he nearly had caughten up with the creature.
'Why are they chasing me?' Mist cursed under her breath as the two creatures behind her grew closer. Her wounds were starting to heal, but she still was bleeding from multiple places. Growling, she whipped around to see a shiny Flareon and a shiny Eevee. She was about to hiss "Go away!" But the small Eevee suggested they be friends. Instead of her threat, her voice came out in confusion. "Friends? I highly doubt you Pokemon will just be friends. I'll say yes and then all the sudden... Bam! In the middle of the night you attack me. So... I need water." Mist's voice cracked once she got to 'so' and her thoughts changed tracks very quickly. Then, with a small sigh she started to rapidly look around for a lake or pond.
"There is a stream a few feet behind you." The Flareon said pointedly, but once he realized that the Vaporeon wasn't an Aggresser, he ralaxed a little. His tan body shivered at the thought of water. He was able to go in water, but he couldn't swim. It was just too wierd to get used too.
Dove stared at the shiny vaporeon, she had no idea what she had just say, suddenly it hit her, she thought she was a threat! Dove didn't know what to do, so she just ran towards Frost calling, "MAMA!! MAMA!!!!!"
The Flareon jumped straight into the air in confusion. As Dove scrambled by he fell into the river trying to stop her from screaming. He went under and hit his head on a rock and everything went fuzzy on the edges. The water rushed over his head, and he could hear the dull thumping of his heart in the cold water.
The Flareon spluttered as his head broke the water, his head pounding as he clung to the side of a rock. It was flood season. And soon the whole marsh would be a lake. Blinking the water from his eyes he looked around slowly, his head killing him.
Mist leaped in after the fallen Flareon and grabbed his mane. "Here, just act like you're walking in the water and I'll propel us forwards." She muttered as the pink Vaporeon prepared to swim to shore. The marshes did flood, but her dehydration clouded her vision before. Now everything was crystal clear.