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Sun/Moon Singles Umbreon Moveset Help?

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I just got a beautiful little male Umbreon that is currently the absolute love of my life. As such, I want it to be the best, without having to breed it for egg moves on his imperfect children. He currently looks like this:

Umbreon Level 29 @ Black Glasses
Sp Def 89 Def 63 HP 100 (Wait, this is wrong...give me a second)
- Bite (STAB)
- Psychic (Type Coverage)
- Swift
- Quick Attack (Hits First)

What is currently his best option as far as moveset? Or what IVs/EVs I should train him in? I intend to make him a wall or a clinic, and am pushing him to learn Moonlight for STAB and get the TM Snarl, but I doubt that's what I should be doing. I've read multiple sites from Smogon to the Pokemon Database, but everything recommends egg moves like Wish and I don't have the time or the resources to go that far.
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The Calm nature is great. Everything else is terrible.

Wish is the best thing Umbreon has. If you can't be bothered to breed a new one then support Umbreon isn't an option.

Foul Play and Snarl are both useful attacks to have on Umbreon since the former punishes opponents with high Attack while the latter punishes special attackers. Toxic is a good choice to have as well, and I guess Moonlight for healing works, or Heal Bell if you want some sort of team support on the set. The Foul Play/Snarl set works better in doubles to be honest, but no Egg Moves doesn't leave you much else since Umbreon is terrible on offense.

Also note that Foul Play and Heal Bell are only available by Move Tutoring from Gen VI and Bank transferring to Sun/Moon, so if that isn't an option either you're pretty much out of luck.
Alright, thanks! Might consider actually breeding him, as one of my friends believes that my Umbreon is the BEST and I want to give her one with a nice moveset. (-ish) I guess this is where I delete or lock the thread?


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No, just leave it as it is.

Other people may want to provide input as well.
If you can't get foul play, then there's no point even using it honestly. I don't see the point in having snarl if you've got a calm nature since it'd be miles better at tanking special hits while punishing any physical attackers trying to get the drop on it.

Never even bother going with offensive Umbreon. It just doesn't work. It shines as a wall and that's what it should be used as. Due to the lack of egg moves, I'd recommend this set.

Foul play/Moonlight/Toxic/Protect
EVs: 252 Hp, 252 SpD, 4 Def
Item: Leftovers
IVs (assuming you'll hyper train): Max in everything.

Foul play allows it to punish any physical attacker that switches in to get past its SpD. It's basically the only offensive move worth running on a Umbreon unless you want snarl which just seems pointless to me. Moonlight is your main source of healing, since you don't have access to wish. Toxic puts any pokemon (steel and poison types being the exception) on a timer, so the longer you can stall them out the better. If you don't want toxic, try running heal bell. Since it's ability basically allows it to poison/burn/paralyze/sleep any poke that does the same to it, toxic isn't 100% required but that strategy is very situational. Protect does what protect does. Allows for more leftover recovery, allows you to scout for moves and increases toxic damage.
I got back into pokemon with sun. I am breeding umbreons and want foul play. Does this mean i need to transfer to oras or xy for that tutor move and back in order for him to have it?
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