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The Shiny Eeveeloutions

The Flareon was still slightly dazed as he nodded sluggishly and moved his paws awkwardly. Although it was slow paced, Dusk eventually felt his paws meet pebbly soil. He crawled up on the land, and staggered into the bushes and retched. His internal flame almost nearly went out. He quickly sucked in air to rekindle the flame. A few seconds later the water had evoperated from his pelt, leaving it a little damp. He coughed some more before thanking the Vaporeon sincerely. They were further downstream than before.
Mist sighed unhappily as her wounds reopened. "Ah. Scratches am I right?" She commented. The Vaporeon accepted the thanks with a nod of her head. Mist noted to herself that she shouldn't make too much physical contact with other Pokemon. If she were to be bleeding in the water rather than out they may have had basculin or other sea dwelling Pokemon on their tail. "You're not hurt, no? Ok... Well thanks for showing me through my horrible sense for water." Mist said as she limped a few strides away and gazed into the rushing water.
Dusk was apparently too out of it to even acknowledge the scream. He barely even saw the Vaporeon leave. "Yesssss I'm f-fine.." He said his voice slurred. The concussion should only last for a few hours.
Dove slowly fainted, and couldn't feel the pain as she was unconcious, she was unconcious for a few hours, and woke up on the ground, still having the splitting pain, and screaming again.
"Oh...ok so you're not. Never mind." Mist concluded after only hearing the Flareon's response. "Well, try laying down. I'll keep the water levels at bay and you can rest." She offered, whipping her head around as she heard a scream. The Pink Vaporeon crouched in self defense, but nothing was around; she could sense it.
"Ok-k..." He mumbled falling into a limp ball of fur and falling asleep. The gash on his head was still healing. It was right on his fore head. He made a mental note to bandage it later as he drifted off into the darkness.
Dove screeched again, hoping she could get recued, she was hurt and was in mass pain, her mother was nowhere to be seen, and the rest of the group was also nowhere.
Dusk woke up in the dead of night. He bolted up right almost instantly. He couldn't remover where he was. Or how he had gotten here. The bushes rustled but it was just the wind. The Flareon nearly used flamethrower on them when he saw another bunch of reeds rustle.
Ribbon, who had lost herself from the group, tripped over Dove's limp body. She was about to curse until she noticed who it was, and not a rock. "Oh my...Dove, is that you? What happened?" She then remembered the strange screeches and put two and two together. "Were you calling for help?"
"Woah! Ok, let's not burn the marsh please." Mist commented as she noticed the Flareon preparing to attack. "Righty...well. You're still downstream after hitting a rock, and falling into the water. Just to let you know. You looked pretty confused there for a moment." The pink Vaporeon commented. She limped on her back right paw, but she tried not to show it as she padded closer to the Flareon. "You didn't get Amnesia, right?" Mist checked.
"Maybe. I don't know?" He said confused, memories coming back in Peices. A few minutes later he had regained his thoughts. "Well, what now?" He asked curiously.
I have no idea." Mist responded. In a normal situation like this, she would go to the bottom of any mass of water and take a nap. However, she didn't think that this Flareon would appriciate benign dragged underwater and then sleeping. "Well, we could start actually putting names to faces. It's Mist." The Vaporeon said, somewhat rudely. She wasn't quite used to communicating with any type of Pokemon aside from water types.
Sparky's ear twitched and she slowly woke up. The Zapdos that caused her to be like this, was shielding her from the cold. He looked down at Sparky "Your friends have split up..." He said sadly. Sparky tried to stand but fell. "Where are they?" She asked and the Zapdos stood up. "Trust me, I'll take you to the Flareon" Sparky nodded and the Zapdos hovered over her and picked her up with his beak and placed her on his back. He started to fly and soon a pink Vaporeon and Dusk came into sight. Zapdos landed and Sparky jumped of him, forgetting that she has a broken leg. Sparky whimpered softly as her broken paw connected with the ground. "Thanks, and see you soon" Sparky said before the Zapdos nodded and flew away. Sparky limped over to them. Sparky stood there, glowing slightly. She wobbled over to the two. "Well, we could start actually putting names to faces. It's Mist" Mist said and Sparky growled at her tone. Sparky hid behind a tree and watched. She was right behind Dusk. "Oh, um, I'm Dusk" Sparky heard Dusk say. Sparky padded out and stood next to Dusk, her body glowing brightly, the leaf easy to see cause it's still night. "I'm Sparky".
"Ah, there. Now you have a friend. Sorry Dusk, Sparky, but I need to find a way to heal before I get... Attacked next time..." Mist's rouge-like tone shifted from her usual wary tone with a. Hint of rudeness to sleepy and exhausted. The Vaporeon started to limp her way back into the water, but she sensed that something was wrong. Suddenly her eyes grew wide and she weakly swiveled around to Dusk and Sparky. "Basculin...attack!" She panted, meaning for the duo to leave the fish Pokemon to her. Multiple Basculin jumped from the water's surface and launched a water gun, hydro pump or so,etching along those lines. Mist raced forwards with all her remaining energy and used iron tail before passing out and sinking to the bottom of the lake.
Sparky gasped and used thunder shock, knocking out the pokèmon. Sparky limped over to the waters edge. She could only see with one eye and her leg was broken but she was about to let Mist drown. Sparky jumped into the water and used her special power. Sparky gently grabbed Mist's tail and swam up. Sparky got out of the water and shivered. She pulled out Mist and the Basculin woke up. "Listen, keep Mist hydrated, keep spurting water on her, and I'd you don't-" Sparky said and her eyes tured red and flashed dangerously and the Basculin nodded and got to work. Sparky's eyes came normal and she picked a few oran berries. Sparky placed an oran berry on each wound and they heal instantly. Sparky shivered and walked over to Dusk. Sparky press her side against Dusk's for warmth.
"Err, Hello?" He said slightly confused. One moment he had been here with Mist and then the Next Sparky was here. And the control over the Pokemon she had here was kinda of disturbing.
Sparky sighed and Padded over to the fish "thanks but that's all I need for now..." Sparky said as the fish began to swim away, at a normal pace. Sparky turned around and felt a slight disturbance in the air. She looked Dusk "don't worry, it doesn't harm them, and I didn't do anything wrong did I?, I just wanted to help Mist" Sparky said and tightened the leaf that was around her leg. Sparky slowly took of the leaf that covered her eye "great..." Sparky said when she found out she was blind in that eye. there was a Scar that led down her eye to her cheek. Sparky hoped that it would heal, cause she didn't want to be half sighted, then she will just slow the group down more than she already has. Sparky eyes welled up and she collapsed to the ground, crying heavily.
"It'll be alright, Dove. We'll find the group together." Ribbon looked around for anything dangerous. After not sensing nor seeing anything, Ribbon spoke again."Are you well enough to walk? If not, I can carry you."
(I'm so sorry for not being active in the RP- school kept me really busy this week.)

Angel had been in between the 2 groups when Dove screamed and the Basculin attacked. Not knowing who to help, she used to psychic abilities to see who might benefit more from what little help she could offer.
"I'm going to take that as a no. I'll carry you, but if something mean comes, I'll have to put you down for a minute and fight it off." Ribbon didn't wait for a answer and picked up Dove by her scruff. Then she started to walk the way she thought was to her den.
Sensing Dove and Ribbon nearby, Angel looked up and spotted them heading her direction. She sat quietly, waiting but making no move to attract their attention to her.
Frost sprinted toward the scent she had gotten from Dove. It was definetly not the best idea to nap under a tree. As she ran through, she bumped into a Pokemon. It looked like a ...Vaporeon?
The Flareon Hissed. He had been looking after the Vaporeon while she had been knocked out. And Know the Glaceon from before was Back. "What do you want?" He snapped.
Mist felt her side groan in pain as someone came in contact with her. The pink Vaporeon blinked open her eyes and quickly tried to roll over and leap to her feet. Only part of she plan worked however, as the Vaporeon ended up hissing In her own pain as she rolled onto one of her injured sides. 'Protection before pain...' Mist thought. There was a different energy in the air though that stopped the Vaporeon momentarily. Mist took a second and realized that Dusk was still there, along with a Glaceon. From the tension in the air, She could tell that Dusk was not thrilled to see this new Pokemon. Instead of taking her usual gaurded approach, Mist slowly propped herself up so she was sitting and silently watched the scene play out,
Sparky raised her head after feeling tension "great Dusk..." Sparky said and propped herself up on a tree. Sparky stood in front of Dusk "remember what I told you..." Sparky said and stood beside him, looking at Frost.