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Minn heard everything that was happening and yawned. "Sure are noisy pokemon." She shivered as some wind stired up her fur. Shaking it off, she curled into a tighter ball and buried her face into her tail "If I wasn't a big baby, I would have pokemon to snuggle with..." She yawned.
The Leafeon yawned and set down the Pup. "No... Problem." He murmmered sleepily, lulled by the Warmth. The Leafeon began licking the Eevee the wrong way to dry him off. After that was done he laid down. There was a bunch of old clothes on the ground that the Leafeon had made into a nest a while ago. The Eevee yawned as well and fell asleep.

The Human who owned the apartment, knew that the Leafeon had lived there for quite some time, and often was friendly with herself. So when she thought she heard the sounds of a baby Pokemon, she opened the closet door just a crack to look inside. And what she saw made her heart warm. she closed the door quietly. And the storm continued.
((What happened to no Pokemon Killing?))

Cinder shook out her now-dry fur and yawed widely. She curled up and relished the warmth of the closet. The Vulpix open a weary eye when the door opened a crack, but when no one came in she relaxed. Cinder fell into a deep sleep.

Cinder was dashing through the woods laughing. Behind her was a large Ninetales manifesting in a large smile. "Cinder.... Keep yourself healthy and happy. And most importantly, safe. Trust those with a good judgement." The Ninetales instructed as the woods slowly started to fade...
The next morning was still cold and dreary, no place any young Pokemon really. "I'll be right back..." He whispered to the Vulpix, before crawling out into the over cast morn. He scrounged around near the bakery until a human walked outside with a warm Cressant. The Leafeon Whimpered again and the man walked inside and got another one and have it to him. "Leaf, Leafeon!" He cried happily at the man before making his way back to the apartment.
Bolt growled and forced herself up and pushed her dying body to the oran bush and are a few of them. Bolt got a bit of energy and dashed around trying to find somewhere to sleep. She found a hollow tree stump and squeezed her way in. Her body regained heat and she fell asleep.
The killed the fire that had started on the plastic bag, most pokemon just laugh at the scene. Onara became frustrated that she only could absorb some life energy... And not some of the life energy at the bigger pokemon. "I will get you all one day! I will you get you all!" Onara bellowed as she stomped back to the cardboard box in defeat. "Some pokemon... So rude..." Onara muttered, slamming her wax arm against the damp floor before falling asleep, her angry expression still plastered on her place even when she slept.

The next morning...
Onara still slept, she continued to sleep for a while. Her blue flame growing and shrinking with each breath.
Eventually, she did wake up. Yawning while stretching her wax arms. Her hazel eyes were heavy with sleep. She stepped out of the cardboard box to observe the sky.
"...Looks like it's time for breakfast.... Should we go begging again?" Onara asked as she rubbed her eyes in an attempt to wake herself up.
Minna stretched her purple legs, and yawned, flicking her black tipped tail. As she looked aruond she saw Onara, and shyly padded up to her. "Y-You feed off of fear right?" She asked. "T-there is a scare fair a block away, if you need it...I could go with you, the fair people always pity pokemon there, and feed them." She explained awkwardly.
"..I don't feed off fear.. Misdreavus feed off here.. I feed off the life energy but others." Onara smiled, "I feed of the energy that allows them to be alive.. But I try not to take too much of it." Onara explained, then nodded to Minna's idea. "Oooo... A Scare Fair?" The Litwick asked with excitement. But then paused for a moment, a non-existent hand on her chin when she thought of something. "This is a Scare Fair right..? And the humans know that as well, so they're expecting something scary. Some may even know the diet of our kind... Damn human scientists." Onara growled.
"I don't even know any ghost type moves. I only know Ember, Smog, Fire spin, and Confuse ray..." Onara pouted, scolding herself for getting rid of astonish for smog.
"I'm sure you'll be fine, you're still young right? Plenty of time to learn more moves, I mean I only know Tackle, Sand Attack, Helping Hand, and Bite." Minna said with a smile. "Oh I'm Minna by the way!" She turned around, revealing her back. "Hop on, it'll be quicker." She set her tail down so Onara could climb up.
As the Leafeon was. coming back he lifted up the cardboard box again. "Hi there. You guys need a place to stay?" He asked curiously.he was carrying a few cresseants in a small sack.
"Nice to meet you! I'm Onara." The Litwick introduced herself. "Alright, let's go! I'll try not to burn you." She climbed up Minna's fluffy tail, a tiny speck of wax getting caught in the fur. Then she pointed heroically forward with a non-existent hand on her non-existent hip. "Onwards! My noble steed. Into the abyss, and we shall bring victory through glory and honor!" Onara joked, her blue flame danced through the air. "So... Where are you from? You seemed to already know that a Scare Fair was happening..." Onara asked as she watched as cards whisked by.
As Minna started running, she smashed into the Leafeon. Realizing what she did she cowered down, but answered. "W-We're going to the Fair...but maybe later? Uh BYE!" She ran off. "I'm from the forest but I got really sick and injured and brought here, I've been here for a while, so I know the general happenings. What about you? Where are you from?"
"..To be honest... I'm not sure, I know what I'm from. I was born in an abandoned mansion... But I don't know what's the name of the location. I don't think we ever established a name." Onara put a stubby, nonexistent hand on her chin, while the other clung to Minna's fur for dear life. The blue flame on her head going dangerously small from too much oxygen. "Wait wait wait! Slow down!" Onara yelped, the blue flame being slowly choked to death by oxygen.
"Sorry!" She slowed down into a steady trot. Wen they reached the Fair, Minna walked over to a booth and set Onara down. "I do this a lot, watch. " Minna did a hand stand, her black tipped tail in the air, she then jumped and started doing tricks, before long, people were setting food down for her and Onara. "See?"
"...You don't mind if I scare the audience?" Onara asked. While trying to do tricks of her own with fire-spin, spinning around awkwardly. She tried to resist herself from scaring the audience just yet. "So... Any games to play at this fair? Any prizes to win?" Onara asked, observing some stands that were filled with pokemon dolls at the back. Are those the prizes..? I'm going to assume there are games around here." She stopped when she was hit with a piece of popcorn. Onara turned around, annoyance on her face while the blue flame on her head slightly grew. "Who.... Threw.... That."
Minna laughed and unexpectedly picked up Onara onto her head, and then started balancing on her hind paws, moving the ghost/fire type to her nose. "Use your Fire Spin and control it with Confuse Ray!" She advised, wagging her tail. The growing audience was cheering. "Once you do that scare them! They'll have fun that way!"
"Alright.. Good thinking!" Flames started spin around Onara, she quickly used Confuse Ray to take control of the flames as they danced through the air. She moved them into a single line, the flames dance through the air in snake-like pattern. The audience gasped in awe at the light show. Soon the flames all gathered up into one giant fire in the air. The fire exploded into tiny little flames, a spirit-tomb face appearing on the large flame before disappearing. Onara screeched, waving her arms wildly in the air while her blue flame grew as she waved her arms around. "Fear me! Fear my flames of hell! For I am a knight of Giratina! Ruler of the underworld! You all shall burn in my flames and the flames of hell!" Onara bellowed, but this only came out to the humans as "Litwick! LITWICK! Litwick! Liiit! Wiiiiccccckkkk!" She was able to scare some of the smaller and younger humans, and some pokemon. She quickly feasted on the life energy.
Minna tossed Orana into the air and caught her onto her tail, while doing another paw stand. Unexpactantly, two pokeballs were thrown at the duo. Thinking quickly Minna used her tail and hit them back, causing Orana to fall onto her head, before Minna used Dig, quickly grabbing a hot dog, and she disappeared, into the ground. She heard a series of 'awe mans', as she sat under ground, and ate some of the hot dog, offering some to her friend.
After falling on the ground, Onara quickly rolled into the hole that Minna had dug. Once she hit the soft soil of the earth. She quickly got up, rushing to Minna's side. "...You can keep the hot dog, I can't really feel the taste of food anyways. I can only feel the taste of life-energy." Onara sighed. She dug her arm into the soil, making random drawing while her flame dance brilliantly in the dark. "Did you have a trainer before all of us?" Onara asked out of the blue. Not even glancing at Minna, she simply stared into space. Her eyes focused on something out of the boundaries of reality. Something that wasn't real. Only made by the illusions of her mind.
"No, I mean people have tried to catch me, but they only want me for my weird colors, and my performances, I want love not work." Minna explained licking around her mouth. "Sorry to put you into that situation, almost getting caught I mean." She bowed her head in shame, her blue eyes sad.
Bolt got out of the tree stump and walked to the scare fair. She looked around before smiling. Bolt started to bounce up and down. She stood on her hind legs and did the tap dance. She put her ears down and jumped and landed on her tail. She smiled and ran around her tail digging into the ground and letting sand crowd around her. She then layed down and put her ears down and looked up. The sand went down and the audience clapped. The people dropped food and petted Bolt. Bolt ate the food letting people pet her. A pokèball shot at her and she hit it away with one of her back legs before grabbing a piece of steak. Bolt noticed a hole in the ground so she ran to it and jumped in. She saw Onara and the purple eevee. "Hi, I'm Bolt!" Bolt said holding the piece of steak to her chest and out stretching her out paw for the Eevee to shake.
Cinder uncurled from her sleeping position and stretched out; making her tails light up momentarily. She gazed across the room with her rust colored eyes and looked for the Leafeon. Her foggy brain recalled that the Eeveelution left to go somewhere. She grew momentarily concerned, but the Vulpix shook off her worries. Cinder crouched down and batted at a harmless ember she created right above her head. Cinder lost intrest quickly, and she was feeling very adventurous. The Vulpix pushed at the closet door and squirmed her way out.
The Teenager was cleaning his room, when he watched as the Vulpix emerged from closet. He stopped sweeping and leaned the broom against the wall and crouched down.

"Hi there. You must be one of Leafeons friends. I'm Rye." He said warmly.
"Vul!" Cinder squeaked in moderate surprise as the teenager came over to introduce himself. She then realized that this trainer was not her old one so she could relax. "Hello Rye! I'm Cinder." Cinder said, but was was heard was probably along the lines of "Pix! Vulpix!". The fire type cocked her head slightly as the translation issue may be in place, so the Vulpix thought of another way to introduce herself. Cinder created a small harmless ember in the air and pointed at it as it cooled to a Cinder.
" A Cinder? Oh. Cinder. Nice to meet you Cinder. Feel free to come or go as you please. There is some pasta being heated up on the stove, let me know if you want some." He said warmly. He stood up and started sleeping again.

A few moments later the Leafeon came in with a brown paper bag. "Thanks for
picking up the silver I ordered!" He said to the Leafeon thankfully as he rushed into another room. He left the door slightly ajar. Rye made jewelry for a living, well mostly rings and necklaces. And the Occansional tea kettle.

The Leafeon turned to Cinder.

"Sorry he isn't very enthusiastic, he is busy working on a new project for the Gymleader." He said quietly.
"Oh. He's nice though." Cinder commented as the Leafeon came back. The Vulpix stretched for a moment before turning her attention back to the mention of pasta. She knew that most times when humans cooked, they used one of her favorite things; heat. Out of curiosity she padded towards a scent wafting though the area. Cinder eventually made her way to a kitchen where the pasta was. She completely ignored the food, but instead curled up on the counter and enjoyed the heat from the stove.
A wet Fennekin popped it's head out of a old piece of cardboard. She shook herself out in the back alleyway she was dumped in a week ago. She was pretty sure she had eaten almost all edible matter in the nearby dumpster, and finally decided to actually look out of the dank alley for once. Yawning and then stretching, the young kit walked down the puddle filled street to a point of interest, the nearby carnival. She could smell the food, similar to what she ate in the dumpster, but better. She found a small amount of food in front of a hole, and decided to eat it, as it looked much fresher than anything in a garbage can.
"Uh...Minna....and that's Onara." Minna mumbled and heard scuffleing and popped her head out of the hole to see a Fenniken. "H-Hi...." The odd colored Eevee said awkwardly. "If you want, it's safer down here..." She looked at her paws awkwardly. "It's also a lot warmer than it is up here. So if you want, you're free to join us. Oh I'm Minna by the way."
The Leafeon decide that Cinder would be fine. So he decided to check out the Carnivle he saw the other Eevees at.

Once he got there he saw a Fennekin, who looked pretty young.

"What's a Pokemon of your age doing all alone out here?" He asked softly looking at the fire type with Amber eyes.
Uriel smoothed his silk like fur, his furry ear twitching at the sound of soft chimes in the wind. Raising his small nose in the air, he caught the delicious waft of fresh bread.
The small gray Pokemon scurried down the tree, slipping past closing doors of a bakery. Careful not to be spotted, he scurried along behind a table leg, leaning it's back against it. Just above the Minccino, a loaf of bread sat waiting for him to take. A sly smile formed on his mouth, his eyes darkening at the thought of food.
"You're not supposed to be in here!"
Uriel turned, staring up at the voice with baby doll eyes. The baker blushed at its adorableness, and was caught off guard when the Pokemon jumped up and grabbed the loaf. Opening his mouth, Uriel sang a sweet melody, urging the baker to sleep.

"Aaah, well I'll be having a full stomach tonight." Uriel giggled as he scurried away from the bakery with the loaf.
"Oh...I, um, was put in the alley. I got...kinda bored eating out of the big green box, so I came here..." The Fox Pokemon backed up, a bit scared. "Am I not supposed to be here...?"
"Go right ahead and stay I don't mind." Minna said looking in the hole. "I can make more room if you want." She offered ushering to the deep curve in the ground.
"Hi I'm Bolt!" Bolt wagged her tail cutely before managing to jump out the hole and looked at the Leafeon. Bolt's tipped ear twitched and she smiled kindly at the Fennekin and the Leafeon. Her tummy then growled but she held the steak out for the Fennekin or the Leafeon to take.