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Private/Closed The Eevees' Evolutions

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All spots taken!

We start in a forest at night time.

Dusk shattered as he hatched from his egg. He looked around in the forest, seeing all grass and trees, besides the eggs that were next to him. "Where am I? Where is my mother?" he screamed in horror, and the voice echoed.. He didn't even know one thing in the forest other than that it was creepy. He watched the other eggs to see if they would hatch soon.
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Torn emerged from his egg.He had a hard time hatching from his egg because he was extremely weak.He looked around to see his brother looking at the other eggs.He noticed that their mother wasn't around.

"Where's our mom?" Torn asked Dusk,tearing up.
"I don't know really know now that we even had one. We have to survive by ourselves here. I don't know if we can survive." Dusk said. "Let's stay near the eggs. Maybe then they hatch, they can help us." he said. He patted his ear with the black cloud and watched for the eggs to hatch. As he waited for the eggs to hatch, he picked up some leaves and played with them.
The egg exploded and Sparky grinned." What's up?" He grinned and stood on his hind legs." I call this the POKEDAB!" He exclaimed and dabbed." I need to make more of these things." He stuck his tounge out at the other Eevees." What's shaking? Where's mum? She flew the coop?"
"I don't know. I can't really see what is happening." Dusk said. "And anyways, what is the POKEDAB?' he asked. He went to the deeper forest, not far from the remaining three eggs and the other two eevees. He saw a horde of Mightyena and ran away from them. He slept near the eggs and snuggled them.
It took Glaze longer to hatch. She finally exploded out of the egg she was in. "Hi. How are you?" she whispered to the Eevee that had been curled around the eggs. "Where's mom?" Glaze asked.
"I don't really know where she went. We are lost here. We have to stick together." Dusk said to Glaze. He started to get a log and put it next to the two other eggs. "I'm gonna get some more logs, we could try to build a shelter if we can.." said Dusk. He rushed in a bit deep, near the two other eggs. He found a twig, but before then he got a cut on his paw. He firmly rolled the twig around to the eggs.
Her egg cracked, and cracked, until a small Eevee came out of the egg. Izumi looked around her, and saw logs, and other Eevee, like her. She stretched out, and stumbled over to the group. Izumi looked around for her mother. She couldn't find her. She moved along and looked at the Eevees around her. Were they her siblings? Were they even related to her? She must've hatched along with them, but a bit later. She looked beside her and saw one other egg. That one must be hatching soon.

She walked over to the group, and saw four other Eevees.

"Hey! Who are you?"

She asked the group.
"I'm Dusk. Unfortunately, we don't see our mother." he said. He kept collecting some logs near the eggs, and he got some leaves. He started to put a lot of logs around the eggs and put some leaves near the eggs. He got a bad scratch on his arm, and he layed on the ground, weakly. "Maybe I shouldn't do this.." Dusk said.
Nocturne rolled around in his egg, before punching one of his chubby paws through the brittle surface. He tried to stablize but ended up rolling back onto his stomach inside the egg. He stood up, and his other three legs popped through. He bashed the shell against the nearby log breaking it off. He collapsed in a heap, he was a lot smaller than the other ones. Nocturne panted, sitting in the ruin of his egg shell. And looked around wondering why everything was black.
It was warm.

The sticky, soft insides of her egg welcomed her and latched onto her slimy matted fur. Solstice- the name popped in her head. The Eevee attempted to open her eyes, but they were sealed shut. Frustration pricked at her skin as she realized that she was very powerless in a situation like this. Her muscles began to grow sore from the position she was in- she was getting very uncomfortable. Soltice tried to wriggle around a bit, but to no avail. Finally she simply kicked the side of the egg and it cracked. Finally! With a jolt of excitement, she kicked again. A peice fell off. Again, again, again, until finally she slipped out of her warm home and made it into the world.

Her eyes blinked open, noting that there were three other Eevees. They smelled like her; they must be her siblings. On shaky legs she stood up, but instantly fell over and onto another Eevee who seemed to be confused. Wobbling on, she managed to bump into yet another Eevee before collapsing and just giving up, sighing with frustration and exhaustion.
The Eevee snuggled into its siblings warm fur, and nosed its way around. It couldn't open its eyes either. Their mother would be back soon. She must. Because he was hungry. She would come. He hoped. He snorted in a piece of dust, letting out a loud mew, probably startling the Eevee that had just hatched beside him.
Sparky grinned at his younger siblings." Yo guys in your big bro Sparky. This is so exciting I need to do a... POKEDAB!" He dabbed and grinned at his older siblings." I'm hungry so I'm going out to get food. See ya later guys. What's everyone's name though?" He looked around and grinned.
"My name is Glaze." Glaze said. She cocked her head. Glaze smiled. She sat down. Glaze tapped her left front paw as she patiently waited for the others to introduce themselves.
Torn ignored his siblings as they talked.He just sat their,staring at the woods.While he was sitting there,a black figure ran by.

"Ooh.That's so cool," Torn said,running after the black figure.Torn had to run through a lot of Pokemon including Tangela,Yanmega,and Poochyenas.The black shape finally stopped and turned around.It was a mighty Pyroar.

"What do you want?" The Pyroar inquired.

"I-I was just f-following you..." Torn said nervously.

"What?Are you trying to attack me?!" The Pyroar roared.He got into position,ready to pounce.Torn waited for the Pyroar to stop,but he charged at Torn and he ran.

"I didn't want to fight!" Torn yelled behind him.But,it was too late.The Pyroar used and hit one of his hind legs.Torn screamed in agony and fell.The Pyroar laughed and jumped away.Torn was just laying there in pain.
Sparky heard the cry of pain." My sibling." He exclaimed and ran. The vegetation underfoot was even and he ran like a bolt of lightning." Bro! Where are ya?" He yelled and cursed as he tripped over a low branch and rolled next to Torn." Bro what in the distortion world do you think your doing?" He grinned that he had came up with that question after hearing it from a gastly he accidentally ran through." Guys!" He yelled, hoping that the rest of his siblings would here his plea for help as he dragged Torn through the forest.
"Is she okay? Is it it a he? Anyways, I still have to deal with my cut on my paw, but I am getting used to it.." Dusk said. He rushed to Torn and Sparky.. "Maybe a berry might help him.." he said. He looked at Torn very closely, staring at him. "Must be burned or something." he said. He went to find a berry in the trees. "Aguav berry? Not gonna risk it." Dusk said to himself.
"You're hurt." Glaze said to her injured sibling. "Does anyone know what to do about this?" she asked her siblings that were still there. She started pacing. Glaze was worried about her sibling. She paused to touch the snow angel shaped marking on her right ear.
"I don't know anything that can help. Wait, is that a Sitrus Berry? I must give some to her!" he joyfully said in a loud voice. A Houndoom was right next to them. He sneaked, but the Houndoom attacked him. Dusk used Dig on the Houndoom, and used it harshly. The wolf pokemon countered with Flame Burst, but he found a shadow of the blast and dodged it. He
ran fast, and went back to camp with a handful of Sitrus berries.
Blackness. That was all the eggling could see as he laid in his egg, waiting for the time to hatch. The small space was rather cramped; the baby couldn't wait to break free. Suddenly, he had an idea. Holding a paw over his head, the newborn cracked his shell, releasing the tiny, silver form of an Eevee onto the grass, surrounded by other pieces of broken egg shells and large-ish logs. Although his eyes were not yet open, the shiny moved his head around, thinking about how he could grow accustom to the world around him without his sense of sight. Another idea entered his mind. Lifting his chin, he took a long sniff, followed by many shorter ones. There were many scents in the crisp night air; many Pokemon he did not recognize, but some of them smelled like him. A smile grew on his face as he stretched his weak limbs. He had a family.

Not long after, his eyes popped open. They were a brilliant red color that complimented his silver/grey fur. Wow! The world looks so much different from what I thought it would look like... he said in his mind, taking his sweet time with enjoying the view of the many trees, flowers, and clouds that made up his forest home. He could see two smaller Eevees huddled up together in the midst of the eggs' remnants. Realizing that they, too, were his brethren, he slowly walked over, careful not to trip, and licked their foreheads. "Hello there, brother and sister of mine," he spoke quietly to the babies. Throwing a paw over his mouth, the shiny Eevee looked out to the horizon. "I can talk?" he wondered aloud into his hand. Smile reappearing, the male pushed himself up onto his hind legs, paws in the air. "I can talk!" He made sure he didn't say this too loud.

Another group of Eevee much like himself were not far away from the logs and broken eggs. Using what little strength he had, he jumped up onto the log closest to the group, nearly slipped off, and sat down to ensure his safety. One of them seemed to be in pain. "Oh no..." he spoke almost inaudibly, not wanting to disturb the just-borns whose eyes weren't even open yet. Sliding off of the log, landing on his feet, the shiny padded over to the group, tail down and smile gone. "Hello," he greeted them, tilting his head to the side in confusion. "What happened here, if you don't mind me asking?"

Thinking wildly of something that his siblings could call him, he played around with random letters. "You can call me... H... How... Hawk... Hood... Houd... Houdeny... No... Houdini?" Houdini finally came up with a name, though his introduction was more of a question than anything else.
Izumi looked around at all of the Eevees. 'Are these my brothers and sisters?' She thought to herself. She was confused. She looked to see another Eevee. He seemed newly hatched. 'Houdini'. It was an interesting name. She had remembered she needed a name. She looked around, thinking of a name. She looked and saw a spring(water stuff). She tried to remember what it was called, then, she thought. I...Izu...Izumi. She had remembered that word. She heard it while just inside an egg. It must've been her mother who said it.

Although never meeting her mother, she had always imagined her to be beautiful, and mature. Izumi wanted to be like that. She wondered if she looked like her mother. She wanted to be just like her. Izumi remembered hearing conversations, possibly directed to her when she was in an egg. She heard Pokemon talking, calmly to someone. If her parents seemed so calm, why did they leave, or abandon the eggs? Was there a problem with the habitat? Or maybe they were hiding the eggs from trainers. Whatever it was, Izumi wanted to know. She felt adventurous. Izumi stealthily crept away from camp and headed over to the spring. The water was clean, and fresh. She drank from it, and it was nice, until she heard something in the bushes...
A big, mean-looking Feraligatr emerged from the bushes, staring into Izumi's eyes fiercely. "What do you think you're doing in my spring, little one?" He breathed as he examined her, stomping closer and closer. "Give me a good enough reason why I shouldn't hurt you."

The last Eevee egg started to shake back and forth, as if the Eevee inside was crying for help. The Eevee tried his best to get out, but he quickly got frustrated with his lack of progress. He was startled as his egg started to roll. The poor Eevee rolled until his egg fell off a ledge into a spring. The water caused the egg to soften and start to crack slowly, and eventually the little Eevee emerged. He panicked as he struggled to keep afloat, he didn't like the feel of water on his body. After enough paddling, he found land. He coughed as he began to slowly open his eyes, getting used to the sight of the world. The first thing he saw was a large blue Pokemon towering over another, smaller Pokemon. He noticed the small one smelled and looked like him. 'Is this my sibling? Is she being attacked?' He thought to himself as he slowly stood up. He weakly stumbled over to them and stood in front of his sibling, planning to protect her.
"One of my eevee siblings is in trouble!" Dusk said in horror. He rushed down to the stream, and drank some water, as he saw a new hatched eevee, and Izumi. He washed his cut and stood next to his eevee siblings, as standing next to. He striked on with a Swift, hitting the water pokemon. "Don't you dare bother my siblings!" Dusk said, growling and snarling harshly.
Houdini's eyes widened at the sight in front of him. "...How did you do that...?" he asked, amazed. "You're only a newborn! You're not any older than any of us! We have that much power? That's incredible! Think of all the things we could do with our lives with that much power, though! Ooh, I like this already!" The shiny Eevee laughed, ideas of the future coming and going through his mind. "But as of right now, we should lay low. We are babies, anyway."
"I am the oldest. I have just layed near everyone's eggs since I was born. Well, anyways, I'm drinking some water right now." Dusk said, laughing in joy. "Time to go back, and I am not coming here aga--" he said, being interupted by a blastoise right behind him. He shhot a Hydro Pump at Dusk and the other Eevees there. "Oh no you don't!" Dusk said, countering with a neturally fast quick attack. As he ran, he also shot more Swift on the quick attack.
Still over near the egg shells and logs that made up their temporary shelter, Houdini watched intently the small battle between Dusk and a Blastoise. "What a fine way to start practicing using our powers!" he nearly yelled, spotting and rushing over to a Foongus that was not too far away. "Let's try this out!" After saying this, the shiny Eevee first Growl-ed at it, then used Tackle. The Mushroom Pokemon fainted on the spot. Houdini looked at the unconscious body that lay before him. "D-Did I do good?" he asked nobody in particular, unsure of himself. Watching his siblings battle other Pokemon was exhilarating, but doing it himself? He wasn't that fond of the empty feeling that formed in his stomach.

"Forget what I said earlier. There has to be more we can do with our lives..." Thinking over his many options, Houdini padded back over to his family, sitting down on the cool grass. "Perhaps, when we get a bit older, we can find a place that will teach us about what we can do? I'll only deliberately attack someone if they attacked us first, I don't know about you."

Guiltily looking back at the limp Foongus, the baby Eevee decided that it could not stay there. Walking back over to it, he grabbed it in his mouth by the hand and dragged him across the ground, toward their tiny home. Houdini laid its head on a log, propping it up a bit, and joined his brothers and sisters once again.
It was a long battle. Dusk continued to fight, despite being born recently. The blastoise fought hard well, but Dusk was still brave enough to fight more. He got exhausted, though. He tried to run but was slow. He shot a Swift a lot of times, but Blastoise blocked them with water pulse, and it hurt Dusk. "Oh no, not gonna faint me.. In, return, you'll be fainted." he said. "Lord Arceus, please help me." he said in his mind. He tried to attack, but he got a lot of weakness. Dusk charged with his first dig to attack, and he used Quick Attack to get out, and it hit Blastoise like it was electric. "Ouch.." Blastoise said, countering with with a Hydro Pump, hitting Dusk a bit hard. Dusk countered with Quick Attack, and it was like electric once again. He repeated it three more times, and Blastoise went to retreat away farther from the lake.

"I'm way-y to exhausted.. I think I should stop doing a lot of Quick Attacks at one time." Dusk said getting to his paws, and drinking more water
from the stream and leaving to where they live, and he was hungry. He got some berries from the nearest berry tree nearest to the stream, and went to where they live, called 'home'. He rested on the leaves, and he snored a bit.
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Sparky grinned as a electabuzz roared." You don't belong here get lost." It yelled at them and Sparky stuck his tounge out." Make me." The enraged electric type charged at Sparky, readying a thunder punch." What you gonna do? Tickle me?" Sparky teased the electric type, who dived head first at the Eevee.
" Nope ya don't." Sparky laughed and used quick attack. He ducked under the electabuzz's fist making it lodge into the ground and fizzle out. He smacked the quick attack into the electric type's leg. The electabuzz fell to the floor and cursed." I'll get out of here. Sparky grinned at him." Sure you will." He mocked and used bite. It finished the job." POKEDAB!" He yelled and dabbed to celebrate his victory.
Izumi curled up at the edge of the water, as she stared at he Feraligatr and Blastoise. Her siblings were strong, and maybe she was too. She started to walk back, and tried to sleep. There were so many predators out here, but she tried not to worry. She wanted to be stronger, and be like the others. Just because she was young, didn't mean she was weak, and Izumi wanted to prove that. She wanted to show that she could survive on her own, after her nap of course. Izumi fell asleep, dreaming of the things she could be able to do, all on her own.
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Another egg, hidden away in some bushes not far from the others, started to shake. The little Pokemon inside struggled to get out. It was tricky, so it had to stop to rest a few times. It was warm inside the egg, but the feel-good warmth had long since worn off. The Pokemon was getting uncomfortable, and hot in the egg all alone in the forest. Even with a few kicks, the egg still didn't even crack. The Pokemon inside started to panic. A claustrophobic setting filled the egg as the trapped baby tried to escape. With one final kick, the egg finally cracked. Another kick cracked the egg some more. Once more, and a chip broke off. With that, a gust of cold wind entered the egg, making the baby start to regret trying kick the egg open. It wanted to huddle back inside the egg for the much wanted warmth, but there was no room to get away from the cold air. The only thing to do is to kick the egg apart. There was now no way to escape the cold air, so why not get used to it?

The baby Pokemon kicked the egg with all the strength it had. After a few kicks, another piece of the egg chipped off. With another kick, a bigger chunk of the egg flew off, causing the cold air of the outdoors meet the baby personally. Once more, and the top of the egg came right off. It was now apparent what Pokemon it was. It was an Eevee, but not just any Eevee. This Eevee didn't have the fur color gilded with the brown of bronze, but instead was glistening with the soul silver of that itself. It wasn't any ordinary Eevee, it was a shiny Eevee.

The baby Eevee tried to crawl out of the half egg shell, but as she tried, the egg slid out of the bushes, and onto the same side the other Eevee's were on. Upon seeing the other Eevee's and their discarded egg shells, she wanted to retreat back into her egg shell, but it was too small to do any sort of hiding inside. Millions of thoughts were flying through the infant's head. Where am I? Where's my mom? Are these my siblings? Are they going to make fun of me?! Every bone in her body wanted to just run away, but she was still very weak, almost too weak to walk. She crawled out of the egg shell at last, and pushed it aside. She tried walking forward a bit. She stumbled at first, but got used to it quickly. Once she felt like she was at a comfortable distance from the others, she sat down and watched them, wondering what they would think of her, and when they would notice her, or if they would notice her.
Perking an ear up, Houdini heard the faint sound of an egg cracking behind him, He turned back to be greeted with the sight of another silver Eevee. With wide eyes, the shiny slowly walked over to his new sibling. "Hello there," he spoke quietly, standing not that far away from the other shiny. Sitting down, he smiled a closed-eye smile. "I'm Houdini. I'm your brother! At least, I think I'm your brother... Am I your sister?... I'll be right back." Running off into the forest suddenly, Houdini checked himself to see if he were male or female. Afterward, he wished he hadn't. Walking back over to his spot in front of his sister, he sat down again. "Yup, I'm your brother!" He laughed.
When she noticed that one of them was walking up to her, she backed up in worry, thinking that the Eevee was going to hurt her. She then tripped, and fell back. When the Eevee stopped, he introduced himself to her, telling her that he was her brother, which she found hard to believe, and his name. He then went off someplace for a moment, then came back, confirming that he was her brother, laughing. She simply tilted her head in wonder as to why he laughed. She got up, and backed away a little bit more. She was still a little shy.
Houdini made no advances towards his newborn sister as she backed away. He merely furrowed his brow in worry. "There's no need to be scared of me. Please don't be..." he spoke softly, glancing over to the still unconscious Foongus that lay close to him. He told himself that one, he would never harm another Pokemon without a purpose, and two, that he would not embarrass himself in front of not only his family, but everyone he met. Fighting back an odd feeling in his eyes, Houdini blinked once, twice, thrice, sniffled, then wiped at his face with a paw. "Sorry... I just messed up earlier, that's all..." he tried to explain to the other silver Eevee, looking up to her once again with now-dry eyes, smile returning, although it was not as genuine as before.
Izumi stretched out, and opened her eyes as she awoke from her nap. She spotted another Eevee, a shiny one. Izumi walked over and noticed there wasn't much food left. 'Maybe I should go get some'. Izumi walked along the edge of the water she had been at before. She remembered she had seen berries there, but where? She kept walking and saw a plant. There were Oran berries growing on it, and a Pokemon picking some of them. It was a Fletchinder. She asked to share, but the Pokemon didn't seem to want to. Izumi went to the bush and tried to grab a berry, but the Pokemon used peck and pushed her away. Izumi was mad now. She needed to get something for her siblings.

"Alright then. Be that way."

Izumi stood back up and was prepared to fight. The Fletchinder mocked her, thinking she was weak. Izumi didn't think so. As the Fletchinder went for ember, Izumi swiftly used bite, making the Flectchinder flinch before it could make another move. It was faster than Izumi, which made it difficult. The opposing Pokemon went for ember and burned her. Izumi tried to blow the burn of, but went for heal bell, and a bell chimed. Her burn was gone, and she went for swift. The Fletchinder was almost down, as she went for a quick attack to finish him off. Before she could do anything, a huge Talonflame flew down. It must've been the mother of the Fletchinder. Izumi was scared. It was threatening, and it looked mad. Before she could grab a berry and run, the Talonflame used Brave Bird, as she nearly knocked Izumi out. It flew away with its child, leaving Izumi crying. Izumi was hurt, but was determined to win a fight for once. She wiped her tears away, as she felt something on her cheek. Blood. There was a scratch on her cheek. Izumi sat down and washed it off with the water. She picked some berries, and walked back to her 'home', trying to forget about what happene, although that scar would make sure she never forgot. Forget the fight, and her determination.
After hearing what the other Eevee who looked just like her had to say, she felt a bit calmer than before, knowing that he had no malicious intent. "Wh-What's your n-name?" She spoke softly, then covering her mouth with a paw. She was surprised that she could speak, and at such an early age, too. Also, she thought she sounded silly.

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A branch snapped behind Glaze. She yelped. Glaze turned to face the source of the noise, only to see a frightened Meowth that looked just as startled as Glaze was. "Hey, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." she said to her. "Are you lost?" Glaze asked the Meowth. The Meowth shook her head sadly.
Yipping happily at his sister's first words, he replied to her question. "I'm Houdini! Made that name myself." The shiny puffed his chest out proudly, fur tickling his nose, then turned to look back at the others. "Everyone here that looks like us but have brown fur are our brothers and sisters. I don't know their names just yet, but it's a simple question to find out." Houdini turned his gaze back to his shiny sister. "What do you want your name to be? You can come up with whatever you like!"
She smiled slightly when the Eevee told her his name. She thought it sounded funny. Then, he asked her about her name, and what she wanted it to be. "M-My name?" She said softly. She stopped and thought about it. What did she want her name to be? She must not have thought about it before? "W-Well, where's mom? Wouldn't she give us our names?" She said, a bit worried as to where her mother could be.
The question caught Houdini off guard. "Y'know, I don't know where Mom is. We should ask the others. C'mon, follow me!"

Leading the newborn shiny over to the other Eevee, Houdini asked none of them in particular the question that was on both of their minds. "Hey, does anyone know where Mom is? Shouldn't she be the one to give us our names?"