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sci fi

  1. MihajloJedi

    Ask to Join Star Wars:Collapse of the Galaxy (SIGN UPS)

    PLOT: This Star Wars RP is placed in times many years before events from Phantom Menace. Galaxy Far Far Away is at the entrance of war that can get galaxy destroyed. But as always there are Jedi, defenders of Galaxy. The Sith are trying to make this war by splitting the Old Republic into two...
  2. MihajloJedi

    Ask to Join Nova-Operation Specialists: Start of War

    Before anything,I wanna say thanks to @Jagson because he made more than half of this,and he is admin too,which means he can accept and do all other stuff as me!!! PLOT After a twenty year war against the gods (Ashari) And the uprising of the dark ones (Sitari) The seven goverments goverments...
  3. Captain Cardboard

    Private/Closed Crazy MMORPG Role Play Idea

    Umm... Hi! So, I'm not really one to actually make an RP (usually). But now that I have a computer and am no longer going to be vanishing for weeks (hopefully), here's my idea for an RP. So the story goes like this. You are a member of a small guild of 5-6 players in the newest, most popular...
  4. BurbleBurble

    Shooting Darts at Ideas

    This is a little different from your standard affair on this board, but this is discussion, and I think it's appropriate to put here. I'm trying to see what ideas will catch. What ideas pull an audience in that is willing to see a story to an end. Some of these ideas wander from little to no...
  5. Shen: King of Digimon

    Ask to Join Star Wars: Trials of the Galaxy

    Link to the roleplay: https://pokecharms.com/threads/star-wars-trials-of-the-galaxy.18224/ In the expansive Galaxy, the clone wars came to it's close as reconstruction came. The empire, pirate factions, splinter rebel factions and countless other groups began to expand like wildfire. This is...
  6. Stormursa

    Ask to Join Aspects of Between

    signs ups: http://pokecharms.com/threads/aspects-of-between-discussion.14980/ ---------- Grace sat withing the small sweatshop that rested in this city's square. The girl smiled as she watched the festival take place, a festival to celebrate the newest hunt of aspects that was about to take...
  7. Stormursa

    Open Aspects of Between discussion

    Between is short for the space between dimensions. It has many layers and this a rp would take place on one of them. In this ever expanding world lives many races and many different possibilities for races. Most have come together to build civilization in this world and use heavily protected...