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Ask to Join Star Wars:Collapse of the Galaxy (SIGN UPS)


Previously m1h4jl0
This Star Wars RP is placed in times many years before events from Phantom Menace. Galaxy Far Far Away is at the entrance of war that can get galaxy destroyed. But as always there are Jedi, defenders of Galaxy. The Sith are trying to make this war by splitting the Old Republic into two halves. Will Jedi be able to stop Sith? Will Sith start war? That depends on YOU!

1.All 'charms rules as always
2.No godmoding, Mary Sue's etc.
3.Respond at least once daily
4.Romance is allowed, but remember, this is Star Wars
5.Violence is legal, but don't overuse it
6.At end of your bio, put I love SW, so I know you read rules
7.You don't have to be Jedi or Sith, you can be Bounty Hunter, or anything else that man can be in Galaxy Far Far Away.
8.Please use already known species, there are lot of them, so it won't be hard to find a good one
9.You can't use canon characters, and because of time when RP is happening, there are no chance of your character being related to canon ones
10.Have fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me

Side (dark or light):
Rank (if Jedi or Sith):

Name: Mickey Starhooper
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Side (dark or light): Light
Occupation: Jedi
Rank (if Jedi or Sith): Jedi Knight
Weapon: Cyan color lightsaber
Vehicle: N/A
Personality: He is brave, smart and very talented Jedi.
Species: Human
Appearance: He is 6'3" tall, has a dark brown hair and grey-blue eyes. He is wearing common Jedi robes.
Backstory: He is borned on cold planet in outer rim (not Hoth) where he grew up in small town. When he was 9, two Jedis on mission landed on his planet, because their spaceship needed reparations. They met Mickey there, and one of them felt that he has strong connection with the Force. His parents weren't happy because he wanted to go with them, but it wasn't their choice. When they got back to Coruscant, Jedi Council decided that they will train him, and he became Padawan. At age 25 he finished all his quests, and after 15 years of training he got Knight rank.
Other: I ♥ Star Wars


Resident Furry
Name: Zeek Aleksson
Age: 16 - a fully grown adult by the standards of his species.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Side: Neutral, Zeek is best described as a 'Gray Jedi,' blending together Light and Dark Side teachings without falling into either extreme.
Occupation: Information Broker, Informant, Liaison, and Bounty Hunter.
Rank: Zeek was trained outside of the traditional hierarchy and as such has no formal rank with either the Jedi or the Sith.
Weapons: Several, including a trio of lightsabers - a blue and a green one made to be fitted together into a saberstaff, and a red one. He refuses to say where he got them. Primarily, however, Zeek prefers to use a Czerka Adventurer slugthrower rifle, complimented with a Czerka Adjudicator slugthrower pistol.
Vehicle: A Core Galaxy Systems Dynamic-Class freighter. Zeek calls it 'Sincerity.' It is well armed with a pair of dual turbolaser turrets, two heavy quad laser cannons, an anti-personal repeating blaster, and tubes for proton torpedoes.
Personality: Quiet, independent, and shy to the point of skittishness. Zeek is an agoraphobe who prefers to stay on his ship whenever possible. He often keeps interactions sort, and is distant and slow to open up to people. Though he often attempts to affect an easy-going facade, this quickly breaks down under pressure.
Species: Selonian.
Appearance: As with all Selonians, Zeek resembles an anthropomorphic otter, with brown ventral fur and cream dorsal fur. He's something of a runt, at only 6' tall, with a thin frame. Notably fit for a male Selonian, Zeek is still far from muscular. Typical for a Selonian, Zeek often goes without clothes, wearing only a utility belt with a large set of tools when he's working on maintaining his ship. However, he does have a pair of tan slacks and a similar colored jacket he wears when expecting to interact with other species.
Backstory: Zeek is very secretive about his personal history. However, the following can be gleaned from surface level observation. He was born on Selonia, in the Corellian System. As a male Selonian, he would have expected to lead a quiet life in the subsurface dens of his people as breeding stock, traded between Selonian Queens in various acts of politicking. Whatever caused him to leave Selonia was bad enough that he can't, or won't, return, instead wandering the stars in exile. He is Force Sensitive, and was trained in various techniques of both the Light and Dark Side of the Force, though he never applied to the Jedi Order nor apprenticed under any known Darth to do so. He fluently speaks Mandaba - the Selonian native tongue - and Galactic Basic - the language of the Republic. He is well trained in maintenance, engineering, and general repair, keeping his ship and his gear in working order by himself.
Other: I suppose I do rather like Star Wars.
Awesome! Let me just check with my lawyer...

Definite yes! I will start working on my beautiful bio.

Here you go:

Name: Faux Emenns
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Side (dark or light): Light
Occupation: Jedi Bounty
Rank (if Jedi or Sith): Jedi
Weapon: Violet and Blue Lightsabers
Vehicle: Ln-2E3 ARC Blade (MK I)
Personality: Confident, rebellious, flirty, tough but nice
Species: Correlian
Appearance: Blue hair, blue short leather jacket with black shirt, cargo pants, 'moon crusher' boots
Backstory: Originally from Correlian, he was picked up by slave traders and escaped with a friend at 6. His friend however, did not make it. Being a great pilot (because he was a slave chauffeur for 3 years), he made it all the way to Courosant, and was accepted into the Jedi temple. He was then given a special job as a bounty hunter Jedi (a Jedi that works as a bounty hunter). This is why he does not where the usual Jedi robes.
Other: He hopes for love, and will rebel against the Jedi law to find a soulmate.
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Previously m1h4jl0
I dunno. All I know is that we need at least more 3 people to start RP, so if you know anyone who might be interested please tag him!!! 8)8)8)